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This River Beneath the Sky

Author : Doreen Pfost
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Each spring, formations of sandhill cranes crisscross the skies along Nebraska's Platte River in one of the last great migratory spectacles on the North American continent. From across the globe, tens of thousands of visitors gather to witness a land transformed, "wild with birds." But the central Platte River system is witness to even more than this wondrous annual event. It is also an abiding source of natural, agricultural, and economic life in three states as an icon of western history and as a place of wonder. In This River Beneath the Sky, Doreen Pfost seamlessly blends memoir and nature writing, tracking the Platte River valley for one calendar year, ushering readers through its diverse and changing landscape and the plants, animals, and humans that call the ecosystem home. From serving as a tour guide for visitors who come to see the sandhill crane migration to monitoring the population count on a bluebird trail, from exploring the human settlements surrounding the Platte River to wading the river with biologists, Pfost immerses herself in the rhythm and life of the area. Along with Pfost's personal experiences of the river, she explores the river's history, the land- and water-use choices that were made decades ago and their repercussions that must now be mitigated if cranes--and other species--are to survive and flourish, and the legislative and scientific efforts to preserve the diverse species and their essential habitat.

The Art Journal

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Beneath a Northern Sky

Author : Steven E. Woodworth
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Of all the places and events in this nation's history, Gettysburg may well be the name best known to Americans. In Beneath a Northern Sky, eminent Civil War historian Steven E. Woodworth offers a balanced and thorough overview of the entire battle, its drama, and its meaning. From Lee's decision to take his heretofore successful Army of Northern Virginia across the Potomac and into Pennsylvania to the withdrawal of the battle-battered Confederate's back across the river into Virginia, Woodworth paints a vivid picture of this pivotal campaign. Instead of focusing on only one aspect of the Gettysburg Campaign as most other books do, Beneath a Northern Sky tells the tale of the entire battle in a richly detailed but swiftly moving narrative. This new approach to a defining battle is sure to fascinate Civil War buffs and all those interested in the rich history of the United States.


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Love beneath an Endless Sky

Author : Elizabeth Haran
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A spellbinding story about love and family ties that takes the reader on a journey from the Australian outback to England and back again. England, 1957: Kate is a young woman of exotic beauty and a rising film star. But when her career and marriage come crashing down together, she escapes to outback Australia for a surprise visit to her father, a man she hasn't seen since she was a small child. But he is shocked by her arrival, and Kate realizes that her existence has been a secret. No one seems to know that he has an adult daughter living in England. She is deeply hurt and wants to leave the dusty small town in the middle of nowhere. But then she meets the town's handsome teacher and her world turns upside down yet again ... With an eye for detail, Elizabeth Haran is the author of numerous other romantic adventures including Island of Whispering Winds, Under a Flaming Sky, Dreams beneath a Red Sun, and River of Fortune, Staircase to the Moon, and Beyond the Red Horizon, all available as eBooks. For fans of sagas set against a backdrop of beautiful landscapes, like Sarah Lark's, Island of a Thousand Springs or Kate Morton's, The Forgotten Garden. About the author Elizabeth Haran was born in Bulawayo, Rhodesia and migrated to Australia as a child. She lives with her family in Adelaide and has written fourteen novels set in Australia. Her heart-warming and carefully crafted books have been published in ten countries and are bestsellers in Germany.

Beneath a Whiskey Sky

Author : Tracy Knight
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After gunslinger Slim McCracken chooses to spare the life of the pastor he was hired to kill, he decides to escape from his past and start life over with a clean slate, but first he must bring his brother Charles to a hospital in Missouri.

Beneath a Rhodesian Sky

Author : Beverley Whyte
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Beneath So Kind a Sky

Author : Carl Julien
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Beneath Blue Skies and Gray

Author : Ingram Crockett
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The Art Journal

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Reading the River

Author : John Hildebrand
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Both a wilderness adventure and an exploration of the human spirit, Reading the River is an unforgettable account of 1970s Alaska, when John Hildebrand and his wife built a cabin along a tributary of the Yukon.

Loves Dreams and Memories

Author : William Edward Bray
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The London investigator afterw The Investigator ed by R Cooper

Author : Robert Cooper (secularist)
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Proceedings of the International Large River Symposium LARS

Author : D. P. Dodge
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The main objectives of LARS were 1) To produce reliable estimates of fish yield by: a) reviewing existing estimators of production and standing stocks in large rivers and b) summarizing current river inventory and assessment techniques for biotic and abiotic variables; 2) To publish the case studies and synthesis papers; 3) To identify areas requiring further study to improve river resource management; and 4) To improve communication and liaison between scientists in research and management, university and government.


Author : Sean O'Casey
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Sky Full of Ribbons

Author : Marilyn Arnold
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The art journal London

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The Sky People

Author : John Emery
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Set in New Guinea after World War I, this novel portrays the first contacts between civilized whites from Australia and the stone-age tribes living in the highlands of New Guinea

Big Sky Rivers

Author : Robert Kelley Schneiders
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To frame his story, Schneiders goes back to the nineteenth-century journals of fur traders and settlers and in the record of flora, fauna, floods, and human activity he finds evidence of rapid and disruptive change. Bison once had the greatest influence on the land, and Schneiders depicts an original bison and Indian trail networks on which were overlaid the first torts and towns and then the railroads, highways, and reservoirs that reconfigured the region forever.

The Boys Champion Paper

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