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Thermobacteriology in Food Processing

Author : C. R. Stumbo
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Thermobacteriology in Food Processing, Second Edition focuses on the principles involved in sterilization processes for canned goods and pasteurization of foods. The book first ponders on organisms of greatest importance in the spoilage of canned foods and food pasteurization and bacteriological examination of spoiled canned foods. Discussions focus on toxin-producing microorganisms, pathogenic microorganisms, bacteriological examination, classification of spore-bearing bacteria with reference to oxygen requirements, classification of food with respect to acidity, and interpretation of observations. The text then takes a look at contamination and its control, producing, harvesting, and cleaning spores for thermal resistance determinations, and death of bacteria subjected to moist heat. The manuscript tackles thermal resistance of bacteria and thermal process evaluation, including important terms and equations, basic considerations, general method, and conversion of heat penetration data. Topics include change of initial food temperature when the retort temperature remains the same, integrated lethality of heat at all points in the container, heat penetration and processing parameters, and determination of process lethality requirement. The publication is a valuable reference for researchers interested in thermobacteriology in food processing.

Thermobacteriology in Food Processing By C R Stumbo

Author : Charles Raymond Stumbo
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Principles of Food Processing

Author : Dennis R. Heldman
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This book focuses on the most common unit operations utilized in modern food processing operations. It contains both descriptive and quantitative analysis of the typical food processes found in modern food processing plants. The descriptive information provides students with background on the process and the impact of the process on food product quality. The quantitative description assists the student in understanding the ability of the process to achieve the desired result and the consequences of improper operation of the process. Examples utilizing different food commodities are incorporated to ensure that the student gains an appreciation of the relationship between commodities and processes.

Quantitative Microbiology in Food Processing

Author : Anderson de Souza Sant'Ana
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14.5.3 Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)

U S Environmental Protection Agency Library System Book Catalog Holdings as of July 1973

Author : United States. Environmental Protection Agency. Library Systems Branch
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Thermal Food Processing

Author : Da-Wen Sun
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Thermal processing remains one of the most important processes in the food industry. Now in its second edition, Thermal Food Processing: New Technologies and Quality Issues continues to explore the latest developments in the field. Assembling the work of a worldwide panel of experts, this volume highlights topics vital to the food industry today and pinpoints the trends in future research and development. Topics discussed include: Thermal properties of foods, including heat capacity, conductivity, diffusivity, and density Heat and mass transfer and related engineering principles, mechanisms, and models The development and application of deterministic heat transfer models for predicting internal product temperatures Modeling thermal processing using artificial neural networks (ANN) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) Thermal processing of meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products; canned foods; ready meals; and vegetables The effect of ultrahigh temperature (UHT) treatment processing on milk, including the impact on nutrient composition, safety, and organoleptic aspects Ohmic, radio frequency (RF) dialectric, infrared, and pressure-assisted heating pH-assisted thermal processing In addition to updating all content, this second edition includes five new chapters: Thermal Effects in Food Microbiology, Modeling Thermal Microbial Inactivation Kinetics, Thermal Processing of Food and Fruit Juices, Aseptic Processing and Packaging, and Microwave Heating. The final chapter of the book examines systems used in the evaluation of thermal processes and the development of time temperature integrators (TTIs) to ensure the safety of thermally processed food. An up-to-date survey of essential techniques and the science behind them, this volume is a critical reference for food industry professionals.

Food Processing and Nutrition

Author : Arnold Eric Bender
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Identification of Major Areas of Energy Utilization in the Food Processing foodservice Industry

Author : Samuel J. Dwyer
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Food Process Engineering

Author : Henry G. Schwartzberg
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Papers from AICHE's National Meetings in Portland, OR, Aug. 1980 & Boston, Mass., Aug. 1979

Food Industries Manual

Author : Michael D. Ranken
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Gum Technology in the Food Industry

Author : Martin Glicksman
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Quality Control in the Food Industry

Author : S. M. Herschdoerfer
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Waste Management for the Food Industries

Author : Ioannis S. Arvanitoyannis
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The continuously increasing human population, has resulted in a huge demand for processed and packaged foods. As a result of this demand, large amounts of water, air, electricity and fuel are consumed on a daily basis for food processing, transportation and preservation purposes. Although not one of the most heavily polluting, the food industry does contribute to the increase in volume of waste produced as well as to the energy expended to do so. For the first time, nine separate food industry categories are thoroughly investigated in Waste Management for the Food Industries in an effort to help combat this already acute problem. The current state of environmental management systems is described, offering comparisons of global legislation rarely found in other resources. An extensive review of commercial equipment, including advantages and disadvantages per employed waste management technique, offers a unique perspective for any academic, student, professional, and/or consultant in the food, agriculture and environmental industries. Thoroughly examines the most prevalent and most polluting industries such as Meat, Fish, Dairy, Olive Oil, Juice and Wine industries Includes synoptical tables [methods employed, physicochemical or microbiological parameters altered after treatment etc] and comparative figures of the effectiveness of various waste management methods Contains nearly 2500 of the most up-to-date references available

Handbook of Food Engineering Practice

Author : Kenneth J. Valentas
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Food engineering has become increasingly important in the food industry over the years, as food engineers play a key role in developing new food products and improved manufacturing processes. While other textbooks have covered some aspects of this emerging field, this is the first applications-oriented handbook to cover food engineering processes and manufacturing techniques. A major portion of Handbook of Food Engineering Practice is devoted to defining and explaining essential food operations such as pumping systems, food preservation, and sterilization, as well as freezing and drying. Membranes and evaporator systems and packaging materials and their properties are examined as well. The handbook provides information on how to design accelerated storage studies and determine the temperature tolerance of foods, both of which are important in predicting shelf life. The book also examines the importance of physical and rheological properties of foods, with a special look at the rheology of dough and the design of processing systems for the manufacture of dough. The final third of the book provides useful supporting material that applies to all of the previously discussed unit operations, including cost/profit analysis methods, simulation procedures, sanitary guidelines, and process controller design. The book also includes a survey of food chemistry, a critical area of science for food engineers.

Encyclopedia of food science and technology

Author : Yiu H. Hui
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Wiley Encyclopedia of Food Science and Technology 4 Volume Set

Author : Frederick J. Francis
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Now in a thoroughly-updated and expanded second edition, Wiley Encyclopedia of Food Science and Technology covers fundamental concepts and practical requirements in food science, as well as cutting-edge technological and industry information. The encyclopedia features A-to-Z coverage of all aspects of food science, including: the properties, analysis, and processing of foods; genetic engineering of new food products; and nutrition. In addition, nontechnical information is included, such as descriptions of selected scientific institutions, and research and development in government agencies. Like the first edition, this Second Edition will become the standard reference for food scientists, bioengineers, and biotechnologists. From reviews of the first edition: "...fills a definite need in the food science and technology literature... I have little doubt that this encyclopedia will become one of the classic works in this ever-growing subject."-Food and Chemistry

Microwave Processing

Author : Wen-Syi Lin
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Heat Sterilization of Food

Author : Terushige Motohiro
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An IUFoST Symposium on Aseptic Processing and Packaging of Foods

Author :
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Analysis of Transient Conduction Heat Transfer in the Thermal Processing of Foods Using the Finite Element Method

Author : David Naveh
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