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The World According to Murphy

Author : Peggy Celano
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Murphy Rooster Darlin Dog is a Welsh Corgi with attitude. She reveals her story from her point of view and she discloses everything about the family who raised her from her puppy days through her senior citizen span of years. She reveals her day-to-day adventures and her share of misadventures, but through it all, she loves her life and those who live with her, even if one of them happens to be an overweight cat whose eating habits prevented Murphy from following in that same cat's footsteps. Born in York, Maine, she crossed the Piscataqua River to New Hampshire. Starting out in a house in Durham and moving east to a condo by the water in Portsmouth three years later. Next, she moved to suburban Washington in Chevy Chase, Maryland, to a house with a fenced-in backyard, then on to an apartment in Washington, DC, back to Chevy Chase, to the same house, and back again to Washington, this time in Georgetown. Road trips, the longer the better, are only one of her highlights in life. Murphy keeps nothing back in this no-holds-barred, tell-all memoir. From two trips to a dog jail without tags or collar, to the discovery of a heart murmur at ten years old, Murphy has something to amuse every family member, from puppy through old age, make that from children to senior citizens.

A History of Murphy s Law

Author : Nick T. Spark
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Murphy's Law is one of the most well-recognized statements of philosophy known to man. Tipped off by his next door neighbor that a man named Murphy may have worked at Edwards Air Force Base, and that the Law may have come into being after a rocket sled experiment went awry, author Nick T. Spark beings a Quixotic quest to learn the truth. His attempts to pin down the mysterious origins of The Law and to answer the eternal question, "Who was Murphy and what is the true meaning of Murphy's Law?" are both amusing and revelatory. It's non-fiction at its funniest, and full of information guaranteed to amuse, educate, and make you think. Originally published in four issues of the ridiculous magazine The Annals of Improbable Research, and featuring winners of the Ig Nobel prize, this new ebook version contains a greatly expanded exploration of all things Murphy, numerous photographs, and a new foreword and afterword. Read it, and find out why everything you ever thought you knew about Murphy's Law -- is wrong.

Explorations Into the World of Lewis and Clark V 3 of 3

Author : Robert A. Saindon
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Volume 3 of 3. This 3-volume anthology of 194 articles (with 102 maps and illustrations) published between 1974 and 1999 in We Proceeded On, The quarterly journal of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation. Contributors include Stephen Ambrose, John Logan Allen, Paul Russell Cutright among other professional and amateur Lewis and Clark scholars. Vol. 1 ISBN 1582187614, Vol. 2 ISBN 1582187630 Vol. 3 1582187657.

Annual Review of Jazz Studies

Author : Edward Berger
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The Annual Review of Jazz Studies (ARJS) is a journal providing a forum for the ever expanding range and depth of jazz scholarship, from technical analyses to oral history to cultural interpretation. This 14th issue contains four articles that contravene accepted precepts of jazz orthodoxy: John Howland traces the connection between Duke Ellington's extended works and the 'symphonic jazz' model of the 1920s; Horace J. Maxile, Jr. takes an unfashionably broad perspective of Charles Mingus's 'Ecclusiastics'; Brian Priestley challenges the canonical depiction of Charlie Parker by exploring his ties to the popular music of his time; and John Wriggle presents an extensive examination of the life and work of arranger Chappie Willet.

Encyclopedia of African American Business K Z

Author : Jessie Carney Smith
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Essays provide information the African American business community and African American business leaders in the United States, from the eighteenth century to the present day.

Kantian Theory and Human Rights

Author : Andreas Follesdal
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Human rights and the courts and tribunals that protect them are increasingly part of our moral, legal, and political circumstances. The growing salience of human rights has recently brought the question of their philosophical foundation to the foreground. Theorists of human rights often assume that their ideal can be traced to the philosophy of Immanuel Kant and his view of humans as ends in themselves. Yet, few have attempted to explore exactly how human rights should be understood in a Kantian framework. The scholars in this book have gathered to fill this gap. At the center of Kant’s theory of rights is a view of freedom as independence from domination. The chapters explore the significance of this theory for the nature of human rights, their justification, and the legitimacy of international human rights courts.

Murphy s Bed

Author : Sighle Kennedy
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Concentrates on the puzzling pecularities of style in this work: the puppetry of its characters; its breaks in sequence; its mock documents; and Beckett's inclusion of dates, hours, and celestial data for every major incident in the narrative.

Safeguarding a Truly Catholic Vision of the World

Author : Jacob Shatzer
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A. J. Conyers (1944-2004) was a Baptist theologian with wide-ranging interests and a founding faculty member of the George W. Truett Seminary at Baylor University. He published books ranging from basic Christian doctrine to political theology, but his many essays show his true range and depth of insight. This work collects ten of his most important and provocative essays in order to introduce Conyers--who died of cancer in 2004--to theologians and pastors unfamiliar with his contribution to the theological task of the church.

Working with Multimodality

Author : Jennifer Rowsell
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In today’s digital world, we have multiple modes of meaning-making: sounds, images, hypertexts. Yet, within literacy education, even ‘new’ literacies, we know relatively little about how to work with and produce modally complex texts. In Working with Multimodality, Jennifer Rowsell focuses on eight modes: words, images, sounds, movement, animation, hypertext, design and modal learning. Throughout the book each mode is illustrated by cases studies based on the author’s interviews with thirty people, who have extensive experience working with a mode in their field. From a song writer to a well known ballet dancer, these people all discuss what it means to do multimodality well. This accessible textbook brings the multiple modes together into an integrated theory of multimodality. Step-by-step, beginning with theory then exploring modes and how to work with them, before concluding with how to apply this in an investigation, each stage of working with multimodality is covered. Working with Multimodality will help students and scholars to: • Think about specific modes and how they function • Consider the implications for multimodal meaning-making • Become familiar with conventions and folk knowledge about given modes • Apply this same knowledge to their own production of media texts in classrooms Assuming no prior knowledge about multimodality and its properties, Working with Multimodality is designed to appeal to advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in how learning and innovation is different in a digital and media age and is an essential textbook for courses in literacy, new media and multimodality within applied linguistics , education and communication studies.

Affluent in the Face of Poverty

Author : Jos Philips
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In this time of mass communication, rich people like us know very well the horrible conditions in which many poor people must live. In "Affluent in the Face of Poverty" Jos Philips wonders what we should do about poverty. The book argues that if we can do great good at little cost to ourselves, we ought to do so - and perhaps we ought to do great good even if the cost to ourselves of doing so, is not small. Also, it is argued that rich individuals like us can often, at little cost to ourselves, undertake a number of concrete actions which help to fight poverty, and that we are morally obligated to undertake acts such as giving tithes, living within our ecological footprint, and frequently buying fair trade products.