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The World of Pulsating Paula

Author : Paula Grimaldi Reardon
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The unforgettable photography of Pulsating Paula, that wild and crazy girl who seemed to be everywhere bikers went, and always knew exactly when to click her shutter. Her photographs have been published in dozens of biker, lifestyle and tattoo magazines, and she has been featured in several magazines... but this is the first book dedicated entirely to the art of Paula Grimaldi Reardon. From the '70s into the new millennium, the American biker scene never looked so good as through the lens of Pulsating Paula. One hundred pages of photographs, both black & white and color.

Total Tattoo Book

Author : Amy Krakow
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The most comprehensive book yet on this unique art form. Whether flaunted or hidden, sought as art or curiosity, the tatoo has left its mark on generations. From its beginnings as a pagan ornament to today's popular body art, this book takes an intriguing look at the world of tatoos.

Paula Modersohn Becker the Letters and Journals

Author : Paula Modersohn-Becker
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Recognized today as one of the great modernist painters, Paula Modersohn-Becker was also a gifted writer, and her large body of letters and journals represent the story of her life. This volume presents the journals and every extant letter, each carefully annotated.


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Shadows from the End of the World Bindaline 1

Author : Ariel Pytrell
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IT IS TIME TO ACT. THE BELLS ARE RINGING. IF YOU CAN HEAR THEM, YOU COULD BE A BINDALINE. This novel is the first of the BINDALINE Trilogy, belonging to the ENEALOGIA series, a dimensional epic set on the frontiers between time and the known urban landscape. --------------------------------------------- Heed the voices of the wind when walking for the future would pronounce itself as an echo. Destiny is always a few paces ahead and will not pause to ensure that it has been understood. (from the Alde ge or Book of Revelation) ------------------------------------------------- They had to remember their past identities, but this was only the first step. New generations are being born, the unawoken are reawakening. With the sound of the Bells, the Bindaline also appear at the end of the cycle, however, many are unaware that they are in fact Urban Messengers. The advancing shadows set the stage to complete their work. It has taken millennia...


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Author : Mark Lemon
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The Atlas of the World s Most Dangerous Animals

Author : Paula Hammond
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Lists the dangerous animals of the world by continent, providing key facts about their lifespan, diet, physical characteristics, habitats, and why each animal is considered dangerous.

The Three Word Truth about Love and Being Well

Author : Clark Falconer
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Wisdom literature, Eastern spiritual and psychoanalytic truths are clearly synthesized in this simple book. The reader is shown how Three Words will elevate consciousness and demystify love and being well.

Minny s Dream

Author : Clare Druce
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Who would believe Paula if she told them she'd had a conversation with a battery hen called Minny? Nobody would! Twelve-year-old Paula Brown is thrilled when she and her parents move from a flat in town to a country cottage. There's even a farm right next door! And that's where Paula's adventures with Minny begin. But Paula can't tell anyone about her encounter with amazing Minny; it must be kept secret - especially from her new friend Jamie - because it's Jamie's father who imprisons a quarter of a million hens in battery cages. Minny knows that Paula is kind, because tears come to her eyes at the sight of thousands of hens cooped up in tiny metal cages. She begs Paula to return to shed 10: 'You see you're our only hope,' she calls down from her cage, high up on the top tier. Secretly, Paula works out a plan to rescue Minny in the dead of night. But has she the courage to face her parents' anger - not to mention the fury of Farmer Dredge?