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They Played Baseball for the Dodgers

Author : Jeff Wagner
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Frank Robinson, Juan Marichal, Hack Wilson, Rickey Henderson, Ernie Lombardi and Greg Maddux. Some of the greatest players to ever play Major League Baseball. All Hall-of-Famers. But did you know they each have one other thing in common? They all played baseball for the Dodger franchise at some point in their career! Whether at the beginning, end or somewhere in between, they all were "Boys in Blue", and will always be considered members of the Dodger family. They Played Baseball for the Dodgers? explores these and over thirty-five other players that you may have forgotten or didn't know donned a Dodger uniform, including a popular country-western television star, a United States Senator, and five members of the 500 home run club! So whether their tenure lasted several years or several months, explore the fascinating stories surrounding how these players became a Dodger, and what they did while they were with the team.

Dodgers Past Present

Author : Steven Travers
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From their origins as the Brooklyn Atlantics in 1884, through their departure from their beloved borough in 1957, to their record-breaking popularity in sunny Los Angeles, the Dodgers baseball team has been an unstoppable force in professional baseball for well over a century. The franchise has captured a record 21 National League titles, won six World Series championships, and produced dozens of Hall-of-Famers. The Dodgers revolutionized the sports landscape with the signing of Jackie Robinson in 1947 and have boasted a list of players that reads like an all-time all-star team—from Walter Alston to Zack Wheat, Wee Willie Keeler to Pee Wee Reese, Dazzy Vance to Sandy Koufax, Duke Snider to Jeff Kent. The team’s two longtime homes—Brooklyn’s Ebbets Field and Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium—stand out in the pantheon of great baseball palaces. Dodgers Past & Present traces the history of this storied franchise from its origins in the 1880s to its latest accomplishments on the field. Pairing historic black-and-white photos and contemporary images of the modern game, the book explores the ballparks and the fans, the players and the teams that have defined Dodger baseball and captured the attention of fans nationwide.

The Dodgers

Author : Glenn Stout
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Traces the rich sports legacy of the Dodgers, from their origins in Brooklyn in 1884 to the present day, detailing such key events as the series of pennant races in the 1940s and 1950s and Kirk Gibson's home run in the 1988 World Series.

They Played for the Love of the Game

Author : Frank M. White
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A century before Kirby Puckett led the Minnesota Twins to World Series championships, Minnesota was home to countless talented African American baseball players, yet few of them are known to fans today. During the many decades that Major League Baseball and its affiliates imposed a strict policy of segregation, black ballplayers in Minnesota were relegated to a haphazard array of semipro leagues, barnstorming clubs, and loose organizations of all-black teams—many of which are lost to history. They Played for the Love of the Game recovers that history by sharing stories of African American ballplayers in Minnesota, from the 1870s to the 1960s, through photos, artifacts, and spoken histories passed through the generations. Author Frank White’s own father was one of the top catchers in the Twin Cities in his day, a fact that White did not learn until late in life. While the stories tell of denial, hardship, and segregation, they are highlighted by athletes who persevered and were united by their love of the sport.

The Dodgers Encyclopedia

Author : William McNeil
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The Dodgers Encyclopedia is the definitive book on Los Angeles and Brooklyn Dodgers baseball. It traces the history of one of Major League Baseball's most successful organizations, from the misty beginnings of its predecessors in rural Brooklyn more than 140 years ago, through their formative years in the major leagues, as a member of the American Association from 1884 through 1889, to a full-fledged representative of the National League since 1890. It covers the exciting and oftenzany years in Brooklyn through 1957, as well as a long and successful sojourn in Southern California during the last half of the 20th century.

The 50 Greatest Dodgers Games of All Time

Author : J.P. Hoornstra
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The Dodgers have played more than 10,000 games as a franchise. Their 50 greatest games span two coasts and three centuries worth of baseball. They include: • A doubleheader that lasted six and a half innings combined • A single game that featured three teams on the field • A game in which the Dodgers didn’t record a hit – and won • The games in which the single-season and career home run records were broken • Three perfect games and two no-hitters • The longest game in major league history • The first major league game ever televised • A game in which the Dodgers’ pitcher lost consciousness on the field • An exhibition game that drew 93,103 spectators • The first integrated game in major league history The 50 Greatest Dodgers Games features all the best players to don the uniform: Sandy Koufax, Jackie Robinson, Kirk Gibson, Zack Wheat, Fernando Valenzuela, Orel Hershiser, Duke Snider, Roy Campanella, Clayton Kershaw, Steve Garvey, Don Drysdale, Pee Wee Reese and more. It also features some of the unsung heroes of baseball history, like Cookie Lavagetto, Vic Davalillo, Sandy Amoros, Al Gionfriddo and Joe McGinnity. For the first time, their performances are laid side-by-side in this account of the greatest Dodgers games ever played. Which game ranks number one?

Carl Furillo Brooklyn Dodgers All Star

Author : Ted Reed
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History has remembered Carl Furillo as an opponent of Jackie Robinson becoming a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers, despite that being untrue. This biography sets the record straight, while also detailing Furillo’s contributions as a clutch hitter and an outstanding right fielder, his angry departure from the team, his hearing before the commissioner of baseball, and his life after the sport.

All the People

Author : Joy Hakim
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Chronicles the history of the United States from the end of World War II, through the Cold War and post-Cold War eras, to the dawn of the twenty-first century.

If These Walls Could Talk Los Angeles Dodgers

Author : Houston Mitchell
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Since moving from Brooklyn to Los Angeles in 1958, the Dodgers have had an eventful—and frequently successful—history. From playing in the 100,000-seat Coliseum to five World Series titles, from Fernandomania to Mannywood, and from Sandy Koufax to Clayton Kershaw, the Boys in Blue have long been a team to watch. This history of the Dodgers provides a closer look at the great moments and the lowlights that have made them one of the seminal teams in the major leagues. Through multiple interviews conducted with current and former players, readers will meet the athletes, coaches, and management and share in their moments of triumph and defeat. The author recalls key moments in Dodgers history such as the building and breakup of the Garvey-Lopes-Russell-Cey infield, the sad decline of Steve Howe, the amazing comeback at the tail-end of the 1980 season, and the Frank McCourt saga. If These Walls Could Talk: Los Angeles Dodgers brings the storied history of the team come to life.

The Dodgers

Author : Michael Schiavone
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In 1957, the Dodgers left their home of Brooklyn, New York, where they had been since their inception in 1884, for the sunny hills of Los Angeles, California. Since arriving in LA, the team has won five World Series and ten NL Pennants, and become one of the top-grossing organizations in Major League Baseball. The Dodgers: 60 Years in LA chronicles the team’s impressive history since arriving in the West Coast. Covering the amazing feats of Dodgers greats such as Steve Garvey, Fernando Valenzuela, and Kirk Gibson, author Michael Schiavone offers an in-depth history of the team since their arrival in 1958 and through the 2017 season. With highlights of each season, the moments fans love to remember (or wish to forget), as well as those who have graced the field of Chavez Ravine, The Dodgers: 60 Years in LA shares the wonderful history of the boys in blue in the most comprehensive book available. Whether you’re a fan of the Dodgers of old or today’s team, this book offers the most information of the team’s time in California than any other on the market.

The Los Angeles Dodgers Encyclopedia

Author : Richard J. Shmelter
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Over the past 60 seasons, the Los Angeles Dodgers have risen to the pinnacle of Major League Baseball, winning 21 National League pennants and 6 World Series titles. Amid the backdrop of Hollywood glitz and glamor, the iconic franchise owes its consistent success to the talents and efforts of many. This encyclopedia provides stats and biographical details for all of them. Sections cover the 1958-2016 seasons, influential players and executives, Dodgers traditions, and season and career records. An all-time player roster and list of all-time managers are included.

Brooklyn s Dodgers

Author : Carl E. Prince
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During the 1952 World Series, a Yankee fan trying to watch the game in a Brooklyn bar was told, "Why don't you go back where you belong, Yankee lover?" "I got a right to cheer my team," the intruder responded, "this is a free country." "This ain't no free country, chum," countered the Dodger fan, "this is Brooklyn." Brooklynites loved their "Bums"--Pee Wee Reese, Jackie Robinson, Duke Snider, Roy Campanella, and all the murderous parade of regulars who, after years of struggle, finally won the World Series in 1955. One could not live in Brooklyn and not catch its spirit of devotion to its baseball club. In Brooklyn's Dodgers, Carl E. Prince captures the intensity and depth of the team's relationship to the community and its people in the 1950s. Ethnic and racial tensions were part and parcel of a working class borough; the Dodgers' presence smoothed the rough edges of the ghetto conflict always present in the life of Brooklyn. The Dodger-inspired baseball program at the fabled Parade Grounds provided a path for boys that occasionally led to the prestigious "Dodger Rookie Team," and sometimes, via minor league contracts, to Ebbets Field itself. There were the boys who lined Bedford Avenue on game days hoping to retrieve home run balls and the men in the many bars who were not only devoted fans but collectively the keepers of the Dodger past--as were Brooklyn women, and in numbers. Indeed, women were tied to the Dodgers no less than their husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons; they were only less visible. A few, like Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Marianne Moore and working class stiff Hilda Chester were regulars at Ebbets Field and far from invisible. Prince also explores the underside of the Dodgers--the "baseball Annies," and the paternity suits that went with the territory. The Dodgers' male culture was played out as well in the team's politics, in the owners' manipulation of Dodger male egos, opponents' race-baiting, and the macho bravado of the team (how Jackie Robinson, for instance, would prod Giants' catcher Sal Yvars to impotent rage by signaling him when he was going to steal second base, then taunting him from second after the steal). The day in 1957 when Walter O'Malley, the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers, announced that the team would be leaving for Los Angeles was one of the worst moments in baseball history, and a sad day in Brooklyn's history as well. The Dodger team was, to a degree unmatched in other major league cities, deeply enmeshed in the life and psyche of Brooklyn and its people. In this superb volume, Carl Prince illuminates this "Brooklyn" in the golden years after the Second World War.

To Hate Like this is to Love Forever the Greatest Dodgers and Me

Author :
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Tales from the Los Angeles Dodgers Dugout

Author : Rick Monday
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It took something truly remarkable to save the 1981 Major League Baseball season from being remembered only as the year of the players’ strike. It took the Los Angeles Dodgers: Fernandomania and Lasorda and Garv and Bake and the Penguin. It took three amazing October comebacks to beat the Houston Astros, the Montreal Expos, and, finally, the New York Yankees, avenging Dodger World Series losses to the Yankees in 1977 and 1978. Rick Monday was right in the middle of that magical 1981 Dodger season. His recollections and conversations with teammates provide a behind-the-scenes view of one of the most amazing teams and seasons in baseball history in the newly revised version of Tales from the Dodgers Dugout.

Baseball s Forgotten Black Heroes

Author : Bill Leibforth
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In 1947, Jackie Robinson changed the game of baseball by becoming the first black player on a modern day major league team. Jackie made history with the Brooklyn Dodgers and this story is about Jackie and the seventeen players who followed him. These Black Heroes challenged the status quo and policies of team owners and were part of the first wave of black players who played on the sixteen major league teams that existed in 1947. It was not until 1959 (three years after Jackie retired) that the last of the sixteen teams added a black player to their roster.

The 1988 Dodgers

Author : K. P. Wee
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When most baseball fans think back to the 1988 World Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Oakland Athletics, they probably remember Kirk Gibson’s dramatic home run off Dennis Eckersley, Orel Hershiser’s shutout streak and dominant postseason pitching that got them there, or perhaps the fact that it remains, to this day, the last World Championship for the Dodgers. In The 1988 Dodgers: Reliving the Championship Season, K. P. Wee tells the story of this incredible year. More than just Gibson or Hershiser, the team’s success came from a true collective effort in which all 25 players on the roster made significant contributions throughout the season. Featuring dozens of interviews with players—including those lesser-known Dodgers who were just as important to the team as the stars—coaches, scouts, and general manager Fred Claire, Wee provides a refreshing view of the 1988 season, sharing personal stories and little-known anecdotes told to him by the players and staff. The players also reflect on the importance of the entire team that season, their careers following the World Championship, and life after baseball, giving readers a complete inside look at a season and team to remember.


Author :
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EBONY is the flagship magazine of Johnson Publishing. Founded in 1945 by John H. Johnson, it still maintains the highest global circulation of any African American-focused magazine.

The Cultural Encyclopedia of Baseball 2d ed

Author : Jonathan Fraser Light
File Size : 78.14 MB
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More than any other sport, baseball has developed its own niche in America’s culture and psyche. Some researchers spend years on detailed statistical analyses of minute parts of the game, while others wax poetic about its players and plays. Many trace the beginnings of the civil rights movement in part to the Major Leagues’ decision to integrate, and the words and phrases of the game (for example, pinch-hitter and out in left field) have become common in our everyday language. From AARON, HENRY onward, this book covers all of what might be called the cultural aspects of baseball (as opposed to the number-rich statistical information so widely available elsewhere). Biographical sketches of all Hall of Fame players, owners, executives and umpires, as well as many of the sportswriters and broadcasters who have won the Spink and Frick awards, join entries for teams, owners, commissioners and league presidents. Advertising, agents, drafts, illegal substances, minor leagues, oldest players, perfect games, retired uniform numbers, superstitions, tripleheaders, and youngest players are among the thousands of entries herein. Most entries open with a topical quote and conclude with a brief bibliography of sources for further research. The whole work is exhaustively indexed and includes 119 photographs.

Dixie Walker of the Dodgers

Author : Maury Allen
File Size : 72.71 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A biography of Fred “Dixie” Walker, a gifted ballplayer who played in the majors for 18 seasons and in 1,905 games, assembling a career batting average of .306 while playing for the Yankees, White Sox, Tigers, Dodgers, and Pirates.

Few and Chosen Dodgers

Author : Duke Snider
File Size : 23.86 MB
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Before curses and quaint ballparks were in vogue, the Brooklyn Dodgers were playing in a beloved old park in front of passionate fans whose hopes were dashed with cruel regularity. The Brooklyn Dodgers couldn't win the big one, but throughout their fascinating history they always had tremendous talent—which continued after their move to Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, winning the big one became more than just a once-every-half-century event. Zach Wheat, Burleigh Grimes, Jackie Robinson, Sandy Koufax, Gil Hodges, Steve Garvey, Fernando Valenzuela—the list of Dodgers greats is virtually endless. Rating the top five Dodgers of all time at each position would be a daunting task, sure to incite sharp debate among all Dodgers fans, whether their allegiances are to Brooklyn or Los Angeles. Duke Snider, former Dodgers great and Hall of Famer who played on both coasts, has done just that. InFew and Chosen: Defining Dodgers Greatness Across the Eras, he has selected the top five players at each position and the top five Dodgers managers. His compilation evokes cherished memories of one of the richest histories in sports and spotlights the luminescent talent that has worn Dodgers blue.