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The Wrong Girl

Author : David Hewson
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By the bestselling author of The Killing, The Wrong Girl is the second novel in David Hewson's gripping Detective Pieter Vos series set in Amsterdam. Sinterklaas, a beaming, friendly saint with a white beard, was set to mark his arrival in Amsterdam with a parade so celebrated it would be watched live on television throughout the Netherlands. Today the crowds would run into three hundred thousand or more, and the police presence top four figures. The city centre was closed to all traffic as a golden barge bore Sinterklaas down the Amstel river, surrounded by a throng of private boats full of families trying to get close.' Amsterdam is bursting at the seams with children trying to get a glimpse of their hero and families enjoying the occasion. The police are out in force, struggling to manage the crowds on one of the busiest days of the year. Brigadier Pieter Vos is on duty with his young assistant, Laura Bakker, when the first grenade hits. As Sinterklaas prepares to address the crowds a terrorist outrage grips the heart of the city. In the chaos a young girl wearing a pink jacket is kidnapped. But the abducted child isn't the daughter of an Amsterdam aristocrat as the terrorists first thought. She's the daughter of an impoverished Georgian prostitute, friendless and trapped in the web of vice that is Amsterdam's Red Light District. As the security forces and the police clash over the ensuing investigation the perpetrator's horrifying demands become clear. Vos, trapped in a turf war with state intelligence, tries to unravel a conspiracy that reaches from the brothels of the city to the hierarchy of the security services. And at its heart lies an eight-year-old girl, snatched from a loving mother then ferried from one criminal lair to the next, her life in the balance as Vos and Laura Bakker struggle to uncover the shocking truth behind her abduction. What is the life of one immigrant child worth in the greater political game emerging around them?

The Wrong Girl

Author : Donis Casey
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They say a life well-lived is the best revenge... Blanche Tucker longs to escape her drop-dead dull life in tiny Boynton, Oklahoma. Then dashing Graham Peyton roars into town. Posing as a film producer, Graham convinces the ambitious but naive teenager to run away with him to a glamorous new life. Instead, Graham uses her as cruelly as a silent picture villain. Yet by luck and by pluck, taking charge of her life, she makes it to Hollywood. Six years later, Blanche has transformed into the celebrated Bianca LaBelle, the reclusive star of a series of adventure films, and Peyton's remains are discovered on a Santa Monica beach. Is there a connection? With all of the twists and turns of a 1920s melodrama, The Wrong Girl follows the daring exploits of a girl who chases her dream from the farm to old Hollywood, while showing just how risky—and rewarding—it can be to go off script.

The Wrong Girl

Author : Rik Wuyts
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Two rich and bored junior high school kids, John and Glenn, living in a little town in Texas, decided that they had to do something spectacular, an event that they would remember for the rest of their life, and yes, it eventually turned out that way. What they had in mind was against the law. It was depraved and immoral enough that it could ruin somebody’s life forever. The victim that they had selected was, unfortunately for them, not somebody you could mess with without some serious repercussions and revenge. Her life so far was not a bed of roses, and she had to struggle to stay above water. She was alone and on the streets of New Orleans when she was sixteen years old. Her parents were killed when the hurricane Katrina hit the town. The boy’s parents were the richest and most powerful citizens in their little town. Minor infractions of the law were never enforced, and this made them forget that some events were still against the law abd that it was indecent behavior and would have them punished if caught. This story will make you want to read all the incredible, strange, scary, and wonderful events that the boys and girls have to go through. The story is at the same level of vicious, tender, and dramatic. It will make you angry and upset and, maybe, make you even cry and feel good. It’s a novel where the author can’t tell you too much in this synopsis without ruining the story. I hope you will have the time and desire to read this book. People who did read the book find it to be very entertaining, creative, and passionate, and they find it very hard to put down.

You ve Got the Wrong Girl

Author : Sreemoyee Piu Kundu
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What if the wrong girl is the one right for you? On a sultry night, on a deserted lawn overlooking a moonlit Taj Mahal, two strangers make passionate love and promise never to meet again... But promises are meant to be broken, right? This is the story of Dushyant Singh Rathore - the 30-something bestselling author of Kinda Cliched, a blockbuster romance novel based on his one night of bliss with a girl whose name he does not know. Under pressure to produce a money-spinning sequel - from his obsessive fans, his hit-seeking publisher and a sceptical journalist ready to expose the true-story angle as a marketing gimmick - he sets off, three years on, to find the elusive girl whom he had promised never to seek out... When his quest, many twists and turns later, leads him to the unlikeliest of places, Dushyant discovers there's a little more to this love story than he had anticipated. Will Dushyant get a second chance at love? What if the wrong girl was really always the right one for him?

The Wrong Girl

Author : C.J. Archer
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REVIEWS "This is one of my favourite books I've read this year... I can't praise it enough... The real stand out for this was the writing and the character voice." - The Moonlight Library "The writing in The Wrong Girl was beautiful. There were so many quotes that I wanted to write down, and keep... The world building, and the plot drew me in from the get go, and didn't falter until the last sentence." - Books For A Delicate Eternity "This was one fantastic read! A really fascinating story which I couldn't put down, so this is easily a 5 stars." - Tea Party Princess BOOK DESCRIPTIONIt's customary for Gothic romance novels to include a mysterious girl locked in the attic. Hannah Smith just wishes she wasn't that girl. As a narcoleptic and the companion to an earl's daughter with a strange affliction of her own, Hannah knows she's lucky to have a roof over her head and food in her belly when so many orphans starve on the streets. Yet freedom is something Hannah longs for. She did not, however, want her freedom to arrive in the form of kidnapping. Taken by handsome Jack Langley to a place known as Freak House, she finds herself under the same roof as a mad scientist, his niece, a mute servant and Jack, a fire starter with a mysterious past. They assure Hannah she is not a prisoner and that they want to help her. The problem is, they think she's the earl's daughter. What will they do when they discover they took the wrong girl? THE WRONG GIRL is a historical gothic paranormal romance that is now FREE for your reading pleasure. It's also included in a 3-book bundle with the other books in the trilogy. You can purchase the complete set of The 1st Freak House Trilogy at a cheaper price than buying the ebooks individually. Keywords: fantasy, urban fantasy, historical fantasy, fantasy series, speculative fiction, dark fantasy, paranormal, female protagonist, female main character, paranormal romance, historical romance, historical paranormal romance, action, adventure, ghosts, spirits, demons, magic, alternative history, parallel world, victorian romance, victorian era, victorian london, gothic, teen fiction, young adult, free, freebie, bestseller, bestselling, similar to books by Sarah J Maas, Cassandra Clare, Bella Forest's A Shade of Vampire, Maria V Snyder's Poison Study

The College Nerd the Wrong Girl

Author : Bjorn Peeters
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Sometimes it's better to choose the wrong girl. Benny knows he isn't the ideal fraternity candidate. But having decided to turn his bookish life around and be a fun guy, he will risk everything and do anything. Even the crazy test the fraternity wants to put him through. After all, why should he fear a cougar? But when a guy can't even walk into the right girl's room, what hope of success is there? One thing is for sure, though. Benny will have sex. Only, it won't be what he or anyone else expected. Let's just hope makes it out of the frat house alive! The College Nerd & the Wrong Girl is the nineteenth installment in the Bjorn Peeters Half-hour Comedy series Funny Sex Adventures. If you're looking for a good laugh, this tongue-in-cheek 'nerd meets hot girl' college comedy is just the thing to cheer up your day. Read it now! (Previously published as 'The Wannabe Fraternity Guy & The Wrong Girl') --- FUNNY SEX ADVENTURES is a weekly comedy series about sex, dates, flings, crushes, love, relationships, and marriage. Every episode is a complete short story with a funny twist ending. You can read them in any order you like. Get the latest Funny Sex Adventure EVERY FRIDAY, year-round! A publishing schedule is available on the author’s website, or check out the pre-orders. Various bundles are available. --- Half-hour Comedies are the perfect format for a break at work, a boring wait at the dentist’s office, your commute, or just whenever you want to relax and have fun.

The right kind of wrong girl

Author : A. C. Meyer
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Fun and filled with musical references: A. C. Meyer’s new story is the perfect companionship for those experiencing early adulthood challenges. This novel is perfect for those facing all the challenges of early adulthood. Choosing a career, moving out from their parents’ house, starting college, discovering personal skills, learning to relate. Phew! Adulthood is not easy at all, especially if you’re not the right kind of girl: that girl who attends college classes chosen by her father; that girl with perfect hair and healthy habits. Malu is none of those things. On the other hand, she lives life at its fullest and nothing seems to cause her courage and determination to falter. Amid a troublesome relationship with her parents, she unwillingly goes to Law school, where she meets Rafael, a senior student. They become inseparable, even though they’re just friends. However, another feeling speaks louder. When attraction gets out of control, they allow themselves to live a relationship with no constraints: free, intense and passionate. Until the day fate sets a cruel trap ahead of them. Can love itself be stronger than the fear of loving? PUBLISHER: TEKTIME

The Papon Affair

Author : Richard Joseph Golsan
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This text concerns the trial that is now considered to be the most significant in late 20th-century France. The book brings together the crucial French journalistic pieces on the trial as well as contributions from French, British & American scholars.

Pregnant Bodies Fertile Minds

Author : Wendy Luttrell
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Focusing on fifty girls enrolled in a model public school program for pregnant teens, Luttrell explores how pregnant girls experience society's view of them and also considers how these girls view themselves and the choices they've made. Also includes an 8-page color insert.

New Directions in Social Theory Education and Embodiment

Author : John Evans
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This book exemplifies the nurturing spirit of inter-discursive debate with a view to opening up new theoretical and empirical insights, understanding, and engagement, with debates on issues relating to pedagogy, policy, equity and embodiment. From a variety of social science perspectives, an international force of contributors apply a multitude of concepts to research agendas which illustrate the multiple ways in which ‘the body’ both impacts culture and is simultaneously and seamlessly positioned and shaped by it, maintaining social reproduction of class and cultural hierarchies and social regulation and control. They attest that once we begin to trace the flow of knowledge and discourses across continents, countries, regions and communities by registering their re-contextualisation, both within various popular pedagogies (e.g., newspapers, film, TV, web pages, IT) and the formal and informal practices of schools, families and peers, we are compelled to appreciate the bewildering complexity of subjectivity and the ways in which it is embodied. Indeed, the chapters suggest that no matter how hegemonic or ubiquitous discursive practices may be, they inevitably tend to generate both intended and unexpected ‘affects’ and ‘effects’: people and populations cannot easily be ‘determined’, suppressed or controlled. This book was originally published as a special issue of Sport, Education and Society.