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Time for a Nap

Author : Phillis Gershator
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Too tired to hop. No zip, no zap . . . What time is it? TIME FOR A NAP! The perfect board book for tired toddlers. This charming and cozy entry in the Snuggle Time series is now in board format! Every day's a busy day, with places to go, people to see, and things to do. But sometimes all that activity leaves a toddler tired and cranky. What time is it then? NAP TIME! With plenty of humor and fun, Phillis Gershator and David Walker capture a child's resistance to some much-needed sleep--and the Illustrations show little bunny throughout the days of the week, adding a concept lesson to the great message about the necessity of rest.

The Adventures of Spot

Author : Marileta Robinson
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Time for a nap! Spot tries to find a peaceful place to nap. On a sunny day, Spot naps in the shade. Playing with a new toy can be exhausting for a puppy like Spot. Spot wants to take a nap but Splinter wants to play. A fly disturbs Spot as he tries to nap. Stories by Marileta Robinson and Highlights for Children.

Nap Time for Steven

Author : Wilsin Yamill Salvatore
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Nap Time for Kitty

Author : Michael Dahl
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Kitty decides to play rather than take a nap.

Nap Time Paintings

Author : Jennifer Hynes
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Meristems are the cells where tree growth occurs. Nap Time Paintings is the narrative of cohesive bonds between mother/artist, husband, children, and the writings and art that emerge from those bonds. This book represents, through writings and visual representations, the meristems of the growth of an artist and her family. What you hold in your hands is a close written and visual documentation of lives, an artist and mother, a father and husband, the new lives of their twin children, the satellite project of paintings and writings that grew from and orbited around a family for the past four years. The writings contained in this book discuss myriad subjects: nature, the passage of time, poopy diapers, insomnia, depression, and moments of great creative exhilaration.

There s Always Time for a Nap

Author : Sarah Crossley
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This funny sloth notebook/journal is a great place to write down anything and everything that you'd like. It has 120 pages of lined paper for writing! These fun notebooks are great for girls, boys, men, women, teens, and anyone who loves to journal, or just simply stay organized. Includes the funny phrase "There's Always Time for A Nap" on the full-color SOFT cover. This notebook will let others know how much you really LOVE sloths.

Time for Naps

Author : Jane Yolen
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Rhyming text that follows a little boy as he tucks his stuffed animals in for a nap. On board pages.

Nap Time

Author : Lisa Manshel
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Scores of interviews inform this account of the sexual abuse of fifty-one preschoolers at the Wee Care Day Nursery in Maplewood, New Jersey, and the trial and conviction of Margaret Kelly Michaels

A Nap Time Story

Author : Ladybird
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Topsy is reading Zebby a nap time story, but Raa Raa is being far too noisy. Can Raa Raa find some quiet sounds for Topsy's story to help Zebby fall asleep? This cute book features Raa Raa the Noisy Lion and all his friends and is ideal for parents to share with toddler fans of the CBeebies show, at bedtime or storytime.

Nap Time with Harry

Author : Claressa Swensen
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Time for a Panda Nap Notebook Journal

Author : Ethi Pike
File Size : 62.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Personalized Journal/Diary Makes A Great Gift Soft Matte Cover Lined Pages Great For Personal Or Academic Use

Harper s Young People

Author :
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Sleepy Bunny A Nap Time Tail

Author : Gregory Isherwood
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300 Questions New Parents Ask

Author : William Sears (M.D.)
File Size : 79.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Answers questions about health care, nutrition, common illnesses, safety, and behavior problems

A Study of the Sleepgoing Behavior at Nap Time of Eight Preschool Children During a Period of Adjustment to a Nursery School Situation

Author : Eleanor Augur Tasker
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Guidelines for Migrant Infant and Toddler Day Care Programs

Author : Jennifer Birckmayer
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Louie Lilly s Nap Time

Author : David Scott
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Louie & Lilly's Nap Time - A Bedtime Story for Children of All Ages Adorable yorkie puppies Louie and Lilly are very sleepy after playing all morning, so they set out on a quest to find the best places to nap. With sweet illustrations and a fun, alternating rhyme scheme, this is a perfect children's book to read aloud for naptime, bedtime or any time. After eating breakfast, and playing in the sun, chasing balls and bunnies, just having so much fun . . . Louie and Lilly leapt off their lush lawn, headed for shelter, and started to yawn. With soft sleepy eyes, some barking and yaps, they stretched out their paws, all ready for naps.

Ava and the Nap Time Blues

Author : Jennifer Chandler
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Ava and the Nap Time Blue’s, is a children's book for parents and children to enjoy, this children’s book shows the challenges parents face while trying to get their child to take a well needed nap. Loving, caring Ava wants to do everything from playing with her toys to reading a book. No matter how sleepy she gets, she refuses to nap. When Momma cat tells Ava to take a nap, she throws a terrible tantrum. Momma cat thinks Ava needs to cool down... Find out what happened between Momma cat and Ava?


Author :
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Just a Nap

Author : Mercer Mayer
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Little Critter's baby sister won't take her nap.