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Gigantic Titanic Trivia for Kids

Author : Carole Marsh
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The Titanic Sinks Totally True Adventures

Author : Thomas Conklin
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Here is the exciting true story about the "unsinkable" Titanic! Dramatic accounts, white-knuckle suspense, and fast-paced action of how the world's biggest, safest ship sank on its maiden voyage. Includes black-and-white photos and full-color underwater photos of the wreck.

Titanic Hero

Author : Arthur H. Rostron
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The story of the Titanic in the words of the hero whose swift action saved the lives of 710 survivors.

Total Titanic

Author : Marc Shapiro
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The RMS Titanic struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic at 11.40pm on 14 April 1912. By 2.20am on 15 April, the last visible section of the Titanic sank below the waters. More than 1500 people lost their lives. This text attempts to separate fiction from fact, reporting on what actually happened. Answers many questions about the Titanic: Where and when was it constructed? Who booked passage on the maiden, and final voyage? Why did it actuallly sink? Who survived? Who rescued the survivors? Includes a complete listing of Titanic Internet web sites.

Titanic Iceberg Ahead

Author : James W Bancroft
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Using a unique approach, the author explores the disaster through the lives of fifty people linked to the sinking, from all walks of life and geographical regions. To have sailed on ‘the voyage of the century’ aboard White Star Line’s RMS Titanic – described at the time as ‘a floating palace’ – was like being one of the first passengers to fly on Concorde. On 10 April 1912, people from all walks of life began embarking on Titanic, then the largest ship afloat, for what was to be the trip of a lifetime on the ship’s maiden voyage across the north Atlantic. Many were looking forward to starting new lives in the United States. However, just before midnight on Sunday, 14 April 1912, Titanic’s crew began to send out distress signals stating, ‘We have struck an iceberg.' The liner had been steaming at speed when it collided with an enormous iceberg which stripped off her bilge under the waterline for more than 100 yards, opened up five of the front compartments and flooded the coal bunker servicing one of the boilers. The damage was fatal, and some three hours after the disaster began to unfold the last visible part of Titanic slipped beneath the waves. There were only sixteen lifeboats and four collapsible dinghies – which was completely insufficient for the number of passengers making the crossing. As a consequence, more than 1,500 passengers and crew died: two out of every three people onboard perished. Much has been written about the Titanic disaster, and it has been the subject matter for several films. The author is well-known for his depth of research and his attention to detail, and in a new style of format, he has selected fifty people involved in the disaster, and by using their specific eyewitness accounts he has managed to make the confusing situation much clearer, making it possible for the reader to experience the dreadful events as they unfolded. The book also includes biographical tributes to the fifty people, who came from all walks of life and geographical regions, telling who they were, their experiences during the disaster, and what happened to those who were fortunate enough to survive.

Who Sank the Titanic

Author : Robert J. Strange
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A reporter explores the role that criminal negligence may have played in history’s most famous disaster at sea. The RMS Titanic was hailed as largest, strongest, safest ship of its time, an exemplar of British shipbuilding. But what the 1,500 victims who sailed to their watery graves never knew was that much of the ship was imperfectly forged from cheap and recycled scrap iron—and that the tragedy may have been caused by gross negligence and greed. Investigative reporter Robert Strange has studied scientific, forensic evidence from metal raised from the ship’s carcass miles deep on the ocean floor, and secrets hidden for a hundred years within the archives of the shipyard that built and launched the vessel, to answer the question: Who sank the Titanic? This book examines the intense cost-cutting pressures which could have contributed to the Titanic’s demise and one of the greatest loss-of-life disasters in maritime history. The book makes the argument that there was negligence in every area of the ship’s planning and construction—and that her owners, her planners, her builders, and the government ministers who watched her set sail could be considered complicit in one of the greatest mass homicides in history.

Titanic Century

Author : Paul Heyer
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This book presents a revealing look at our 100-year fascination with the Titanic disaster and the various media that have been involved in reporting, preserving, and immortalizing the event. * Illustrated with photographs, a painting, and a movie poster * A comprehensive bibliography organized according to each of the three parts of the book * A comprehensive index of subjects and names * Appendices of several songs and poems pertaining to the Titanic

The Unsinkable Titanic

Author : Allen Gibson
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Delving deep into Titanic’s legacy, Allen Gibson presents a comprehensive history with a refreshing argument, that Titanic represented a considerable achievement in maritime architecture. He determines the true causes of the disaster, telling the story of the ‘unsinkable’ ship against a backdrop of a tumultuous and rapidly emerging technological world. The book exposes the true interests of the people involved in the operation, regulation and investigation into Titanic, and lays bare the technology so dramatically destroyed. Juxtaposing the duelling worlds of economics and safety, this study rationalises the mindset that wilfully dispatched the world’s largest ship out to sea with a deficient supply of lifeboats.

The Titanic

Author : Wyn Craig Wade
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The centennial edition of this definitive book reveals new findings, photos, and interviews that shed light on the world’s most famous marine disaster. On the fatal night of April 15, 1912, the world’s largest moving object collided with an iceberg and disappeared beneath the waters of the North Atlantic Ocean in less than three hours. More than fifteen hundred people on the ship perished, making it one of the deadliest peacetime marine disasters in modern history. But why was the ship sailing through waters well known to be a “mass of floating ice”? Why were there too few lifeboats? Why did crew members make up a full third of the survivors? Based on eyewitness accounts, the sensational evidence of the US Senate hearings that followed the disaster, and the results of the 1985 Woods Hole expedition that photographed the ship, this evocative account recreates the vessel’s last desperate hours afloat and fully addresses the questions that continue to haunt the tragedy of the RMS Titanic. “Riveting.” —Associated Press “A rousing adjunct to Walter Lord’s social history of the sinking, and thorough-going on the causes as far as they can be determined.” —Kirkus Reviews

Titanic A Very Peculiar History

Author : Jim Pipe
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It boasted libraries, palm trees, swimming pools, a 50-phone switchboard and was nearly as tall as the Eiffel Tower… No, she's not a skyscraper, she's the Titanic! Marking the centenary of the sinking of the White Star Liner RMS Titanic in 1912, 'Titanic, A Very Peculiar History' delves into the human stories of both crew and passengers and the incredible feats of engineering and design involved in the ship's construction. The ebook also takes a look at events that occurred once the ship was wrecked, from discovering what dead passengers had tried to take with them to assessing the likelihood of us ever being able to raise the wreck for more study. Featuring letters from the liner's passengers and crew and a taste of the superstitions and creepy coincidences that surround the ship's sinking, it's a great all-round look at the incredible facts and stories at the heart of the Titanic's conception, construction and maiden voyage.