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Good Angel Bad Angel

Author : Calvin Moir
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Have you wondered about unusual experiences you've had and thought they may have been a communication from a loved one or friend who crossed over? If so this is a story for you. It can be in your dreams, sudden thoughts, voices in your head, wispy images, feathery touches, items in your home moved, and answers to a mentally asked question or utterance. This is a true story of an ordinary man's extraordinary and supernatural experiences. It clearly shows our loved ones are our guardian angels, and they want us to know they are alright and the spiritual realm is "heavenly." With us always, they try to guide our thoughts and actions in a positive manner. There is also God and His angel messengers waiting to speak to us and silently guide us on the path God has for His children. The Bible says, "Ask and you shall receive." In truth, that's all that needs to be done; but you have to ask, believe, have faith and listen. The problem is, many pray but do not truly listen... and as well, do not ask for all that is available. Follow the guide within and learn to communicate with your angels.

The Bad Angel Brothers

Author : Paul Theroux
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A deliciously dark, atmospheric novel about family and brotherhood from one of America's most distinctive writers There's sibling rivalry and then there's the relationship of brothers Cal and Frank Belanger, which takes fraternal antipathy to a whole new level. Enemies seemingly since childhood, the small town of Littleford, where they are nicknamed 'The Bad Angle Brothers', just isn't big enough to hold them both. So Cal strikes out for the world's wild places -- a gifted geologist in search of gold and other precious minerals, leaving Frank to develop a successful career as the town's lawyer, fixer and local hero. Apart, their differences are muted by distance, but when Cal, newly rich and newly wed, returns to the town of his birth, to buy a house and raise a family, Frank gives him the opposite of a brotherly welcome. From undermining Cal's marriage, while Cal is away on business, to torpedoing his finances, nothing is off the table, setting the scene for a tale of gleefully vicious betrayals and reprisals, culminating in the ultimate plan: murder. Few authors have as keen an eye for human nature as the inimitable Paul Theroux, and this riveting tale of adventure, betrayal, and the true cost of family bonds is a remarkable new work from one of America's most distinctive writers.

Modern Meditations

Author :
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Angel s Return

Author : I. Whit
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How many times have you looked at a person and made a snap judgement of who and what the were? It is my opinion you should not make any preconceivieved judgements based on ignorance. Give that person an opportunity to show you who and what the are and most of the time you'll find an extraordinary individual, one you'd have missed if you'd based your acquaintance on your first glance. I made that mistake once and when I'd discovered my error, believe me, I have nerver done such a thing again. And that goes for persons of different, races, creeds and religions. We are all one, under the skin!

False Angel

Author : Edith Layton
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The lovely Lady Leonora Talwin had heard all the stories about the rakish Marquess of Severne and vowed never to become one of his victims. But she knew far too little about her foolish heart to daunt this lord who feasted on such feminine frailties.

Do Angels Smooch

Author : Professor Edward Kapambwe
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Do Angels Smooch? Do angels smooch? If not, why so much obsession in lyrics, movies and books about angels and kissing? Are there any more surprises that Edward Kapambwe unveils in his book? Well, there is more. For example, Kapambwe takes us into an in-depth angelic journey in order to understand the extent of angelic involvement in human affairs than ever before. He brings out novel elements that have never been unveiled previously. For example, he recounts how angels visit our stores. They buy the stuff they need before meeting people. Haven’t you noticed that no angel has ever appeared nude or with wings in real life. They come already dressed just like us; and that is why we have been unable to identify them. We are surrounded by angels both good and evil. Evil angels no longer transform themselves into humans. Only good angels still do. Since there are no shops in heaven, where do they get the stuff they wear? Besides that, what happens to these apparels after being used? The author asserts that angels donate them to Thrift Stores such as, Goodwill, the Salvation Army and others. Donating to Thrift Stores is an ingenious way to make them accessible to both the rich and the poor. Have you wondered why they do that? It is a deliberate move they take so that ordinary people could buy things worn by angels. That begs another question, why do they do that? The answer is amazing. They do that on purpose because they know that to wear stuff worn by holy angels comes with tremendous blessings. This book explains that point persuasively. In addition, the author contends that these angels are highly disciplined entities such that they never steal anything from banks, stores or homes of rich people even though they able to do so without being seen. Angels are invisible (spirits) entities. However, they have the ability to transform themselves into regular human beings. The author throws in another insight. He argues and states that helping strangers gives a person the best chance to be visited by an angel. The author then explains to us the probabilities of being smooched by an angel. Do angels smooch? That question points us in the direction of social theology than philosophy. It is not a new question but the framing might be. Many theologians have debated extensively the narrative found in Genesis 6 where angels came on earth and married daughters of men. With his masterful insight and knowledge of theology and philosophy, the author gives a different angle of the workings of angels among us. It’s not a book to miss. If there is one book you need to read in your lifetime, Do Angels Smooch should be on top of your list.

Commentary on the Old Testament

Author : Daniel Denison Whedon
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Genesis and Exodus

Author : Milton Spenser Terry
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The story of the life of Jesus By the author of The story of the Bible

Author : Jesus Christ
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Falling for an Angel

Author : Laura Prior
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When a mysterious stranger enters Jasmine's life with tales of Angels and Demons she refuses to listen to his warnings. Having been raised with dishonesty and treachery she is under no illusion of the realities of human existance. Abandoned by her family and betrayed by her friends she finds this latest twist in her life too much to handle and spirals out of control. Zach is an ancient warrior Angel. To his disgust he has been sent to guard Jasmine from the beasts that hunt her. Perplexed by her volatile human nature he struggles to control her and make her recognize the signs of the mystical world around her. Is it possible for two such dissimilar individuals to unite against the evil stalking them? Or will the tension between them explode - leaving catastrophic repercussions?