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Thin Films on Glass

Author : Hans Bach
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This book, entitled Thin Films on Glass, is one of a series reporting on research and development activities on products and processes conducted by the Schott Group. The scientifically founded development of new products and technical pro cesses has traditionally been of vital importance to Schott and has always been performed on a scale determined by the prospects for application of our special glasses. Since the reconstruction of the Schott Glaswerke in Mainz, the scale has increased enormously. The range of expert knowledge required could never have been supplied by Schott alone. It is also a tradition in our company to cultivate collaboration with customers, universities, and research institutes. Publications in numerous technical journals, which since 1969 we have edited to a regular schedule as Forschungsberichte - 'research reports' - describe the results of these cooperations. They contain up-to-date infor mation on various topics for the expert but are not suited as survey material for those whose standpoint is more remote. This is the point where we would like to place our series, to stimulate the exchange of thoughts, so that we can consider from different points of view the possibilities offered by those incredibly versatile materials, glass and glass ceramics. We would like to share the knowledge won through our research and development at Schott in cooperation with the users of our materials with scientists and engineers, interested customers and friends, and with the employees of our firm.

Borophosphosilicate Glass Thin Films in Electronics

Author : Vladislav Yu Vasilyev
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This comprehensive monograph summarizes the 30-year studies of borophosphosilicate glass (BPSG) thin film used in electronic technologies, including the authors personal experience with the film deposition, characterization, and implementation in microelectronic technology. The main core of the monograph is the interrelation of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) kinetic features, thin film material properties, and electronic device technology aspects. Part one of the monograph is devoted to the analysis of thin film synthesis, such as: CVD methodology and BPSG film processes, silicon dioxide and glass film growth kinetics, CVD step coverage and gap-fill features. Part two of the book is a description of BPSG film properties, film structure, glass flow capability, BPSG film-moisture interaction and the film defect formation phenomenon. A number of experimental data are presented and discussed in detail.

Optical Thin Films and Coatings

Author : Angela Piegari
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Optical coatings, including mirrors, anti-reflection coatings, beam splitters, and filters, are an integral part of most modern optical systems. Optical thin films and coatings provides an overview of thin film materials, the properties, design and manufacture of optical coatings and their use across a variety of application areas. Part one explores the design and manufacture of optical coatings. Part two highlights unconventional features of optical thin films including scattering properties of random structures in thin films, optical properties of thin film materials at short wavelengths, thermal properties and colour effects. Part three focusses on novel materials for optical thin films and coatings and includes chapters on organic optical coatings, surface multiplasmonics and optical thin films containing quantum dots. Finally, applications of optical coatings, including laser components, solar cells, displays and lighting, and architectural and automotive glass, are reviewed in part four. Optical thin films and coatings is a technical resource for researchers and engineers working with optical thin films and coatings, professionals in the security, automotive, space and other industries requiring an understanding of these topics, and academics interested in the field. An overview of the materials, properties, design and manufacture of thin films Special attention is given to the unconventional features and novel materials of optical thin films Reviews applications of optical coatings including laser components, solar cells, glasing, displays and lighting

Substrate Cleaning Methods for Thin Film Deposition

Author : James Kay (Jr)
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A study of substrate cleaning methods for thin film evaporations was made. The study included investigation of ultrasonic cleaning, effects of water impurities, and tests for substrate cleanliness. Evaluation of cleaning procedures included the use of the electron microscope. The cleaning procedures developed during this study were tested on glass substrates only but they should be useful for a wide variety of other materials. Metzger's method forms the basis for the procedures developed in this study. This method uses a detergent solution in an ultrasonic cleaner. The final rinse is made in conductivity water. Since production of conductivity water is tedious and the necessary equipment was not available during this study, triple distilled water was used with some degree of success. The impurities in commercial distilled water produced stains on the substrate during the oven drying process. A method of forced gas blowing was devised to prevent water from drying on the substrate, thus eliminating the stain. The combination of ultrasonic cleaning, distilled water rinse, and forced gas blowing, produced substrates with undetectable contamination. (Author).

Glass Transition Dynamics and Heterogeneity of Polymer Thin Films

Author : Toshiji Kanaya
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Mobility Gradient of Polystyrene in Films Supported on Solid Substrates, by Yoshihisa Fujii, Hiroshi Morita, Atsushi Takahara and Keiji Tanaka Probing Properties of Polymers in Thin Films Via Dewetting, by Günter Reiter Heterogeneous and Aging Dynamics in Single and Stacked Thin Polymer Films, by Koji Fukao, Takehide Terasawa, Kenji Nakamura, Daisuke Tahara Heterogeneous Dynamics of Polymer Thin Films as Studied by Neutron Scattering, by Rintaro Inoue and Toshiji Kanaya

Nanocoatings and Ultra Thin Films

Author : Abdel Salam Hamdy Makhlouf
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Coatings are used for a wide range of applications, from anti-fogging coatings for glass through to corrosion control in the aerospace and automotive industries. Nanocoatings and ultra-thin films provides an up-to-date review of the fundamentals, processes of deposition, characterisation and applications of nanocoatings. Part one covers technologies used in the creation and analysis of thin films, including chapters on current and advanced coating technologies in industry, nanostructured thin films from amphiphilic molecules, chemical and physical vapour deposition methods and methods for analysing nanocoatings and ultra-thin films. Part two focuses on the applications of nanocoatings and ultra-thin films, with chapters covering topics such as nanocoatings for architectural glass, packaging applications, conventional and smart nanocoatings for corrosion protection in aerospace engineering and ultra-thin membranes for sensor applications. With its distinguished editors and international team of contributors, Nanocoatings and ultra-thin films is an essential reference for professional engineers in the glazing, consctruction, electronics and transport industries, as well as all those with an academic research interest in the field. Provides an up-to-date review of the fundamentals, processes of deposition, characterisation and applications of nanocoatings Focuses on the applications of nanocoatings and ultra-thin films, covering topics such as nanocoatings for architectural glass, packaging applications and ultra-thin membranes for sensor applications Includes chapters on current and advanced coating technologies in industry, nanostructured thin films from amphiphilic molecules, chemical and physical vapour deposition methods and methods for analysing nanocoatings and ultra-thin films

Thin Films in Optics

Author : Hugo Anders
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Thin film materials technology

Author : Kiyotaka Wasa
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This title contains rich historical coverage of the basics and new experimental and technological information about ceramic thin film and large-area functional coating. Included are principles and examples of making thin-film materials and devices.

Adhesion Aspects of Thin Films volume 2

Author : Kash L. Mittal
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This volume documents the proceedings of the International Symposium on Adhesion Aspects of Thin Films (including Adhesion Measurement, and Metallized plastics) held in Orlando, FL, December 15-16, 2003. This volume is divided into three parts. Part 1 “General Papers”; Part 2 “Metallized Plastics”; and Part 3 “Adhesion Measurement”. The topics covered include: Factors influencing adhesion of thin films; relevance of stresses in film adhesion; surface effects on intrinsic thin film stresses; adhesion improvement; hemocompatibility of DLC coatings; thin films of various materials on a host of substrates; thin polymer films; surface modification of polymers; adhesion of metal films on polymers; investigation of metal-polymer interactions; adhesion measurement; scratch test; microscratch test; and abrasion and durability of thin films.

Coatings on Glass

Author : H. Pulker
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This is the second, revised edition of a book that has already proved invaluable to a wide range of readers. Written by a scientist for scientists and technical people, it goes beyond the subject matter indicated by the title, filling the gap which previously existed in the available technical literature. It includes a wealth of information for physicists, chemists and engineers who need to know more about thin films for research purposes, or who want to use this special form of solid material to achieve a variety of application-oriented goals.

Thin Film Solar Cells

Author : Yoshihiro Hamakawa
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The first comprehensive book on thin-film solar cells, potentially a key technology for solving the energy production problem in the 21st century in an environmentally friendly way. It covers a wide range of scientific and technological aspects of thin film semiconductors - deposition technologies, growth mechanisms and the basic properties of amorphous and nano-crystalline silicon - as well as the optimum design theory and device physics of high-efficiency solar cells, especially of single-junction and multi-junction solar cells. The development of large-area solar cell modules using single and multi-junction solar cells is also considered. Examples of recent photovoltaic systems are presented and analysed.

Thin Film Transistor Technologies

Author : Yue Kuo
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Ion Beam Treatment of Functional Layers in Thin Film Silicon Solar Cells

Author : Wendi Zhang
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Exchange Bias in Magnetic Thin Films and Nanoparticles

Author : M. Bilal Janjua
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Optical Thin Films

Author : James D. Rancourt
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Practical, user-oriented reference for engineers who must incorporate and specify coatings for filters, antiglare effects, polarization, or other purposes in optical or electro-optical systems design. It focuses on preparation techniques and characteristics of commercially available products and provides information needed to determine what type of filter is needed to solve a particular problem, what its limitations are, and how to care for it.

Functional Thin Films and Functional Materials

Author : Donglu Shi
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This book provides an up-to-date introduction to the field of functional materials and thin films, encompassing newly developed technologies and fundamental new concepts. The focus is on the critical areas of novel thin films such as sol-gel synthesis of membrane, ferroelectric thin films and devices, functional nanostructured thin films, micromechanical analysis of fiber-reinforced composites, and novel applications. An important aspect of the book lies in its wide coverage of practical applications. It introduces not only the cutting-edge technologies in modern industry, but also unique applications in many rapidly advancing fields. This book is written for a wide readership including university students and researchers from diverse backgrounds such as physics, materials science, engineering and chemistry. Both undergraduate and graduate students will find it a valuable reference book on key topics related to solid state and materials science.

Thin Film Optical Filters

Author : H. Angus MacLeod
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Very common optical coatings are those that give the faint, reflected color to the lenses in cameras, binoculars, and spectacles. The thin metal layer that makes the difference between a mirror and a simple sheet of glass is an optical coating. But, optical coatings are used in many more applications-a particularly important current one being the s

Emerging Optoelectronic Technologies and Applications

Author : Yu-Hwa Lo
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This book discusses some of the most important emerging optoelectronic technologies foreseen to have major technical and business impact in the future. In this spirit, four general technological areas have been selected: optoelectronic display, optical micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), semiconductor lasers for wireless and loop applications, and optoelectronic integration technologies. In each of the four areas, two review articles that provide the technical background and sample some of the most significant recent breakthroughs were authored by the well regarded experts in the field. This book is meant to provide timely information to professionals in optoelectronics, electronics, communications, sensing, and computer areas who want to keep up with the rapidly developing and increasingly diverse optoelectronic technologies.


Author : Eric Le Bourhis
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Glass is a material with essentially unlimited application possibilities. This second edition of a comprehensive reference in glass science, points out the correlation between the performance of industrial processes and practice-relevant properties, such as strength and optical properties. Interdisciplinary in his approach, the author discusses both the science and technology, starting with an outline of history and applications, glass structure, and rheology. The sections on properties include mechanical strength and contact resistance, ageing, mechanics of glass processes, the production and control of residual stresses, high-tech products, and current research and development. Applications include glazing, packaging, optical glass, glass fibers for reinforcement, and abrasive tools. The development of touchscreen technology showed how important were the design and resistance of thin flexible glass and these new thin aluminosilicate glasses are also discussed.

Thin Film Transistor Technologies VI

Author : Yue Kuo
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