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Light Love Light Shalom

Author : Steven Steinberg
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The Natural Law Foundations of Modern Social Theory

Author : Daniel Chernilo
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Daniel Chernilo offers an original reconstruction of the history of universalism in modern social thought from Hobbes to Habermas.

Planning the Good Community

Author : Jill Grant
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An examination of new urban approaches both in theory and in practice. Taking a critical look at how new urbanism has lived up to its ideals, the author asks whether new urban approaches offer a viable path to creating good communities. With examples drawn principally from North America, Europe and Japan, Planning the Good Community explores new urban approaches in a wide range of settings. It compares the movement for urban renaissance in Europe with the New Urbanism of the United States and Canada, and asks whether the concerns that drive today’s planning theory – issues like power, democracy, spatial patterns and globalisation- receive adequate attention in new urban approaches. The issue of aesthetics is also raised, as the author questions whether communities must be more than just attractive in order to be good. With the benefit of twenty years’ hindsight and a world-wide perspective, this book offers the reader unparalleled insight as well as a rigorous and considered critical analysis.

Near Eastern Tribal Societies During the Nineteenth Century

Author : Eveline van der Steen
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First Published in 2014. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Eschatology and Ethics in the Teaching of Jesus

Author : Amos N. Wilder
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In recent years, studies in the eschatology and ethics of Jesus have provoked an unusual interest among Bible students. When talking about the coming of the kingdom, did Jesus mean that there would be a divine intervention or a catastrophe? If so, were his ethical teachings intended for an emergency situation--interim ethics? This book provides an admirable introduction to eschatology in general. Dr. Wilder argues for an interpretation of the evidence that maintains the full significance of Jesus: that his eschatology, far from being a liability, represents a true disclosure of human destiny, and that there is no contradiction between it and his ethical principles, which are of permanent validity.

Understanding Human Development

Author : Ursula M. Staudinger
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Understanding developmental processes in the individual as well as in aggregates of individuals is an important aim of many of the social and behavioral sciences. This book presents a theoretical framework for this endeavor - an architecture for the study of human development across different disciplines. This architecture describes two major sources of human development (biology and culture) and posits three central developmental mechanisms (selection, optimization, and compensation).

Political Philosophy 1

Author : Luc Ferry
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In recent years, an increasing number of thinkers have grown suspicious of the Enlightenment ideals of progress, reason, and freedom. These critics, many inspired by Martin Heidegger, have attacked modern philosophy's attempt to ground a vision of the world upon the liberty of the human subject. Pointing to the rise of totalitarian regimes in this century, they argue that the Enlightenment has promoted the enslavement of human beings rather than their freedom. In this first of four volumes that aim to revitalize the fundamental values of modern political thought, one of the leading figures in the contemporary revival of liberalism in France responds to these critics and offers a philosophically cogent defense of a humanistic modernity. Luc Ferry reexamines the philosopical basis of the contemporary retreat from the Enlightenment and then suggests his own alternative, which defends the ideals of modernity while giving due consideration to the objections of the critics.

Nursing Education Challenges in the 21st Century

Author : Leana E. Callara
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Nursing education is facing a massive set of obstacles as the fields of medicine continues to progress at warp speed at the same time hospitals do not have enough doctors and depend more on nurses than anytime before. The result is overworked nurses running to keep it with the fields in which they must work. This book presents some analyses of nursing education at a critical juncture in the field.

J M W Turner and the Subject of History

Author : Leo Costello
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J.M.W. Turner and the Subject of History is an in-depth consideration of the artist's complex response to the challenge of creating history paintings in the early nineteenth century. Structured around the linked themes of making and unmaking, of creation and destruction, this book examines how Turner's history paintings reveal changing notions of individual and collective identity at a time when the British Empire was simultaneously developing and fragmenting. Turner similarly emerges as a conflicted subject, one whose artistic modernism emerged out of a desire to both continue and exceed his eighteenth-century aesthetic background by responding to the altered political and historical circumstances of the nineteenth century.

Media Studies A Complete Introduction Teach Yourself

Author : Joanne Hollows
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Written by an academic and researcher with over twenty years' experience in teaching and convening Media Studies courses, Media Studies: A Complete Introduction is designed to give you everything you need to succeed, all in one place. It covers the key areas that students are expected to be confident in, outlining the basics in clear jargon-free English, and then providing added-value features like case studies, and even lists of questions you might be asked in your seminar or exam. The book uses a structure that mirrors the way Media Studies is taught on many university courses. Chapters include essential coverage of the history, organization and production of the media industries, and regulation of the media. The analysis of media texts is covered in detail, as are the issues of identity and gender, the idea of globalization and the shifting face of social media in its many contexts.