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Travellers in the Third Reich

Author : Julia Boyd
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Travelers in the Third Reich

Author : Julia Boyd
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This fascinating and shocking history of the rise of the Nazis draws together a multitude of expatriate voices - even Charles Lindbergh and Samuel Beckett - into a powerful narrative charting this extraordinary phenomenon. Travelers in the Third Reich is an extraordinary history of the rise of the Nazis based on fascinating first-hand accounts, drawing together a multitude of voices and stories, including politicians, musicians, diplomats, schoolchildren, communists, scholars, athletes, poets, fascists, artists, tourists, and even celebrities like Charles Lindbergh and Samuel Beckett. Their experiences create a remarkable three-dimensional picture of Germany under Hitler—one so palpable that the reader will feel, hear, even breathe the atmosphere.These are the accidental eyewitnesses to history. Disturbing, absurd, moving, and ranging from the deeply trivial to the deeply tragic, their tales give a fresh insight into the complexities of the Third Reich, its paradoxes, and its ultimate destruction.

Culture in the Third Reich

Author : Moritz Föllmer
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'It's like being in a dream', commented Joseph Goebbels when he visited Nazi-occupied Paris in the summer of 1940. Dream and reality did indeed intermingle in the culture of the Third Reich, racialist fantasies and spectacular propaganda set-pieces contributing to this atmosphere alongside more benign cultural offerings such as performances of classical music or popular film comedies. A cultural palette that catered to the tastes of the majority helped encourage acceptance of the regime. The Third Reich was therefore eager to associate itself with comfortable middle-brow conventionality, while at the same time exploiting the latest trends that modern mass culture had to offer. And it was precisely because the culture of the Nazi period accommodated such a range of different needs and aspirations that it was so successfully able to legitimize war, imperial domination, and destruction. Moritz F�llmer turns the spotlight on this fundamental aspect of the Third Reich's successful cultural appeal in this ground-breaking new study, investigating what 'culture' meant for people in the years between 1933 and 1945: for convinced National Socialists at one end of the spectrum, via the legions of the apparently 'unpolitical', right through to anti-fascist activists, Jewish people, and other victims of the regime at the other end of the spectrum. Relating the everyday experience of people living under Nazism, he is able to give us a privileged insight into the question of why so many Germans enthusiastically embraced the regime and identified so closely with it.

Travellers Gypsies Roma

Author : Mícheál Ó hAodha
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This volume hopes to act as a catalyst for some new and exciting areas of enquiry in the more liminal interstices of Irish Studies, Traveller Studies, Romani Studies and Diaspora and Migration Studies. These disciplines are all relatively new areas of enquiry in modern Ireland, a country whose society has witnessed very rapid and wide-ranging cultural and demographic change within the short space of a decade. The issue of multiculturalism is not one which is particularly new to Irish society as a number of contributors to this volume point out. What is new however is an increased acknowledgement of diversity and multiculturalism in Ireland and Europe as a whole. Such an acknowledgement makes increased dialogue between mainstream society, older minorities such as the Irish Travellers and the many newer immigrant communities such as the Roma all the more necessary. For such constructive dialogue to take place it is vital that migratory peoples and their particular expressions of postcolonial identity be voiced and valued. These identities are both complex and diverse and frequently straddle a number of countries and national identities. It is hoped that this volume will go some way towards the cultivation of such dialogue.

New Age Travellers

Author : Kevin Hetherington
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New Age Travellers are a hybrid phenomenon: part youth subculture, part alternative lifestyle and part social movement. This book describes the emergence and character of the travellers' way of life over the past two decades.

A Traveller s Life

Author : Eric Newby
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The German Evangelical Alliance and the Third Reich

Author : Nicholas Railton
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This is the first study to concentrate on evangelical reactions to the National Socialist regime. The author analyses the treatment of National Socialist social, political and economic policies in the Evangelisches Allianzblatt and makes references to other evangelical publications. He highlights the support theological conservatives in Germany gave to the government and examines their reticence in joining the Kirchenkampf. The German evangelical analysis of National Socialism is contrasted with the position taken by the British editors of Evangelical Christendom. The evangelical Vergangenheitsbewaltigung is dealt with in a concluding chapter.

A Traveller s Guide to the Battle for the German Frontier

Author : Charles Whiting
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This text covers the period from September 1944 until January 1945, following the course of the Allied advance first to the Siegfried Line and then to the Rhine. Some of the fiercest and bloodiest fighting of the Second World War took place during this period and the book looks at the disaster which befell the British forces at Arnhem, the subsequent Allied liberation of Brussels and Antwerp, the taking of the bridge at Nijmegen, the Battle of the Bulge and the heroic American defence of Bastogne as well as the Rhine crossings which opened the way for the entry of Allied forces into Germany itself.

The Central European Observer

Author :
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Author : South Carolina Historical Association
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The Proceedings of the South Carolina Historical Association

Author : South Carolina Historical Association
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The Joys of Philology Orientalists travellers and merchants in the Ottoman Empire Political relations between Europe and the Porte

Author : Jan Schmidt
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Independent Travellers Europe by Rail 2004

Author : Tim Locke
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The leading title in the Independent Traveler's Guides series, Independent Travellers Europe is a real favorite with both regular and first-time backpackers, wanting to tour Europe by rail. Updated annually by commissioned researchers and with the help of our readers, this guide offers budget options for accommodations, transportations, eating out, and sightseeing, as well as suggested rail routes for exploring one country or to cross over borders. The guide now includes a FREE weblinks CD ROM offering additional information for use when planning a trip and finding out more about the destination.

The Third Reich Almanac

Author : James Taylor
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Offers a chronology of Nazi Germany, profiles of those involved in the war, and information on military campaigns, tactics, and th aftermath of the war

A Traveller s History of Paris

Author : Robert Cole
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Packed with facts, anecdotes, and insight, "A Traveller's History of Paris" offers a complete history of the city and the people who have shaped its destiny. Illustrated with line drawings and historical maps.

A Traveller s Companion to Prague

Author : Jan Kaplan
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"The City of a Hundred Spires" revealed through letters, diaries and memoirs from medieval to modern times Built on the banks of the meandering river Moldau, Prague has for centuries been an inspiration to artists and writers, inhabitants and visitors, many of whom have declared the "hundred-towered" city to be one of the most beautiful in the world, though one with a turbulent history. Jan Kaplan's selection from letters, diaries, memoirs and anecdotes brilliantly evokes both the city's exhilarating creative power, so impressively visible in its buildings and art treasures, and the many tragic events played out in its streets through the centuries. Here are eyewitness accounts of the sermons of Jan Hus, Czech forerunner of the German Reformation, the Defenestrations of Prague, beginning in 1419, the premiere night of Mozart's opera Don Giovanni in 1787, and the invasions and political upheavals of the 20th century. There are personal reflections from Petrarch, John Dee, Goethe, Horatio Nelson, Frederic Chopin, Hans Christian Andersen, George Eliot, Jan Neruda, Thomas Carlyle, Hector Berlioz, Auguste Rodin, Rainer Maria Rilke, Jaroslav Seifert, Karel Capek, Graham Greene, Václav Havel, Franz Kafka, Ladislav Klíma, and more. Together they powerfully conjure up the magic of the enduring city.

Richard Burton a Traveller in Brazil 1865 1868

Author : Alfredo Cordiviola
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It also examines the years Richard Burton spent in Brazil, largely ignored by biographers."--BOOK JACKET.

Second Reich to Third Reich

Author : Geoff Layton
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The Access to History series is the most popular and trusted series for AS- and A-level history students. The new editions combine all the strengths of this well-loved series with a new design and features that allow all students access to the content and study skills needed to achieve exam success. This is a new edition combining content from Weimar and the Rise of Nazi Germany with Germany: The Third Reich to provide coherent and comprehensive coverage of the 2008 Edexcel AS specification. It charts the developments in Germany from the Weimar years to life in Nazi Germany and ultimately the fall of the Third Reich, and includes a concluding chapter drawing together the themes of this topic. Throughout the book, key dates, terms, and issues are highlighted, and historical interpretations of key debates are outlined. Summary diagrams are included to consolidate knowledge and understanding of the period, and exam-style questions and tips written by an examiner provide the opportunity to develop exam skills.

Totalitarian Art in the Soviet Union the Third Reich Fascist Italy and the People s Republic of China

Author : Igor Golomshtok
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In this study of the art of Stalinist Russia, Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, the author describes the way the avant-garde and modernistic movements of the early 20th century, which sought to create new artistic forms of mass appeal, were quickly expropriated by dictatorial regimes.

Food and the Traveller

Author : International Commission for Ethnological Food Research. Conference
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Proceedings of the 11th conference of the International Commission for Ethnological Food Research held in Cyprus, June 8-14, 1996.