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Summary of Joost A M Meerloo s The Rape Of The Mind

Author : Everest Media
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Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Sample Book Insights: #1 The human mind is susceptible to political coercion. In 1933, the German Reichstag building was burned to the ground, and the Nazis arrested a Dutchman, Marinus Van der Lubbe, and accused him of the crime. Van der Lubbe was known by Dutch psychiatrists to be mentally unstable. #2 The trial of van der Lubbe showed the world the danger of systematized mental coercion in politics. The world began to realize that the Bolsheviks had turned their old comrades into puppets, and that they were being systematically changed into sheep. #3 During the Second World War, the Nazis forced confessions out of prisoners, and those who were resistant or did not comply were subject to further torture. We learned from this experience, and decided that it was better not to be in touch with one another, in order to avoid being betrayed. #4 The Nazis used a variety of psychological strategies to break their prisoners, from torture to playing the coward, to confessing too much. I had to flee Holland after a policeman warned me that my name had been mentioned in an interrogation.

The Rape of the Mind

Author : Joost Abraham Maurits Meerloo
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New Political Ideas in the Aftermath of the Great War

Author : Alessandro Salvador
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This edited collection presents new research on how the Great War and its aftermath shaped political thought in the interwar period across Europe. Assessing the major players of the war as well as more peripheral cases, the contributors challenge previous interpretations of the relationship between veterans and fascism, and provide new perspectives on how veterans tried to promote a new political and social order. Those who had frontline experience of the First World War committed themselves to constructing a new political and social order in war-torn Europe, shaped by their experience of the war and its aftermath. A number of them gave voice to the need for a world order free from political and social conflict, and all over Europe veterans imagined a third way between capitalist liberalism and state-controlled socialism. By doing so, many of them moved towards emerging fascist movements and became, in some case unwillingly, the heralds of totalitarian dictatorships.

Mental Seduction and Menticide the Psychology of Thought Control and Brain washing

Author : Joost Meerloo
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I. The techniques of individual submission -- II. The techniques of mass submission -- III. Unobtrusive coercion -- IV. In search of defences.

Political Philosophy

Author : Adam Swift
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Politicians invoke grand ideas: social justice, democracy, community, liberty, equality. But what do these ideas really mean? How can politicians across the political spectrum appeal to the same values? This fourth edition of Adam Swift's highly readable introduction to political philosophy answers these important questions, and includes new material on issues such as nationalism, immigration and multiculturalism, as well as updated guides to further reading. This lively and accessible book is ideal for students, but it also brings the insights of the world's leading political philosophers to a wide general audience. Using plenty of examples, it equips readers to think for themselves about the ideas that shape political life. Democracy works best when both politicians and voters move beyond rhetoric to think clearly and carefully about the values and principles that should govern their society. But clear thinking is difficult in an age when established orthodoxies have fallen by the wayside and political debate is becoming increasingly tribal and raucous. Bringing political philosophy out of the ivory tower and within the reach of all, this book provides us with tools to cut through the complexities and penetrate the smokescreens of modern politics. In so doing, it makes a valuable contribution to the democratic process and this new edition will continue to be essential reading for students of political philosophy and theory.

The Rape of the Mind the Psychology of Thought Control Menticide and Brainwashing

Author : Joost Abraham Maurits Meerloo
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A Companion to Isidore of Seville

Author : Andrew Fear
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A standard work in nineteen chapters from leading international scholars on bishop Isidore of Seville (d. 636), addressing the contexts in which the seventh-century bishop lived and worked, exploring his key works and activities, and finally considering his later reception.

Catholicism and Fascism in Europe 1918 1945

Author : Jan Nelis
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Die im vorliegenden Band versammelten Aufsätze analysieren die vielfältige Art und Weise, wie der Vatikan, die nationalen Kirchen und einzelne Katholiken mit dem Aufstieg der extremen Rechten in Europa während der 1920er, 1930er und frühen 1940er Jahre umgingen, vom Ende des Ersten Weltkriegs, der mit Recht als einer der wichtigsten Katalysatoren des europäischen Faschismus in der Zwischenkriegszeit gilt, bis zum Schluss und zu den unmittelbaren Nachwirkungen des Zweiten Weltkriegs. Während einige Aufsätze sich auf theoretische, methodologische Probleme konzentrieren, beschäftigen sich die meisten Beiträge mit jeweils einem Land oder einer Region, wo eine faschistische Bewegung oder ein solches Regime zwischen den Kriegen und während des Zweiten Weltkriegs erfolgreich war, und wo es gleichzeitig eine signifikante katholische Präsenz in der Gesellschaft gab. Fast ganz Europa wird behandelt – ein beispielloses Unternehmen - , und eine große Zahl wichtiger Kontexte und Methoden wird untersucht. So wirken die Beiträge mit an der allgemeinen Entwicklung eines interpretativen ‚Cluster‘-Modells, das eine Reihe von Grundmustern der Forschung vereinigt und zukünftige Untersuchungen anregen wird. The papers presented in this volume analyse the many ways in which the Vatican, national Churches and individual catholics dealt with the rise of the extreme right in Europe throughout the 1920s, 1930s and early 1940s, from the end of the First World War, arguably one of the main catalysts of European interwar fascism, to the conclusion and immediate aftermath of the Second World War. While a number of papers focus primarily on theoretical, methodological issues pertaining to the book’s general theme, the majority of papers focus on either a country or region where a fascist movement or regime flourished between the wars and during the Second World War, and where there was a significant catholic presence in society. The various chapters cover almost the entire European continent – an endeavour that is unprecedented –, and they explore a wide range of relevant contexts and methodologies, thus further contributing to the general development of an interpretive ‘cluster’ model that incorporates a series of investigative matrixes, and that will hopefully inspire future research.

The March on Rome How Antifascists Understood the Origins of Totalitarianism and Conied the Word

Author : Emilio Gentile
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«Amendola attribuiva [...] un nuovo è più ampio significato al termine "totalitario" da lui coniato: totalitario non era solo il sistema di dominio politico del fascismo, ma "spirito totalitario" era la pretesa del fascismo di estendere il proprio dominio sulle coscienze degli italiani, obbligandoli a convertirsi alla sua ideologia come una religione politica integralista ed esclusiva ». Un'acuta analisi della nascita del concetto di totalitarismo nell'ambito del primo Gaetano Salvemini Colloquium in Italian History and Culture

Mantua Humanistic Studies Volume VII

Author : Edoardo Scarpanti
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The scientific series Mantua Humanistic Studies (ISSN 2612-0437) is devoted to collect studies, proceedings, and papers in the field of Humanities. Every volume is peer-reviewed, and is published with its own ISBN code. A full electronic version (PDF) of the volume is shared for free in “Gold Open Access” – and fully indexed – on Google Books database. Moreover, traditional paper copies are available for purchasing at major booksellers.