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Kids of Colombia

Author : Jessie F. Sargent
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Text and black and white photographs present the customs, activities, and homes of Colombian children.

Children disengaged from armed groups in Colombia

Author : Julia Villanueva O’Driscoll
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Drawing on a broad research on historical, geographical and socio-political context of the Colombian conflict, the book explores the role of children entangled in the military fighting. Following the case studies of minors, starting from the recruitment up to the disengagement, the authors seek to understand the process itself and to analyze various support methods offered to the affected children. Weaving together different points of view, coming from the children, and from the workers of the organizations offering help, the book gives an engaging and dramatic overview of the phenomenon of child soldiers. Authors: Julia Villanueva O’Driscoll, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium Gerrit Loots, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium Ilse Derluyn, Ghent University, Belgium

Generation Under Fire

Author : Robin Kirk
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This is Colombia for Children

Author : Olga Schembri
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This is a book that gives you a little glimpse of one of the most beautiful countries in South America: Colombia, the land of the magical realism where everything is possible; the place where the ocean and the snow live at the same place, the country to make your next destination.

For Our Children

Author : Ellen Tolmie
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Child Labor

Author : Sandy Hobbs
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Consult this handy reference work when you need accurate, up to date information on subjects ranging from the effects of work on children's education to the use of child labor in Eastern Europe. * A–Z entries are also arranged by category * Numerous citations of contemporary books and studies

Children in Care in Colombia

Author : Cecilia Munoz Vila
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This book documents research and therapeutic work carried out with children and adolescents living in social care or disturbed family circumstances in Bogota, Colombia. The children, aged from two onwards, were seen by clinical psychologists from Javeriana University in a programme developed by Cecilia Munoz Vila in conjunction with the Colombian Institute of Social Welfare.The research model used is based on 'The child-in-the-family-in-the-community' by Donald Meltzer and Martha Harris, and the methods used by the therapists include play, drama, drawing, singing, and other modes of inviting the children's own creative cultural responses to help express and work through their difficult situations.Many of the children and young people had experienced not only familial disruption but violence ranging from murder of a parent to recruitment into guerrilla bands. However their psychic struggles have a universal relevance and were treated, or explored, in an intensely empathic and mutually educative way by their young therapists, resulting in moving stories of the individual's capacity to grasp developmental opportunities.

Children s Rights

Author : Ursula Kilkelly
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The articles in this volume shed light on some of the major tensions in the field of children?s rights (such as the ways in which children?s best interests and respect for their autonomy can be reconciled), challenges (such as how the CRC can be made a reality in the lives of children in the face of ignorance, apathy or outright opposition) and critiques (whether children?s rights are a Western imposition or a successful global consensus). Along the way, the writing covers a myriad of issues, encompassing the opposition to the CRC in the US; gay parenting: Dr Seuss?s take on children?s autonomy; the voice of neonates on their health care; the role of NGO in supporting child labourers in India, and young people in detention and more.

Militarized Youth

Author : Johanna Higgs
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Based on ethnographic fieldwork and interviews from across Colombia—including former child guerillas, former hostages of the guerilla organization, mothers of child soldiers, and humanitarian aid workers— this volume explores the experiences of children involved with the Colombian guerilla group the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (Farc). Going beyond the predominant humanitarian perspectives on child soldiers, Johanna Higgs delves into the specific social and cultural aspects of the Colombian conflict to give a contextualized, culturally relevant understanding of the processes of both militarization and demobilization of children, deploying the theoretical lens of “lifeworlds.” In so doing, Higgs not only provides insight into children’s involvement in conflict in Colombia, but presents a clear case for a move away from homogenized understandings of “child soldiers,” thus far dominated by viewpoints from industrialized Western nations. Tying together perspectives from anthropology, sociology, psychology, politics, and international development, Higgs provides not only a much-needed examination of how children are militarized, soldiering in the Farc context, and demilitarization, but also a blueprint for how research can be tied to specific cultural contexts.

Communication and Sustainable Development

Author :
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Communication for Development is about dialogue, participation and the sharing of knowledge and information among people and institutions. The 9th UN Roundtable (Rome, September 2004), focused on "Communication and sustainable development" and addressed three key inter-related themes that are central to this issue: Communication in Research, Extension and Education; Communication for Natural Resource Management; and Communication for isolated and Marginalized Groups. The selection of key note papers presented in this publication offers views and perspectives that contribute to these themes.--Publisher's description.