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Battle of Normandy

Author : Ludovic Fortin
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In July and August 1944, the Allies launched a number of operations intended to break through the German front line. Operations Totalize and Tractable were intended to drive the Germans back to the south of the Normandy town of Falaise, thus creating the famous "Falaise Gap." Ludovic Fortin is has become a real specialist on the British Army and of operations in Normandy in particular. His human approach to events gives a new perspective to the conflicts. He is also the author of the highly successful book, "British Tanks in Normandy" also published by Histoire and Collections. This book contains numerous plans and maps and is richly illustrated with unpublished photographs and color armor profiles.

The Price of Command

Author : Dominick Graham
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Tank Tactics

Author : Roman Jarymowycz
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Explores the doctrinal, strategic, and tactical ideas behind World War II tank combat Contains detailed maps and diagrams Critiques the performances of commanders like George Patton, Bernard Montgomery, and others Focusing on five Allied tank operations from July to September 1944--Operations Goodwood, Cobra, Totalize, and Tractable and Patton's tank battles around Arracourt--armor expert Roman Jarymowycz draws on after-action reports, extensive battlefield reconnaissance, recently discovered battle performance reviews, and war diaries to evaluate the successes and failures of the art of armored warfare as practiced by Allied tank commanders in France in 1944.

No Holding Back

Author : Brian A. Reid
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'A breakthrough has occurred near Caen the like of which we have never seen.' This stark assessment, made by a senior German officer on the evening of 8th August 1944, was the German reaction to Operation Totalize, the Canadian attack planned and led by General Guy Simonds that threatened to trap the German army. Handsomely illustrated with maps, photographs and specially commissioned graphics of armoured vehicles and weapons, this major work is the first new study of a key Canadian operation in Normandy to appear for many years that is based on original research in primary sources.

The Gunners of Canada

Author : Gerald W. L. Nicholson
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Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research

Author :
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The Armoured Campaign in Normandy

Author : Stephen Napier
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Beginning with the D-day landings, this is a frank appraisal of the planned use and actual results of the deployment of armour by both German and Allied commanders in the major tank battles of the campaign including Epsom, Goodwood, Cobra and Totalize. ‘Tiger!’ is a critique of how Montgomery’s plans to seize territory and break out failed in the face of German resistance. It details the poor planning by British generals who made many mistakes and how the German convoluted chain of command contributed to their own defeat. Official reports, war diaries, After Action reports, letters, regimental histories, memoirs of generals and troopers are used to tell the inside story of the campaign from an armour point of view to give a different but detailed perspective. For the first time the book gives real numbers of tanks lost in the battle of the campaign from research at archives around the world.

Corps Commanders

Author : Douglas E. Delaney
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Corps Commanders examines how five strikingly dissimilar British and Canadian generals fought battles and fit into the British Empire armies of the Second World War. The three Canadians controlled British formations and served under British army commanders, and the two Britons worked for and led Canadians as well. Such inter-army adjustments were fairly simple because all Anglo-Canadian commanders and staffs spoke the military language of the Camberley and Quetta staff colleges. Gunners from Montreal understood guardsmen from London � no small advantage when coordinating coalition battles involving thousands of troops. Delaney's book offers invaluable insight into interoperability and how men animate armies in war.

Road to Falaise

Author : Stephen Hart
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This key title in the acclaimed Battle Zone Normandy series explores Operations Totalize and Tractable.

Victory in the West The Battle of Normandy

Author : Lionel Frederic Ellis
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Two volume British record of the victorious Allied campaign in North-West Europe during World War II.

21 Days in Normandy

Author : Angelo Caravaggio
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“Right[s] some of the injustices done to the Canadians” on their maligned actions during the Invasion of Normandy. “An absorbing account” (Firetrench). The Canadian Fourth Armoured Division crossed the Channel in July 1944 to support the invading forces and assist in the Allied attempts to break out of the Normandy beachhead. They were heavily engaged in Operation Totalize and Operation Tractable but have been criticized for their failure to close the ‘Falaise gap’ and complete the entrapment of withdrawing German forces. Their commander, Major General George Kitching, was relieved of his command after just twenty-one days in action. Angelo Caravaggio reexamines the division’s performance and particularly that of its leadership. Using new information, he establishes that, despite entering battle for the first time during one of the most challenging phases of Allied operations in August 1944, the 4th Armoured Division, under Kitching’s leadership, proved resilient and adaptive in overcoming the volatile and unpredictable nature of warfare in Normandy. The combat operations of August 1944 transformed the division into a battle-hardened combat formation that would later distinguish itself through its ability to generate a sustained drive across France out of the chaos and destruction of the Normandy battles. “The author uses new information to demonstrate the unit did show flexibility and adapted to the battlefield quickly, despite being thrown into battle during one of the Normandy Campaign’s critical phases. His arguments are detailed and based upon in-depth research, and the book has many detailed maps to help the reader follow the action.” —Warfare History Network

The History of the 12 SS Panzerdivision Hitlerjugend

Author : Hubert Meyer
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Kortbogen indeholder detaljerede operationskort over de operationer 12 SSPNDIV deltog i bl.a. kampene om Caen, operation GOODWOOD, operation TOTALIZE, operation TRACTABLE, kampene ved FALAISE CAULDRON, MAAS, HÜNNINGEN og SADZOT.

Out of the Shadows

Author : William Alexander Binny Douglas
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Armoured Fighting Vehicles of the World

Author : Duncan Crow
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Battles and Operations of World War Ii Involving Poland

Author : Source Wikipedia
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 122. Chapters: Battles of Narvik, Battle of Berlin, Battle of El Agheila, Battle of France, Battle of Monte Cassino, Battle of the Scheldt, Dieppe Raid, Falaise pocket, Invasion of Normandy, Italian Campaign (World War II), North African Campaign, Operation Crusader, Operation Market Garden, Operation Totalize, Operation Tractable, Prague Offensive, Spring 1945 offensive in Italy. Excerpt: In the Second World War, the Battle of France, also known as the Fall of France, was the successful German invasion of France and the Low Countries, beginning on 10 May 1940, defeating primarily French forces. The battle consisted of two main operations. In the first, Fall Gelb (Case Yellow), German armoured units pushed through the Ardennes to cut off and surround the Allied units that had advanced into Belgium. When British and adjacent French forces were pushed back to the sea by the highly mobile and well organised German operation, the British government decided to evacuate the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) as well as several French divisions at Dunkirk in Operation Dynamo. After the withdrawal of the BEF, Germany launched a second operation, Fall Rot (Case Red), which was commenced on 5 June. Initially the depleted French forces put up stiff resistance, but German air superiority gradually overwhelmed French artillery positions. German forces outflanked the Maginot Line and pushed deeper into France as French forces began to collapse. German forces arrived in an undefended Paris on 14 June and their commanders met with French officials who were ready to stop the fights. Chief among these was Marshal Philippe Petain who, contrary to the wishes of many Frenchmen, announced he would seek an armistice. On 22 June, an armistice was signed between France and Germany, which resulted in a division of France whereby Germany would occupy the...

Breaking the Panzers

Author : Kevin Baverstock
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History of the 1st Tyneside Scottish battalion in the battle for Rauray, Normandy in July 1944.

The Panther Tank

Author : Matthew Hughes
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This text explores in detail the technical development of the formidable Panther, but also the tactics, personalities and events that determined its use in Germany's last ditch attempts to save the war.

Battalion of Heroes

Author : David Jay Bercuson
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Author : Reginald H. Roy
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A look at the Canadian forces in Europe in 1944.

A Canadian s Guide to the Battlefields of Normandy

Author : J. T. Copp
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