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A Time for Change

Author : James Hightower
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Many professional ministers struggle at some point with the desire to pursue another career. For those at such a place on their journey, this book poses questions, offers practical suggestions gathered from other ministers who have traveled this path, and shares insights from the authors' own experiences of career change. The authors emphasize two principles. First, entertaining the possibility of leaving professional ministry is not to be condemned or viewed as a sign of failure; rather, it should be accepted as part of the spiritual journey. Second, a new career apart from the institutional church does not mean one is leaving the ministry, but simply that one is changing the mode of expressing that ministry.

Time and Change

Author : John Burroughs
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Reproduction of the original: Time and Change by John Burroughs

Change of Time and Change of Measure

Author : Ole E Barndorff-Nielsen
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Change of Time and Change of Measure provides a comprehensive account of two topics that are of particular significance in both theoretical and applied stochastics: random change of time and change of probability law. Random change of time is key to understanding the nature of various stochastic processes, and gives rise to interesting mathematical results and insights of importance for the modeling and interpretation of empirically observed dynamic processes. Change of probability law is a technique for solving central questions in mathematical finance, and also has a considerable role in insurance mathematics, large deviation theory, and other fields. The book comprehensively collects and integrates results from a number of scattered sources in the literature and discusses the importance of the results relative to the existing literature, particularly with regard to mathematical finance. In this Second Edition a Chapter 13 entitled 'A Wider View' has been added. This outlines some of the developments that have taken place in the area of Change of Time and Change of Measure since the publication of the First Edition. Most of these developments have their root in the study of the Statistical Theory of Turbulence rather than in Financial Mathematics and Econometrics, and they form part of the new research area termed 'Ambit Stochastics'.

It s time to change the tape

Author : Rev. Norman H. Lyons, Sr. MSW
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This book is dedicated to all people from all walks of life, who has suffered from pain and humiliation, the agony, the shame, degradation, and bottomless pit of hell, you asked me, Yes I have been there and done that, and I never ever want to go back from where the Lord has delivered me from. To God be the Glory, Amen.

It s Time For Change

Author : Patrice Register
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Learn how to improve your life and relationships by realizing change has to happen within you. Don't miss your moment by missing an opportunity to change. Change is inevitable, so learn to embrace it and live a life of peace, joy and love.

Wilderness Science in a Time of Change Conference Wilderness ecosystems threats and management

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Wilderness Science in a Time of Change Conference

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Cantonese Society in a Time of Change

Author : Goran Aijmer
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Based on a longitudinal fieldwork study in the Pearl River Delta, which is the heartland of the Cantonese-speaking world, the book explores how the ordinary people and their society evolved in a period of time characterized by drastic change.

Time of Change Handbook on Women Workers

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Managing the Future During a Time of Change

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A Time of Change Questioning the Collapse of Anuradhapura Sri Lanka

Author : Keir Magalie Strickland
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This book reassesses the apparent collapse of Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka, through explicit reference to the archaeological record, rather than focusing solely upon textual sources which have been overly relied upon in previous studies.

Time to Change

Author : Smokin C. Wanjala
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Time Change and Freedom

Author : L. Nathan Oaklander
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First published in 1995. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Time Law and Change

Author : Sofia Ranchordás
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Offering a unique perspective on an overlooked subject – the relationship between time, change, and lawmaking – this edited collection brings together world-leading experts to consider how time considerations and social, political and technological change affect the legislative process, the interpretation of laws, the definition of the powers of the government and the ability of legal orders to promote innovation. Divided into four parts, each part considers a different form of interaction between time and law, and change. The first part offers legal, theoretical and historical perspectives on the relationship between time and law, and how time shaped law and influences legal interpretation and constitutional change. The second part offers the reader an analysis of the different ways in which courts approach the impact of time on law, as well as theoretical and empirical reflections upon the meaning of the principle of legal certainty, legitimate expectations and the influence of law over time. The third part of the book analyses how legislation and the legislative process addresses time and change, and the various challenges they create to the legal order. The fourth and final part addresses the complex relationship between fast-paced technological change and the regulation of innovations.

Organizational Challenges Time for a Change

Author : Carolyn Johns
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Real Time Strategic Change

Author : Robert W. Jacobs
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A top business consultant presents an eye-opening guide to fast, effective corporate change, based on successful experiences of organizations such as Marriott Hotel and Seattle Metro. ""This approach made a real difference when we needed to move fast"".--Donald Petersen, retired CEO, Ford Motor Company.

The Rhythm of Modernization How Values Change over Time

Author : Raül Tormos
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In The Rhythm of Modernization, Raül Tormos studies the pace at which belief systems change across the developed world during the modernization process. Contradicting value theories’ assumptions, citizens adapt their beliefs to new circumstances throughout life and modernization happens faster than predicted.

A Change In Time

Author : B. A. Bussey
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David is under pressure at work. His project is going wrong and his boss is not impressed. Then he starts to see things. A girl is stabbed right in front of him on the tube but only he notices. There is no commotion, no ambulance, no police, no blood. Worse still there is no body and no murderer. Work pressure? Hallucination? Obviously. Then it happens again but this time he is the victim. Except he isn't dead and another girl who was helping him to escape realises he isn't a "tourist" after all and she suddenly disappears. Thus begins a chase through the streets of London and through time itself culminating in a mind-bending paradox that threatens both David's sanity and the future of London.

Change Through Time in Psychoanalysis

Author : Margaret Ann Fitzpatrick Hanly
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Change Through Time in Psychoanalysis presents a new stage of the work done through the IPA Committee on Clinical Observation between 2014 and 2020—the advances in our method, the Three Level Model (3-LM), and our clinical thinking. In this new volume, ideas on observational research, clinical narratives based on 3-LM group discussions, and adaptations of the model for training candidates show more experience, more depth, more answers, and, of course, new questions. Contributors from three regions of the IPA have written extended case studies of 10 psychoanalyses, rich in verbatim session material, focusing on the main dimensions of the patient’s psychic functioning, specific changes in the analytic process, and related interventional strategies. The reader will find, in the method and in the clinical narratives, new and clarifying points of view in the observation of transformations in patients in psychoanalysis and of the analysts’ techniques, useful both in professional development and in teaching candidates.

Christianity in a Time of Climate Change

Author : Kristen Poole
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What does climate change have to do with religion and spirituality? Even though a changing environment will have a dire impact on human populations--affecting everything from food supply to health to housing--the vast majority of Americans do not consider climate change a moral or a religious issue. Yet the damage of climate change, a phenomenon to which we all contribute through our collective carbon emissions, presents an unprecedented ethical problem, one that touches a foundational moral principle of Christianity: Jesus's dictate to love the neighbor. This care for the neighbor stretches across time as well as space. We are called to care for the neighbors of the future as well as those of the present. How can we connect the ethical considerations of climate change--the knowledge that our actions directly or indirectly cause harm to others--to our individual and collective spiritual practice? Christianity in a Time of Climate Change offers a series of reflective essays that consider the Christian ethics of climate change and suggest ways to fold the neighbors of the future into our spiritual lives as an impetus to meaningful personal, social, and ultimately environmental transformations.