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Travelling the Sacred Sound Current

Author : Deborah Van Dyke
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I Found All the Parts

Author : Laura Faeth
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The Lotus Song

Author : Bryan Phillips
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Sound is so simple. There is no more direct or expedient way to arrive at the core of one's own nature than to hearken to it. In The Lotus Song, Bryan Phillips shares knowledge on how to harness the power of sound, vibration, and intention in order to energize ourselves and our personal and professional relationships. As with any mantra, the Lotus Song must be approached with keen and genuine inquisitiveness. Phillips, a seasoned teacher of Tantra, Tibetan philosophy, and Buddhist meditation, demonstrates how to use sacred sounds developed over thousands of years by meditators and yogis in India and Tibet to access innate intelligence and limitless compassionate energy. Through guided meditations and exercises, Phillips helps you develop the skills to conduct and direct potent healing energy throughout your body and in daily interactions. The Lotus Song shares a time-tested method that equips you to embark on a transformative, deeply reflective journey into the creative potency of sound.

Energy Medicine Technologies

Author : Finley Eversole
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New and suppressed breakthroughs in energy medicine, ways to combat toxins and electromagnetic fields, and the importance of non-GMO foods • Explores the use of microcrystals, ozone and hydrogen peroxide therapy, and how to tap in to healing antioxidant electrons from the Earth • Reveals the scientifically proven health risks of genetically modified foods • Examines the suppressed cancer-curing electromedicine of Royal Raymond Rife and Nobel laureate Albert Szent-Györgi Natural, nontoxic, inexpensive, and effective alternatives to conventional medicine exist, yet they have been suppressed by the profit-driven medical-pharmaceutical complex. Presenting a compendium of some of the most revolutionary yet still widely unknown discoveries in health and energy medicine, this book edited by Finley Eversole, Ph.D., explores the use of microcrystals to harmonize the energies of body, mind, and environment; the healing effects of ozone and hydrogen peroxide therapy; ways to combat electromagnetic fields and environmental toxins; sources of disruptive energy that cause stress and health problems, including other people’s negative emotions; and how to tap in to healing antioxidant electrons from the Earth. The book reveals the scientifically proven health risks of genetically modified foods--the first irreversible technology in human history with still unknown consequences. It looks at the link between industrial farming and the precipitous rise in heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s over the past 100 years, providing a 10-point Low-Toxin Program to reduce your risk. It explores the cancer-curing electromedicine of Royal Raymond Rife and its suppression by the medical establishment as well as Nobel laureate Albert Szent-Györgi’s follow-up discovery of Frequency Therapy. Offering a window into the holistic future of medicine, the book shows the body not simply as a biological machine to be patched and repaired but as a living organism made up of cells dynamically linked to their inner and outer environments.

Amazon Hacks

Author : Paul Bausch
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Presents a collection of tips and techniques for getting the most out of, covering such topics as browsing and searching, community features, selling through Amazon, and Amazon Web services.

Canadian Books in Print Author and Title Index

Author :
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Sound Healing for Beginners

Author : Joshua Goldman
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Learn how to energize and enhance your well-being on every level—physical, emotional, and spiritual—through hands-on exercises and guided meditations that provide direct experience with sound. As a therapeutic and transformative branch of energy medicine, sound healing offers powerful tools to tune up your health and wellness. Presenting a clear and solid foundation of core concepts, Sound Healing for Beginners shows how to apply innovative sound techniques to your daily life in order to balance your energy and manifest personal improvement. With chapters covering focused listening, the energetics of breathwork, activating your unique resonances and energy centers through vocal toning, using sound as a creative force for manifestation, and more, this accessible guide will help you harmonize your life with the remarkable benefits of sound healing.

Healing Songs

Author : Ted Gioia
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While the first healers were musicians who relied on rhythm and song to help cure the sick, over time Western thinkers and doctors lost touch with these traditions. In the West, for almost two millennia, the roles of the healer and the musician have been strictly separated. Until recently, that is. Over the past few decades there has been a resurgence of interest in healing music. In the midst of this nascent revival, Ted Gioia, a musician, composer, and widely praised author, offers the first detailed exploration of the uses of music for curative purposes from ancient times to the present. Gioia’s inquiry into the restorative powers of sound moves effortlessly from the history of shamanism to the role of Orpheus as a mythical figure linking Eastern and Western ideas about therapeutic music, and from Native American healing ceremonies to what clinical studies can reveal about the efficacy of contemporary methods of sonic healing. Gioia considers a broad range of therapies, providing a thoughtful, impartial guide to their histories and claims, their successes and failures. He examines a host of New Age practices, including toning, Cymatics, drumming circles, and the Tomatis method. And he explores how the medical establishment has begun to recognize and incorporate the therapeutic power of song. Acknowledging that the drumming circle will not—and should not—replace the emergency room, nor the shaman the cardiologist, Gioia suggests that the most promising path is one in which both the latest medical science and music—with its capacity to transform attitudes and bring people together—are brought to bear on the multifaceted healing process. In Healing Songs, as in its companion volume Work Songs, Gioia moves beyond studies of music centered on specific performers, time periods, or genres to illuminate how music enters into and transforms the experiences of everyday life.

Travel in Spiritual Worlds

Author : John Right
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The Purpose of Spiritual Travel The goal of spiritual travel is mystical or transcendent religious experience. The reason for an interest in spiritual travel is that it provides a unique means of approaching these distant and extraordinary states of religious awareness. It does this by exposing the spiritual seeker to a series of lessons about the nature of identity, and the freedom of the soul to travel in various non-physical environments. These lessons gradually introduce the spiritual traveler to a variety of psychic and spiritual states containing increasing degrees of individual freedom, and spiritual awareness. In addition, spiritual travel provides an inner laboratory where the seeker can experiment with techniques and methods of moving through the more limited psychic states of awareness and into these distant spiritual realms.

Canadian Books in Print

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Sacred Sound and Social Change

Author : Lawrence A. Hoffman
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Teachers, students, composers, performers, and other practitioners of sacred sound will appreciate this volume because, unlike any book currently available on sacred music, it treats the history, development, current practices, composition, and critical views of the liturgical music of both the Jewish and Christian traditions. Contributors trace Jewish music from its place in Hebrew Scriptures through the nineteenth-century Reform movement. Similar accounts of Christian music describe its growth up to the Protestant Reformation, as well as post-Reformation development. Other essays explore liturgical music in contemporary North America by analyzing it against the backdrop of the continuous social change that characterizes our era.

Sounds Like Om

Author : Dick de Ruiter
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Traditionally, this sound is viewed as the mother sound, the source of all other sounds, or even the origin of creation. The OM sound is a harmonizing vibration, resonating in the whole of our bodies, while lifting our spirits to another level. The visual image of the OM sound is called the Sri Yantra, which consists of two series of triangles surrounded by lotus leaves and circles. Meditating on the Sri Yantra while chanting the OM manta is a powerful spiritual practice. This book and CD set offers a unique way to learn about the Sri Yantra symbol and the OM mantra, which has been used for over 5,000 years by Eastern yogis to facilitate concentration and meditation. With simple exercises and meditations, the book offers insights to be put into practice instantly, enhancing mental and physical health. The CD features a variety of OM chanting sounds. Some tracks show how train the voice and breathing and others are made to be internalized as a sound meditation on the intense tranquility and beauty of the OM mantra, which can only be experienced in the here and now.

The Path of the Masters

Author : Julian Philip Johnson
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Prem Rawat and Counterculture

Author : Ron Geaves
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Ron Geaves demonstrates how the convergence of Prem Rawat, formerly known as Guru Maharaj Ji, and Glastonbury Fayre in 1971 was a key event in understanding the jigsaw that came to be known as 'New Age' spirituality. The book charts the discovery of Prem Rawat in India in 1969 by a small number of British and North American 'hippies', and explores how his arrival in Britain in June 1971, as well as his speech from the pyramid stage at the Fayre at just 13 years old, escalated his activities to make him one of the key influencers of 1970s counterculture spirituality. Both Glastonbury and Prem Rawat have gone on to re-emerge in significantly different identities to the ones presented in 1971. The meeting between the two demonstrates how alternative spiritualities were being formed in the 1960s and how some strands went on to develop into the 'New Age' counterculture that eventually permeated mainstream cultures in Britain and the USA.

How to Survive Spiritually in Our Times Mahanta Transcripts Book 16

Author : Harold Klemp
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Harold Klemp's stories are your stories. They're about people like you. They're about extraordinary experiences. Heartwarming experiences. Small miracles and gifts from God that happen in your everyday life. The spiritual good news of today. Take the story of Rebecca, who is told by doctors that she'll never have children. She really wants children of her own. She opens herself to Divine Spirit and asks, "If there's any way for me to have my own children, please let it be so." She practices techniques included in this book and, working with Divine Spirit, reinvents herself. The direction and insight she receives, one day bring her a miracle. A child of her own. A master storyteller, Harold Klemp weaves stories, tools, and techniques into the golden fabric of his books to help you see deeper truths within and apply them in your life now. He speaks directly to Soul--that divine, eternal spark--the real you. The survivor. Spiritual survival is only the starting point in your spiritual life. Harold Klemp shows you how to thrive!

Sacred Travels

Author : Meera Lester
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All roads lead to enlightenment—but the choice of which to travel is yours. From Sedona to Lourdes to Mecca, there are certain divinely blessed places that can inspire you to renew your sense of wonder, revitalize your spirit, and restore your faith. In this book, you'll explore the most illuminating sites around the world, including: The Taj Mahal in India, a stunning palace designed for mourning a lost love—or celebrating a new one Carmel Mission in California, a place of veneration and enlightenment The Shrine of Rumi in Turkey, a monument to the power of passion and poetry The Wailing Wall in Israel, where it is believed you have God's ear when you visit Mount Olympus in Greece, a snow-capped peak that offers serenity and strength With special prayers, meditations, and devotions for each sacred site, this guide is the perfect companion if you are seeking a true journey of the soul.

How the Inner Master Works Mahanta Transcripts Book 12

Author : Harold Klemp
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A woman who hasn't been in the job market for eleven years decides to go back to work. Day after day for over a year, she braves interview after interview. Rejection after rejection. Slowly, she becomes discouraged and stops calling employers, afraid of one more rejection. Then she has a dream. Through that dream, the Inner Master, the Mahanta, helps her find the motivation to make one more call. It miraculously leads to just the right job for her. But there's still the interview to go through, and she's very nervous. Sitting in the parking lot, she suddenly senses the Inner Master saying, "Don't worry. Don't hang on too tightly. You've got to let go of your fears." She calms down and begins feeling like a child who expects only good from life. She walks into the office, has the interview, and is hired. How the Inner Master Works highlights classic talks by Sri Harold Klemp from 1992 to 1993 offering stories, poignant insights, and dozens of techniques to help you overcome the stumbling blocks in your life.

Sacred Sound

Author : Guy L. Beck
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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"This innovative book explores religion through music - the source of spiritual elation, social cohesion, and empowerment in cultures around the world."--BOOK JACKET.

Master E Epic Space and Time Travel into Parallel Dimensions

Author : A.E. Beck
File Size : 85.99 MB
Format : PDF
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Power-hungry male government officials of eleven planets had created eleven black holes by imploding their planets and jettisoning ruling-class members to free zones created on the other sides of the black holes. By isolating themselves in these free zones, the officials believed they would obtain the power of creation. These arrogant men theorized that they could replace the Great Oneness, the life force of the E, and the vortex of energy known to all as the Ancient One, thus creating a New World Order. The officials found out, however, that the black holes were portals that allowed passage back into dimensions that were parallel to those that they destroyed. The officials theorized that they needed to destroy these parallel dimensions to attain ultimate power. A plot was therefore devised to implode planet Clarion and jettison its ruling-class members to a free zone on the other side of a twelfth black hole while simultaneously imploding the parallel dimensions associated with the eleven previously formed free zones. E-Masters, whose duty was to maintain balance in the universe, met to discuss the impending plot. The E-Masters were told that the Ancient One had placed an evolutionary leap of awareness within a boy named MZ, who was born in hiding on planet Clarion. The E-Masters recognized that MZ must develop mastership to avert universal disaster caused by the impending implosions of Clarion and the eleven black holes. E-Master Traveler Z was working to prepare MZ for his E-Master development and his escape from Clarion. It was hoped that instruction received at mystery temples and during his travels, along with guidance from Traveler Z, would allow MZ to pass tests of Master-E and attain mastership before it was too late.

The Road to Spiritual Freedom Mahanta Transcripts Book 17

Author : Harold Klemp
File Size : 60.25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Do you relish life? Is it an adventure of discovery, joy, and satisfaction? It can be! Harold Klemp confronts a world of limitations and offers startling possibilities. His wisdom and heart-opening stories of everyday people having extraordinary experiences tell of a secret truth at work in your life--there is divine purpose and meaning to every experience you have. Every single moment of your life is the handiwork of a higher cause. And you can know what it is. Hint: God's love is the key, and spiritual freedom is the goal. If you want true freedom from the limitations upon your heart, mind, and spirit, here's a chance to earn it. Be open to the inner voice of Soul--your true self--as you explore the revelations given within these pages. Pay attention to your dreams. Invite the wonder of the great unknown into your being. Are you ready to accept the freedom of a new state of consciousness? Then nothing can hold you back. Spiritual freedom can be yours! Eckankar is a modern-day spiritual teaching with ancient roots founded in 1965 by Paul Twitchell. Harold Klemp is the current spiritual leader of Eckankar since 1981.