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Travels with my Daughter

Author : Niema Ash
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"You could say I had an unconventional upbringing. At the age of four, I was sharing my bedroom with Bob Dylan, and by the time I was fifteen, I had been taken out of school to go traveling and was smoking joints with my mother." Some may be shocked at the adventures mother and daughter share, but everyone will admire Niema’s celebration of travel, motherhood, and life itself, as this honest and often humourous account describes how she copes with: The overwhelming desire to travel, which conflicts with the responsibilites of motherhood. Finding the confidence to believe in herself and her instincts. Being a single mother in the sixties while mixing with some of the most talented poets and musicians of our time, including Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Irving Layton, Seamus Heaney, and Joni Mitchell. Developing a unique mother-daughter bond that many only dream about. This book will touch a hidden nerve in everyone who reads it as it turns a world of convention and protocol upside-down!

Travels With My Harp

Author : Mary O'Hara
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Inspirational and entertaining, this autobiography chronicles the life of a performing artist with a deeply devout outlook. Mary O'Hara won global acclaim as a singer and harpist, yet behind public success was an unsuspected tragedy in which joy turned to sorrow. From her humble beginnings in the west of Ireland to her first husband's tragic death and her 12-year sojourn in a monastery, this tale of triumph over tragedy also journeys with O'Hara into the wilds of Africa following her second marriage. Written with warmth and humor, this book is also filled with insights into O'Hara's albums and concert tours.

Travels with my Guru

Author : Anagarika Manjuvajra
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Urgyen Sangharakshita visited the USA on four occasions between 1990 and 1997. He promoted one of his books, 'The Drama of Cosmic Enlightenment', ordained the first members of the the Triratna Buddhist Order in the US and visited Triratna Centres and other Buddhist centres and teachers. He talked at a Conference on 'The Nature of Reality' in Tucson, and toured the Western States extensively. This is a record of these visits by Manjuvajra who organized them and accompanied his teacher.

Travels with the Wolf

Author : Melissa Anne Goldstein
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The Lupus Foundation of America estimates that between .5 and 1.5 million people have been diagnosed with lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease that can attack any part of the body. The elusive nature of the illness often becomes a source of overwhelming helplessness and frustration to its victims, their loved ones, and the physicians who treat it. Narrated through both poetry and prose, Travels with the Wolf is an autobiographical account of Melissa Anne Goldstein's experiences with lupus. It is her story of becoming a young woman, writer, and teacher in the presence of severe, often debilitating disease. It is an exploration of her relationships with her family and friends as the illness steals into their lives, and the record of her struggle to maintain her independence and identity despite disease. Finally, it is an author's journey to find her spiritual core. This book is not just about lupus. Goldstein uses her experience of the illness as well as sociological, literary, and historical research, to portray and understand the dilemmas faced by the chronically ill person in our society. In her conclusion, she calls for reform of today's health care system, which does not meet the needs of the chronically ill or their physicians.

Travels With My Appetite

Author : Robert Howe
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Following Robert Howe's successful first book, 'I'll Give It Six Months, ' a delightful and humorous Memoir, 'Travels With My Appetite, ' his take on travel and food, is sure to prove equally entertaining. With a lifetime love of good food, he has travelled most of the world and tried cuisines from around the globe. His career has been as diverse as his travels, from a chef/butcher in a London hospital to a spell in the Diplomatic Service. His account of places travelled, food sampled, and some of his own recipes, makes for a very interesting, enjoyable, and at times humorous, read. Now retired, he lives near his favourite city, Chester, with his wife Linda Fraser-Web

Travels with My Aunt

Author : Graham Greene
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A retired London bank manager is yanked out of the suburbs by his eccentric aunt for a “cheerfully irreverent” romp across Europe (The Guardian). Now that the dullish Henry Pulling has left his job with an agreeable pension and a firm handshake, he plans to spend more time weeding his dahlias. Then, for the first time in fifty years, he sees his aunt Augusta at his mother’s funeral. Charging into her seventies with florid abandon, not a day of her life wasted, and her future as bright as her brilliant red hair, Augusta insists that Henry abandon his garden, follow her, and hold on tight. With that, she whisks her nephew out of Brighton and boards the Orient Express bound for Paris and Istanbul, then on to Paraguay, and down the rabbit hole of her past that swarms with swindlers, smugglers, war criminals, and rather unconventional lovers. With each new stop, Henry discovers not only more about his aunt and her secrets but also about himself as well. Pulsing with “the tragic and comic ironies of love, loyalty and belief” Graham Greene’s deceptive lark of novel was made into the 1972 film starring Maggie Smith (The Times, London).

Travels with My Aunt

Author : Giles Havergal
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Stage version of the popular novel, first performed at the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow before two West End productions and one on Broadway, winning an Olivier award on the way.

My Travels with Norm

Author : Frederick J. Ruggio
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This is a book of short stories of fishing, hunting, and other miscellaneouscategories,that cover a period of friendship forover 45 years. The storiesrelate experiences that are humorous and sometimes serious, that will probablyappeal toa reader of various subjects and willbring back memories to readerswho have had similar experiences.

Travels with Ernest

Author : Laurel Richardson
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Laurel Richardson and Ernest Lockridge-accomplished sociologist and published novelist-explore the fascinating interplay between literary and ethnographic writing. The exciting result is an intriguing experimental text that simultaneously delves into, reveals, simplifies, and complicates methodologies of writing and conveying experience. This boundary-crossing text will provide an ideal platform for students and professors interested in understanding and exploring the absorbing complexities and possibilities of ethnographic writing and creative nonfiction.

Travels with My Sea Captain

Author : Jill Vedebrand
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FROM HOLLYWOOD TO THE HIGH SEAS A chance encounter in Los Angeles airport with a Swedish Sea Captain and Jill left the movie business and was swept out to sea. From the glamour of Hollywood to life on board a rough cargo ship to playing Mother Goose on a remote Scottish farm, TRAVELS WITH MY SEA CAPTAIN is full of stories about the Captain and his international crew of characters, the many ports as Jill found herself travelling all over the world, life in the glen and how love can really change everything. REVIEWS: Travels With My Sea Captain by Jill Vedebrand A warm, humorous account of one woman's tempestuous affair and marriage to a fiery Swedish sea captain. After meeting by chance in Los Angeles airport, Jill and Tomas fell in love and she decided to join him on some of his voyages to exotic locations including Japan, Singapore, Cuba, South America, India and Russia. There is no shortage of drama as she paints a vivid picture of months spent aboard a ship where she was often the only female. At times resented by the crew, she also often adopted the role of agony aunt and compassionately recounts the hardship endured by men who can spend several years away from their families. There are stories of drunken cooks, surly engineers, brutal fights, macho wrestling competitions, and frantic shore searches for men who had gone missing in the local brothels. The physical aspect of being on board ship also poses problems as she struggles to adapt to the confined spaces, isolation of the open ocean and the violent weather they encounter. The often stunning and sometimes frightening places she visited during her time at sea are colourfully portrayed and she has a knack for bringing to life the sights, smells and atmosphere. Intertwined with the tales of her sea voyages are stories of Jill and Tomas' home life in rural Scotland. They buy a farm and there are accounts of their battles to restore the property and about their menagerie of ducks and pets. In these parts the story reminded me a little of James Herriot or Lillian Beckwith's stories about life in the Hebrides and I think it would have great appeal to these markets. Part travelogue, part humorous account of life in the wilds of Scotland, this is an engaging, romantic, very human story. SENIOR EDITOR