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Travelers Diarrhea

Author : Charles D. Ericsson
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In Travelers' Diarrhea, 2e, a team of medical experts brings you up-to-date on the pathogenesis and state-of-the-art management of travelers' diarrhea. Selected for their expertise in infectious diseases, the contributors also relate a thorough history of travelers' diarrhea, a basic understanding of the discipline, and a look at the future. Substantial understanding of the risks of acquiring travelers' diarrhea exists and we continue to learn about differences in host susceptibility. Updated information on the growing area of travelers' diarrhea is included.

Traveler s Diarrhea

Author : Ione Auston
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Travelers Diarrhea

Author :
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Travelers Diarrhea January 1980 Through December 1984 163 Citations

Author : Charlotte Kenton
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Travel Medicine

Author : J. S. Keystone
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Travel Medicine, 3rd Edition, by Dr. Jay S. Keystone, Dr. Phyllis E. Kozarsky, Dr. David O. Freedman, Dr. Hans D. Nothdruft, and Dr. Bradley A. Connor, prepares you and your patients for any travel-related illness they may encounter. Consult this one-stop resource for best practices on everything from immunizations and pre-travel advice to essential post-travel screening. From domestic cruises to far-flung destinations, this highly regarded guide offers a wealth of practical guidance on all aspects of travel medicine. Benefit from the advice of international experts on the full range of travel-related illnesses, including cruise travel, bird flu, SARS, traveler's diarrhea, malaria, environmental problems, and much more. Prepare for the travel medicine examination with convenient cross references for the ISTM "body of knowledge" to specific chapters and/or passages in the book. Search the complete text and download images at Effectively protect your patients before they travel with new information on immunizations and emerging and re-emerging disease strains, including traveler's thrombosis. Update your knowledge of remote destinations and the unique perils they present. Stay abreast of best practices for key patient populations, with new chapters on the migrant patient, humanitarian aid workers, medical tourism, and mass gatherings, as well as updated information on pediatric and adolescent patients.

Travel Medicine An Issue of Infectious Disease Clinics E Book

Author : Alimuddin Zumla
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It is extremely important that physicians be aware of the wide spectrum of tropical, infectious and parasitic diseases their patients may have been exposed to while traveling abroad. This volume of the ID Clinics is edited by 3 internationally renowned infectious disease physicians and provides an authoritative and comprehensive treatise on Travel Medicine.

The Adventurous Travelers Guide to Health

Author : Christopher Allen Sanford, M.D.
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The Adventurous Traveler's Guide to Health is just what every traveler needs: a straight-forward look at what you can do to stay healthy during your travels, from start to finish. Whether headed to the urban centers of Africa or the jungles of southeast Asia, there are precautions to be taken even before setting foot on a plane, as well as important things to remember once your travels are over. Chris Sanford aids travelers in first finding a travel health specialist and then knowing exactly which questions to ask. The Adventurous Traveler's Guide to Health will also serve as a take-along guide to help deal with illnesses or symptoms that may arise while you're on the road and as a post-trip reference for any delayed symptoms. Aside from infectious diseases, Sanford also looks at the more common and overlooked problems travelers are likely to encounter, such as health risks in cities (pollution and motor vehicle accidents, for example), traveling if chronically ill or immuno-compromised, and high-altitude sickness. Each of the book's chapters includes a question-and-answer section based on real questions that Dr. Sanford's patients have asked him. General travelers, including students going abroad to study or backpack through the developing world and travelers who want to get off the beaten path as well as explore the cities of the world, will find this an invaluable resource.

Manual of Travel Medicine and Health

Author : Robert Steffen
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"The disc contains the complete text and illustrations of the book, in fully searchable PDF files"--1st prelim. leaf.

Issues in Infectious and Vector Borne Diseases 2011 Edition

Author :
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Issues in Infectious and Vector-Borne Diseases: 2011 Edition is a ScholarlyEditions™ eBook that delivers timely, authoritative, and comprehensive information about Infectious and Vector-Borne Diseases. The editors have built Issues in Infectious and Vector-Borne Diseases: 2011 Edition on the vast information databases of ScholarlyNews.™ You can expect the information about Infectious and Vector-Borne Diseases in this eBook to be deeper than what you can access anywhere else, as well as consistently reliable, authoritative, informed, and relevant. The content of Issues in Infectious and Vector-Borne Diseases: 2011 Edition has been produced by the world’s leading scientists, engineers, analysts, research institutions, and companies. All of the content is from peer-reviewed sources, and all of it is written, assembled, and edited by the editors at ScholarlyEditions™ and available exclusively from us. You now have a source you can cite with authority, confidence, and credibility. More information is available at

Sleisenger and Fordtran s Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease E Book

Author : Mark Feldman
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Make optimal use of the newest techniques, technologies, and treatments with Sleisenger and Fordtran's Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease - the indispensable information source in this broad field! Edited by Mark Feldman, MD, Lawrence S. Friedman, MD, and Lawrence J. Brandt, MD, this 9th Edition equips you with the amassed knowledge of hundreds of respected authorities from around the world, helping you to overcome all of your most complex clinical challenges and make the most effective use of the newest techniques, technologies, and treatments. Significant updates on bariatric surgery, Barrett's esophagus, and many other evolving areas keep your practice current. Full-text online access includes downloadable illustrations and links to reference abstracts. The result remains the indispensable core reference in gastroenterology and hepatology. World-renowned experts provide reliable guidance on every area of your field. A consistent, full-color chapter design lets you find information quickly. Significant updates on bariatric surgery, Barrett's esophagus, endoscopic ultrasound, endosonography, treatment of liver disease, and much more keep you current on the latest advances. Many new contributors from all over the world provide you with fresh insights on all areas of gastroenterology and hepatology. Full-text online access via Expert Consult includes downloadable illustrations and links to reference abstracts.

Immunizations An Issue of Primary Care Clinics in Office Practice E Book

Author : Marc Altshuler
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This issue covers important topics to any primary care physician such as: Immunology for the primary care physician, Routine pediatric immunization, special cases in pediatrics, Routine adult immunization, special cases in adult vaccination, Foreign born individuals, Travel medicine, Immunoglobulins, Pandemic illness/flu , Future vaccine development, clinical trials, immunization and cancer prevention/treatment, Ethics of vaccination refusal, Vaccine administration: Rules and regulations, and Keeping current with vaccine recommendations


Author : Michael Gracey
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This book helps bring the busy practitioner up to date with recent developments in research on diarrhea that has taken place over the past 10 years. The causes of diarrhea are very diverse and include infections, allergies, chronic inflammatory diseases, tumors and inborn errors of intestinal digestion and transport. The global importance of diarrheal deaths and illnessess, as well as the rapid technical advances that have occurred in this field, have generated a vast amount of literature that is not easily accessible to most practicing doctors. This single volume brings this literature together in a logical, concise and clear manner that puts diarrhea and its management into a clinical perspective. Practicing physicians, pediatricians, internists and senior students will find this book of particular interest; it will also be useful for professionals in public health, community medicine, nursing and microbiology who want a comprehensive understanding of diarrhea. Authors from Europe, Britain, Australia, and South America bring authoritative views on this subject, including its importance in developing countries and disadvantaged communities.

Modern Concepts in Gastroenterology

Author : Alan B.R. Thomson
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A fine team of state-of-the-art researcher/clinicians who know their fields, have contributed to the advancement of knowledge, and are in a position to judge what is truly important have here pooled their thoughts in a series of chapters on the cutting edges of gastroenterology. Four attributes render this volume superior to other update-oriented publications. The first striking feature, which is immediately evident upon scanning the table of contents, is the imaginative choice of subjects, ranging from trav eler's diarrhea and sexually transmitted GI infections through TPN and interventional endoscopy to geriatrics and iatrogenic disease. A second outstanding feature of this volume is its success in balanc ing basic pathophysiology with practical considerations of clinical man agement. This is achieved in the discussions of such diverse topics as acid-peptic diseases, infectious and other diarrheal syndromes, and hep atitis immunization. Throughout the book we are led smoothly from basic science principles to specific recommendations for diagnosis and therapy. This practical emphasis appears repeatedly and sometimes pro duces a delightful surprise, such as a chapter on radiology that is not tech nology-based but instead problem-oriented.

Travelers Vaccines

Author : Elaine C. Jong
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Covers the currently available and future vaccines contributing to the health of international travelers. Provides in-depth coverage on immunologic principles of vaccination, geographic assessment and disease transmission, history of vaccines, safety issues, health economics, and more.

Public Health and Infectious Diseases

Author : Jeffrey Griffiths
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Emerging infectious diseases may be defined as diseases being caused by pathogens only recently recognized to exist. This group of diseases is important globally, and the experience of the last 30 years suggests that new emerging diseases are likely to bedevil us. As the global climate changes, so changes the environment, which can support not only the pathogens, but also their vectors of transmission. This expands the exposure and effects of infectious disease and, therefore, the importance of widespread understanding of the relationship between public health and infectious disease. This work brings together chapters that explain reasons for the emergence of these infectious diseases. These include the ecological context of human interactions with other humans, with animals that may host human pathogens, and with a changing agricultural and industrial environment, increasing resistance to antimicrobials, the ubiquity of global travel, and international commerce. * Features the latest discoveries related to influenza with a newly published article by Davidson Hamer and Jean van Seventer * Provides a listing of rare diseases that have become resurgent or spread their geographic distribution and are re-emergent * Highlights dengue and malaria, as well as agents such as West Nile and other arboviruses that have spread to new continents causing widespread concerns * Includes discussions of climate influencing the spread of infectious disease and political and societal aspects

Health Information for International Travel

Author : DIANE Publishing Company
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Designed for health departments, physicians, travel agencies, international airlines, shipping companies, & other private & public agencies, this resource is must reading as well for anyone planning to travel abroad. Comprehensive current information on vaccinations required by different countries, prophylaxis, & foreign countries' entry requirements; geographical distribution of potential health hazards; & how to avoid health problems while visiting foreign countries. Tables, maps, & a glossary of terms. Subject & country index.

The International Traveler s Guide to Avoiding Infections

Author : Charles E. Davis
File Size : 54.31 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Tourists and professionals such as military personnel, journalists, aid workers, and businesspeople need the tools provided here to stay healthy during their trip and after they return home.

Emergency Medicine Secrets E Book

Author : Vincent J. Markovchick
File Size : 52.63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Emergency Medicine Secrets, 5th Edition, by Drs. Vincent J. Markovchick, Peter T. Pons, and Katherine M. Bakes, gives you the emergency medicine answers you need for successful emergency medicine care. Featuring new chapters and revised content to bring you completely up to date, this dependable review and reference retains its engaging question-and-answer format. Get the most return for your study time with the proven Secrets® format – concise, easy to read, and highly effective. Skim the "Top 100 Secrets" and "Key Points" boxes for a fast overview of the secrets you must know for success in practice. Enjoy faster, easier review and master the top issues in emergency medicine with mnemonics, lists, quick-reference tables, and an informal tone that sets this review book apart from the rest. Carry it with you in your lab coat pocket for quick reference or review anytime, anywhere. Understand the latest concepts in emergency medicine with all-new chapters such as Evidence-based Rational Use of Diagnostic Imaging, Common Drugs of Abuse, and One Pill Can Kill, plus extensive updates on Asthma • COPD and Pneumonia • Esophagus and Stomach Disorders • Soft-Tissue Infections • Evaluation of Fever in Children Younger than Three • Seizures in Infancy and Childhood • Acute Respiratory Disorders in Children • Evaluation of Child Abuse • Procedural Sedation and Analgesia of the Pediatric Patient • Bites and Stings • Sexual Assault • Third Trimester Complications and Delivery • Abdominal Trauma • Burns • Domestic Violence • EMTALA, JC, and HIPAA • and Medical Oversight and Disaster Management Stay current with thorough updates to both text and references in all chapters, and related websites added to the bibliography.

Surf Survival

Author : Andrew Nathanson
File Size : 60.75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Explains everything necessary to stay safe in the waves for surfers of all abilities, including dangerous marine animals, nutrition and hydration, and first aid and prevention for common injuries.

Blackwell s Primary Care Essentials Travel Medicine

Author : Robert P. Smith
File Size : 70.79 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The explosive growth in international travel and the increasing popularity of adventurous travel itineraries in the past two decades create new challenges in primary care practices. Blackwell's Primary Care Essentials: Travel Medicine is an invaluable guide to the diagnoses and treatment of disorders and diseases associated with travel.