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Translation and Language

Author : Peter Fawcett
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Translation Studies and linguistics have been going through a love­-hate relationship since the 1950s. This book assesses both sides of the relationship, tracing the very real contributions that linguists have made to translation studies and at the same time recognizing the limitations of many of their approaches. With good humour and even­handedness, Fawcett describes detailed taxonomies of translation strategies and deals with traditional problems such as equivalence. Yet he also explains and assesses the more recent contributions of text linguistics, sociolinguistics, pragmatics and psycholinguistics. This work is exceptional in that it presents theories originally produced in Russian, German, French and Spanish as well as English. Its broad coverage and accessible treatment provide essential background reading for students of translation at all levels.

Translation and Language Education

Author : Sara Laviosa
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The revival of translation as a means of learning and teaching a foreign language and as a skill in its own right is occurring at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in universities. In this book, Sara Laviosa proposes a translation-based pedagogy that is grounded in theory and has been applied in real educational contexts. This volume draws on the convergence between the view of language and translation embraced by ecologically-oriented educationalists and the theoretical underpinnings of the holistic approach to translating culture. It puts forward a holistic pedagogy that harmonizes the teaching of language and translation in the same learning environment. The author examines the changing nature of the role of pedagogic translation starting with the Grammar Translation Method and concluding with the more recent ecological approaches to Foreign Language Education. Translation and Language Education analyses current research into the revival of translation in language teaching and is vital reading for translators, language teachers and postgraduate students working in the areas of Translation Studies and Applied Linguistics.

Translation and Language Teaching

Author : Melita Koletnik
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Drawing upon convergences between translation studies and foreign and second language (L2) didactics that have emerged as a result of recent research, this volume continues the dialogue between the two disciplines by allowing for epistemological two-way traffic, marrying established, yet so far unrelated or under-researched, conceptual approaches, and disseminating innovative scientific evidence from different continents. A unique feature of the volume is the sub-section presenting the most recent empirical studies in the development of linguistic and other professional competences for translators, with suggestions for re(de)fining translation curricula. The contributors to this volume include representatives of various spheres, including academics, researchers and practitioners. Their underlying theoretical and empirical research is informed by multiple perspectives: linguistics, didactics, and translation-related. This book shows how integrating insights from translation studies into language teaching and vice versa can effectively respond to the challenges of contemporary language and translator teaching and training.

Translation Language Teaching

Author : Kirsten Malmkjær
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For at least a century, attitudes to the use of translation in language teaching have been predominantly negative, the deprecators of the methodology having been particularly vocal at the turn of the 20th century and again in the 1960s and 70s. Yet, for all of this time, translation has remained a significant component in the teaching of many languages in many parts of the world, and the 1980s saw a revival of support for the practice among a number of applied linguists. Language teaching for translators has been rather less contentious. It has always been assumed that translators must know their languages thoroughly, but little has been written about how they, as a special group, might be taught their languages. In the final quarter of the 20th century, attention among translation scholars and pedagogues has turned so decisively away from linguistics that even teaching translators about their languages and how they can be put to use has been frowned on in many quarters. This book takes a fresh look at both issues. Part One addresses the question of the place and nature of language teaching in translator training programmes. Part Two deals with the issue of how translation might best be used as a teaching and testing methodology in language classes. Finally, the papers in Part Three address the relationship between translation and language teaching from the somewhat divergent points of view of the translator trainer and language teacher.

Translation in Language Teaching and Assessment

Author : Dina Tsagari
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The aim of this volume is to record the resurgent influence of Language Learning in Translation Studies and the various contemporary ways in which translation is used in the fields of Language Teaching and Assessment. It examines the possibilities and limitations of the interplay between the two disciplines in attempting to investigate the degree to which recent calls for reinstating translation in language learning have borne fruit. The volume accommodates high-quality original submissions that address a variety of issues from a theoretical as well as an empirical point of view. The chapters of the volume raise important questions and demonstrate the beginning of a new era of conscious epistemological traffic between the two aforementioned disciplines. The contributors to the volume are academics, researchers and professionals in the fields of Translation Studies and Language Teaching and Assessment from various countries and educational contexts, including the USA, Canada, Taiwan R.O.C., and European countries such as Belgium, Germany, Greece, Slovenia and Sweden, and various professional and instructional settings, such as school sector and graduate, undergraduate and certificate programs. The contributions approach the interplay between the two disciplines from various angles, including functional approaches to translation, contemporary types of translation, and the discursive interaction between teachers and students.

Linguistics and the Language of Translation

Author : Kirsten Malmkjær
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This book is for students of translation, languages and linguistics who would like to enhance their understanding of the relationships between these areas of study. The book uses explanation, discussion and practice to make explicit the forms of knowledge of language and of translation that makes translators successful. Chapters on the development of translation studies in the west and on contemporary approaches to translation provide the disciplinary context within which the processes and products of translating are studied. The theoretical and academic context for the chapters in which application is focal is provided by the book's flexible and forward-looking approach to meaning and translation. Meaning is seen as a temporary relationship between participants in language events and translation as a creative activity that contributes to such events. From this position, interaction between language study, linguistics and translation studies is seen as mutually enriching.Five practical chapters cover sounds and rhythms, lexis, collocation and semantic prosody, texture, register, cohesion, coherence, implicature, speech and text acts, text and genre analysis, clausal thematicity and transitivity and the expression through language choices of ideological positions.Features:* Each chapter provides examples for analysis and translating practice based on a variety of text types, including poems, prose, drama, newspaper and journal articles, promotional materials and texts for tourists.* Examples are drawn mainly from Danish, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish, but most practice sections can be used for analysis and translation into any language from English* The book can be used at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Translation in Language Teaching

Author : Guy Cook
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Oxford Applied Linguistics features books providing thorough yet accessible coverage of controversial topics related to language use, including learning, teaching, research, and policy. All titles are based on extensive research and include comprehensive bibliographies. The authors are notedauthorities in their fields.

Found in Translation

Author : Nataly Kelly
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Translation. It’s everywhere we look, but seldom seen—until now. Found in Translation reveals the surprising and complex ways that translation shapes the world. Covering everything from holy books to hurricane warnings and poetry to peace treaties, Nataly Kelly and Jost Zetzsche offer language lovers and pop culture fans alike an insider’s view of the ways in which translation spreads culture, fuels the global economy, prevents wars, and stops the outbreak of disease. Examples include how translation plays a key role at Google, Facebook, NASA, the United Nations, the Olympics, and more.

Audiovisual Translation

Author : Jorge Díaz Cintas
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An introduction by leading experts in the field to the fascinating subject of translating audiovisual programmes for the television, the cinema, the Internet and the stage and the problems the differences between cultures can cause.

Translation in Second Language Learning and Teaching

Author : Arnd Witte
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Proceedings of a conference, "Translation in second language teaching and learning", that took place at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, March 27-29, 2008

Topics in Language Resources for Translation and Localisation

Author : Elia Yuste Rodrigo
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Language Resources (LRs) are sets of language data and descriptions in machine readable form, such as written and spoken language corpora, terminological databases, computational lexica and dictionaries, and linguistic software tools. Over the past few decades, mainly within research environments, LRs have been specifically used to create, optimise or evaluate natural language processing (NLP) and human language technologies (HLT) applications, including translation-related technologies. Gradually the infrastructures and exploitation tools of LRs are being perceived as core resources in the language services industries and in localisation production settings. However, some efforts ought yet to be made to raise further awareness about LRs in general, and LRs for translation and localisation in particular to a wider audience in all corners of the world. Topics in Language Resources for Translation and Localisation sets out to establish the state of the art of this ever expanding field and underscores the usefulness that LRs can potentially have in the process of creating, adapting, managing, standardising and leveraging content for more than one language and culture from various perspectives.

Nation Language and the Ethics of Translation

Author : Sandra Bermann
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In recent years, scholarship on translation has moved well beyond the technicalities of converting one language into another and beyond conventional translation theory. With new technologies blurring distinctions between "the original" and its reproductions, and with globalization redefining national and cultural boundaries, "translation" is now emerging as a reformulated subject of lively, interdisciplinary debate. Nation, Language, and the Ethics of Translation enters the heart of this debate. It covers an exceptional range of topics, from simultaneous translation to legal theory, from the language of exile to the language of new nations, from the press to the cinema; and cultures and languages from contemporary Bengal to ancient Japan, from translations of Homer to the work of Don DeLillo. All twenty-two essays, by leading voices including Gayatri Spivak and the late Edward Said, are provocative and persuasive. The book's four sections--"Translation as Medium and across Media," "The Ethics of Translation," "Translation and Difference," and "Beyond the Nation"--together provide a comprehensive view of current thinking on nationality and translation, one that will be widely consulted for years to come. The contributors are Jonathan E. Abel, Emily Apter, Sandra Bermann, Vilashini Cooppan, Stanley Corngold, David Damrosch, Robert Eaglestone, Stathis Gourgouris, Pierre Legrand, Jacques Lezra, Françoise Lionnet, Sylvia Molloy, Yopie Prins, Edward Said, Azade Seyhan, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Henry Staten, Lawrence Venuti, Lynn Visson, Gauri Viswanathan, Samuel Weber, and Michael Wood.

Words Words Words

Author : Gunilla M. Anderman
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This book presents an interesting new perspective on the study of the lexicon, examining ways in which insights from translation and language learning can be viewed as complementary. The contributors bring together a range of expertise including research on the mental lexicon, second language acquisition research, translation studies and practice, terminology, language teaching and lexicography. The lexicon, often considered to be the poor relation of grammar, has recently received more attention from theoretical and applied linguists. This book is a part of the trend to explore the rich potential of this field for the benefit of the translator or lexicographer, as well as the language learner and the teacher.

Transfer and Translation in Language Learning and Teaching

Author : Franz Eppert
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Translation and Language in Nineteenth Century Ireland

Author : Anne O’Connor
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This book provides an in-depth study of translation and translators in nineteenth-century Ireland, using translation history to widen our understanding of cultural exchange in the period. It paints a new picture of a transnational Ireland in contact with Europe, offering fresh perspectives on the historical, political and cultural debates of the era. Employing contemporary translation theories and applying them to Ireland’s socio-historical past, the author offers novel insights on a large range of disciplines relating to the country, such as religion, gender, authorship and nationalism. She maps out new ways of understanding the impact of translation in society and re-examines assumptions about the place of language and Europe in nineteenth-century Ireland. By focusing on a period of significant linguistic and societal change, she questions the creative, conflictual and hegemonic energies unleashed by translations. This book will therefore be of interest to those working in Translation Studies, Irish Studies, History, Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies.

Translation in Foreign Language Teaching and Testing

Author : Christopher Titford
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Language Discourse and Translation in the West and Middle East

Author : Robert De Beaugrande
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The papers collected in this volume are a selection of papers presented at a conference on Language and Translation (Irbid, Jordan, 1992). In their revised form, they offer comparisons between Western and Arabic language usage and transfer. The articles bring together linguistic and cultural aspects in translation in a functional discourse framework set out in Part One: Theory, Culture, Ideology. Part Two addresses aspects for comparisons among translations and their cultural contexts (equivalence, stylistics and paragraphing). Part Three features Arabic-English language contact, specifically in technical writing, the media and academia. Part Four deals with problems in lexicography and grammar: terminology, verb-particle combinations and semantic diversity of radical-doubling forms and includes a proposal for a new approach to English/Arabic dictionaries. Part Five turns to issues of interest to language teachers with practical proposals and demonstrations. Part Six deals with geopolitical factors linking the West and Middle East, focusing on equality in communication and exchange of information.

Meaning in Translation

Author : Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk
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.".. collection of selected articles from the joint International Maastricht-odz Duo Colloquia on Translation and Meaning ..."--Introduction.

Bridging Languages and Cultures

Author : Guntars Dreijers
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Translation Studies already face new tasks in order to take account of and to discuss the changing translation environment, in order to seek new approaches and tools for description, analysis and teaching activities. This volume of selected papers of the conference Bridging Languages and Cultures brings together current viewpoints in Translation Studies, Linguistics, and Intercultural Communication; it provides both specific focus on certain aspects and developments and a more general overview of research landscape. Distinguished authors discuss translation of LSP texts, lexicological and lexicographic modules of bridging history and methodology of Translation Studies, aesthetic and interactional aspects of translation, and intercultural phenomena in the context of translation.

A Linguistic Handbook of French for Translators and Language Students

Author : Paul Boucher
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A Linguistic Handbook of French for Translators and Language Students offers the reader an in-depth contrastive study of French and English based on recent theories of linguistics and discourse analysis. At the same time it is a practical manual for the advanced language student or the translator with dozens of exercises in analyzing and translating French along with detailed corrections. Organized in three sections – Structure, Perspective and Coherence – the handbook first explores French word formation and syntax, then moves on to the use of tense and aspect, illocution and speech styles in various text types. Finally, problems concerning textual coherence and cohesion in both languages are discussed: anaphora and ellipsis, relevance and equivalence and information structure. Each chapter is followed by a list of suggested readings for further discussion and a detailed glossary at the end of the book explains all technical terms used. The handbook is designed to be used either as a textbook or for individuals working at home.