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Music Through the Ages in 2 Volumes

Author : Peter Batchelar
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Time Pieces for Guitar is a two-volume anthology of well-crafted and idiomatic arrangements of music from the 13th century to the present day. The pieces are presented chronologically within each volume and include the year in which they were written, so you get a sense of the different styles of music through time.

Time Pieces for Guitar

Author : Peter Batchelar
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Time Pieces for Guitar is a two-volume anthology of well-crafted and idiomatic arrangements of music from the 13th century to the present day. The pieces are presented chronologically within each volume and include the year in which they were written, so you get a sense of the different styles of music through time.

The Art of Hawaiian Steel Guitar Volume 2

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Volume 2 continues the exploration of the classic Hawaiian guitar solos from the Golden Age of Hawaiian music that began in Volume One of the Art of Hawaiian Steel Guitar. Contained here are precise transcriptions and playing hints of classic tunes like 'Hula Girl' and 'Kaala', by the greatest players like Sol Hoopii, the Genial Hawaiians, and many others. Together with the accompanying CD, this book is a great tool for learning this exquisite slide guitar style. Easy to use by both acoustic, resonator and electric slide players. A whole chapter of Hawaiian turnarounds is an added bonus. Most of the tunes are in major tuning but there are several in B minor and C6.

Complete Works of Agustin Barrios Mangore for Guitar Vol 2

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Volume 2 of this landmark publication includes 65 original compositions in standard notation plus a unique CD featuring Barrios himself playing 21original works including: Danza Paraguaya, La Catedral, Un Sueño en la Floresta, Maxixe, Tarantella, Aire Popular Paraguayo and many more! In addition to the music, 82 pages of exhaustive Critical Notes shed light on the Barrios catalog making this the definitive anthology of his work. More reliable, comprehensive and articulate than any previously published edition, this new Mel Bay Publications compilation (524 pages in all) will make the entire world of Barrios more accessible.

Basic Pieces for Guitar Volume 1

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This is the first in a two-volume collection of easy, short tunes and exercises for the young classical guitarist. Each chapter treats a separate basic mechanism ofthe right hand. The first section begins with simple touch exercises on one string, which contain small musical ideas with teacher accompaniment. Later pieces are designed to be played as solos with optional teacher accompaniment. These pieces are a great introduction to note-reading for the young player. Text written in English, Spanish, French and German. Includes access to onlineaudio.

The Christopher Parkening Guitar Method Volume 2 Music Instruction

Author : Christopher Parkening
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(Guitar Method). An outstanding source for the technique and repertoire of the classical guitar, this book continues where Vol. 1 leaves off. It teaches: all notes in the upper position; tone production; advanced techniques such as tremolo, harmonics, vibrato, pizzicato and slurs; practice tips; stylistic interpretation; and more. The first half of the book deals primarily with technique, while the second half of the book applies the technique with repertoire pieces. As a special bonus, this book includes 32 previously unpublished Parkening edition pieces by composers including Dowland, Bach, Scarlatti, Sor, Tarrega and others, plus three guitar duets.

A New Look at Segovia His Life His Music Volume 2

Author : Graham Wade
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This second comprehensive and scholarly volume of over 500 pages on the life and work of Andres Segovia contains a biography of the years 1958-1987 and focuses on Segovia's rendition of Spanish/Romantic and Contemporary/Neo-Classical masterpieces by Tárrega, Albeniz, Granados, Llobet and Ponce. A special appendix in each volume presents the original scores for the Segovia editions discussed in the text, some of which have never been published, as well as modern editions of these pieces. Includes access to an online audio recording by Gerard Garno.

The Encyclopedia of Popular Music

Author : Colin Larkin
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This text presents a comprehensive and up-to-date reference work on popular music, from the early 20th century to the present day.

Single String Studies for Guitar Volume Two

Author : Bruce E. Arnold
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This book presents more advanced hard-core exercises for learning how to read music and pitch locations for every note on the guitar. Exercises for each string are presented in all keys. Free audio files are available online.

Classic Guitar Technique Volume II

Author : Aaron Shearer
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Volume 1 of Classic Guitar Technique presented a systematic approach for gradual musical and technical development toward mastery of this noble instrument. No effort has been spared in study, research, and experiment to continue the same approach in Volume 2. The full value of these works will be grasped only by those students who are willing to contribute a similar effort on their own part, both in a sympathetic approach to the contents of the books, and a constant evaluation of personal problems which a text by its very nature is unable to consider. This text should be used with its supplements to coordinate a program of study that will comply with the requirements of the individual student.

Master Anthology of Fingerstyle Guitar Solos Volume 2

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This collection of twelve challenging fingerstyle guitar solos in notation and tablature presents works by both relative newcomers and seasoned world-class performers. This eclectic group of compositions should appeal to players and listeners alike, be it country, blues, ragtime, jazz, Celtic, or gorgeous ballads that suit your fancy. It will require serious practice for most guitarists to master these tunes, but the rewards should be commensurate whether you play strictly for your own enjoyment or make your living in whole or in part as a guitarist.Featured artists include: Andrea Benzoni, Tommy Emmanuel, Jody Fisher, Michael Fix, Jim Goodin, Lars Johansson, Michael O'Dorn, Larry Pattis, Bill Piburn, Preston Reed, Colin Reid, and Rick Ruskin.

The Complete Mandolinist Volume 2

Author : Marilynn Mair
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In this sequel to The Complete Mandolinist, world-renowned mandolinist Marilynn Mair expands on her previous method books, presenting over 100 compositions that span 5 centuries, works she has thoughtfully edited or arranged for mandolin. Each piece is accompanied by a paragraph or two of musical context, and the book also includes 24 short essays on the evolution of musical style, drawn from Marilynn’s decades as a Professor of Music History. Music by great composers like Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, and Beethoven mixes with interesting compositions by little-known mandolin composers like Piccone, Barbella, Leone, and Gervasio, works Marilynn has discovered during her performing and recording career. Concert pieces range from quite easy to very advanced, with most lying between those two extremes. In addition to music of the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and 20th Century, Marilynn includes contemporary pieces by some of her favorite composers writing today. This book holds a musical world Marilynn has compiled and presents to you. The Complete Mandolinist, Volume 2: Music in Context, is a book you will reach for again and again.

Old Time Bluegrass Favorites Cigar Box Guitar Songbook Volume 2

Author : Ben "gitty" Baker
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This is the music of America's soul! The 65 pieces in this songbook form Volume Twoof a collection of some of the best traditional songs from the mountains, farms and woods of America - Old-Time and Bluegrass favorites that have been a mainstay of down-home American music for generations. These songs were chosen by author Ben "Gitty" Baker from among his personal favorites, the sort that you'd be most likely to hear around a camp fire at a bluegrass or old-time music festival. Each song arrangement includes 3-string tablature, chord names and forms, lyrics and additional verses. A short snippet of background and history is also provided, as well as multiple arrangements in different keys and styles, to accommodate varying skill levels and vocal ranges. Includes these songs and many more: - Mama Don't Allow; - Man of Constant Sorrow; - Maple on the Hill, The; - Midnight on the Stormy Deep; - Milwaukee Blues; - Molly and Tenbrooks; - My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains; - My Old Kentucky Home; - New River Train; - Nine Hundred Miles; - Nine Pound Hammer; - Nobody's Business; - Oh Death; - Oh Susannah; - Old Dan Tucker;- Old Gray Mare, The; - Old Joe Clark; - Old Paint; - Old Time Religion; - Paul and Silas; - Pig in a Pen; - Railroad Bill; - Rain and Snow; - Red River Valley; - Reuben's Train; - Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms; - Roll On Buddy; - Roving Gambler; - Sailor on the Deep Blue Sea; - Sally Goodin; - Salty Dog Blues; - Shady Grove (Bluegrass Style); - Shady Grove (Old-Time Style); - Shenandoah; - Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me; - Short Life of Trouble; - Shortnin' Bread; - Silver Threads Among the Gold; - Sitting On Top of the World; - Somebody Touched Me; - Standing in the Need of Prayer; - Streets of Laredo; - Sugar Hill; - Take This Hammer; - There's More Pretty Girls Than One; - This Train (Is Bound For Glory); - Tom Dooley; - Train That Carried My Girl From Town, The; - Train They Call the Cannonball, The; Turkey In The Straw; - Unclouded Day, The; - Wabash Cannonball, The; - Walk In Jerusalem Just Like John; - Walking In My Sleep; - Wayfaring Stranger; - Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?; - When I Lay My Burden Down; - When the Work's All Done This Fall; - When You and I Were Young, Maggie; - Where the Soul Never Dies; - Whitehouse Blues; - Wild Bill Jones; - Wildwood Flower; - Worried Man Blues; - Wreck of the Old '97.Also includes supplemental instructional sections on how to read tablature, play chords and more!

A Chronological History of Australian Composers and Their Compositions Vol 2

Author : Stephen Pleskun
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This book is volume 2 of a 4 volume series, the first 3 of which have been published by Xlibris and the 4th almost complete for imminent delivery. In its entirety this work is the most comprehensive and accurate account of Australian Classical Music making ever undertaken. Its scope is from 1901-2012 and includes more than 800 composers, famous and obscure, with more than 30,000 compositions including details of their premieres (where, when and by whom). Individual performers, ensembles, orchestras, opera and ballet companies, music educators, instrument makers, academics, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and critics are included as part of the story. The foundation and demise of music institutions, venues and festivals is recorded chronologically. Altogether an extensive picture of Australian Classical Music production and performance can be gleaned in any given year. This book is distinct insofar as it can be read conventionally (from cover to cover); or one may choose a composer/performer and follow his/her career year by year; or one may open the book at random and delight in the unusual and esoteric information therein. This book, and its companion volumes, are valuable and indispensable works for the serious music student, professional musician, performing amateur, cultural aficionado and inquisitive lay person.

Transcriptions for Classical Guitar Volume 1

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This collection of 55 transcriptions brings pieces from the early to early-intermediate piano repertoire ranging from the Renaissance to the Twentieth Century to the classical guitar. Many of the pieces have not previously been transcribed for guitar, while others offer innovations in fingering or musical arrangement. Particular attention has been given to works that are not well-represented in the field of published music for classical guitar. Nearly all of the pieces are in their original keys, with the original range preserved where possible. Although there are no pieces for beginners in this book, it does present easy to early intermediate pieces for those ready to play solo material. These transcriptions will serve both as study material and as delightful additions to the performance repertoire.

Ted Greene Jazz Guitar Single Note Soloing Volume 2

Author : Ted Greene
File Size : 64.2 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Ted Greene’s Jazz Guitar Single Note Soloing method is one of the most respected approaches to playing jazz guitar ever written. Continuing where Volume 1 left off, this book ties all the tools together, with special emphasis on playing through chord changes and developing rich melody lines.

Jimi Hendrix From The Benjamin Franklin Studios Part 2

Author : Gary Geldeart
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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American Folk Music and Folklore Recordings

Author :
File Size : 25.7 MB
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Rhythms Volume Two

Author : Bruce E. Arnold
File Size : 61.50 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book concentrates on 16th note rhythms exploring nearly every combination of rests and ties. All examples use one pitch allowing total concentration on rhythm and time. Free audio flies are available in the Member's Area of the website for each musical exercise.

College Physics Volume 2

Author : Nicholas Giordano
File Size : 57.92 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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COLLEGE PHYSICS: REASONING AND RELATIONSHIPS motivates student understanding by emphasizing the relationship between major physics principles, and how to apply the reasoning of physics to real-world examples. Such examples come naturally from the life sciences, and this text ensures that students develop a strong understanding of how the concepts relate to each other and to the real world. COLLEGE PHYSICS: REASONING AND RELATIONSHIPS motivates student learning with its use of these original applications drawn from the life sciences and familiar everyday scenarios, and prepares students for the rigors of the course with a consistent five-step problem-solving approach. Available with this Second Edition, the new Enhanced WebAssign program features ALL the quantitative end-of-chapter problems and a rich collection of Reasoning and Relationships tutorials, personally adapted for WebAssign by Nick Giordano. This provides exceptional continuity for your students whether they choose to study with the printed text or by completing online homework. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.