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This Great Harbour Scapa Flow

Author : W.S. Hewison
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Known by mariners since Viking times as a safe anchorage in notoriously savage waters, Scapa Flow is the seaway that runs between the Orkney mainland and the island of Hoy. As the northern base of the Royal Navy and Allied fleets in two world wars, it witnessed some of the most seminal events in modern naval history. It was from here that The Grand Fleet set off in 1916 to do battle at Jutland; it was from that Lord Kitchener sailed to his death aboard the Hampshire; it was here that the surrendered German fleet was scuttled in May 1919; and it was here that 800 sailors lost their lives in October 1939 when HMS Royal Oak was torpedoed by a German submarine. The late W.S. Hewison’s book is the ultimate history of this remarkable place. In addition to the military story, he also tells about the impact war had on the native island community as their remote archipelago was transformed into the hub of Britain’s naval war machine.

List of Lighthouses Light vessels Buoys Beacons Etc on the Coast and Rivers of China

Author : China. Hai guan zong shui wu si shu
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The Island Hopping Digital Guide to the Northern Bahamas Part II The Biminis and the Berry Islands

Author : Stephen J Pavlidis
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The Island Hopping Digital Guide series is the digital version of the world famous cruising guides by Stephen J. Pavlidis. This edition covers Part II of the Northern Bahamas - The Biminis and the Berry Islands, Including Information on Crossing the Gulf Stream and the Great Bahama Bank. Contents include detailed information about sailing and cruising in the Bahamas including original full-color charts drawn by the author, extensive navigational instructions, GPS waypoints and full-color aerial photos.

A History of Greece

Author : George Grote
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bibliotheca alexandrina

Author : zahi hawass
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Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Fields of Death

Author : Richard Evans
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Richard Evans revisits the sites of a selection of Greek and Roman battles and sieges to seek new insights. The battle narratives in ancient sources can be a thrilling read and form the basis of our knowledge of these epic events, but they can just as often provide an incomplete or obscure record. Details, especially those related to topographical and geographical issues which can have a fundamental importance to military actions, are left tantalisingly unclear to the modern reader. The evidence from archaeological excavation work can sometimes fill in a gap in our understanding, but such an approach remains uncommon in studying ancient battles. By combining the ancient sources and latest archaeological findings with his personal observations on the ground, Richard Evans brings new perspectives to the dramatic events of the distant past. For example, why did armies miss one another in what we might today consider relatively benign terrain? Just how important was the terrain in determining victory or defeat in these clashes.The author has carefully selected battles and sieges to explore, first of all to identify their locations and see how these fit with the ancient evidence. He then examines the historical episodes themselves, offering new observations from first-hand study of the field of battle along with up-to-date photographs, maps and diagrams. In the process he discusses whether and how the terrain has since been changed by land use, erosion and other factors, and the extent to which what we see today represents a real connection with the dramatic events of the distant past. This first volume considers: 1. The Greek Victory over the Persians at Marathon (490 BC)2. Leonidas and his Three Hundred Spartans at Thermopylae (480 BC)3. The Athenian Siege of Syracuse (414-413 BC)4. The Syracusan Siege of Motya (397 BC)5. Alexander's Defeat of Darius at Issus (333 BC)6. Hannibal's Victory at Cannae (216 BC)7. Titus Quinctius Flamininus and Philip V at Cynoscephalae (197 BC)8. Gaius Marius' Victory over the Teutones at Aquae Sextiae (102 BC)9. Octavian versus Antony and Cleopatra of Egypt: The Battle of Actium (31 BC)10. The First Battle of Bedriacum (April AD 69)

Ancient Syracuse

Author : Richard Evans
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Syracuse possesses a unique place in the history of the ancient Mediterranean because of its contribution to Greek culture and political thought and practice. Even in the first century BC Cicero could still declare ’You have often heard that of all the Greek cities Syracuse is the greatest and most beautiful.’ Sicily’s strategic location in the Mediterranean brought the city prosperity and power, placing it in the first rank of states in the ancient world. The history and governance of the city were recorded from the fifth century BC and the volume of literary sources comes close to matching the records of Athens or Rome. Combining literary and material evidence this monograph traces the history of Syracuse, offering new arguments about the date of the city’s foundation, and continues through the fifth century when, as a democracy, Syracuse’s military strength grew to equal that of Athens or Sparta, surpassing them in the early fourth century under the tyrant Dionysius I. From ca. 350 BC, however, the city’s fortunes declined as the state was wracked with civil strife as the tyranny lost control. The result was a collapse so serious that the city faced complete and imminent destruction.


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Visualizing Harbours in the Classical World

Author : Federico Ugolini
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In recent years, there has been intense debate about the reality behind the depiction of maritime cityscapes, especially harbours. Visualizing Harbours in the Classical World argues that the available textual and iconographic evidence supports the argument that these representations have a symbolic, rather than literal, meaning and message, and moreover that the traditional view, that all these media represent the reality of the contemporary cityscapes, is often unrealistic. Bridging the gap between archaeological sciences and the humanities, it ably integrates iconographic materials, epigraphic sources, history and archaeology, along with visual culture. Focusing on three main ancient ports – Alexandria, Rome and Leptis Magna – Federico Ugolini considers a range of issues around harbour iconography, from the triumphal imagery of monumental harbours and the symbolism of harbour images, their identification across the Mediterranean, and their symbolic, ideological and propagandistic messages, to the ways in which aspects of Imperial authority and control over the seas were expressed in the iconography of the Julio-Claudian, Trajan and Severii periods, how they reflected the repute, growth and power of the mercantile class during the Imperial era, and how the use of imagery reflected euergetism and paideia, which would inform the Roman audience about who had power over the sea.

The Voyages and Travels of A De La Motraye

Author : Aubry de La Mottraye
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