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Mindfulness Quotes

Author : Kenneth Mendel
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These Mindfulness Quotes collected over time by Kenneth Mendel are the little companions the beginner, as well as the mindfulness meditation expert wants to keep in mind, and live by. Far from being an exercise book, these sayings are great principles to rely on when times are tough. Short, powerful and easy to remember, these quotes are designed to make you think, meditate and help you live and feel your life at its fullest. From acceptance and love to learning the truth and liberating yourself, you have in hand some of the essential words of wisdom from ancient and modern thinkers and leaders - from Buddha and the Dalai Lama to Thich Nhat Hanh and Jon Kabat-Zinn. Enjoy, and live the present moment!

Why Meditate

Author : Matthieu Ricard
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Why meditate? On what? And how? In his latest book Why Meditate?—an instant bestseller in the author’s native France—Matthieu Ricard aims to answer these very questions. As a molecular geneticist turned Buddhist monk, Ricard brings a wholly unique perspective to the practice of meditation. Often referred to as "the happiest man in the world," he advises us in the ways to imbue our lives with a true sense of serenity and fulfillment. In simple, clear language, Ricard walks readers through the theories and practicalities of meditation, demonstrating its many benefits in our modern world. He shows readers how to achieve emotional balance, enhance mindfulness, expand altruistic love, and develop a sense of inner calm; while also reducing anxiety, vulnerability to pain, and tendency toward depression and anger. This enlightening book conflates the spiritual with the scientific, the transcendent with the pragmatic, and the Western world with Eastern wisdom. No matter what point of view you approach it from—whether that of personal transformation or physical health—meditation emerges as a prominent part of leading a balanced life. In the accompanying 60-minute audio download, Ricard explores the concepts of freedom and self, expands on the benefits of meditation, and advises on the benefits of creating a regular meditative practice.

Thoughts and Meditations

Author : Khalil Gibran
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This Collection Of Thoughts By Kahlil Gibran, Author Of The Prophet , The Broken Wings , The Voice Of The Master , And Other Twentieth-Century Classics, Demonstrates Three Major Aspects Of His Genius. Here Is The Fiery Prophet, Assailing The Corruptions Of Syrian Governmental And Upper Social Circles With The Wrath And Scorn Of Biblical Seers. Here, Too, Is The Poet Of Love, Apostrophizing Beauty, Youth And Nature, Particularly The Wonderful Vistas Of Lebanon, With Its Cedar Groves And Mountains, In Poetry Of Passionate Tenderness. And Above All, Here Is The Author Of The Remarkable Poetic Narratives In Which Gibran'S Mystical, Spiritual Vision Of The Transmigration Of Souls Is Embodied In Tales Of Lovers Tragically Parted In One Existence And Rapturously Reunited, After Centuries Of Separation, In A Later Incarnation.

Meditation and My Thoughts on Life

Author : Audrey W. Mills
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As we live out our daily lives, none can deny that it is difficult to maintain a positive outlook at all times. We each approach this challenge differently, attempting in our own ways to make the best of a given situation, provide ourselves and others with encouragement, take care of ourselves, and so on. What many fail to consider, and what believers may sometimes need to be reminded of, is that the only way to give ourselves the best shot at a positive lifestyle is by doing it God's way. The Bible tells us very clearly what the key components to such a lifestyle are, and how to embody them-but do we spend enough time meditating on God's Word to recognize them? Do we have the help we need to point us in the right direction, or examples to follow in our own circles? In Meditation and My Thoughts on Life, the author presents her personal views on the values of giving deep, concentrated time to God and one's own spiritual state. The book leads readers through key insights on the different qualities that effective Christians must possess, and demonstrates these attributes for the reader in the form of acrostic poems based upon people the author knows personally, who embody the characteristics mentioned in the book. If you're looking for direction into a positive lifestyle, in the form of one woman's love letter to the people who helped her find hers, this book is for you.

Avanturine germs of thought and meditation for daily use tr by E Baker

Author : Avanturine
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Life Meditations

Author : Edward J. Lavin
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Meditations by a Jesuit on achievement, family, security, and other aspects of daily life, and on acceptance, happiness, peace, and other spiritual matters, are accompanied by classic paintings

Positive Thoughts for Daily Meditation

Author : Yogaswami
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A carefully chosen collection of the thoughts and sayings of Yogaswami to bring spiritual guidance for daily life. Food for the heart and soul.

Thoughts Are Not the Enemy

Author : Jason Siff
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In most forms of meditation, the meditator is instructed to let go of thoughts as they arise. As a result, thinking is often taken, unnecessarily, to be something misguided or evil. This approach is misguided, says Jason Siff. In fact, if we allow thoughts to arise and become mindful of the thoughts themselves, we gain tranquility and insight just as in other methods without having to reject our natural mental processes. And by observing the thoughts themselves with mindfulness and curiosity, we can learn a good deal about ourselves in the process.

The Craft of Thought

Author : Mary Carruthers
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An examination of monastic meditation, first published in 1998.

Thoughts from Meditations

Author : Timothy Hogan
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This book is the written thoughts from Timothy Hogan, compiled into 144 meditations, from over the years of 2016 through 2018. They are composed to inspire others in their personal meditations as they navigate life. It is hoped that these thoughts bring readers closer to a true knowledge of who they are, and why they are are.

Place Your Thoughts Here

Author : Steven L. Saitzyk
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"As the creative mind engages meditation practice, creativity flows and sensorial experience the basis for inspiration in art explodes in vivid display. In Place Your Thoughts Here, Steven Saitzyk describes how meditation enhances creativity and artistic process. With this capacity for fresh perception, we can see and experience our world and the art that captures it in ways that touch us profoundly. This leads us to genuine spontaneity and pure, unselfconscious expression. It also dissolves creative blockages, reveals the source of creativity, and offers a path toward the sublime through which we experience ecstatic feelings of union with ourselves, our process, and our art."

Echoes of holy thoughts private meditations before a first communion

Author : Echoes
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Morning Thoughts or Devout meditations for every day in the year By R J C i e R J Craig

Author : R. J. C.
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Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

Author : Wayne W. Dyer
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Align yourself with Spirit and start living a balanced and peaceful life today with the help of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. In this life-changing program, he shares profound and practical teachings from the ancient Tao Te Chin, 81 classic verses regarded by many as the ultimate commentary on the nature of existence. Wayne combines empowering wisdom with the natural laws of the Universe to offer you spiritual truths and essential guidelines to apply to your life in today's world.

The Retired Christian exercised in divine thoughts and heavenly meditations for the closet The third edition

Author : Thomas Ken
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Conquest of Mind

Author : Eknath Easwaran
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Combines meditation practice with day-to-day mindfulness to help readers conquer unwanted thoughts and choose more wisely. By the author of Meditation and Timeless Wisdom. Original.

100 Meditation

Author : Sirshree
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Discover your True Nature… through Self-Meditation Today, the word Meditation has been confined to practices of mindfulness, concentration exercises, relaxation techniques and contemplation. However, these are mere by-products in a journey that leads to the ultimate purpose of true meditation. Truly speaking, the essence of meditation is not the techniques, but the clear realization of who-we-truly-are. The practice of meditation with right understanding leads us to transcend the limiting beliefs and tendencies of the mind and stabilize in pure consciousness. This book is one in the ‘Ocean in a drop’ Series. Through a series of conversations between seekers of truth and Sirshree, this book expounds the deeper understanding that lends completeness to the path of meditation. 100% Meditation dispels prevalent myths about meditation, identifies the roadblocks in the journey and unravels the heart of meditation, leading to the sublime state of unshakable peace and bliss.

Transforming Your Thought Life

Author : Sarah Geringer
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Thousands of thoughts fly through our minds every day, many of them negative. And Satan knows how susceptible we are to these negative thoughts that leave us frustrated and feeling defeated. However, the time-honored practice of Christian meditation can help us find victory in these spiritual battles. Each chapter of Transforming Your Thought Life focuses on a particular kind of negative thought pattern and offers guided meditations through key Bible verses and prayers that will help you train your mind to stand strong. Day by day, as you hide God's Word in your heart, you will move closer to the heart and mind of God. Book jacket.

Thoughts from the Seat of the Soul

Author : Gary Zukav
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The award-winning author of The Dancing Wu Li Masters shares a collection of inspirational thoughts and daily meditations to help readers along their search for spiritual growth. Original.

Thoughts on the services or Meditations before worship adapted to the use of members of the Church of England by L J Bernays

Author : Arthur Cleveland Coxe (bp. of Western New York.)
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