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Timber Building in Britain

Author : R. W. Brunskill
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Timber Building in Britain is divided into four sections, the first of which deals with cruck construction, box-frame and post-and-truss assembling and the problems of roof construction and concludes with flooring, partitions and the decorative work applied to timber. Part Two comprises a remarkable illustrated glossary covering terms used in all types of timber construction work, with the descriptions backed up with excellent drawings and photographs. Part Three, the chronological survey of timber buildings from Saxon times to the nineteenth century, contains notes on the forty-seven photographs of building types represented. Finally, Part Four deals with regional variations in timber building and is supplemented by six distribution maps. Notes and References and a substantial Bibliography complete the book.

Timber framed Buildings

Author : Richard Hayman
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Timber-framed buildings are a distinctive and treasured part of Britain's heritage. The oldest of them are medieval but their numbers peaked in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, with a revival again in the nineteenth. The majority of timber-framed buildings are houses, but timber was used in all kinds of other buildings, including shops, inns, churches, town halls and farm buildings. This book outlines the history of timber-framed buildings, including their construction techniques, regional variations in style, and their social status. It also shows how the buildings have been treated in subsequent centuries and guides the reader in identifying timber-framing that is concealed behind later work. Illustrated with colour photographs, it is the ideal primer for anyone interested in timber-framed buildings who wants to explore them further.

Timber framed Buildings of England

Author : R. J. Brown
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England has a magnificent heritage of timber-framed buildings, the oldest dating from the thirteenth century. Highly prized today, an increasing number have been lovingly restored to their original condition. The majority of these buildings are houses and cottages, but timber was widely used in all types of buildings including churches, guild-halls, town halls, inns, shops, farm and industrial buildings, and many others. All of these are detailed and profusely illustrated with the author's own delightful pen-and-ink drawings. He also shows how these intricate structures were assembled and identifies the regional characteristics and architectural features which represent an integral part of the history and charm of these fine old buildings.

Manual for the Design of Timber Building Structures to Eurocode 5

Author : Institution of Structural Engineers (Great Britain)
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Buildings of Britain 1550 1750

Author : David Hey
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Houses and Cottages of Britain

Author : R. W. Brunskill
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The sequel to Traditional Buildings of Britain traces the origins and development of traditional buildings by going inside the houses and revealing from their plans how they evolved from basic accommodation to homes giving comfort and privacy. The book shows how local traditional materials--earth, timber, stone, brick--were used in the construction of the buildings.

Lost Buildings of Britain

Author : Simon Thurley
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Accompanying a six-part series on Channel Four, this volume features six buildings, including Glastonbury monastery and the Theatre Royal.

Southern History

Author :
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Handbook for British and Irish Archaeology

Author : Cherry Lavell
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Where can I find an amateur archaeological society to join? How can I find out more about a particular aspect of archaeology? Which are the most useful available texts in this field? Which Universities run archaeology courses? If you have ever asked or been asked any of the above questions, then this is the book for you - a one-stop, truly comprehensive, dedicated and reliable sourcebook for archaeology. In one volume the Handbook offers an astonishingly wide range of up-to-date information, including: Lists of organisations, national societies and special interest groups within archaeology and contributory disciplines A catalogue of finding aids such as printed bibliographies, dictionaries, map lists and record office directories A guide to grant sources Lists of archaeological touring guides Bibliography of books offering starting points for almost any topic encountered in archaeology With a full subject and author index to help the reader navigate the information, this Handbookis the most comprehensive guide to sources and resources available in British and Irish Archaeology.

Building Adaptation

Author : James Douglas
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As existing buildings age, nearly half of all construction activity in Britain is related to maintenance, refurbishment and conversions. Building adaptation is an activity that continues to make a significant contribution to the workload of the construction industry. Given its importance to sustainable construction, the proportion of adaptation works in relation to new build is likely to remain substantial for the foreseeable future, especially in the developed parts of the world. Building Adaptation, Second Edition is intended as a primer on the physical changes that can affect older properties. It demonstrates the general principles, techniques, and processes needed when existing buildings must undergo alteration, conversion, extension, improvement, or refurbishment. The publication of the first edition of Building Adaptation reflected the upsurge in refurbishment work. The book quickly established itself as one of the core texts for building surveying students and others on undergraduate and postgraduate built environment courses. This new edition continues to provide a comprehensive introduction to all the key issues relating to the adaptation of buildings. It deals with any work to a building over and above maintenance to change its capacity, function or performance. * A core text for building surveying students and undergraduate and postgraduate built environment courses * Revised and updated throughout, in particular on the characteristics of buildings and their refurbishment potential. * Includes numerous illustrations and examples that focus on a wide variety of different building types

Early Medieval Britain

Author : Pam J. Crabtree
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The growth and development of towns and urbanism in the pre-modern world has been of interest to archaeologists since the nineteenth century. Much of the early archaeological research on urban origins focused on regions such as Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Mesoamerica. Intensive archaeological research that has been conducted since the 1960s, much of it as a result of urban redevelopment, has shed new light on the development of towns in Anglo-Saxon England. In this book, Pamela Crabtree uses up-to-date archaeological data to explore urban origins in early medieval Britain. She argues that many Roman towns remained important places on the landscape, despite losing most of their urban character by the fifth century. Beginning with the decline of towns in the fourth and fifth centuries, Crabtree then details the origins and development of towns in Britain from the 7th century through the Norman Conquest in the mid-eleventh century CE. She also sets the development of early medieval urbanism in Britain within a broader, comparative framework.

Timber Frame Houses in the Scottish Countryside

Author : John Richards
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At head of title page : The Scottish Office, Building Directorate.


Author : Derrick Beckett
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Building Britain s Wooden Walls

Author : John E. Barnard
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The Structural Use of Timber in Buildings

Author : Great Britain. Council for Codes of Practice for Buildings, Construction and Engineering Services
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British Archaeological Abstracts

Author :
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The Roman House in Britain

Author : Dominic Perring
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This authoritative and original work sets the results of recent archaeological research in the context of classical scholarship, as it explores three main aspects of Romano-British buildings: * general characteristics of form and structure * the ways in which they were built and decorated * the range of activities for which they were designed. This evidence is then used to discuss the social practices and domestic arrangements that characterised Romano-British elite society. Fully illustrated, this volume is the essential guide to how houses were built, used and understood in Roman Britain.

Record of the Annual Convention of the British Wood Preserving and Damp proofing Association

Author : British Wood Preserving and Damp-proofing Association. Convention
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The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
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British Book News

Author :
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