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Totally Accessible MRI

Author : Michael L. Lipton
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This practical guide offers an accessible introduction to the principles of MRI physics. Each chapter explains the why and how behind MRI physics. Readers will understand how altering MRI parameters will have many different consequences for image quality and the speed in which images are generated. Practical topics, selected for their value to clinical practice, include progressive changes in key MRI parameters, imaging time, and signal to noise ratio. A wealth of high quality illustrations, complemented by concise text, enables readers to gain a thorough understanding of the subject without requiring prior in-depth knowledge.

Bone Marrow MRI

Author : Lia Angela Moulopoulos
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MRI provides the best means of imaging the bone marrow directly and of non-invasively assessing its composition. Normal age-related bone marrow changes, alterations related to red marrow reconversion, and pathological bone marrow processes generally conform to certain patterns that reflect the underlying marrow changes and can be clearly recognized on MR images. In addition to conventional pulse sequences, advanced MRI techniques such as Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI and Diffusion-Weighted Imaging depict marrow changes at the microvascular and cellular level respectively. This book provides radiologists with in-depth information on the MRI appearances of normal, abnormal and treated marrow following a structured, pattern-based approach. MRI findings for various diseases that affect the bone marrow, particularly those of a malignant nature, are presented in detail. MRI pattern recognition not only offers a systematic approach to image interpretation and diagnosis but also has prognostic implications with regard to some disease entities. Each chapter includes a wealth of high-quality images, together with Key Points summarizing the most important information. In addition to radiologists, practitioners with an interest in hematology and oncology will find this textbook-atlas to be a valuable resource for the latest, clinically relevant advances in bone marrow imaging.

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Molecular Imaging in Oncology

Author : Otmar Schober
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This book discusses the most significant recent advances in oncological molecular imaging, covering the full spectrum from basic and preclinical research to clinical practice. The content is divided into five sections, the first of which is devoted to standardized and emerging technologies and probe designs for different modalities, such as PET, SPECT, optical and optoacoustic imaging, ultrasound, CT, and MRI. The second section focuses on multiscale preclinical applications ranging from advanced microscopy and mass spectroscopy to whole-body imaging. In the third section, various clinical applications are presented, including image-guided surgery and the radiomic analysis of multiple imaging features. The final two sections are dedicated to the emerging, crucial role that molecular imaging can play in the planning and monitoring of external and internal radiotherapy, and to future challenges and prospects in multimodality imaging. Given its scope, the handbook will benefit all readers who are interested in the revolution in diagnostic and therapeutic oncology that is now being brought about by molecular imaging.

Annual Reports on NMR Spectroscopy

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Annual Reports on NMR Spectroscopy, Volume 91 provides a thorough and in-depth accounting of progress in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy and its many applications for chemists and physicists to study the structure and dynamics of molecules. This updated release in the series focuses on topics surrounding NMR relaxation in dendrimers, MRI studies of spatial distribution of charge carriers, and MRI studies of plastic crystals, amongst other timely topics. As no other technique has gained as much significance as NMR spectroscopy in recent years, this series, for both specialists and non-specialists, is an ideal resource for the latest information in the field. Serves as the premier resource for learning the new techniques and applications of NMR spectroscopy Provides a key reference for chemists and physicists using NMR spectroscopy to study the structure and dynamics of molecules Covers all aspects of molecular science, including MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

Neuroimaging of Sleep and Sleep Disorders

Author : Eric Nofzinger
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This up-to-date, superbly illustrated book is a practical guide to the effective use of neuroimaging in the patient with sleep disorders. There are detailed reviews of new neuroimaging techniques – including CT, MRI, advanced MR techniques, SPECT and PET – as well as image analysis methods, their roles and pitfalls. Neuroimaging of normal sleep and wake states is covered plus the role of neuroimaging in conjunction with tests of memory and how sleep influences memory consolidation. Each chapter carefully presents and analyzes the key findings in patients with sleep disorders indicating the clinical and imaging features of the various sleep disorders from clinical presentation to neuroimaging, aiding in establishing an accurate diagnosis. Written by neuroimaging experts from around the world, Neuroimaging of Sleep and Sleep Disorders is an invaluable resource for both researchers and clinicians including sleep specialists, neurologists, radiologists, psychiatrists, psychologists.

Acute Brain Ischemia

Author : Noé Battistini
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Magnetic Resonance Imaging E Book

Author : Stewart C. Bushong
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Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Physical and Biological Principles, 4th Edition offers comprehensive, well-illustrated coverage on this specialized subject at a level that does not require an extensive background in math and physics. It covers the fundamentals and principles of conventional MRI along with the latest fast imaging techniques and their applications. Beginning with an overview of the fundamentals of electricity and magnetism (Part 1), Parts 2 and 3 present an in-depth explanation of how MRI works. The latest imaging methods are presented in Parts 4 and 5, and the final section (Part 6) covers personnel and patient safety and administration issues. This book is perfect for student radiographers and practicing technologists preparing to take the MRI advanced certification exam offered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). "I would recommend it to anyone starting their MRI training and anyone trying to teach MRI to others." Reviewed by RAD Magazine, June 2015 Challenge questions at the end of each chapter help you assess your comprehension. Chapter outlines and objectives assist you in following the hierarchy of material in the text. Penguin boxes highlight key points in the book to help you retain the most important information and concepts in the text. NEW! Two MRI practice exams that mirror the test items in each ARRT category have been added to the end of the text to help you replicate the ARRT exam experience. NEW! Chapter on Partially Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging increases the comprehensiveness of the text. NEW! Updated key terms have been added to each chapter with an updated glossary defining each term.

Surgery for Spinal Cord Injuries

Author : Steven R. Garfin
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Focuses on spinal trauma timing of surgery Edwards instru- mentation irreducible atlantoaxial subluxation etc.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Children

Author : Mervyn D. Cohen
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A review of the use of MRI in the diagnosis of paediatric disorders, this volume focuses on common disorders and disorders where MR makes a significant impact on patient management, discussing them in terms of etiology, pathology, clinical findings, MRI appearances and other modalities.

Critical Care Nursing

Author : Patricia Gonce Morton
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This book is organized into five parts, the first two of which cover areas applicable to all critical care patients, including the patient's and family's experience, education, pain management, ethical and legal issues, and the rewards and challenges of critical care nursing. The third part addresses specific populations, including pediatric patients, pregnant women, older adults, and postanesthesia patients, as well as interfacility transport. The balance of the book is arranged by body systems and concludes with multisystem problems. This is the seventh edition of a text first published in 1973 and last published in 1994. The purpose is to present current, comprehensive, and practical information built on a holistic perspective of care in which the patient is the core of nursing practice. This book meets a need for educating students and nurses in the critical care environment. The editors' objective of providing a framework for focusing on patient responses in the critical care environment is met. This book is intended for students in critical care, educators, and clinicians. This edition is also tailored to meet the needs of patients. The editors are excellent authorities in critical care nursing. All three are practitioners, and one is both practitioner and educator. The contributors and reviewers are critical care experts. The illustrations are used best to understand critical care technology. The graphics used for anatomy, physiology, and patient assessment add to the usefulness of the text. The references are pertinent and current, but certain specialty content would need to be updated by the reader (e.g., medication protocols for CHF). The use of color in the textis managed carefully to guide and not overpower the reader. The 1997 ACLS Guidelines are in Appendix 1. The Answer Key to Study Questions appears in Appendix 2. Anatomy and physiology, patient assessment and clinical management, nursing research, collaborative plans of care, teaching, and home care issues are some of the innovations presented. One strength of book is how it addresses the changes associated with aging and the needs of the older adult. Aging concerns are covered in one chapter and are highlighted throughout the text. This edition provides current information that makes the previous edition out of date. I would recommend this text for beginning critical care nurses and for undergraduate nursing students for its coverage of advanced pathophysiological concepts.

Response of Hypotrophic Muscles to Altered Skeletal Morphology and Functional Rehabilitation

Author : Kevin J. Beitchman
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Manual of Clinical Oncology

Author : Dieter K. Hossfeld
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A new, up-dated edition of the classic Manual of Clinical Oncology: an excellent sourcebook for practitioners and ba- sic textbook for medical students.

Diffusion and Perfusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Author : Denis Le Bihan
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Implant Dentistry E Book

Author : Arun K. Garg
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Get the practical information you need to add dental implants to your practice! Dr. Arun Garg, a leading dental implant educator, clinician, and researcher, uses a clear, succinct writing style to inform and guide you through the full scope of dental implantology. A patient-focused approach covers surgical templates and techniques, sterilization, pharmacology, bone biology, complications, and more. A robust appendix offers handy information including insurance codes, consent forms, surgical tray set-ups, and food recipes for patients recovering from surgery. A practical yet comprehensive approach covers all aspects of implant dentistry from patient history to post-operative care, with minimal use of jargon, in an easy-to-read format. Outstanding photos help you visualize and understand patient outcomes. An appendix on post-operative instructions includes a unique section on delicious yet recovery-specific recipes.

The Creative Loop

Author : Erich Harth
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Attempts to shed light on the interaction between the physical brain and the human qualities we call mind

The Academy and Literature

Author :
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Emergent and Urgent Neurology

Author : William J. Weiner
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This volume offers definitive treatment and patient management guidelines for neurologists faced with a neurological emergency or urgent neurological problem. Unlike texts geared to the emergency room physician, this book is written for the neurological specialist, and covers not only the true emergencies, but also urgent problems that can develop into emergencies, such as altered consciousness and transient ischemic attacks. In addition, it addresses neurological conditions that are deemed urgent with regard to management of a chronic illness, such as severe chronic headaches, exacerbation of focal signs in a patient with multiple sclerosis, acute mental status changes in a patient with dementia, and appearance of a new movement disorder in a patient with Parkinson's disease. The editors have reorganized this second edition to emphasize a symptomatic approach and have focused the chapters for greater consistency of style.

Radio Science

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The Cancer Handbook

Author : Malcolm Alison
File Size : 62.54 MB
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Provides a comprehensive overview of all major areas of cancer research and oncology. Bridging the gap between the molecular biology of cancer and clinical diagnosis and treatment, this online reference work provides a resource for medical and life sciences students, as well as all scientists, clinicians and researchers working in the cancer field and related biomedical areas.