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Worship Foundry

Author : Jamie Harvill
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Great musicians and worship leaders are in high demand in the church today, but to be effective, they must first have the necessary tools, including theological, musical, and technical training. Worship Foundry is a self-contained mentorship program in book form, to help train and equip worshipers and leaders alike. Its pages encompass just about everything a successful, modern worship leader must have in their toolbox, including help with: Becoming a strong, servant-leader with a solid connection to the heart of God Operating out of an effective mission and vision for ministry Choosing great teams; attracting and keeping worship ministry volunteers Developing effective, God-focused worship services that engage the congregation, leading to a one-on-one God-encounter Choosing effective worship songs; working with and arranging for the band, vocals and choir; creating flow in the worship set Leading an effective rehearsal; raising up future leaders through mentoring, and much more! A foundry is a factory that produces metal castings. Worship Foundry is not a factory, but rather a course through which worship leaders, ministers, and musicians of all ages can be shaped, formed by the hand of God, purified with fire, and made into vessels for the Holy Spirit to use in a world that sorely needs Jesus.

The Worship Pastor

Author : Zac M. Hicks
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Modern worship leaders are restless. They have inherited a model of leadership that equates leading worship with being a rock star. But leading worship is more than a performance, it's about shaping souls and making disciples. Every worship leader is really a pastor. The Worship Pastor is a practical and biblical introduction to this essential pastoral role. Filled with engaging, illustrative stories it is organized to address questions of theory and practice, striving to balance conversational accessibility with informed instruction. Part One presents a series of evocative "vignettes"--intriguing and descriptive titles and metaphors of who a Worship Pastor is and what he or she does. It shows the Worship Pastor as Church-Lover, Disciple Maker, Corporate Mystic, and Doxological Philosopher. Part Two covers specific roles related to ministry within the worship service itself--the Worship Pastor as Theological Dietician, Caregiver, Mortician, Emotional Shepherd, War General, Prophetic Guardian, Missional Historian, and Liturgical Architect. Part Three looks at ministry beyond the worship service--the Worship Pastor as Visionary Teacher, Evangelist, Artist Chaplain, and Team Leader. While some worship leaders are eager to embrace their pastoral role, many are lost and confused or lack the resources of time or money to figure out what this role looks like. Pastor Zac Hicks gives us a clear guide to leading worship, one that takes the pastoral call seriously.

Worship Leaders We Are Not Rock Stars

Author : Stephen Miller
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Why do you lead worship? Often the motives are mixed. You find yourself wanting to point people to Jesus but also feeling a desire to be noticed and praised, to make yourself the center of attention. Maybe you want to make the best possible music for the most possible people but you find yourself leading a modest congregation in an unglamorous place. These mixed motivations can be difficult to unravel and can cause significant conflict, both internal and external. Stephen Miller is the worship pastor for a large church of young, energetic Christians. He and his band record albums and lead worship for conferences all over the country. He knows the temptation to make himself the show, to pursue fame, to seek the applause of other people. And he has learned to want nothing to do with it. In this book, Miller exhorts his fellow worship leaders to make Jesus the center of all their efforts. He teaches how to do this with scripture, teaching, prayer, story, and song. In all, Miller's call for worship leaders is to lead worship, whole-hearted and whole-minded exalting of God, rather than making a spectacle out of it. Worship Leaders, We're Not Rock Stars will encourage and challenge worship leaders by clarifying their purpose and identity, and by doing so will bless those they lead.

The Six Hats of the Worship Leader

Author : Rich Kirkpatrick
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You can wear a hat, share a hat, or give a hat away. Many church leadership books today seem to focus heavily on the language of the corporate world. Throw a creative worship leader into the mix and vertigo sets in for all involved. Why? Creative leaders simply think differently. If you want to learn how to better explain your worship leadership to those in charge, this book is for you. If your role is leading worship leaders, the language shared in this book aims to help you take your team to their next level.

Does College Prepare the Worship Pastor

Author : James A Cooper
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This study shows the relevance that musical skills, theological knowledge and ministerial experience provide in the encompassed ministry of a worship pastor and focuses on how colleges and universities prepare these ministers for a life called to service of the King. The literature reviewed showed an overwhelming response to the worship pastor being qualified in three areas: Musical Ability - there are certain aspects of this ministry that require the worship leader to be able to handle various musical situations. While these ministers need not be piano prodigies, it does require them to be able to lead musicians effectively and lead from the platform in such a way as to not be a distraction for the congregation to worship. Theological Knowledge/Understanding – understanding Scripture and what God says about worship is imperative. Along with worship, the minister must have a solid foundation in theology and doctrine, so that he/she may teach the congregation through song. Ministry Guidance – this all- encompassing category is hard to pinpoint, but it must offer guidance to the newly called minister in how to relate with people and staff. The data from collegiate degree plans shows that some schools provide training in all these areas and some do not. Each school has its own agenda in the preparation and implementation of a degree for worship leaders. There is no consistent template that universities use, each program stands on its own.

Worship Quest

Author : Steven D. Brooks
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Worship Quest serves as a guide to understanding foundational questions about worship and leading in worship. Worship Quest offers a practical perspective on four roles of worship leadership and how they are to be fulfilled within various worship gatherings. For those called to lead in worship as well as those tasked in hiring worship leaders, it is important to understand the roles of worship leadership. Worship Quest helps readers come to understand the different worship gatherings and the various roles of worship leadership, and thus successfully fulfill God's call of leading in worship.

Caring Worship

Author : Howard D. Vanderwell
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In a perfect world we might expect that all worshipers would be ready for a worship service of thorough praise and adoration. But that is not the case. Those who come for worship bring with them all the cares, anxieties, and stresses of life in this broken world. All are needy people. Some will find help for those needs in the pastor's office during a one-on-one conversation; some may find it in a pastoral call; but many will never experience either of those. The opportunity to minister to their needs will occur during that special time when all are gathered for worship. The sermon has received much attention as the avenue for help with their hurts, but what about the liturgy? This book takes a new and fresh look at the worship liturgy. It insists that the liturgy, regardless of denomination or style, is not merely preparatory to the main event--the sermon--but is rather the time in which the worshiper can be healthily cared for. The worshiper who comes before the face of God should be able to expect help, care, and healing. Blessed are the Pastors and worship planners who develop a sensitive concern for the care that worshipers come expecting.

Worship Pastor s Need for Pastoral Leadership Development

Author : Jerry Leonard Newman
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Pastoral leadership development must occur beyond the musical development that is gained through practice and musical education. The premise of this study considers the developmental needs of those in church leadership. Music ministers may be equipped for musical aspects of leadership. However, failure in obtaining knowledge, understanding, and enacting of the pastoral leadership elements required to fulfill the role of a music pastor may not have been developed. It can be argued that a change in role from ‘music minister’ to ‘a pastor who happens to lead worship' should occur. While little research can be found confronting the need for pastoral development in worship ministry, this research will attempt to procure necessary areas of weakness and develop usable curriculum for the development of a holistic Christocentric approach to worship pastoring. Biblical study will also be utilized to seek God's perspective on pastoral leadership development. Pastoral leadership development will allow the worship leader to adhere to a more biblical model of worship leadership entailing the utilization of people skills and discipleship to enhance the ministry of the worship pastor in various settings. By way of qualitative/historical research, this study will seek to determine the needed training and develop a curriculum for discipleship, mentoring, and teaching for effective development of worship leaders for added effectiveness in the local church.

The Worship Project

Author : Dr. Brandi Lowery
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Worship and Creative Arts have such a broad scope of influence. More goes in to a Sunday morning worship service than the average person realizes. Every aspect of that service and every volunteer on the stage has one thing in common. They are set up and led by a leader, a worship leader. Title or not, the office of worship leader has a great sphere of influence and can get overwhelming. This book strategically touches on many areas within Worship and Creative Arts. Dr. Brandi Lowery began leading worship at the age of sixteen and has been in full time ministry ever since. She received her undergraduate degree from Southeastern University and has since completed her Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Theology. Dr. Lowery is founder of Platinum Ministries and Platinum Worship, who have had the honor of taking the stage with some of the biggest names in Christian and Gospel music. She is currently still serving as Creative Arts Pastor and does a great deal of mentoring and consulting for church worship departments. This book was authored to aid those who find themselves wanting to know more about this ministry. She is the mother of three beautiful children, and comes from a legacy of ministers. Her aim is that despite church size or resources, that with direction, every church can have a successful and impactful worship department if they know how to use the resources they already have.

The United Methodist Book of Worship Pastor s Pocket Edition

Author : Abingdon Press
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The Pastor’s Pocket Edition has everything, but the service music, found in the regular Book of Worship. This helpful United Methodist denominational book of liturgy, prayer, and services is indispensable for pastors, musicians, and laypersons that plan and lead worship. Arranged according to the Christian year, this resource enables worship leaders to locate prayers, services, and information quickly. Updated information and new formats insure ease of use, making this a great resource when planning and leading worship. Updates for all formats include: Membership vows, baptismal covenant, diaconal changes, and other updates made as a result of General Conference action. Calendar for dating Easter and related holy days—extend beyond 2020. Chart of lectionary years on page 227--update and extend. Current version of ordinal. Available with all digital formats PDF contents pages--hot linked to each section/item.