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Trace Paint Watercolour

Author : Terry Harrison
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"Full size outline drawings included" - Cover.

Mediterranean Landscapes in Watercolour

Author : Geoff Kersey
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Geoff Kersey shows how to paint five typically Mediterranean scenes including a beach, a farm in Tuscany and a harbour, and the outline for each project is provided as a pull-out tracing. People who want to learn to paint without relying on their drawing skills have everything they need in this book.

The Theory and Practice of Painting in Oil and Watercolours for Landscape and Portraits

Author : Theodore Henry Fielding
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Watercolour Landscapes

Author : Terry Harrison
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Step-by-step photographs and clear explanations show how to achieve the effects needed to paint the various elements of a landscape with watercolors. From the initial sketch to the finishing touches, getting started is easy with this manual that features a pull-out section of tracing papers that guide the hand and establish a balanced composition. Learn how to create impressive paintings of snowy villages, poppy fields, country woods, and more from among the featured projects that build skills, build confidence, and enable beginners to develop their own style.

Simplified Watercolor Landscapes

Author : Kooler Design Studio
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Join master watercolorist Tom Jones in an exciting landscape painting adventure as he shares his passion for art and love of nature with painters of all skill levels. Learn how easy it is to replicate his vivid landscapes of tropical, desert, seaside, and mountain scenes. His clear step-by-step approach accompanied by value sketches, color worksheets, and line drawings will provide you with the know-how to create landscapes with texture and depth. 12 designs: British Columbia, Buffalo at Yellowstone, Abandoned Boathouse, Florida Lighthouse, Grand Canyon, Long Hike Up, Mountain Lake, Pumpkin Field, Savannah Marsh, Tropical Sunset, Wading Egrets, and Winter in the Smokies. Simplified Watercolor Landscapes (Leisure Arts #22659)

Landscape and Vision in Nineteenth Century Britain and France

Author : Michael Charlesworth
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A study of the ways landscape was perceived in nineteenth-century Britain and France, this book draws on evidence from poetry, landscape gardens, spectacular public entertainments, novels and scientific works as well as paintings in order to develop its basic premise that landscape and the processes of perceiving it cannot be separated. Vision embraces panoramic seeing from high places, but also the seeing of ghosts and spectres when madness and hallucination impinge upon landscape. The rise of geology and the spread of empires upset the existing comfortable orders of comprehension of landscape. Reverie and imagination produced powerful interpretive actions, while landscape in French culture proved central to the rejection of conservative classicism in favour of perceptual questioning of experience. The experience of subjectivity proved central to the perception of landscape while the visual culture of landscape became of paramount importance to modernity during the period in question.

Learn Watercolour Landscapes Quickly

Author : Hazel Soan
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A guide to landscape painting for complete beginners with simple exercises. Hazel Soan is a hugely successful painter and an outstanding teacher and author of art books, which have introduced the wonders of art to a generation of amateur artists. In this book she teaches you how to get to grips with watercolour landscapes in the space of an afternoon. The book explores the basics of watercolour landscapes with lots of simple exercises and step-by-step demonstrations that are perfect for beginners. That life-long ambition of painting somewhere that is important to you can become a possibility with the help of this nifty little book. Topics covered include creating space, composition and focus, light and shadows, colours of the landscape and the mixing of watercolours. Watercolour painting techniques such as painting en plein air, brushwork, creating texture, wet into wet and wet on dry are explained. The book also explores specific landscape themes such as skies, foliage, forests, gardens, seascapes, wilderness, sunsets, urban landscapes, panoramas, sunsets and many more.

Creating Luminous Watercolor Landscapes

Author : Sterling Edwards
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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How to paint your world in watercolor…and have fun doing it! The day Sterling Edwards watched an artist paint an entire sky with three deft brushstrokes was the day he committed to trading his tiny oil brushes and photorealistic style in favor of big, bold strokes of watercolor. In the years since, he's developed not only a wonderfully fresh, luminous painting style, but also an approach that takes the intimidation out of this beautiful but often-mystifying medium. In this book, he shares both. • Initial chapters lay the foundation for successful paintings, from choosing the right brushes to achieving vibrant colors, interesting textures and strong compositions. • Step-by-step demonstrations illustrate techniques for painting rocks, skies, trees, foliage, buildings, water and other landscape elements. • An easy-to-follow, four-step painting process makes for easier starts and stronger finishes, complete with rich darks and sparkling highlights. • Eight complete painting projects cover a range of breathtaking scenes and seasons. Whether you're dipping into the medium for the first time or you're a watercolor devotee on a quest for clearer color and more personal statements, this book will help you make the most of the time you spend with brush in hand.

Country Landscapes in Watercolour

Author : Terry Harrison
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Approaching the subject of pastoral landscapes with his typical verve, beloved instructor Terry Harrison guides beginning watercolor artists through five country scenes in this step-by-step guide. From a country estate beyond an open gate to a small church nestled among a bluebell wood, each scene is carefully selected to give new artists confidence and offer intermediate artists a handful of satisfying challenges. All projects are accompanied by pull-out tracing paper that easily transfers each scene onto watercolor paper?artists need only a soft graphite pencil and a rubbing tool to achieve the transfer?eliminating the need for prerequisite drawing abilities. Additional scenes include a snowy winter pasture and a small footbridge crossing a ford among autumn leaves.

Take Three Colours

Author : Geoff Kersey
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Even if you have never picked up a paintbrush before, Geoff Kersey shows you how to paint convincing watercolour landscapes using just 3 brushes, 3 colours, a plastic palette and a watercolour pad. Only students' range watercolour paints are used in light red, cadmium yellow pale and ultramarine blue, yet from these, Geoff shows you how to paint 9 realistic watercolour scenes. There is no off-putting colour theory or long-winded mixing information, but a practical absolute beginner's course that shows the three colours in action. You need only 3 affordable brushes: no. 10, no. 4 and no. 2 rounds in a synthetic range, to achieve all of the paintings shown. Let Geoff Kersey build your skills through 9 easy exercises, starting from the simplest of scenes, resulting in landscapes you'll be proud of. Start with a simple sky and progress through a basic scene with a reflected sunset, to landscapes that include simple buildings and even a figure. Clear advice and step-by-step photographs show how to add a simple figure to a scene and how to trace and transfer the basic drawings from the finished paintings, which are shown full size in the book for this purpose.You have everything you need to get painting.

Victorian Landscape Watercolors

Author : Scott Wilcox
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English landscape watercolor painting, a perfect marriage of genre and medium, entered a lively period of experimentation in style and content during the second half of the nineteenth century, with rich and diverse results. Through all the changes of style and technique and all the debates over the appropriate use of the medium, it was watercolor's ability to convey the timeless truth and reality of the natural world that mattered to artists, critics, and audiences. British watercolors of the Victorian period continued to observe an essential humility before nature; they remain fresh and compellingly immediate because they derived in the first place from the artists' heartfelt communion with the elements of nature. Victorian Landscape Watercolors begins with a consideration of the continuing influence of the great generation who earlier in the century, during the extraordinary parallel rise of watercolor and landscape painting, had established the landscape watercolor as a major British contribution to the arts. The second chapter examines the role of the landscape watercolor in the aesthetic thought of John Ruskin, whose critical voice played a dominant role in shaping that art. The third chapter looks at the place of landscape within the watercolor societies and its development as it appeared in their annual exhibitions. The final chapter deals with the tug of new and old, foreign and native in the later Victorian period. The book also features 126 watercolors, from public and private collections in America and England, all reproduced in full color and accompanied by individual commentaries. Among the 76 artists represented are David Cox, Sr. and Jr., Walter Crane, William Holman Hunt, Edward Lear, Samuel Palmer, James Mallord William Turner, James McNeill Whistler, and Ruskin himself, along with dozens of lesser-known masters of the medium. Victorian Landscape Watercolors is published in conjunction with the first exhibition to survey this period of this particularly British contribution to the arts; the exhibition, organized by the Yale Center for British Art in New Haven, Connecticut, will also be seen at the Cleveland Museum of Art and in Birmingham, England.

Traces of Indiana and Midwestern History

Author :
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Creating Watercolor Landscapes Using Photographs

Author : Donald W. Patterson
File Size : 23.91 MB
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In this unique book, professional "house-painter"Helen Haberstroh shows artists how to capture the feeling of home in original and expressive house portraits built upon the all-important elements of perspective, texture and accuracy.

Coastal Landscapes in Watercolour

Author : Tony Cowlishaw
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With a thoughtful eye toward amateur artists and art students, this introduction to watercolor painting collects five dramatic ocean views that range from craggy cliffs and crashing waves to stirring waters of a tranquil bay. Employing a fresh, expressive voice, Tony Cowlishaw includes detailed, step-by-step descriptions and advice for each inspiring project. Every project in this guide includes pull-out tracing paper that easily transfers each seaside composition to watercolor paper using only a soft graphite pencil and a rubbing tool, eliminating prerequisite drawing skills and making getting started simple and easy.


Author : Barnes and Noble Staff
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"This book consists of step-by-step projects that can either be replicated as a lesson in composition, or used as a study of technique for inspiration in painting individual projects" --back cover.

Artbibliographies Modern

Author :
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Alpine Scene in Watercolour

Author : Arnold Lowrey
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British Landscape Watercolours 1750 1850

Author : Jane Munro
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Landscape and Gender in the Novels of Charlotte Bront George Eliot and Thomas Hardy

Author : Dr Eithne Henson
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Examining a wide range of representations of physical, metaphorical, and dream landscapes in Charlotte Brontë, George Eliot, and Thomas Hardy, Eithne Henson explores the way in which gender attitudes are expressed, both in descriptions of landscape as the human body and in ideas of nature. Henson discusses the influence of eighteenth-century aesthetic theory, particularly on Brontë and Eliot, and argues that Ruskinian aesthetics, Darwinism, and other scientific preoccupations of an industrializing economy, changed constructions of landscape in the later nineteenth century. Henson examines the conventions of reading landscape, including the implied expectations of the reader, the question of the gendered narrator, how place defines the kind of action and characters in the novels, the importance of landscape in creating mood, the pastoral as a moral marker for readers, and the influence of changing aesthetic theory on the implied painterly models that the three authors reproduce in their work. She also considers how each writer defines the concept of Englishness against an internal or colonial Other. Alongside these concerns, Henson interrogates the ancient trope that equates woman with nature, and the effect of comparing women to natural objects or offering them as objects of the male gaze, typically to diminish or control them. Informed by close readings, Henson's study offers an original approach to the significances of landscape in the 'realist' nineteenth-century novel.

Botanical Painting with Watercolour

Author : Daphne Hicks
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Format : PDF, ePub
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The characteristics of watercolour naturally complement botanical art and this beautiful book shows you how to make the most of this versatile medium. It starts by guiding you through the complexities of painting flowers, with advice on materials and colour mixing, using colour to achieve translucency and clarity, building confidence with step-by-step examples and the importance of observation and botanical accuracy. It then creates detailed and beautiful compositions for the more experienced botanical artist. This new book has ideas and tips on composition and how to include animal life and is structured by season to include a range of flowers and plants. Beautifully illustrated with 186 colour illustrations.