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Life on Earth

Author : Jerold Lynn Dixon
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How to decide if this book is for you: (1) Do you live here? Yes__ No __ (2) Are you thinking about moving here? Yes__ No __ If you checked yes for 1 or 2, then you should read this book. F O R W A R D By David Steiner Life On Earth is many things. It is one mans take on the state of humanity. It is a mental tool with which the reader can form his or her own guide to surviving among these strange, flawed creations of a supposedly infallible deity. It is a list of questions that any reasonable person might choose to ask of the Creator, should that person be given the chance to do so. Lastly, Life On Earth, as professed by Jerold Dixon, himself, is fair warning to any intelligent beings who may wish to set down roots among us. Well, think about it; If someone did have the technological capabilities to come here, it would stand to good reason that said being would also be able to tap a few of our geosynchronous-orbiting communications satellite networks, look for just such a touted volume of work and wind up downloading an electronic copy of the very words before your eyes. What this engagingly-written book really boils down to is an overview of the human condition as seen through the eyes of a man who has lived through what could arguably be called the fastest and most radically changing decades of American history. The latter half of the twentieth century ushered us, at breakneck speeds, into human space exploration, social reform, political awareness, political correctness, and new and confusing concepts regarding accepted gender roles, relationship dynamics and the evolving definition of the family unit. Nobody can reasonably argue against the statement that not all progress is either forward or good. The human animal continues to retain dark nuances, violent tendencies, and primal desires that produce a proverbial evil, mirror-universe reaction to every forwardly progressive action we take. We discovered how to manipulate atomic energy-and used it to build the first, true weapon of mass destruction. Women became empowered members of the workplace-and the traditional family unit began to decay. We figured out how to have condom-free sex without procreating-and started having so much of it with so many partners that harmful and even lethal STDs became global epidemics. We figured out how to cheaply and easily conduct worldwide discussions about any subject at all-and fundamentalist hate groups use the same venue to broadcast their calls to commit acts of cold-blooded murder in the names of racial or theological purity. Where some look at the negative (and even some of the positive) changes society has undergone in recent history and see them as reasons to deny Gods existence altogether, Dixon would rather see accountability where accountability is due. That is not to say that the author blames God for the messes we have made for ourselves. He does, however, blame Him for the inherent flaws in our basic design, and he sees how some of those flaws could be viewed as being both the causes and the enablers of some of mankinds messiest mistakes. He questions how and why a supposedly perfect being would create an entire species of self-aware beings, but with such deficiencies as to cause pain and suffering, in both the emotional and physical senses. The author is outraged at the inequities of life, and wants to know why we must endure them. He feels that, if given the chance, each and every one of us should confront God. It is Dixons contention that as we are to be inevitably held accountable for our mistakes, so should we be able to cross-examine the Almighty to take credit for his own. Life On Earth was a thoroughly enjoyable read. Perhaps to date, the most thought-provoking of the works for which I had the esteemed honor of being contracted to edit. In fact, at the time of the crafting of this forward, I have been pondering for over a week on how to answer a biblically-based, yet current-event inspired philosophical question Mr. Dixon had posed in an email. Which brings me to the best that I can think of describing him. Jerold Dixon is an open-minded version of an old-school, red-blooded, American guy. He calls em like he sees em, but then he makes you stop and actually think.

Super Natural Christians

Author : Sallie McFague
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A former dean at Vanderbilt University's Divinity School, Sallie McFague calls Christians down to earth. In a readable and available style, alive with concrete imagery and autobiographical material, McFague crafts a Christian spirituality centered on nature as the focus and locus of our encounter with the divine. She helps us see all life as created in the image of God.

Living Hope

Author : David H. Jensen
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"Eschatology," the theological name for the study of the endtime, often conjures up frightening concepts of the rapture, the final judgment, heaven and hell, Armageddon, and the anti-Christ. Author David Jensen's theological approach offers a brighter perspective on the end-time as a time of hope when Christians will see the full glory of the Kingdom of God, the resurrection of the body, and Christ's promised return.

On the Integration of Nature

Author : Richard Grossinger
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"A series of short essays, stories, and fragments concerning the nature of matter, life, consciousness, and identity in the context of a critique of science and American government policies"--Provided by publisher.

Roswell Converts

Author : Gary T. Brideau
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About the story: Jim, a teacher at the First Christian Church in Clark’s Corner, Earth. He is caught in the middle of things, when the evil General Larze, from the planet Lazertra, on the other side of the galaxy, tries to overthrow the Planetary Alliance. “I might as well go along with the prank. He quickly opened the passenger door of his car, saying, “Do you mind, coming home with me? I have just the place, where you can hide.” Continuing on home, Jim glanced at, the supposed alien, and questioned, “So, what planet are you from?” “I am forever grateful for your assistance, kind sir. My name is Ab, and I’m from the planet, Mystera, which is, on the other side of the galaxy.” Jim stated with a smirk, “Our Milky Way Galaxy is so vast, which means, it should have taken you years to get here, traveling at the speed of light.” “Not really, answered Ab, “You see, my people have a way to fold space, making the distance shorter.”

Buttheads from Outer Space

Author : Jerry Mahoney
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The buttheads have landed—and they're trying to wipe us out!My best friend Lloyd and I had the perfect plan. We started a blog to invite aliens to come to Earth and hang out—but only with us. That way, they wouldn't have to meet any boring world leaders or get cut open by scientists or anything like that. We'd just chill out, eat junk food, and play video games together. Sweet, right? And it worked! Two aliens showed up one night in the bathroom of my favorite restaurant, and we snuck them home to my room. The problem is, they're total buttheads! Literally. They have butts on their heads, and they talk in farts. They're rude, disgusting, and they love Earth so much, they just invited 70 billion of their friends to join them here. Oops. Now it's up to us—two sixth graders with B-pluses in science—to save the planet from the sickest extraterrestrials in the universe. (Preferably without my parents finding out.) Sorry, everyone. Better get used to talking out of your butts, because we're all probably doomed...

Drunken Space Pirates

Author : Phoenix Freebird A.
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Running from a mutinous crew, sucked through a wormhole like in a bad sci-fi movie and slowly running out of booze . . . and that’s just the beginning of this non-traditional story that starts off as a simple captain’s log book and evolves into something more like a really warped and twisted TV show in text. Follow the Captain and crew on a series of seemingly random adventures, where it’s obvious it’s not just the Captain who’s been drinking. At some point you may ask yourself, is all this just coincidence or is there something dark and annoying on the horizon? The Captain seems to have a drinking problem, the problem being he never has enough to drink and people from his past keep showing up and ruining his buzz / Akki a corrupted artificial intelligence who occasionally takes over the Captain’s log has his own plans, mostly self-serving ones because he has nothing better to do. The rest of the crew, pirates, hot chicks, robots and a foul beaked little space penguin round out the Drunken Space Pirates and with all the wise cracks and shots aimed at everyone and everything its clear the alcohol flows rather freely within the D.S.P. Many of the off the wall characters of the D.S.P. are walking guilty pleasures who say what they feel, do what they want and just generally give it to life, pop culture and the universe in general with both barrels . . . and occasionally fish...

Deadpool Vol 7

Author : Daniel Way
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Follows the adventures of Wade Wilson, known as Deadpool, the superhero--or is he a villain?--who is available, for the right fee, for the most risky and violent jobs.


Author : Jesse James Bond
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In the space-faring future of a Humankind without life to live with other than descendants of Earth for their entire history, the loneliest individuals of Humanity will go to the edge of the galaxy to fulfill the dream of knocking on the door of their first intelligent interstellar neighbors, to realize the legend of alien life. First impressions are crucial to building positive relationships, but Humans have never been famous for their understanding of strangers. Good intentions are prone to becoming the foundations of terrible mistakes, a lesson that Humanity may be overdue to relearn.

Deadpool By Daniel Way

Author : Daniel Way
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Collects Deadpool (2008) #32-49, #33.1 and #49.1. Deadpool heads into space to increase his intergalactic cred. Will taking on galactic assassin Macho Gomez and the immense Id the Selfish Moon cement Deadpool as the solar system's best, most ruthless mercenary? Not as far as his "old friends" back on Earth are concerned - Hydra Bob, Big Bertha, Taskmaster and Blind Al all want to claim a piece of his hide! Deadpool flirts with both mortality and sanity as he takes on the Incredible Hulk (hoping to die!) and is locked up in an asylum (that could actually help him!) - but Wade's biggest foe turns out to be an "evil twin" made up of his own discarded body parts! Can Deadpool convince the authorities that there's an even crazier, less principled version of him out there? Plus: Deadpool - the Musical