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Think Outside the Classroom

Author : Kelly Crawford
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Whether you are one of those tired moms, contemplating giving up, or just need some relief, or whether you are just considering homeschooling and don't know where to start, you'll find this book full of answers and practical help. Think Outside the Classroom offers a refreshing look at what a "real education" is, and practical strategies for implementing a relaxed approach to education in your family.

Thinking Outside the Voice Box

Author : Bridget Sweet
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The changing adolescent voice counts among the most awkward of topics voice teachers and choir directors face. Adolescent voice students already find themselves at a volatile developmental time in their lives, and the stresses and possible embarrassments of unpredictable vocal capabilities make participation in voice-based music an especially fraught event. In this practical teaching guide, author Bridget Sweet encourages a holistic approach to female and male adolescent voice change. Sweet's approach takes full consideration of the body, brain, and auditory system; vocal anatomy and physiology in general, as well as during male and female voice change; and the impact of hormones on the adolescent voice, especially for female singers. Beyond the physical, it also addresses the emotional and psychological components: ideas of resolve and perseverance that are essential to adolescent navigation of voice change; and exploration of portrayals and stereotypes in pop culture that influence how people anticipate voice change experiences for teens and 'tweens, from The Brady Bunch to The Wonder Years to The Simpsons. As a whole, Teaching Outside the Voice Box encourages music educators to more effectively and compassionately assist students through this developmental experience.

Think Outside the Gate

Author : Melisa Mel
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Think Outside the Gate is a book dedicated to all those who work or live in any type of incarceration environment. It contains a compilation of lesson plans and presentation outlines which can be used as an example of how one can turn any type of lesson into a think outside the gate experience. The think outside the gate mind-set is a philosophy that Melisa Mel created as the focal point of her lessons and presentations. This approach makes it a priority to keep the students focus on everything and anything outside of their limited, incarcerating walls. This not only instills hope in them, but it also better prepares them for when they cross the prison gates to go live back in society. Melisa Mel feels that better preparing for reentry into society is the most efficient way to ensure a persons success outside of prison so that they do not return to prison. Her hope is that while working or living behind bars, a think outside the gate mind-set is present at all times, as that will tackle recidivism at its very core.

A Z of Learning Outside the Classroom

Author : Russell Grigg
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Learning outside the classroom has been high on the political agenda for several years now, but recent Ofsted reports indicate that this can be confined to termly or yearly trips, as an 'extra'. This book provides a convincing and readable promotion of regular outdoor learning. It draws on relevant research to reinforce that working in 'real' environments benefits children's all-round development – cognitively, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This is illustrated through a wide range of engaging activities, from how to make a scarecrow, to interpreting a painting in a gallery, from getting the best from a library visit, to how best to attack a medieval castle. This practical guide for busy teachers will help them to link what they do in and out of the class. It's a must for every staffroom bookshelf.

Think Outside the Box

Author : Justine Avery
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Now Available to Pre-Order Ships July 14th A fun, unique journey of what it means to "think outside the box," applying creativity to daily life, illustrated in photographs of 3D paper cutout scenes. Truly "out of the box!"

Think Outside the Building

Author : Rosabeth Moss Kanter
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One of the leading business thinkers in the world offers a bold, new theory of advanced leadership for tackling the world's complex, messy, and recalcitrant social and environmental problems. Over a decade ago, renowned innovation expert Rosabeth Moss Kanter co-founded and then directed Harvard's Advanced Leadership Initiative. Her breakthrough work with hundreds of successful professionals and executives, as well as aspiring young entrepreneurs, identifies the leadership paradigm of the future: the ability to "think outside the building" to overcome establishment paralysis and produce significant innovation for a better world. Kanter provides extraordinary accounts of the successes and near-stumbles of purpose-driven men and women from diverse backgrounds united in their conviction that positive change is possible. A former Trader Joe's executive, for example, navigated across business, government, and community sectors to deal with poor nutrition in inner cities while reducing food waste. A concerned European banker used the power of persuasion, not position, to find novel financing for improving the health of the oceans. A Washington couple enticed global partners to join an Uber-like platform to match skilled refugees with talent-hungry companies. A visionary journalist-turned-entrepreneur closed social divides by giving fifty million social media users access to free local education and culture. When traditional approaches are inadequate or resisted, advanced leadership skills are essential. In this book, Kanter shows how people everywhere can unleash their creativity and entrepreneurial adroitness to mobilize partners across challenging cultural, social, and political situations and innovate for a brighter future.

The Creativity Challenge

Author : Beckie [VNV] Supiano
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Teaching Primary Science

Author : Peter Loxley
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This second edition brings science subject knowledge and pedagogy together to support, inform and inspire those training to teach primary science. Written in a clear and accessible way, the book provides comprehensive coverage of science themes. Ideas for teaching and examples from practice provide a basis for inspiring children to explore science and look at the world in new and intriguing ways.

Children s Thinking

Author : Robert S. Siegler
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This book brings together major research findings and theories on the development of children's thinking from infancy to adolescence, and also considers the subsequent practical implications. It examines the processes through which development occurs, as well as the nature of the changes that mark cognitive development in language, perception, memory, conceptual understanding and problem-solving. theories of cognitive development from Ceci, Halford, Keil, Markman and Wellman and discusses the development of such fundamental concepts as time, space and mind. Major emphasis is placed on infants' attention and perception in the first days of life whilst there is thorough exploration of the relation between brain maturation and cognitive development.

Learning Outside the Primary Classroom

Author : Fred Sedgwick
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"We believe that every young person should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development, whatever their age, ability or circumstances. Learning outside the classroom is about raising achievement through an organised, powerful approach to learning in which direct experience is of prime importance." LOTC Initiative manifesto In Learning Outside the Primary Classroom, the educationalist and writer Fred Sedgwick explores in a practical way the many opportunities for intense learning that children and teachers can find outside the confines of the usual learning environment, the classroom. This original work is based on tried and tested methods from UK primary schools. The author draws on current concerns in the educational world regarding outdoor learning as exemplified by the eight sector Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) initiative (supported by Ofsted), but remains refreshingly independent in approach. Using a metaphor of concentric circles Learning Outside the Primary Classroom starts with a brief opening chapter based in the classroom itself before moving outwards to explore the learning possibilities presented by the immediate environs of the school – playgrounds, gym halls, sports fields etc. Later chapters move beyond the school gates to explore the local shops, parks, religious centres, libraries and town halls and the myriad learning opportunities they represent. The final chapters explore the possibilities of larger scale day trips to major galleries and museums and more ambitious field trips.

Undoing Sex Stereotypes

Author : Marcia Guttentag
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Thinking Outside of the Box

Author : Elizabeth Suzuki Evans
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A Practical Guide for Advanced Writers in English as a Second Language

Author : Paul Munsell
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Room 109

Author : Richard Burt Kent
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This book shows in detail the what, how, and why of doing portfolios, providing in-depth guidelines on portfolio requirements and full-blown descriptions of portfolio projects.

Individual Ascendency

Author : Albert Brill
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Sentences and Other Systems

Author : Peter M. Blackwell
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Learning Styles in Action

Author : Barbara Prashnig
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The sequel to Barbara Prashnig's influential book The Power of Diversity

First Steps to Excellence in College Teaching

Author : Glenn R. Johnson
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Improving Reading in Every Class

Author : Ellen Lamar Thomas
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The Development of Children s Fraction Thinking in a First grade Classroom

Author : Susan Carol Baker
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