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Tiny Houses

Author : Mimi Zeiger
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Features over thirty small homes under a thousand square feet that serve different functions and subscribe to the new trend in substainable living architecture known as "microgreen living."

Tiny Houses

Author : Les Walker
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Tiny Houses contains the plans for forty-four houses so small that anyone can afford to have one—and so thoughtfully designed that anyone can build one—each offering the dream of solitude, a place to escape for a weekend of romance, meditation, or whimsy. Award-winning architect Lester Walker shows how, with a little energy and imagination, everyone's dream of owning a home, or having a second home in the country, is within reach.

Tiny House Living

Author : Ryan Mitchell
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Explores the philosophies behind the tiny house lifestyle, and provides guidance for the transition to a smaller space, including practical strategies for paring down possessions and design tricks to maximize function in available space.

Tiny Houses

Author : Damon Jones
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This book will teach you all about the Tiny House movement, and how thousands of others are adopting this more minimalistic and sustainable way of living.Tiny Houses are an excellent way to not only save money, but also to create a true architectural masterpiece, that may even (depending on your chosen design) be totally mobile!At the completion of this book you will have a good understanding of Tiny Houses, and know what steps to take next to begin the building process of your very own. This includes knowledge of the entire building process, what considerations you'll need to make, and the legal side of building your own Tiny House!Here Is What You'll Learn About...Tiny Houses & Container HomesThe Tiny House MovementMinimalismThe Planning ProcessPermits You'll NeedFoundation TypesPortable Tiny HomesInsulation TypesThe Longevity Of Tiny HomesHow To Get Started On Your BuildMuch, Much More!

Tiny Houses

Author : Matt Brown
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By reading this comprehensive guide to tiny houses, you will be able to get started on your journey to living in an amazing tiny house. From exploring tiny house living to the types of tiny houses available and getting ready to live in your own tiny house, we will cover the essential areas.

Tiny Homes

Author : Lloyd Kahn
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More than 1,000 photos, along with stories and interviews follow the "tiny house" movement which is currently going on among people who have chosen to scale back in the 21st century. Original.

Micro Living

Author : Derek “Deek” Diedricksen
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For everyone who’s ever dreamed of simplifying their life and downsizing their home, Micro Living offers an insider’s look at what tiny house living is really like. Best-selling author and tiny house enthusiast Derek “Deek” Diedricksen profiles 40 tiny — but practical — houses that are equipped for full-time living, all in 400 square feet or less. Detailed photography and a floor plan for each structure highlight inventive space-saving design features along with the nuts-and-bolts details of heating, cooling, electric, and plumbing systems. The real-life stories of residents impart the pleasures, as well as the challenges, of day-to-day living. With tips on what to consider before you build, along with framing plans for a prototype small cabin, Micro Living is the perfect starter handbook for both dreamers and doers.

Tiny Houses

Author : John Clark
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Get Over Your Fears And Doubts Of Living TinyWant quick information on how to get over your fears and doubts of living tiny? You are at the right place! You're about to discover how to quickly take your fears and doubts you may have of living in a tiny home. You'll see that living tiny has more advantages than disadvantages, after all (in most cases) people are happier if they change their lifestyle and live in a tiny house. This is a short book and it'll be able to give you much positivity about the topic in little time and make you more confident. So, if you have fears and doubts about living tiny, then this book is just right for you. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...-What Is A Tiny House?-Tiny House Types-Advantages Of Living In A Tiny House-Disadvantages Of Living In A Tiny House-How People Live In A Tiny House-Philosophy Of A Tiny HouseThis book will definitely help you out getting over your fears and doubts of living in a tiny house! Six preview chapters included!

Tiny House Designing Building Living

Author : Andrew Morrison
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Do you have what it takes to live tiny? Take the first step to achieving the dream of designing, building, and living in a tiny house (typically between 100 - 400 square feet). Idiot's Guides: Tiny House Designing, Building, and Living is the one-stop guide into this innovative concept of minimalist living. Dozens of helpful images and a full-color insert displaying different types of tiny houses help you visualize your dream. The book explores what it mentally takes to become a tiny house dweller and covers the best approach to designing and building a house that ideally fits your needs. The ebook includes an in-depth discussion on foundation types, financing and insurance, and legal standards, as well as building techniques, must-have utilities, and going off the grid, and home placement. Functional suggestions for décor, storage, and more are also featured. Bonus: three tiny house floor plans to illustrate what these homes entail.

Tiny Houses

Author : Sandra Leitte
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Travel the world to get inspired by 40 small houses with unique character and style. At the forefront of modern architecture, tiny houses exemplify today's ideals of minimalism, personal freedom, and low-impact construction--not to mention impeccable style and comfort. This book takes readers around the world to showcase today's most exciting small living spaces. Multi-page spreads feature highly detailed, full-color interior and exterior shots, along with informative texts that explore the inspiration and context of each home. From off-the-grid woodland dwellings that take you away from it all to high-density solutions to the urban housing crisis, these homes pack a lot of design ingenuity into their space. While some of these structures feature state-of-the-art architectural flourishes and luxurious amenities, others are modest and environmentally sustainable retreats designed specifically for travel, creative pursuits, or multi-generational living. Each of these homes offers endlessly innovative inspiration for building and living in your home, in spaces that fit your needs.