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Thoreaus Sense of Place

Author : Richard J. Schneider
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Recent Thoreau studies have shifted to an emphasis on the green" Thoreau, on Thoreau the environmentalist, rooted firmly in particular places and interacting with particular objects. In the wake of Buell's Environmental Imagination, the nineteen essayists in this challenging volume address the central questions in Thoreau studies today: how “green,” how immersed in a sense of place, was Thoreau really, and how has this sense of place affected the tradition of nature writing in America? The contributors to this stimulating collection address the ways in which Thoreau and his successors attempt to cope with the basic epistemological split between perceiver and place inherent in writing about nature; related discussions involve the kinds of discourse most effective for writing about place. They focus on the impact on Thoreau and his successors of culturally constructed assumptions deriving from science, politics, race, gender, history, and literary conventions. Finally, they explore the implications surrounding a writer's appropriation or even exploitation of places and objects.

Thoreau and the Sociological Imagination

Author : Shawn Chandler Bingham
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Disciplinary disobedience -- The seeds and fruit of thoreauvian thought -- Social structure and the American individual -- "Progress," social development, and social change -- Thoreau's social inquiry -- Thoreau as a model for "reimagining" sociology.

American Icons

Author : Dennis Hall
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Civilizing Thoreau

Author : Richard J. Schneider
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7: Nature and the Origins of American Civilization in Cape Cod -- Part IV. America's Destiny and Ecological Succession -- 8: Thoreau and Manifest Destiny -- Works Cited -- Index

Concord in Massachusetts Discord in the World

Author : Jannika Bock
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«Reading Thoreau's Journal, I discover any idea I've ever had worth its salt, » notes the American composer John Cage in 1968. Upon reading the words of nineteenth-century nature philosopher Henry Thoreau, Cage is immediately fascinated with the Transcendentalist's ideas, in particular his views on music and silence. Recognizing his own beliefs in Thoreau's writings, Cage began to rely heavily on the thoughts of the nineteenth-century man and implement them as the basis for his own compositions - both musical and written. Drawing on the complete oeuvres of Cage's and Thoreau's written works, this book surveys the intertextual relation between the writings of the two men. In the juxtaposition of these authors' aesthetics, this book reveals surprising overlaps in the thoughts of Cage and Thoreau.

Henry David Thoreau in Context

Author : James S. Finley
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Well known for his contrarianism and solitude, Henry David Thoreau was nonetheless deeply responsive to the world around him. His writings bear the traces of his wide-ranging reading, travels, political interests, and social influences. Henry David Thoreau in Context brings together leading scholars of Thoreau and nineteenth-century American literature and culture and presents original research, valuable synthesis of historical and scholarly sources, and innovative readings of Thoreau's texts. Across thirty-four chapters, this collection reveals a Thoreau deeply concerned with and shaped by a diverse range of environments, intellectual traditions, social issues, and modes of scientific practice. Essays also illuminate important posthumous contexts and consider the specific challenges of contextualizing Thoreau today. This collection provides a rich understanding of Thoreau and nineteenth-century American literature, political activism, and environmentalist thinking that will be a vital resource for students, teachers, scholars, and general readers.


Author : Branka Arsic
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Plants are silent, still, or move slowly; we do not have the sense that they accompany us, or even perceive us. But is there something that plants are telling us? Is there something about how they live and connect, how they relate to the world and other plants that can teach us about ecological thinking, about ethics and politics? Grounded in Thoreau's ecology and in contemporary plant studies, Dispersion: Thoreau and Vegetal Thought offers answers to those questions by pondering such concepts as co-dependence, the continuity of life forms, relationality, cohabitation, porousness, fragility, the openness of beings to incessant modification by other beings and phenomena, patience, waiting, slowness and receptivity.

Natural Life

Author : David Robinson
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Explains why, 150 years after the publication of Walden, this key work of Henry David Thoreau remains fascinating and important, in an in-depth look at the life of the author and his ideas on personal growth, with special interest paid to the later phases of his career.

The Spiritual Journal of Henry David Thoreau

Author : Malcolm Clemens Young
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This title explores the religious nature of ""Thoreau's Journal"". Most people who care about nature cannot help but use religious language to describe their experience of it. We can trace many of these conceptions of nature and holiness directly to influential nineteenth-century writers, especially Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862). In Walden, he writes that 'God himself culminates in the present moment', and that in nature we encounter, 'the workman whose work we are'. But what were the sources of his religious convictions about the meaning of nature in human life? As the most comprehensive study of Thoreau's spirituality from a Christian perspective, ""The Spiritual Journal of Henry David Thoreau"" is the first to seriously examine connections between Thoreau's religious practices and those of his Protestant forebears. While a few writers have considered the relation between Thoreau's thought and Christian doctrine, this book instead outlines the links between Thoreau's religious practices (such as keeping a spiritual journal, studying nature, and walking) and those of earlier New England Protestants. This work is also the first study to compare his journal with the spiritual journals of prominent Puritans, Anglicans, Methodists, and Quakers. It is also one of the first books to treat spiritual journals as a distinct literary genre, while comparing theological expectations of nature ranging from the American Puritan Jonathan Edwards to nineteenth-century Romantic walkers and Thoreau's fellow Transcendentalists.

Nineteenth Century Prose

Author :
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