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Trauma Studies and Literature

Author : Valentina Adami
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Starting from an interdisciplinary theoretical investigation of trauma, the book analyzes the relationship between Trauma Studies and literature. In particular, it focuses on Martin Amis's novel <I>Time's Arrow, where the breakdown of chronology, coherence and predictability mimics the collapse of temporality and the crisis of truth caused by trauma in the individual's mind. Amis's novel reproduces the shocking force of trauma through a shocking narrative form in order to avoid indifference and favour an empathetic and ethically committed reaction on the part of readers. For these reasons, <I>Time's Arrow represents a significant example of trauma fiction.

Trauma and Literature

Author : J. Roger Kurtz
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As a concept, 'trauma' has attracted a great deal of interest in literary studies. A key term in psychoanalytic approaches to literary study, trauma theory represents a critical approach that enables new modes of reading and of listening. It is a leading concept of our time, applicable to individuals, cultures, and nations. This book traces how trauma theory has come to constitute a discrete but influential approach within literary criticism in recent decades. It offers an overview of the genesis and growth of literary trauma theory, recording the evolution of the concept of trauma in relation to literary studies. In twenty-one essays, covering the origins, development, and applications of trauma in literary studies, Trauma and Literature addresses the relevance and impact this concept has in the field.

The Routledge Companion to Literature and Trauma

Author : Colin Davis
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Literary trauma studies is a rapidly developing field which examines how literature deals with the personal and cultural aspects of trauma and engages with such historical and current phenomena as the Holocaust and other genocides, 9/11, climate catastrophe or the still unsettled legacy of colonialism. The Routledge Companion to Literature and Trauma is a comprehensive guide to the history and theory of trauma studies, including key concepts, consideration of critical perspectives and discussion of future developments. It also explores different genres and media, such as poetry, life-writing, graphic narratives, photography and post-apocalyptic fiction, and analyses how literature engages with particular traumatic situations and events, such as the Holocaust, the Occupation of France, the Rwandan genocide, Hurricane Katrina and transgenerational nuclear trauma. Forty essays from top thinkers in the field demonstrate the range and vitality of trauma studies as it has been used to further the understanding of literature and other cultural forms across the world.

Trauma and Guilt

Author : Susanne Vees-Gulani
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This book analyzes postwar literary works on large area bombings of German cities both in the context of trauma theory and questions of guilt and shame about Germany's Nazi past, embedding the recent debate surrounding the air war of World War II and its influence on German culture in a broader historical, societal, and psychological context.

The Routledge Companion to Literature and Trauma Studies

Author : David Miller
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Wounded Studies in Literary and Cinematic Trauma

Author : Gail Finney
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This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue "Wounded: Studies in Literary and Cinematic Trauma" that was published in Humanities

Trauma and Transformation in African Literature

Author : J. Roger Kurtz
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This book fills a gap in the field of contemporary trauma studies by interrogating the relevance of trauma for African literatures. Kurtz argues that a thoughtful application of trauma theory in relation to African literatures is in fact a productive exercise, and furthermore that the benefits of this exercise include not only what it can do for African literature, but also what it can do for trauma studies. He makes the case for understanding trauma healing within the larger project of peacebuilding, with an emphasis on the transformative potential of what he terms the African moral imagination as embodied in the creative work of its writers. He offers readings of selected works by Chinua Achebe, Ngugi wa Thiong’o, Chimamanda Adichie, and Nuruddin Farah as case studies for how African literature can influence our understanding of trauma and trauma healing. This will be a valuable volume for those with interests in current trends and developments in trauma studies, African literary studies, postcolonial studies, and memory studies.

Trauma Memory and Healing in Asian Literature and Culture

Author : Sharanya Jayawickrama
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Is trauma a concept that can be translated across cultures? Can it have global applicability and utility for literary and cultural analysis? Do the approaches and perspectives generated by literary and cultural work hold purchase for social and political interventions? Modern Asia is a region in which the traumatic legacies of colonialism persist and military regimes and dictatorships have led to untold human suffering. Countless loss of life has been caused by revolution, civil war, and genocide; and natural catastrophe has rendered existing social and political tensions even more volatile. The insights of trauma theory for the analysis of literary and cultural representation in Asia and the enrichment of trauma studies by the study of Asian literatures are two crucial areas of scholarly research. This book broadens the scope of trauma and memory studies by considering whether existing concepts of trauma and memory are viable in relation to the histories, present states, and futures of the non-Western world. Explore the complex and surprising intersections of literature, history, and ethics across the region through its wide-ranging but closely comparative focus on geo-political sites across East, South, and Southeast Asia which brings together perspectives on both dominant and marginalized sites in the broad Asian continent, including Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Turkey.

Critical Trauma Studies

Author : Monica J. Casper
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Trauma is a universal human experience. While each person responds differently to trauma, its presence in our lives nonetheless marks a continual thread through human history and prehistory. In Critical Trauma Studies, a diverse group of writers, activists, and scholars of sociology, anthropology, literature, and cultural studies reflects on the study of trauma and how multidisciplinary approaches lend richness and a sense of deeper understanding to this burgeoning field of inquiry. The original essays within this collection cover topics such as female suicide bombers from the Chechen Republic, singing prisoners in Iranian prison camps, sexual assault and survivor advocacy, and families facing the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. As it proceeds, Critical Trauma Studies never loses sight of the way those who study trauma as an academic field, and those who experience, narrate, and remediate trauma as a personal and embodied event, inform one another. Theoretically adventurous and deeply particular, this book aims to advance trauma studies as a discipline that transcends intellectual boundaries, to be mapped but also to be unmoored from conceptual and practical imperatives. Remaining embedded in lived experiences and material realities, Critical Trauma Studies frames the field as both richly unbounded and yet clearly defined, historical, and evidence-based.

Literary Trauma

Author : Deborah M. Horvitz
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Examines representations of political, psychological, and sexual violence in seven novels by American women.

The Politics of Traumatic Literature

Author : Önder Çakırtaş
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This book is a collection of essays offering an inside view into the inner analysis of traumatic literary studies wherein language is used as a medium of expression so as to interpret man, psyche and memory. By making literature the partner of a dialogue with psychology, in order to better comprehend the psyche, it serves to alter the way of understanding the literary phenomenon. Featuring relevant coverage on topics such as literary production, psychology in literature, identity, and traumatic studies, this book provides in-depth analysis that is suitable for academicians, students, professionals, and researchers interested in discovering more about the relationship between psychology and literature and their effects on thinking.

The Future of Trauma Theory

Author : Gert Buelens
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This collection analyses the future of ‘trauma theory’, a major theoretical discourse in contemporary criticism and theory. The chapters advance the current state of the field by exploring new areas, asking new questions and making new connections. Part one, History and Culture, begins by developing trauma theory in its more familiar post-deconstructive mode and explores how these insights might still be productive. It goes on, via a critique of existing positions, to relocate trauma theory in a postcolonial and globalized world, theoretically, aesthetically and materially, and focuses on non-Western accounts and understandings of trauma, memory and suffering. Part two, Politics and Subjectivity, turns explicitly to politics and subjectivity, focussing on the state and the various forms of subjection to which it gives rise, and on human rights, biopolitics and community. Each chapter, in different ways, advocates a movement beyond the sort of texts and concepts that are the usual focus for trauma criticism and moves this dynamic network of ideas forward. With contributions from an international selection of leading critics and thinkers from the US and Europe, this volume will be a key critical intervention in one of the most important areas in contemporary literary criticism and theory.

Contemporary Trauma Narratives

Author : Jean-Michel Ganteau
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This book provides a comprehensive compilation of essays on the relationship between formal experimentation and ethics in a number of generically hybrid or "liminal" narratives dealing with individual and collective traumas, running the spectrum from the testimonial novel and the fictional autobiography to the fake memoir, written by a variety of famous, more neglected contemporary British, Irish, US, Canadian, and German writers. Building on the psychological insights and theorizing of the fathers of trauma studies (Janet, Freud, Ferenczi) and of contemporary trauma critics and theorists, the articles examine the narrative strategies, structural experimentations and hybridizations of forms, paying special attention to the way in which the texts fight the unrepresentability of trauma by performing rather than representing it. The ethicality or unethicality involved in this endeavor is assessed from the combined perspectives of the non-foundational, non-cognitive, discursive ethics of alterity inspired by Emmanuel Levinas, and the ethics of vulnerability. This approach makes Contemporary Trauma Narratives an excellent resource for scholars of contemporary literature, trauma studies and literary theory.

Literature and Psychology

Author :
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This volume provides a thorough study of how psychological messages are portrayed and interpreted via the written word. It explores the interactions between text and reader, as well as affiliations within the text, with particular emphasis on emotion and affect. Featuring relevant coverage on topics such as literary production, psychology in literature, identity/self and the other, and trauma studies, the book offers an in-depth analysis that is suitable for academicians, students, professionals, and researchers interested in discovering more about the relationship between psychology and literature.

Trauma Fiction

Author : Anne Whitehead
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The literary potential of trauma is examined in this book, bringing trauma theory and literary texts together for the first time.

Decolonizing Trauma Studies Trauma and Postcolonialism

Author : Sonya Andermahr
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This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue "Decolonizing Trauma Studies: Trauma and Postcolonialism" that was published in Humanities

Trauma Dissociation and Re Enactment in Japanese Literature and Film

Author : David C Stahl
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Japanese literature and film have frequently been approached using lenses such as language, genre and ideology. Yet, despite a succession of major social traumas that have marked, and in many ways shaped and defined much of modern Japan, Japanese fiction and cinema have not often been examined psychoanalytically. In this book, David Stahl conducts in-depth readings and interpretations of a set of Japanese novels and film. By introducing the methodology of trauma/PTSD studies, Stahl seeks to provide a better understanding of the insights of Japanese writers and directors into their societies, cultures and histories. In particular, by building on the work of practitioner-theoreticians, such as Pierre Janet and Judith Herman, Stahl analyses a number of key texts, including Kawabata Yasunari's Sleeping Beauties (1961), Enchi Fumiko's Female Masks (1958) and Imamura Sho- hei's Vengeance is Mine (1979). Consequently, through using concepts of social trauma, dissociation, failed mourning, revenge and narrative memory, this book sheds new light on the psychological aftereffects and transgenerational legacies of trauma depicted in Japanese works. Trauma, Dissociation and Re-enactment in Japanese Literature and Film will be of interest to students and scholars of Japanese Literature and Cinema, as well as those interested in Japanese History and Trauma Studies.

A Companion to Literary Theory

Author : David H. Richter
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Introduces readers to the modes of literary and cultural study of the previous half century A Companion to Literary Theory is a collection of 36 original essays, all by noted scholars in their field, designed to introduce the modes and ideas of contemporary literary and cultural theory. Arranged by topic rather than chronology, in order to highlight the relationships between earlier and most recent theoretical developments, the book groups its chapters into seven convenient sections: I. Literary Form: Narrative and Poetry; II. The Task of Reading; III. Literary Locations and Cultural Studies; IV. The Politics of Literature; V. Identities; VI. Bodies and Their Minds; and VII. Scientific Inflections. Allotting proper space to all areas of theory most relevant today, this comprehensive volume features three dozen masterfully written chapters covering such subjects as: Anglo-American New Criticism; Chicago Formalism; Russian Formalism; Derrida and Deconstruction; Empathy/Affect Studies; Foucault and Poststructuralism; Marx and Marxist Literary Theory; Postcolonial Studies; Ethnic Studies; Gender Theory; Freudian Psychoanalytic Criticism; Cognitive Literary Theory; Evolutionary Literary Theory; Cybernetics and Posthumanism; and much more. Features 36 essays by noted scholars in the field Fills a growing need for companion books that can guide readers through the thicket of ideas, systems, and terminologies Presents important contemporary literary theory while examining those of the past The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Literary Theory will be welcomed by college and university students seeking an accessible and authoritative guide to the complex and often intimidating modes of literary and cultural study of the previous half century.

Trauma Culture

Author : E. Ann Kaplan
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E. Ann Kaplan explores the relationship between the impact of trauma on individuals and on entire cultures and nations. Arguing that humans possess a need to draw meaning from personal experience and to communicate what happens to others, she examines the forms that are used to bridge the experience.

Unclaimed Experience

Author : Cathy Caruth
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Her afterword serves as a decisive intervention in the ongoing discussions in and about the field.