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Three Squares

Author : Abigail Carroll
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We are what we eat, as the saying goes—but we are also how we eat, and when, and where. Our eating habits reveal as much about our national identity as the food on our plates, as food historian Abigail Carroll vividly demonstrates in Three Squares. Reaching back to colonial America, when settlers enjoyed a single, midday meal, Carroll shows how later generations of Americans abandoned this utilitarian habit for more civilized, circumscribed rituals, trading in rustic pottages and puddings for complex roasts, sides, desserts, and—increasingly—processed foods. These new foodstuffs became the staples of breakfast and lunch in the late nineteenth century, and even brought with them a new eating tradition: snacking, which effectively transformed the American meal into one never-ending opportunity for indulgence. Revealing how the simple gruel of our forefathers gave way to cheese puffs and moon pies, Three Squares fascinatingly traces the rise and fall of the American meal.

On the Representations of a Number as the Sum of Three Squares

Author : Paul Trevier Bateman
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Representations of Integers as Sums of Squares

Author : E. Grosswald
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During the academic year 1980-1981 I was teaching at the Technion-the Israeli Institute of Technology-in Haifa. The audience was small, but con sisted of particularly gifted and eager listeners; unfortunately, their back ground varied widely. What could one offer such an audience, so as to do justice to all of them? I decided to discuss representations of natural integers as sums of squares, starting on the most elementary level, but with the inten tion of pushing ahead as far as possible in some of the different directions that offered themselves (quadratic forms, theory of genera, generalizations and modern developments, etc.), according to the interests of the audience. A few weeks after the start of the academic year I received a letter from Professor Gian-Carlo Rota, with the suggestion that I submit a manuscript for the Encyclopedia of Mathematical Sciences under his editorship. I answered that I did not have a ready manuscript to offer, but that I could use my notes on representations of integers by sums of squares as the basis for one. Indeed, about that time I had already started thinking about the possibility of such a book and had, in fact, quite precise ideas about the kind of book I wanted it to be.

Magic Squares and Cubes

Author : William Symes Andrews
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A magic square consists of a series of numbers so arranged in a square that the sum of each row and column and of both the corner diagonals shall be the same amount which may be termed the summation. In "Magic Squares and Cubes" W.S. Andrews writes "The study of magic squares probably dates back to prehistoric times. Examples have been found in Chinese literature written about AD 1125 which were evidently copied from still older documents. It is recorded that as early as the ninth century magic squares were used by Arabian astrologers in their calculations of horoscopes, etc. Hence, the probable origin of the term magic, which has survived to the present day." Topics such as magic squares, magic cubes, the Franklin squares, magics and Pythagorean numbers, the theory of reversions, magic circles, spheres, and stars, and magic octahedroids, among other things.

Sums of Squares of Integers

Author : Carlos J. Moreno
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Sums of Squares of Integers covers topics in combinatorial number theory as they relate to counting representations of integers as sums of a certain number of squares. The book introduces a stimulating area of number theory where research continues to proliferate. It is a book of "firsts" - namely it is the first book to combine Liouville's elementary methods with the analytic methods of modular functions to study the representation of integers as sums of squares. It is the first book to tell how to compute the number of representations of an integer n as the sum of s squares of integers for any s and n. It is also the first book to give a proof of Szemeredi's theorem, and is the first number theory book to discuss how the modern theory of modular forms complements and clarifies the classical fundamental results about sums of squares. The book presents several existing, yet still interesting and instructive, examples of modular forms. Two chapters develop useful properties of the Bernoulli numbers and illustrate arithmetic progressions, proving the theorems of van der Waerden, Roth, and Szemeredi. The book also explains applications of the theory to three problems that lie outside of number theory in the areas of cryptanalysis, microwave radiation, and diamond cutting. The text is complemented by the inclusion of over one hundred exercises to test the reader's understanding.

The Connecting Link to Continue the Three fold Development of the Child from the Kindergarten to the Manual labor School

Author : Emma Mardwedel
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Topics in Number Theory Volumes I and II

Author : William J. LeVeque
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Classic 2-part work now available in a single volume. Contents range from chapters on binary quadratic forms to the Thue-Siegel-Roth Theorem and the Prime Number Theorem. Includes problems and solutions. 1956 edition.

The Gentleman s Magazine

Author :
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Geo P Rowell and Co s American Newspaper Directory

Author :
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The Collected Mathematical Papers

Author : Arthur Cayley
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Biennial Report

Author : Wisconsin. Bureau of Labor and Industrial Statistics
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The Cyclopaedia Or Universal Dictionary of Arts Sciences and Literature

Author : Abraham Rees
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Shoe and Leather Reporter

Author :
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Randomised Controlled Clinical Trials

Author : Christopher J. Bulpitt
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Bradford Hill has defined a clinical trial as "A carefully and ethically designed experiment with the aim of answering some precisely framed question" [1]. This definition specifies a careful design and requires the provision of adequate controls. Random allocation of treatments to subjects is important to ensure is entitled that the treated and control groups are similar. Therefore this book Randomised Controlled Clinical Trials. We can define a randomised controlled trial by rewriting Bradford Hill's definition as follows, "A carefully and ethi cally designed experiment which includes the provision of adequate and ap propriate controls by a process of randomisation, so that precisely framed questions can be answered. " I am a firm advocate ofRandomised Controlled Clinical Trials but intend to give a balanced view of the advantages and disadvantages of these ethical experiments. This book is directed primarily at the medical research worker, although certain chapters may find a wider application. When discussing a randomised controlled trial, it is neither practicable nor desirable to divorce theory from practice, however the first ten chapters con centrate mainly on theory, and the remainder focus on practice. The segment on trial design is followed by sections on writing the protocol, designing the forms, conducting the trial, and analysing the results. This book is meant to serve both as a reference manual and a practical guide to the design and performance of a trial.

The Mind Challenge Puzzle Book

Author : Paul Sloane
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Think ordinary conundrums are just too humdrum? Do you finish crossword puzzles in ink and in no time flat? Then get ready for a serious test of your skills, with the ultimate in mental challenges. We've got crosswords of course; more than 50 tough, "regular" ones. But you'll also enjoy dozens and dozens more of different varieties, including devilish "Crushwords" where you have to put more than one letter in each square, and mind-blowing math and logic teasers known as pixel puzzles, where if your answers are correct you'll create a picture of success! And if that isn't enough, you'll also find word puzzles that demand "lateral thinking," and may well be the truest test of your abilities.

Targeting Maths Literacy

Author : Kara Munn
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"This exciting series consists of Big books for shared reading and related small books for students to read on their own. The Big Books introduce maths concepts and support the learning of the content-area vocabulary and the small books help students consolidate this"-back cover Teaching guide.

Pettengill s Newspaper Directory and Advertisers Hand book

Author : Pettengill, firm, Newspaper Advertising Agents
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Author : Leroy Milton Yale
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Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society

Author : Edinburgh Mathematical Society
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Euclid s Elements of Geometry

Author : Robert Potts
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