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Proceedings of the SICE Annual Conference

Author : Keisoku Jidō Seigyo Gakkai (Japan). Gakujutsu Kōenkai
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Author : Eva V. Gibson
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In a Florida tourist trap, a summer acting job turns into a real-life horror show when a cast member turns up dead—then disappears. This nail-biting story is perfect for fans of Fear Street! Dave is spending his final summer before college working at Frightmares House of Horrors, a struggling haunted house attraction held together by malfunctioning killer clown mannequins, a cheap replica Annabelle doll, and a lot of improvising. After a particularly disastrous shift ends in an employee walkout, Dave reluctantly takes over a role for his friend, however, he makes a horrifying discovery—a real dead body, hidden on set. But when Dave returns with help, the body is gone. Though the killer covered their tracks, Dave realizes they must know what he saw. Could he be their next target?

Thunderclouds in the Forecast

Author : Clarence Major
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This novel follows two friends, one Black and one white, who grew up wards of the state in New York. As adults, Ray has found success while Scotty struggles, but both seek love, comfort, and a place in the world.

Monthly Weather Review

Author :
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Truly Deadly

Author : Rob Aspinall
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Meet the world's unlikeliest assassin. Lorna Walker's got her new heart. But it came at a price. She remembers another life. The life of an assassin. And then there's the crazy new skills. Her donor died from a bullet wound. Could they be his? Just as Lorna is getting her life on track, she activates the list. Now a secret agency wants her dead. They'll stop at nothing to silence her. And she'll do anything to survive. You'll love this fast, funny, action-packed YA thriller series because it's full of spies, assassins and adventure. About the series From the UK to the US, Europe to Africa, the Far East and beyond, expect a fast, funny series readers are calling "CHERUB meets Bourne". Truly Deadly (Lorna Walker #1) When sassy teen Lorna inherits the heart of a dead assassin, she inherits a world of trouble. Hold on tight for the first in an action-packed YA spy thriller series. Infinite Kill (Lorna Walker #2) Carrying the scars from her first adventure, Lorna faces a destiny-shaping decision: Run and hide or stand and fight. Can she save thousands of innocents? Can she save herself? World Will Fall (Lorna Walker #3) Global disaster looms and Teen spy Lorna stands in the way. Brace yourself for a full-throttle blast. Things are about to get crazy. And you won't believe what's coming your way. Made of Fire (Lorna Walker #4) It's Lorna's 17th birthday. It might just be her last. A suicide mission to Mexico her special treat. The clock is ticking. She's left for dead. And in totally the wrong shoes. Slave Nation (Lorna Walker #5) A dark new world awaits us all. Lorna is alone except for some dangerous friends. Can they be trusted? The action goes global in one last epic thrill ride. Get the complete series boxset now. Recommended for age 16+. Not for the faint-hearted.

10 Standard Fire Fighting Orders

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Mathematics Masterclasses

Author : Michael J. Sewell
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This is a valuable resource of non-syllabus material for mathematics in school education and science teachers at secondary school level, teenagers and parents. It contains written versions of Royal Institution masterclasses on a wide selection of topics in pure and applied mathematics, andvery little knowledge is assumed. Topics include chaos theory, meteorology, storage limitations of computers, population growth and decay, and the mechanics of dinosaurs. This book shows that mathematics can be fun!

Technical Abstract Bulletin

Author : Defense Documentation Center (U.S.)
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Technical Translations

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