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Thee Book of ISM Poems

Author : Don Moufpeez Williams
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The Book of ISM "Original Lyrics & Poems" by Don "Moufpeez" Williams 1st Edition is a colossal collection of his poetic and lyrical literary work written exclusively by Moufpeez. In Moufpeez poems, He delivers a prophetic, compelling message that accentuates his intense struggles, diabolical pain and the ambivalent amalgamation loyalty and betrayal.Despair triggered Moufpeez' mental, physical, and spiritual strengths to persevere towards not only freedom but resilience. Thee Book of ISM "Original Lyrics & Poems" by Don "Moufpeez" Williams.

Who s who in Twentieth century World Poetry

Author : Mark Willhardt
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Contains profiles and critical analysis of the works for over nine hundred twentieth century poets.

Who s Who in Twentieth Century World Poetry

Author : Alan Parker
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The definitive biographical guide to poetry throughout the world in the twentieth century and the only book of its kind to look at non-English language poets in such detail. Written in lively prose, with over 900 entries by over 75 international contributors, it brings a uniquely global perspective to bear on modern verse, encapsulating the lives and works of a vast array of poets in precise, compact detail alongside expert critical comment. Who's Who in Twentieth Century World Poetry is a scholarly and hugely enjoyable guide through the diverse arena of modern international poetry.

Poetry s Afterlife

Author : Kevin Stein
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DIVPoetry lives on in the digital age/div

Modern Poetry After Modernism

Author : James Longenbach
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In this book, James Longenbach develops a fresh approach to major American poetry after modernism. Rethinking the influential "breakthrough" narrative, the oft-told story of post-modern poets throwing off their modernist shackles in the 1950s, Longenbach offers a more nuanced perspective. Reading a diverse range of poets - John Ashbery, Elizabeth Bishop, Amy Clampitt, Jorie Graham, Richard Howard, Randall Jarrell, Robert Lowell, Robert Pinsky, and Richard Wilbur - Longenbach reveals that American poets since mid-century have not so much disowned their modernist past as extended elements of modernism that other readers have suppressed or neglected to see. In the process, Longenbach allows readers to experience the wide variety of poetries written in our time - without asking us to choose between them.


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The Poetry of Postmodernity

Author : D. Brown
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The Poetry of Postmodernity reappraises key Anglo/American poets of the last fifty years in the light of debates about the postmodern situation. It offers fresh critical insights into how their literary contribution gives cogent expression to both the socio-cultural possibilities and the global problems of our recent past, our apparent present and our probable future. The poets considered are late Auden, Ginsberg, Plath, Berryman, Hughes, Hill, Ashbery and late R.S. Thomas.

Like When You Wave at a Train Poems

Author : Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore
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This may be my most personal book, as I wrote this collection of poems as an attempt to definitively and honestly connect in a deep way with Farid, my teenage stepson. Ah, since you're not my/ natural son, you can be my/ supernatural son! No actual genes of mine// swim in your blood, your flesh doesn't/ resemble mine, though since I've been your/ dad from the time you were two, we now have a/ definite// family resemblance, leaping over/ genetic fact like some sleek green grasshopper of/ supernatural light.

The Nature and Elements of Poetry

Author : Edmund Clarence Stedman
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