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Transport Processes in Wood

Author : J.F. Siau
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This book has a similar subject content to the author's previous Flow in Wood but with substantial updating due to the abundance of research in the wood science field since 1971. Several different concepts have been introduced, particularly in regard to wood-moisture relation ships. The role of water potential in the equilibria between wood and its humid and moist environments is considered. Two theories are introduced to explain the nonisothermal transport of bound water in the steady and unsteady states. As in the former text, the wood-. structure relationship is emphasized . . The author is especially grateful to Dr. C. Skaar for his careful and critical review of much of the manuscript and for the productive dis cussions of many of the concepts. Dr. T. E. Timell, the series editor, rendered major assistance in the preparation of Chap. 2 and in his editing of the manuscript. The author wishes to thank Dr. W. A. Cote, Mr. A. C. Day, and Mr. J. J. McKeon for providing electron micro graphs, Mr. G. A. Snyder for his photography of much of the art work, Dr. C. H. de Zeeuw for his advice in the field of wood anatomy, and Ms. Mary M. Siau for her careful rendition of the art work. Apprecia tion is extended to Miss Judy A. Barton and Mrs. Stephanie V. Micale for their work in typing and checking the manuscript. Mr. J. A.

Transport Processes in Concrete

Author : Robert Cerny
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Transport Processes in Concrete presents a comprehensive survey of the physical and chemical processes and transport mechanisms in concrete, and analyses their significance for the movement of heat, moisture and chemical compounds.A critical analysis of the available mathematical models is given, and from this analysis the most suitable models to d

Timber Its Nature and Behaviour Second Edition

Author : Dr Dinwoodie
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Timber: Its Nature and Behaviour adopts a materials science approach to timber, and comprehensively examines the relationship between the performance of timber and its structure. This book explains a wide range of timbers physical and mechanical behaviour (including processing) in terms of its basic structure and its complex interaction with moisture. The performance of timber and panel products is also related to the levels set in new European specifications and with the associated methods of testing.

Transport Processes in Porous Media

Author : Jacob Bear
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This volume contains the invited lectures presented during the NATO/ASI conducted in Pullman, Washington, July 9-18, 1989. This is the third in a series of NATO/ASIs on transport phenomena in porous media. The first two, which took place at Newark, Delaware in 1982 and 1985, are devoted to various topics related to the Fundamentals of Transport Processes in Porous Media. The contents of the books resulting from previous NATO/ASIs are given at the end of this book. Transport of extensive quantities such as mass of a fluid phase, mass of chemical species carried by a fluid phase, energy and electric charge in porous media, as encountered in a large variety of engineering disciplines, is an emerging interdisciplinary field. The groundwater flow, the simultaneous flow of gas, oil and water in petroleum reservoirs, the movement and accumulation of pollutants in the saturated and unsaturated subsurface zones, thermal energy storage in reservoirs, land subsidence in response to charges in overburden loads, or to pumping of fluids from underground formations, wave propagation in seismic investigations or as produced by earthquakes, chemical reactors, water flow through sand filters and the movement of fluids through kidneys, may serve as examples of fields in which the theory of transport in porous media is employed.

Transport Processes in Chemically Reacting Flow Systems

Author : Daniel E. Rosner
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Transport Processes in Chemically Reacting Flow Systems discusses the role, in chemically reacting flow systems, of transport processes—particularly the transport of momentum, energy, and (chemical species) mass in fluids (gases and liquids). The principles developed and often illustrated here for combustion systems are important not only for the rational design and development of engineering equipment (e.g., chemical reactors, heat exchangers, mass exchangers) but also for scientific research involving coupled transport processes and chemical reaction in flow systems. The book begins with an introduction to transport processes in chemically reactive systems. Separate chapters cover momentum, energy, and mass transport. These chapters develop, state, and exploit useful quantitative ""analogies"" between these transport phenomena, including interrelationships that remain valid even in the presence of homogeneous or heterogeneous chemical reactions. A separate chapter covers the use of transport theory in the systematization and generalization of experimental data on chemically reacting systems. The principles and methods discussed are then applied to the preliminary design of a heat exchanger for extracting power from the products of combustion in a stationary (fossil-fuel-fired) power plant. The book has been written in such a way as to be accessible to students and practicing scientists whose background has until now been confined to physical chemistry, classical physics, and/or applied mathematics.

A Numerical Modelling Study of Transport Phenomena in Wood Drying

Author :
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Wood Deterioration Protection and Maintenance

Author : Ladislav Reinprecht
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Wood Deterioration, Protection and Maintenance provides an up to date discussion of the natural durability of wood, wood degradation processes, and methods of structural and chemical protection of wood. Modern active substances in wood preservatives and the relationships between preservative properties, the anatomical structure and moisture content of wood and protective processes involving pressure and/or diffusion driving forces are fully illustrated.

Research in Building Physics and Building Engineering

Author : Paul Fazio
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Buildings influence people. They account for one third of energy consumption across the globe and represent an annual capital expenditure of 7%-10% of GNP in industrialized countries. Their lifetime operation costs can exceed capital investment. Building Engineering aims to make buildings more efficient, safe and economical. One branch of this discipline, Building Physics/Science, has gained prominence, with a heightened awareness of such phenomena as sick buildings, the energy crisis and sustainability, and considering the performance of buildings in terms of climatic loads and indoor conditions. The book reflects the advanced level and high quality of research which Building Engineering, and Building Physics/Science in particular, have reached at the beginning of the twenty-first century. It will be a valuable resource to: engineers, architects, building scientists, consultants on the building envelope, researchers and graduate students.

Construction Materials

Author : Martin Preene
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Thoroughly revised and updated, the third edition of this popular textbook continues to provide a comprehensive coverage of the main construction materials for undergraduate students of civil engineering and construction related courses. It creates an understanding of materials and how they perform through a knowledge of their chemical and physical

Laminar Flow and Convective Transport Processes

Author : Howard Brenner
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Laminar Flow and Convective Transport Processes: Scaling Principles and Asymptotic Analysis presents analytic methods for the solution of fluid mechanics and convective transport processes, all in the laminar flow regime. This book brings together the results of almost 30 years of research on the use of nondimensionalization, scaling principles, and asymptotic analysis into a comprehensive form suitable for presentation in a core graduate-level course on fluid mechanics and the convective transport of heat. A considerable amount of material on viscous-dominated flows is covered. A unique feature of this book is its emphasis on scaling principles and the use of asymptotic methods, both as a means of solution and as a basis for qualitative understanding of the correlations that exist between independent and dependent dimensionless parameters in transport processes. Laminar Flow and Convective Transport Processes is suitable for use as a textbook for graduate courses in fluid mechanics and transport phenomena and also as a reference for researchers in the field.