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The Writer s Legal Companion How To Deal Successfully With Copyrights Libel Taxes Agents And Publisher Legal Relationships And Marketing Strategies

Author : Brad Bunnin
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A guide for writers in dealing successfully with copyrights, contracts, libel, taxes, agents and publishers, legal relationships, and marketing strategies. No bibliography. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

The Writer s Legal Companion

Author : Brad Bunnin
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For most writers, negotiating the legal maze of publishing is as challenging as getting their words in print. This comprehensive guide offers writers solid advice on all aspects of publishing law. Candid and readable, it cover everything from copyrights and taxes to libel laws, subsidiary rights, and the obscure clauses in publisher's contracts. As important resource for editors, agents, or anyone in print or electronic publishing, this updated third edition of The Writer's Legal Companion features essential, irreplacable information on: publishing contracts, good and bad clauses libel, slander, and invasion of privacy issues electronic rights conditions the business of publishing, including marketing and selling books magazine publishing collaboration and agents' agreements federal income tax considerations for freelance writers copyright legalities Whether you write an occasional magazine article or publish a new book every year, The Writers Legal Companion will save you time, and reduce you anxiety over the business of publishing.

The Writer s Legal Companion

Author : Brad Bunnin
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The Musician s Legal Companion

Author : Michael A. Aczon
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Don�t sign a recording contract before reading this book! The Musician�s Legal Companion, Second Edition gets to the core of the legal issues you need to know about, in clear, straightforward language. Here you�ll find easy-to-comprehend explanations of the four main contracts used in the music business: recording artist, songwriter, artist management, and performance. You�ll also discover how to make the relationship with your current or future attorney more fruitful and cost-effective. This new edition includes expanded coverage of topics such as the use of independent producers, 360� agreements, distribution and marketing agreements, how radio and other media fit into an artist�s career, film and television agreements, digital distribution, name and likeness agreements, merchandising agreements, and much, much more. With more than 25 years in the music business as a lawyer, educator, and writer, interacting with many musicians both personally and professionally, Michael A. Aczon shares the many lessons he�s learned and takes you on a journey to a better legal understanding of the entertainment industry and your music career.

The Librarian s Legal Companion for Licensing Information Resources and Services

Author : Tomas A. Lipinski
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Legal expert Lipinski offers a definitive sourcebook for information licensing in libraries, including copyright and contract matters, general contract law concepts, developments in online and information contracting; and the advantages and disadvantages of licensing. Readers will find clear guidance on deciphering the legalese in agreements, advice on negotiating or countering provisions with library-friendly alternatives, and detailed explanations of specific licenses as well as a discussion of issues regarding online and information contracting.

The Legal Writing Companion

Author : Kristen E. Murray
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The Legal Writing Companion is a practical, helpful guide for the new legal writer, designed to address common problems and demonstrate how and why to make effective choices to solve them. The book is intended as an assigned supplement to a Legal Research and Writing textbook or as a handbook for students working independently to strengthen their legal writing. Based on the authors' combined twenty years of experience teaching legal research and writing, the book addresses the novice legal writer and offers specific tools for moving forward from the very first day of class (e.g., Problem: I'm Intimidated by Legal Writing) to polishing a final written work product (e.g., Problem: I'm Having Trouble with Tone). Organized by eight common ''problem'' areas, the book uses a fictional case file to work through a series of problems and includes samples of both strong and weak writing choices. Chapters 1-3 identify and discuss common challenges during the prewriting stage, including the transition to writing a full first draft. Chapters 4-6 focus on organizing legal analysis, writing and explaining legal rules, and applying law to facts. Chapter 7 discusses problems and solutions related to the smaller components of legal writing, and Chapter 8 troubleshoots common polishing errors, from overuse of legalese to common citation problems. There are also two complete annotated memos in the Appendices to pull together the themes presented in the text and show multiple models of successful finished products. Early reviewers responded overwhelmingly positively, wishing they'd had the book as a first-year legal writer.

Pre law Companion

Author : Esq. Ron Coleman
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Guides potential lawyers through the most useful college courses, internships, and summer jobs, and includes information on financing and choosing a law school

The Little Style Guide to Great Christian Writing and Publishing

Author : Carolyn Stanford Goss
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The Little Style Guide to Great Christian Writing and Publishing provides a fresh understanding and distinctively Christian examination of style and language. It covers all the basic rules of grammar, style, and editing and will be of immediate interest to Christian writers and editors. The Little Style Guide will be cross-referenced with the Chicago Manual of Style, Fifteenth Edition and will be a welcome companion to the CMS in handling concerns that are unique to Christian writing and editing.The burgeoning field of electronic publishing has greatly increased the number of Christian writers. In the U.S. alone, there are over 500 Christian writers conferences and guilds each year. The Little Style Guide will serve the needs of the largest publishing houses and their authors and editors along with the smallest churches who weekly publish a newsletter and communicate through a Web site.

Christian Writers Market Guide 2008

Author : Sally Stuart
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The Resource Guide to Getting Published A unique guide to publishing for Christian readers, the Christian Writers’ Market Guide 2008 offers the most proven and comprehensive collection of ideas, resources, and contact information to the industry. For more than twenty years, the Christian Writers’ Market Guide has delivered indispensable help to Christian writers, from a CD-ROM of the full text of the book so you can easily search for topics, publishers, and other specific names; to up-to-date listings of more than 1,200 markets for books, articles, stories, poetry, and greeting cards, including forty-three new book publishers, fifty-one new periodicals, and fifteen new literary agencies. Perfect for writers in every phase, this is the resource you need to get noticed–and published. “An indispensable tool. The reference you have to buy.” Writers’ Journal “Essential for anyone seeking to be published in the Christian community.” The Midwest Book Review “Stands out from the rest with its wealth of information and helpful hints.” Book Reviews for Church Librarians Completely updated and revised the Guide features more than… 1,200 markets for the written word * 675 periodicals * 405 book publishers * 240 poetry markets * 114 card and specialty markets * 37 e-book publishers * 120 literary agents * 332 photography markets * 98 foreign markets * 98 newspapers * 53 print-on-demand publishers * writers’ conferences and groups * pay rates and submission guidelines * more resources and tools for all types of writing and related topics.

The Author s Toolkit

Author : Mary Embree
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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All writers yearn for success and recognition. And now we are entering a golden era in which self-publishers are in the driver’s seat. In The Author’s Toolkit, aspiring authors, students, and even established writers will find the resources they need to achieve their goals and avoid common writer pitfalls. Updated and expanded to cover the changes in copyright fees and registration, the newest developments in electronic publishing, the growth of ebooks and print on demand, and tips for using social media for promotion and community, this detailed guide offers advice on every step of the writing and publishing process. Readers will learn how to: •Develop and research fiction and nonfiction ideas •Find a “hook” to attract reader interest •Organize a plot and delineate characters •Format for print and ebook readers •Find an agent •Understand literary contracts •Market and promote a finished book •Obtain backing such as crowdfunding Written in an informative and easy-to-understand style, this guide is a treasure chest of resources and tools for writers seeking professional advice. Allworth Press, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing, publishes a broad range of books on the visual and performing arts, with emphasis on the business of art. Our titles cover subjects such as graphic design, theater, branding, fine art, photography, interior design, writing, acting, film, how to start careers, business and legal forms, business practices, and more. While we don't aspire to publish a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are deeply committed to quality books that help creative professionals succeed and thrive. We often publish in areas overlooked by other publishers and welcome the author whose expertise can help our audience of readers.

Handbook for Academic Authors

Author : Beth Luey
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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In this fourth edition, Beth Luey offers up to date advice to academic authors.

The Author Training Manual

Author : Nina Amir
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Format : PDF, Docs
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If you want to write a book that's going to sell to both publishers and readers, you need to know how to produce a marketable work and help it become successful. It starts the moment you have an idea. That's when you begin thinking about the first elements of the business plan that will make your project the best it can be. The reality is that you don't want to spend time and energy writing a book that will never get read. The way to avoid that is to create a business plan for your book, and evaluate it (and yourself) through the same lens that an agent or acquisitions editor would. The Author Training Manual will show you how to get more creative and start looking at your work with those high standards in mind. Whether you're writing fiction or non-fiction, or intend to publish traditionally or self-publish, author Nina Amir will teach you how to conduct an effective competitive analysis for your work and do a better job at delivering the goods to readers than similar books that are already on the shelf. Packed with step-by-step instructions, idea evaluations, sample business plans, editor and agent commentaries, and much more, The Author Training Manual provides the information you need to transform from aspiring writer to career author.

The Librarian s Legal Companion

Author : Jonathan S. Tryon
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Librarian's Legal Companion provides an introduction to those areas of the law that are particularly applicable to librarians, such as premises liability, discrimination in employment, employment security, privacy in the workplace, censorship, and copyright. Tryon traces the development of the various topics, describing in lay terms the law as it now stands and presenting actual cases to show the wide variety of interpretations the courts can give of a single law. Such controversial issues as drug testing, searches, sexual harassment, and discrimination against AIDS patients are covered in an objective manner. With the ever-growing number of lawsuits in the United States, it is imperative that every librarian know the law. The Librarian's Legal Companion explains the relevant laws and what librarians must do to adhere to them, describes possible defenses if a librarian fails to comply with the laws, and lists possible penalties if a librarian is found liable or guilty.

The Shortest Distance Between You and a Published Book

Author : Susan Page
File Size : 48.32 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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“The most thorough, accurate, user-friendly, well-organized and inspiring guide for writers on the market today. Period.”—Richard Carlson, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff This expert guide has put the dream of acquiring a publisher within reach for thousands of writers. Whether your book idea is a completed manuscript or still in the planning stages, The Shortest Distance Between You and a Published Book offers comprehensive, industry-savvy guidance on the steps to take to sell your book to a major publisher. Literary agents often advise their clients to read this book as their first step. Susan Page is the author of several bestselling self-help books, and a veteran of the publishing industry. Here, she’ll guide you step-by-step through the roadblocks that stall other writers and help you toward a publishing strategy that gets results. You’ll find in-depth information on the early steps to take, writing title ideas, developing winning book proposals, finding an agent, understanding publishing contracts, promoting your book, and more. Throughout the process, Page coaches you through both the emotional and practical obstacles you’re likely to face. It’s a must-read for anyone interested in a career as a published author. “Page, as her subtitle claims, really does tell you what you need to know to get happily published. This self-help author (If I’m So Wonderful, Why Am I Still Single?) knows what she’s talking about, whether she’s advising on how to write a book proposal, find an agent or promote one’s book . . . This is one of the more instructive guides to read before writing your book.”—Publishers Weekly

The ASJA Guide to Freelance Writing

Author : Timothy Harper
File Size : 77.43 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Whether you're just starting out, considering going full-time, or are already a successful freelance writer, you'll find the information and insights needed to take your work to the next level in this smart, thorough guide. Compiled by the prestigious American Society of Journalists and Authors, the book's twenty-six chapters cover the business from every angle, tackling the topics every freelancer needs to master in order to make it today. Chapters cover: planning a writing business * generating fresh ideas * the secrets of a successful magazine query * the latest research tools and techniques * writing for the Web * developing areas of specialization * promoting yourself and your work * op-eds, essays, and other ways to leverage your knowledge * contracts * taxes and deductions * working with editors and agents * going full-time * key lessons you won't have to learn the hard way * and more. Written by twenty-six of the top freelancers working today, this indispensable guide provides trade secrets that others have learned the hard way, inspiration to take your work where you want it to go, and a revealing view into the minds and working habits of freelance writers at the top of their game.

Ready Aim Specialize

Author : Kelly James-Enger
File Size : 66.39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Offering established and novice freelancers suggestions on specializing, this handbook guides writers towards more successful careers. As this analysis demonstrates, when freelancers concentrate on one type of writing rather than being a general freelancer, they discover a lucrative niche in the writing market. Using the advice supplied in this reference, writers will be able to make more money, focus their careers, and learn a more effective way of freelancing. The book lays out the basics of 10 key markets--including health, parenting, and home and garden--and provides a series of interactive exercises to help discover which is the writer's best fit. Published writers and unpublished hopefuls alike will benefit from this valuable and informed guidebook.

The Copyeditor s Handbook

Author : Amy Einsohn
File Size : 39.11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Copyeditor's Handbook is a lively, practical manual for newcomers to publishing and for experienced editors who want to fine-tune their skills or broaden their understanding of the craft. Addressed to copyeditors in book publishing and corporate communications, this thoughtful handbook explains what copyeditors do, what they look for when they edit a manuscript, and how they develop the editorial judgment needed to make sound decisions. This revised edition reflects the most recent editions of The Chicago Manual of Style (15th ed.), the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th ed.), and Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (11th ed.).

A Basic Guide to Writing Selling and Promoting Children s Books

Author : Betsy Blizzard Lee
File Size : 89.99 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Screen Stage Marketing Secrets

Author : James Russell
File Size : 68.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Detailed procedures on how to sell your screenplay or stage script

Writing and Developing Your College Textbook

Author : Mary Ellen Lepionka
File Size : 77.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This is the comprehensively revised second edition of a popular professional book on textbook writing and finding one's way in the higher education publishing world--for academic authors and editors, college instructors, and instructional designers. The second edition has two new chapters on the latest industry trends--such as the pricing revolt, open access movement, and wiki-textbook phenomenon, and on the use of learning objectives to structure textbook package development. Every chapter features new sections, links, forms, models, or examples from an even greater range of college courses. Contains updated and expanded appendices, glossary entries, references, bibliography entries, and index. BISAC: Language Arts & Disciplines/Authorship and Publishing