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The Zoo of the New

Author : Don Paterson
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'So open it anywhere, then anywhere, then anywhere again. We're sure it won't be long before you find a poem that brings you smack into the newness and strangeness of the living present, just as it did us' (from the Introduction) In The Zoo of the New, poets Don Paterson and Nick Laird have cast a fresh eye over more than five centuries of verse, from the English language and beyond. Above all, they have sought poetry that retains, in one way or another, a powerful timelessness: words with the thrilling capacity to make the time and place in which they were written, however distant and however foreign they may be, feel utterly here and now in the 21st Century. This book is the condensed result of that search. It stretches as far back as Sappho and as far forward as the recent award-winning work of Denise Riley, taking in poets as varied as Thomas Wyatt, William Shakespeare, T. S. Eliot, Frank O'Hara, Sylvia Plath and Gwendolyn Brooks along the way. Here, the mournful rubs shoulders with the celebratory; the skulduggerous and the foolish with the highfalutin; and tales of love, loss and war with a menagerie of animals and objects, from bee boxes to rubber boots, a suit of armour and a microscope. Teeming with old favourites and surprising discoveries, this lovingly selected compendium is sure to win lifelong readers.

Zoo of the New

Author : Nick Laird
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What s New at the Zoo

Author : Suzanne Slade
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Travel through the zoo and learn about zoo animals through rhyme. Count up all of the animals you have seen. Includes section "For Creative Minds" with cards and activities.

The New Zoo

Author : James Buckley (Jr.)
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"Scientists find thousands of new species of animals every year. Inside, meet some of the newest and coolest!" --Page [4] of cover.

The National Zoo of Today and Tomorrow

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on House Administration
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New Scientist

Author :
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New Scientist magazine was launched in 1956 "for all those men and women who are interested in scientific discovery, and in its industrial, commercial and social consequences". The brand's mission is no different today - for its consumers, New Scientist reports, explores and interprets the results of human endeavour set in the context of society and culture.

New Zealand Journal of Zoology

Author :
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Department of the Interior and related agencies appropriations for 1979

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on Department of the Interior and Related Agencies
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On the Zoo geographical Areas of the World Illustrating the Distribution of Birds

Author : Richard Bowdler Sharpe
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New York City Zoos and Aquarium

Author : Joan Scheier
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Situated within the five boroughs of New York City are five zoos and one aquarium. New York City Zoos and Aquarium chronicles the establishment of the Central Park Zoo, the Bronx Zoo, the Prospect Park Zoo, the Queens Zoo, the Staten Island Zoo, and the New York Aquarium. Popular children's zoos are also featured. The city's first zoo opened in Central Park in the 1850s, while the newest zoo opened in Queens after the 1964 World's Fair. While each one of these facilities has many similarities, they all have their own unique attributes. All of the facilities are focused on education, conservation, and the care of the animals that now reside in natural habitats.

Fisher Price Little People Who s New at the Zoo

Author : Fisher Price® Little People®
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This little book introduces baby animals with a fun story about the zoo. The zoo has lots of new residents - animal babies! From flamingos to giraffes, penguins to zebras, proud animal moms can't wait to show off their little ones. Help Sonya Lee and her friends look for all the new zoo residents in Who's New at the Zoo?

Annual Report of the New York Zoological Society

Author : New York Zoological Society
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List of members in each report.

The New Blue Zoo

Author : William F. Powers
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'We'll all work together— you and me too. We'll build a great, snastical, fantastical zoo.' That's right! A snastical, fantastical zoo! Come along on the most fun, blue adventure you've ever been on as you explore the New Blue Zoo! William Powers lives in southwestern Ohio with his wife and best friend, Jerian. They have 8 Children and 7 grandchildren.

Zoo Studies

Author : Tracy McDonald
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Do both the zoo and the mental hospital induce psychosis, as humans are treated as animals and animals are treated as humans? How have we looked at animals in the past, and how do we look at them today? How have zoos presented themselves, and their purpose, over time? In response to the emergence of environmental and animal studies, anthropologists, sociologists, philosophers, theorists, literature scholars, and historians around the world have begun to explore the significance of zoological parks, past and present. Zoo Studies considers the modern zoo from a range of approaches and disciplines, united in a desire to blur the boundaries between human and nonhuman animals. The volume begins with an account of the first modern mental hospital, La Salpêtrière, established in 1656, and the first panoptical zoo, the menagerie at Versailles, created in 1662 by the same royal architect; the final chapter presents a choreographic performance that imagines the Toronto Zoo as a place where the human body can be inspired by animal bodies. From beginning to end, through interdisciplinary collaboration, this volume decentres the human subject and offers alternative ways of thinking about zoos and their inhabitants. This collection immerses readers in the lives of animals and their experiences of captivity and asks us to reflect on our own assumptions about both humans and animals. An original and groundbreaking work, Zoo Studies will change the way readers see nonhuman animals and themselves.

A New View from the Zoo

Author : Gary Richmond
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The New York City Handbook

Author : Gilbert Tauber
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Never Play Music Right Next to the Zoo

Author : John Lithgow
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A lively and lyrical picture book jaunt from actor and author John Lithgow! Oh, children! Remember! Whatever you may do, Never play music right next to the zoo. They’ll burst from their cages, each beast and each bird, Desperate to play all the music they’ve heard. A concert gets out of hand when the animals at the neighboring zoo storm the stage and play the instruments themselves in this hilarious picture book based on one of John Lithgow’s best-loved tunes.

The New Yorker

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The New Encyclopaedia Britannica

Author : Encyclopaedia Britannica, inc
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What s New at the Zoo

Author : Mary Donnelly
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