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I Can Do All Things through Christ Who Strengthens Me

Author : Christian Marin
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Have you ever felt like life has so many things that can bring you down? Well, through this book, you will be directed on how Gods word helped me overcome things that seemed impossible on my own.

Jesus Christ Is God

Author : Joe Cienkowski
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The book deals with the real, historical factual person of Jesus Christ. The book shows that not only was Jesus Christ a real figure in history, but that He is also the true Lord God and Almighty Creator cloaked in flesh. This book proves that the resurrection was a real event and real fact in history that can be objectively proven. This will, in turn, prove the spiritual aspects of the Bible must be true; such as the fact that He is the Lord, and that our sins are forgiven for putting trust in this real Man. Joe Cienkowski is a Christian man born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who loves to teach about and share his Christian faith. He grew up in the Roman Catholic faith, but abandoned his faith in his 20's. Joe is a passionate, fundamental Christian, who believes the Bible literally and historically and whose mission is to teach and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. God broke down the many strongholds that were in his life, such as believing in evolution and believing in the Roman Catholic faith. After time in prison for marijuana, he came to understand that Jesus wasn't just some superhero, but a real Man who lived, performed miracles, fulfilled prophecies, and perform the greatest miracle ever: the resurrection from the dead. Although he has no diplomas from any college, he is a self-made ready student of the Bible. He has spent many years studying the Bible on his own, and has put himself under the most sound teachers in the faith, such as RC Sproul, D. James Kennedy, Ravi Zacharias, Hank Hanegraaff, David Jeremiah, Tony Evans, and Kent Hovind, to name a few. Of course he credits the greatest teacher, the Holy Spirit, for teaching him the sound fundamentals of the faith.

When God Is Not Enough

Author : John Greer
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Faith is messy. We are often disappointed, if not disillusioned, with God. Disappointment, divorce, sin, and suffering often dominate our Christian landscape. When these things come our way, our response is often to find our needs met outside of God, ministry, or the church. Consciously or not we say, "I tried; God failed. I'll meet my needs myself." This often leads us down a path of even more disappointment, broken relationships, unsatisfied ambitions, and heartfelt needs. Is God really enough for all we need? When God Is Not Enough brings to light God's sovereignty and love within the biblical narrative and through some of the characters of Scripture He has so lovingly chosen to reveal His glory. In viewing His story and theirs, we find meaning and purpose in our own—and this not just for ourselves but also for the life of the world. But this story would be incomplete without its fulfillment in Jesus Christ and what He has done. When God Is Not Enough takes a hard look at what it truly means to be not only a Christian but a disciple of Jesus Christ. With Christ as our life, we find it is in dying that we truly live, and so to live is really to truly die. This is the way Christ has made for us. If Jesus, in living this life to the fullest, lost His life on the cross, then it will surely cost us no less in attempting to do the same. When God Is Not Enough gives an honest look at what it takes to live a life for God and what is truly available through Him for our joy and for the life of the world.

Who I Am in Christ Large Print 16pt

Author : Neil T. Anderson
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God never gives up on us. He remains steadfast in His desire to bless us, even when many of us are tempted to doubt His love. The great tragedy is that so many of us spend our lives trying to earn something we already have - the gift of life which God freely gives us when we decide to follow Christ. This amazing devotional from best-selling author Neil Anderson will give readers back what the enemy is trying rob from them an understanding of their special place in God's family. Here are 36 readings and prayers based on scriptural passages that assure us of God's love and our security and freedom in His kingdom.

Face to Face Meetings With Jesus Christ 2 PDF

Author : Felix Wantang
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One common attribute we all share as humans is the fact that whenever there is an important future event, we always make necessary preparations in anticipation of an outcome from the event. We do this with childbirth, graduation from school, marriage, vacation, and death. But when it comes to the second visit of Jesus Christ leading to the End of the Age, we seem to care less about the need for some serious preparations. Before death, we will all come to a point in life when we subconsciously without notice start to briefly analyze our path; where we came from, where we are, and where we honestly think we are going after death. After this unprecedented brief moment, our next step is largely determined by the analysis obtained from the pause. That you accepted Jesus Christ as the son of God is not enough to save you from hell; you must repent and live by God’s law to enter His Paradise in Heaven. Anybody can believe in Jesus Christ; but not everybody can live for Jesus Christ. God made you for a specific unique supernatural divine purpose beyond your imaginable dreams. This book will guide you, restore you, energize you, and move you to that place where you seriously start to prepare to have your salvation completely sealed through him as you successfully live to please God through Jesus Christ. This book is a sequel to “Face to Face Meetings with Jesus Christ”.

In the Beginning Was the Word

Author : Annie Ngana-Mundeke
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IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD, AND THE WORD WAS WITH GOD, AND THE WORD WAS GOD considers Scriptures, the inspired words of God [2 Timothy 3:16] in the Holy Bible to glorify God and to testify to the truth of His Word in the Holy Bible that He exists, He is our CREATOR, the CREATOR of the universe, Our LORD and SAVIOR Jesus Christ as it is written in the Holy Bible:?In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. 4 In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. 5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it [John 1:1-5].The passage cited, [John 1:1-5] instructs us that God exists, He is our CREATOR and the CREATOR of the universe, He is our LORD and SAVIOR Jesus Christ.Our LORD and SAVIOR Jesus Christ is God, our CREATOR and the CREATOR of the universe as it is written in the Holy Bible:?Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made [John 1:3].Our LORD and SAVIOR Jesus Christ is God our CREATOR and the CREATOR of the universe, there is no other [Isaiah 43:10]. Scriptures, the words of God [2 Timothy 3:16] in the Holy Bible instruct that Our LORD and SAVIOR Jesus Christ is God, our CREATOR and the CREATOR of the universe, the only true God [I John 5:20], there is no other. There is only one God, as it is written in the Holy Bible:?"Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one [Deuteronomy 6:4].?before me no god was formed, nor shall there be any after me [Isaiah 43:10]. Our LORD and SAVIOR Jesus Christ instructs us that there is only one God:?"I and the Father are one" [John 10:30].

The Invincible God

Author : Rebekah Powell
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This book details the beauty of the simplicity for developing a closer and deeper relationship with God. The Invincible God will empower you as to who God is and who you were created to be regardless of your past or present situation. This book gives you the reality of how special it is to have a personal relationship with the true living God that can see, hear, speak, defend, heal, deliver, and have a sense of humor. The Invincible God will reveal how the living God will deliver and defend all who will reach out to Him and trust in Him. The Invincible God is unconquerable and undefeatable, but are you ready to believe and trust in Him? The purpose of this book is to express the heart and mind of God. He desires for all to know Him as the invincible God that He is. He searches for those who will believe in Him, trust in Him and worship Him. He takes pleasure in our faith in Him. To have faith in God means we have confidence in Him to be who He say He is.

Lord Jesus Christ

Author : Annie Ngana Mundeke
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LORD JESUS CHRIST, THE ONLY SAVIOR examines few passages from Scriptures, the inspired words of God [2 Timothy 3:16] in the Holy Bible to testify to the truth and the facts that God exists, He is our CREATOR and the CREATOR of the universe, He is our LORD and SAVIOR Jesus Christ, the Only True God and the truth of His amazing love for humanity [John 1:1-5];[Isaiah 43:10]; [John 3:16]. God exists, He is our CREATOR and the CREATOR of the Universe, He is our LORD and SAVIOR Jesus Christ as it is written in the Holy Bible:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. 4 In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. 5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it [John 1:1-5].LORD JESUS CHRIST, THE ONLY SAVIOR testifies to the truth that our LORD and SAVIOR Jesus Christ is God our CREATOR and the CREATOR of the universe, the only Savior as Scriptures in the Holy Bible instruct us: Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me [John 14:6].Scriptures in the Holy Bible instruct us about the Fall of Man as it caused the Original Sin and separated us from God [Genesis 3]. Thus, we needed the Savior to redeem us and reconcile us to God. God gave us the Savior [Luke 2:11]. God became Man to save us [John 1-1-5].I, even I, am the LORD, and apart from me there is no savior [Isaiah 43:11].LORD JESUS CHRIST, THE ONLY SAVIOR discusses God's existence, and salvation only in Jesus Christ, issues worth considering for a Christian Film as it considers the Word of God in the Holy Bible and presents testimonies based on a true story.

The Glorious Mystery of the Person of Christ God and Man

Author : John Owen
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The benefit of Christ s death or The glorious riches of God s free grace by A Paleario or rather Benedetto da Mantova repr from and Engl tr by E Courtenay with an intr by J Ayre

Author : Benedetto (da Mantova.)
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God and Primordial People

Author : Paul Poulton
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The modern world is in a position to view the divine sculptor's work as no other generation has. Throughout previous generations many people believed that God created life, but preceding generations were not privy to the method and manner in which he worked--his modus operandi. We are now in that position, thanks to the fine work of archaeologists, geologists, paleontologists, and scientists, some of whom have faith in God: the Big Bang Theory itself was first proposed by a Christian priest, who was also a scientist. This explosion of verifiable information affects the way we view the Bible. God and Primordial People investigates and provides a cohesive picture of the Christian doctrine of the rise and fall of man and our salvation through Christ. The book moves through each relevant step in the chain from the first primordial human beings to the world we live in today.

Christ and His Righteousness

Author : E.J Waggoner
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Ellet Joseph Waggoner (1855 – 1916) was a leading Seventh-day Adventist preacher and writer. In his famous book Christ and His Righteousness, he writes, "Christ has been set forth by God as the One through whom forgiveness of sins is to be obtained; and this forgiveness consists simply in the declaration of His righteousness (which is the righteousness of God) for their remission. God, “who is rich in mercy” (Eph. 2:4), and who delights in it, puts His own righteousness on the sinner who believes in Jesus, as a substitute for his sins. Surely, this is a profitable exchange for the sinner, and it is no loss to God, for He is infinite in holiness, and the supply can never be diminished." Chapters include: 1. How Shall We Consider Christ? 2. Is Christ God? 3. Is Christ a Created Being? 4. God Manifest in the Flesh 5. Important Practical Lessons 6. Christ the Lawgiver 7. The Righteousness of God 8. The Lord Our Righteousness 9. Acceptance With God 10. The Victory of Faith 11. Bond-Servants and Freemen 12. Practical Illustrations of Deliverance From Bondage

Christ the Covenant of the People A sermon by the late Reverend Mr John Bisset With a preface by his son the Reverend Mr John Bisset

Author : John BISSET (the Elder.)
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Jesus Christ Our Lord

Author : C. Norman Kraus
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In response to readers' comments, this revised edition provides helpful clarifications, charts, and expanded notes and references. Kraus, in a theological description of Jesus Christ, offers answers to questions of Jesus' identity and the nature of the revelation-salvation which came through him. This anticipates his volume, 'God Our Savior', dealing with implications of Christ's revelation for other data of theology, such as God, humankind, the Holy Spirit, church, and eschatology. For many years the idea of vicarious suffering to atone for the sins of humanity has not been self-evident in Western culture, to say nothing of the cultures of Asia. Western theologians have presupposed Roman categories of guilt and legal penalty as the framework for their explanations. However, this has been unsatisfactory in cultures where social tradition and shame are primary moral sanctions. Observing that the biblical cultural context was more oriented to shame than to a legal concept of guilt, Kraus has reinterpreted the meaning and efficacy of the cross as the means of God's salvation. Such a reinterpretation requires that one also reevaluate the theological definition of Jesus' person. How one understands what he did for us is closely related to how one understands who he was. His identity and role mutually impact each other. Thus one must ask, Who was this one who reconciled us to God by suffering the shame of our sin? In answer, Kraus finds concepts of self-identity and self-revelation most helpful. Jesus, the self-revelation of God to us, is God-giving-himself-to-us. That self-revelation comes as a self-giving, and only in the form of a genuinely personal, historical, and human relationship. In all of this the author intends to present an authentically biblical picture of Jesus, but in the context of modern language and thought forms.

It s All about Him

Author : Charles Young
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In a day and age in which many people are focused on acquiring more wealth, more cars, and more clothes, Charles Young reminds us that we are to get out of ourselves and lead lives that are pleasing to God.

Make Disciples

Author : Terry A. Bowland
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Let us make no mistake about it. Evangelism is not simply learning Bible facts. Evangelism is not simply understanding sociological information. Evangelism is taking part in God's great work of redeeming the world through Christ. It is to reach out and allow God's power and presence to extend into the lives of people through our daily lives. When we increasingly become aware of God working within us, the result will be joy -- joy in our daily tasks and joy in the lives we touch. Wherever God's will is done, the ultimate result for us will be joy.

Following God with All Your Heart

Author : Elizabeth George
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Brand-new from bestselling author Elizabeth George! In her upbeat, practical style, Elizabeth encourages women to embrace radical faith as they serve God by helping people and accomplishing His projects. Readers will discover key biblical truths to... grow in courage—knowing God is with them and will give them the courage to do what He asks grow in devotion—taking risks to follow God's plan and purpose grow in contentment—grasping five provisions from God that produce contentment grow in humility—remaining steadfast no matter what, knowing God blesses those who serve Him grow in confidence—facing, enduring, and overcoming everything through Christ grow in obedience—realizing God wants them to succeed Elizabeth encourages readers to leave fear behind as they dedicate their lives to following the God who loves them. He will direct them and provide what they need to do His will...if they'll turn to Him and trust Him.

Scripture Confessions for Victorious Living

Author : Keith & Megan Provance
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The Scripture Confessions Series connects readers to the timeless passages in God's Word that speaks to the issues of most concern to them. More than just a book of prayers, readers will find personalized confessions that will arm them with the Word of God for life's battles. Scripture Confessions, with its unique collection of Scriptures, is a must have for today's busy schedules.

Seeing Yourself Through God s Eyes

Author : June Hunt
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Do you know who you are? Even more importantly, do you know Whose you are? Christians often look at their lives through natural eyes and see themselves as lonely, depressed, unacceptable to God, unable to be who they really want to be. But a Christian who looks at him or herself through God's eyes sees someone quite different. In this encouraging book, bestselling author June Hunt helps you change your focus as you look in the mirror of God's Word. The reflection she urges you to see includes you as: a child of God chosen by God reconciled to God created to do good works for Christ secure in the love of God These are just five of the wonderful aspects of you as seen through the eyes of God. In this life-changing 31-day devotional, you'll find riches in your own life you never knew you possessed.

Foundations for Faith

Author : Navigators
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As your understanding of biblical truth grows, youcan begin connecting things from God's point of view. Knowing Histruth will invite you into a deeper experience of God Himself. Inthis study, you will explore ? Who Is God? ? The Authority of God's Word ? The Holy Spirit ? Spiritual Warfare ? The Return of Christ ? 5 lessons