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Transformative Coaching

Author : Susan Askew
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Why publish another book on coaching? While there are numerous books covering coaching tools and techniques, most share a common focus on goal-setting and goal achievement. This book offers a rare alternative perspective that focuses on reflective learning as the starting point for professional growth, and illustrates how coaches can apply this approach in coaching meetings. Drawing on their research and experiences of developing professional learning programmes for coaches, the authors identify three kinds of learning in coaching: - the learning of new skills and competences - learning to see something differently - learning more about the self in practice (reflective learning). The authors contend that while learning of the first and second kinds are well supported in coaching practice, more attention to learning of the third kind is needed. An emphasis on self-reflection, for both coaches and coachees, can lead to more effective, transformative and sustained change to practice. Using case studies and examples of successful coaching meetings, this thought-provoking book explores this reflective model of coaching. It also examines current debates in coaching; issues to do with self-identity and power relationships; why peer coaching and supervision are important; and how coaching can play a significant role in an organisation’s learning. Transformative Coaching will be especially useful for coaches and students of coaching working in education organisations, including those who offer accredited coaching courses. It is also relevant to all learning professionals, particularly from the education, medical, legal and social services sector and to any organisations that place importance on supporting learning.

Coaching in Times of Crisis and Transformation

Author : Liz Hall
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Coaching in Times of Crisis and Transformation takes an in-depth look at crisis and change in the world we live in today and discusses its impact on both individuals and organizations. Covering not just coaching in the current crisis but any time of crisis and change, it offers a complete, practical resource for managers and coaches to tackle the challenges effectively. This book can help turn a crisis, whether personal or systemic into an opportunity for transformation. Coaching in Times of Crisis and Transformation covers definitions of crisis from both the individual and organizational perspective, including insights on: adapting to change and finding opportunities in crisis, what neuroscience tells us about our reactions to change, transformative coaching, change models, supporting organizations in crisis and how coaching and mentoring can act as preventative measures against crises.

Transformational Coaching to Lead Culturally Diverse Teams

Author : Sunny Stout-Rostron
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In this book, Dr Sunny Stout-Rostron examines real-world experience and the contemporary literature on group and team coaching. She analyses how team coaching can guide coaches to help leaders and teams flourish in complex, culturally diverse organisations. As well as presenting a variety of team coaching models she also presents her own model, High-Performance Relationship Coaching, the result of many years of working with global corporate teams. Dr Stout-Rostron illuminates how team coaches can help teams to learn from and interpret their own experiences, and to understand the complexity of the environment in which they work. Her team coaching model is explored over eight chapters, beginning with the role of the business team coach and leadership coaching processes. She evaluates how to work in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how to shift culture through transformative leadership coaching, explains the depth of relationship systems coaching, and explores how to apply a variety of methods including Ubuntu coaching. The book encourages team coaches to develop deep self-awareness, team awareness, cultural diversity awareness and wider systemic and relationship awareness. Filled with practical stories and examples, it describes how to work successfully with these models in the real world. Transformational Coaching to Lead Culturally Diverse Teams is a key guide for coaches in practice and in training, HR and L&D professionals and executives in a coaching role. This is essential reading for all team coaches.

Justice oriented Literacy Coaching

Author : Misty Sailors
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This book explores notions of justice-oriented literacy coaching and offers a way of being in the world with young people, teachers, and communities that centers transformative coaching, teaching, and learning. It is intended to disrupt the traditional and historical positioning of literacy coaches in schools today. Through the lens of social justice and liberatory education, Sailors and Manning begin a dialogue with literacy coaches to help them reconsider their own roles and positions as agents of change in schools. Using vignettes and stories to illustrate potential paths into emancipatory literacy learning environments, the authors present literacy as a socially-situated act of meaning-making. Accessible and inviting, this book provides pragmatic tools for literacy leaders to embody social justice, to grapple with big social concepts, to imagine possibilities, and to stimulate creative thinking with the teachers at their schools and with the students in their classrooms. Intended for literacy coaches in grades K-6 and graduate students in literacy education, this book includes a wealth of resources and examples from real-world contexts, as well as spaces for the reader to interact and engage with the text through journaling and self-reflection.

Transforming Organisational Culture Through Coaching

Author : Dr Susanne Knowles
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Organisations continue to look for ways to increase shareholder value. After they downsize and rightsize, leaders look to maximise the return on their human capital investment. Coaching, when delivered throughout the organisation, has been found to be a particularly effective and powerful means of creating transformational, cultural change. Organisations with a growth mentality use coaching to recognise and unleash the potential of all employees. The book is an informative source of practical strategies and mechanisms to successfully develop and embed a coaching culture into an organisation. CEOs, senior executives, organisational leaders and HR professionals will benefit from the structured approach to changing organisational thinking and behaving to bring about cultural change. Leaders can checklist where they are on their journey to embedding a coaching culture and identify any gaps they need to fill, plus the next steps they need to take to become a fully transformed organisation benefitting from increased staff engagement, productivity improvements and the retention of talented staff. Four discrete stages that organisations go through to develop a coaching culture have been identified from my research. These stages relate to organisational leaders' understanding of coaching, motivation for coaching, key drivers of coaching throughout the organisation and the people who deliver the coaching. Processes and strategies for organisations to transition from one stage to the next are detailed. The educational, psychological and management strategies and mechanisms by which organisational leaders learn, grow and behave differently as the organisation transitions from one stage to the next are revealed. Implications for CEO and senior executives, HR professionals and organisational leaders are outlined.

Co Active Coaching

Author : Henry Kimsey-House
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The definitive edition - updated and expanded, with access to an online toolkit. 'The bible of coaching guides...No other book gives you the tools, skills, and the fundamentals needed to succeed in these delicate relationships.' Stephen R. Covey, Author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Co-Active Coaching offers current and aspiring coaches, leaders and managers in organisations and anyone wanting to strengthen interpersonal relationships, a practical, yet transformative communication process called the Co-Active Model. Since its creation by the authors more than 25 years ago, the Co-Active Model and the book have formed the foundation of the authors' six-part coach training program delivered globally to tens of thousands of individuals each year through the authors' training institute, CTI. With its origins in the coaching profession, the Co-Active Model also applies to work and interpersonal relationships because it is based on principles of effective communication backed by current scientific research. In this highly-anticipated new edition, the universal applicability of the the Co-Active Model is emphasised. It goes beyond the one-on-one coach/coachee structure to include guidance for leaders and managers on how they can add a coaching competency to their professional skill set. New to this edition: · Every chapter has been updated for relevance and direct application to coaching in all of its forms, including in the workplace · New material covering: current neuroscience research, Co-Active approaches to leadership development and working with groups and teams · More examples drawn from the authors' first-hand experiences, especially in workplace settings · More examples of the Co-Active Model applied internationally · Updated/fine-tuned glossary (less jargon) · Web-based 'Toolkit' with 27 exercises, questionnaires, checklists, and reproducible forms

Coaching for Transformation

Author : Martha Lasley
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Coaching for Transformation puts a new spin on coaching. The authors explore not only how the coach empowers clients to support personal growth but also social change. The self-awareness tools awaken passion that helps clients identify their deepest yearning and make a difference in the world. Rather than a mere "how-to" manual, this book presents a model of coaching from the inside out, examining the relationship of mind, heart, body and spirit in both the coach and the client. The authors present five pathways to transformation: - exploring needs and values - experiencing the moment - envisioning the future - expanding the view - embracing the shadow Each pathway reinvigorates passion and supports commitment to new actions based on self-alignment. The book is filled with ways to develop empathic presence and empower people to take action based on self-intimacy. Coaching for Transformation presents simple, profound tools for calling out the power of the people we coach. By developing your "coach's stand" (a courageous, empowered set of physical, mental and spiritual qualities that inspire clients) you create a unique style that includes both compassionate and fierce coaching. The real value of this book lies in the authors' commitment to take coaching out into the world beyond people with power and privilege. As you step into the Coaching for Transformation process, you create sacred relationships with your clients that take them to the core of their being. These relationships are the foundation for their discovery of who they are, what they want and how they contribute to their family, workplace, community and the world. This holistic approach includes 24 coaching skills that help clients identify and stretch toward goals that create a better world. The coaching process results in empowerment and lasting change. The authors are successful coaches who offer a transformative 9-month coaching certification program through their organization, Leadership that Works. They are pioneers in bringing coaching to nonprofits and social activists. Among their clients are leaders in the social sector, philanthropists, corporate executives, universities and individuals from all walks of life. Chapters include: Section I: Getting Started 1. Welcome to Coaching 2. Cultivating Presence 3. Core Skills -The Coach's Palette 4. Calling out the Power Section II: Pathways to Alignment 5. Exploring Needs and Values 6. Experiencing the Moment 7. Envisioning the Future 8. Expanding the View 9. Embracing the Shadow Section III: Making Visions Real 10. Strategy in Action 11. The Business of Coaching Section IV: Evolution of Coaching 12. Contributions to Coaching 13. Cross Cultural Coaching 14. Power, Privilege and Coaching 15. Coaching in Organizations 16. Coaching for Social Change 17. Soul and Spirit Most valuable of all are the examples of coaching dialogues that demonstrate the skills and processes that lead to transformation. These real examples make it easy to start using the skills right away

Co Active Coaching Fourth Edition

Author : Henry Kimsey-House
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The wait is over! This is the new 4th edition of the cultural and business phenomenon that helped launch the professional practice of coaching! 'The bible of coaching guides...No other book gives you the tools, skills, and the fundamentals needed to succeed in these delicate relationships.' Stephen R. Covey, Author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People This extensively revised 4th edition now offers leaders, managers and other business professionals practical guidance for embracing coaching as a core competency to drive greater workplace engagement. The flexible Co-Active Coaching model showcased in the book has stood the test of time as a transformative communication process that co-workers and teammates, managers, teachers, and students can use to build strong and collaborative relationships. In this highly-anticipated new edition, the authors capture their broader experience in applying the Co-Active approach to leadership and human development. The book reflects today's reality of how coaching has moved beyond its initial focus on life skills to become an integral aspect of successful leadership development. It provides the latest terminology and a variety of fresh coaching examples drawn from the authors' first-hand experiences with thousands of international coaching trainees and clients. The power-packed on-line Coach's Toolkit has been expanded to include more than 35 exercises, questionnaires, checklists to make these proven principles and techniques accessible and practical. Full of thoughtful exercises, relevant examples and concrete advice, this text is clear, direct, easy to read, and inspiring. The only book life coaches, business coaches and health coaches will ever need to build stronger relationships and healthier communication.

The Art of Dialogue in Coaching

Author : Reinhard Stelter
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In The Art of Dialogue in Coaching, Reinhard Stelter invites readers to engage in transformative and fruitful dialogues in everyday working life, and provides the theory and tools for them to be able to do so. Presented in three parts, the book provides a complete overview of the importance of dialogue and how it can be utilised. Part I, Theoretical basis, examines third-generation coaching as a collaborative dialogue form, the societal context of the coaching process and the concept of identity in modern society. Part II, Basic themes of fruitful dialogue, examines meaning-making, value and the narrative perspective, and their significance in creating a new dialogue culture. Finally, Part III, Reflections on dialogue practice, explores the art of being a supporting dialogue guide, drawing on a number of theoretical perspectives and focusing on developing relational competencies. Stelter emphasises that taking the time to linger opens new possibilities for fundamental self-insight, and clearly explains how dialogue provides us with a framework for acting in the world with personal integrity. The Art of Dialogue in Coaching will be an essential guide for coaches in practice and in training, coaching psychologists and professionals with a coaching role, including mentors, consultants and leaders. In particular, it will appeal to those looking to conduct dialogue as an art form, enhancing their work as a co-creative and collaborative guide.

Transforming Adults Through Coaching New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education Number 148

Author : James P. Pappas
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The field of coaching adult populations has grown dramatically over the past two decades. This volume brings together coaching scholars and experts to review this trend, examine some of the theoretical foundations of the field, and explore how coaching adults manifests itself in the workplace, at executive levels, and in educational and nonprofit organizations. Readers will: Gain understanding of this field of coaching adult audiences, Learn how adult development and adult learning theories undergird this work, and See applications of coaching approaches through numerous case studies. This is the 148th volume of the Jossey Bass series New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education. Noted for its depth of coverage, it explores issues of common interest to instructors, administrators, counselors, and policymakers in a broad range of education settings, such as colleges and universities, extension programs, businesses, libraries, and museums. This is the 148th volume of the Jossey Bass series New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education. Noted for its depth of coverage, it explores issues of common interest to instructors, administrators, counselors, and policymakers in a broad range of education settings, such as colleges and universities, extension programs, businesses, libraries, and museums.

Coaching from the Base Up Transformative Basketball Drills and Practice Plans from Coaches

Author : Keith Rumjahn
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A Shift in Being

Author : Leon Vanderpol
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As visionary and illuminating as it is instructive and practical, A Shift in Being is a guide for all those who desire to support others to explore and transform their inner world, and to embody new levels of personal reality. This book takes you on an inspiring journey that reveals how transformational coaching is perfectly positioned to enable people to experience and express their true selves. Not by using an intellect-driven, 'figure it out' approach, but by shifting their attention to what is emanating from deep within. Their paradigm then shifts, radically changing how they experience themselves and the world around them. In clear, relaxed prose, Leon VanderPol takes you through the process of facilitating soul-deep transformation, masterfully weaving together coaching, healing, psychology, and spirituality with an in-depth knowledge of what it takes to open people to their highest truths.*The first part explores the stages, patterns, and dynamics of human transformation--essential knowledge for all those who do transformative work. *The second part introduces the Deep Coaching approach and nine transformative practices that will forever change the potentials of your work. In fact, A Shift in Being will change your life - and through you, the lives of others.

Coaching Process Based on Transformative Learning Theory for Changing the Instructional Mindset of Elementary School Teachers

Author : Milintra Kawinkamolroj
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This research aimed to develop coaching process based on transformative learning theory for changing the mindset about instruction of elementary school teachers. Tools used in this process include mindset tests and questionnaires designed to assess the instructional mindset of teachers and to allow the teachers to reflect on how they perceive themselves and their role as educators. Additionally, in accordance with the transformative process, guidance is provided to improve their instructional mindset. Because validation and verification are an essential aspect of the transformative process, the tests and questionnaires that were developed have been reviewed by nine experts resulting in a validity of 97% and 81%. The feedback and recommendations from the experts was applied to the improvement of the tests, questionnaires and teacher's guidance. The revised material was administered to seventy elementary school teachers, resulting in reliability scores of 76%, 82%, and 87%, demonstrating the tests' ability to separate the strong and weak teachers. Consequently, it was found that a coaching process based on transformative learning theory for changing the mindset in instruction of elementary school teachers, implemented within the context of the teacher's own place of work through learning experiences, thorough thinking, best practices, and teacher's interaction, allowed them to change their mindset which was evidenced in their behaviors. [For the complete Volume 13, Number 1 proceedings, see ED568595.].

Calling Up

Author : J.P. Nerbun
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Calling Up is a guide for coaches of all sports at all levels that presents a step-by-step process to building a transformational culture, starting with changing coaching behaviors, attitudes, and language. Modern-day coaches face the same challenges every day: entitled youth, overinvolved parents, and the community and administration’s expectation for wins. Coaching does not just take a great deal of time; it takes an emotional and physical toll, and coaches need to know they are not the only ones facing these struggles. After over 11 years of coaching, and his own coaching philosophy transformation, J.P. Nerbun felt called to share the hard lessons that could not be found in a book when he started coaching. Calling Up provides an easily accessible and inspiring story as J.P. details the transformative experience of a high school basketball coach named Daniel and his year-long struggle to keep his job while working to become the coach he always wanted to be. Apart from the entertaining and relatable story, which connects with coaches on a personal level, Calling Up provides coaches with principles based on scientific research and personal experience that explore how people learn, what motivates them, and the human condition. These principles are shared by some of the most highly qualified and successful coaches in sports and J.P. also provides specific tools and explains how those tools are applied within the context of a team. At the end of the day, Calling Up shows coaches not just how to build great athletes, but how to build great people.

Transformative Curriculum Leadership

Author : James George Henderson
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From one of the best-known scholars in the curriculum field, who worked closely with an experienced assistant superintendent of instruction, comes an important revision of Transformative Curriculum Leadership. This edition provides concrete guidance on how to practice a curriculum problem solving that integrates constructivist learning with democratic understanding. The book is organized around the leadership experiences of the assistant superintendent, and it contains a wealth of guiding rubrics, figures, images, and illustrations. The text is organized into three easy-to-follow sections and concludes with an historical narrative that clarifies the book's theoretical underpinnings.

Dissertation Abstracts International

Author :
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Developing Rural School Leaders

Author : Hans W. Klar
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Developing Rural School Leaders combines a focus on rural education and school leadership development to illustrate how the teaching and learning conditions in rural schools can be enhanced through transformative leadership coaching. By unpacking literature related to rural school leadership development and using case studies to authentically illustrate the complexities involved in rural school leadership development, this book explores how leaders can develop their abilities to increase data-informed instructional decision making, create a culture that supports teaching and learning, and develop other leaders. Ultimately, this important book concludes with an exploration of the opportunities and challenges of developing rural school leaders.

How to Coach Individuals Teams and Organizations to Master Transformational Change

Author : Stephen K. Hacker
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Transformational coaching by a person who has personally experienced transformation and has mastered a specific coaching methodology is a powerful catalyst for holistic change. The transformational coach can awaken individuals and groups to greater awareness and a sense of purpose that enables them to move through these barriers and access untapped sources of energy for breakthrough potential. This book offers a practical yet provocative approach and gives coaches, organizational and business leaders, HR executives, and other change agents a proven approach for creating transformative change on an individual and collective scale by first coaching themselves and then other individuals, their teams, and their organizations for significant improvements in performance and effectiveness.


Author : Elle Allison-Napolitano
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Leadership coaching that moves beyond the status quo How does leadership coaching lift people and programs beyond the demands of the status quo? What does it mean to serve as a “thought partner” for colleagues at the helm of meaningful change? Dr. Elle Allison shows how successful processes, along with leadership coaching leads to creative and goal-meeting cultures. Named for a physics term that refers to sustainable energy in the absence of its source, Flywheel offers leadership teams the following outcomes: Emerging leaders through meaningful work Deep implementation of your best initiatives Better interactions and relationships An engaged and committed workforce Increased ownership and accountability Innovative and inspired thinking

The Wisdom of Coaching

Author : Richard R. Kilburg
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Essential articles originally published in the "Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research" delve into what it means to coach senior executives in the worlds major corporations. This volume offers practical guidance through the numerous case studies, conceptual approaches, and methods collected in this volume.