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Threat of Dissent

Author : Julia Rose Kraut
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From the Alien Friends Act to the Cold War and the War on Terror, the US has used ideological exclusions and deportations to suppress freedom of speech and association of foreigners depicted as threatening to national security. Julia Rose Kraut provides the first history of the tensions between immigration law and the First Amendment.

Judicial Process in America

Author : Robert A. Carp
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Scholarship on judicial politics is rich, varied, and constantly improving. New research on organized interests, increasing attention to courts at the state level, evaluation of new appointment processes for judges, and a close look at the civil liberties and rights challenges in the wake of 9/11 all find their way onto the pages of this new edition. The authors attempt to present not only a comprehensive survey of the American judicial system, but an assessment of the interrelation between the courts and public policy. The sixth edition also features the authors' analysis of the ideological direction of judicial opinions during the current Bush administration.

Judicial Process In America 7th Edition

Author : Robert A Carp
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From Dissent to Democracy

Author : Jonathan C. Pinckney
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"Under what conditions will successful nonviolent revolutions lead to democratization? While the scholarly literature has shown that nonviolent resistance has a positive effect on a country's level of democracy, little research to date has disaggregated this population to explain which cases of successful nonviolent resistance lead to democracy and which do not. This book presents a theory of democratization in transitions initiated by nonviolent resistance based on the successful resolution of two central strategic challenges: maintaining high transitional mobilization and avoiding institutionally destructive maximalism. I test the theory first on a dataset of every transition from authoritarian rule in the post-World War II period and second with three in-depth case studies informed by interviews with key decision-makers in Nepal, Zambia, and Brazil. The testing supports the importance of high mobilization and low maximalism. Both have strong, consistent effects on democratization after nonviolent resistance"--

The Federal Courts

Author : Robert A. Carp
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Introduces readers to the workings of the complex U.S. court system, from the selection and socialization of judges to the legal, political, and environmental elements of the decision-making process.

Loyola Consumer Law Reporter

Author :
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The Choices Justices Make

Author : Lee Epstein
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Presents the argument that the decisions of justices can be explained as strategic behavior and not based merely on their own political preferences.

The Dangers of Dissent

Author : Ivan Greenberg
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This book traces the evolution of FBI spying from 1965 to the present, through the eyes of those under investigation, and through numerous FBI documents, never used before in scholarly writing, that were recently declassified using the Freedom of Information Act or released during litigation (Greenberg v. FBI).

The Limits of Dissent

Author : Thomas Halpern
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Prior to the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in New York and Southern Povery Law Center in Montgomery, Alabama reported on the dangers to civil society posed by armed civilian militias. In this book, Thomas Halpern of the ADL describes the origins and evolution of armed civilian militias and Brian Levin of the Southern Poverty Law Center analyzes the legal status of these groups.

Assent dissent

Author : Joseph P. White
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The Responsibility of Dissent the Church and Academic Freedom

Author : John F. Hunt
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The Politics of Irish Dissent 1650 1800

Author : Kevin Herlihy
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This book is based on papers originally presented at the third annual conference on Irish Dissent held at Marsh's Library in Dublin. Part one deals with dissent and governmental authority in the eighteenth century. In part two, four chapters address various aspects of the political relationship of dissenters to legal statute and different governmental administrations in Ireland. The third part looks at John Wesley's political attitudes. The last part provides a document relevant to this study.

House of Commons Debates Official Report

Author : Canada. Parliament. House of Commons
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Author :
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Legacy of Dissent

Author : Nicolaus Mills
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Gathers articles about socialism, politics, American culture, racial issues, feminism, labor, and the Cold War

Writing Dissent

Author : Robert Jensen
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Political activists with radical ideas often find themselves shut out of the mainstream news media; this book offers insight into radical politics and mass media and then moves on to describe practical strategies for breaking into the mainstream. [back cover].

Primal Threat

Author : Irving Ashby
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Dissent and the State in Peace and War

Author : Morton A. Kaplan
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Growth Policy in the Eighties and Human Rights and Dissent

Author : James F. Blumstein
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Voices of Dissent

Author : Joseph G. Peschek
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"Voices of Dissent offers critical essays on American politics that go beyond the debate between mainstream liberalism and conservatism to fundamentally challenge the status quo. Emphasizing the tensions between democracy and corporate capitalism, Voices of Dissent, Second Edition explores such questions as the bias of the media, ecology and the market economy, and the impact of class, race, and gender divisions on American political life. This anthology is based on a broad concept of politics that situates traditional American political institutions and processes in the context of political economy, ideology, and the state. This structural approach helps to deepen our understanding of the very meaning of politics. Finally, Voices of Dissent, Second Edition goes beyond analysis and critique to challenge readers to confront the implications of our critical perspective for their responsibility as citizens and to think creatively about new forms of political participation."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved