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Treasures from the Sea

Author : Hedvig Landenius Enegren
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Presents new research on the extraction and physical and chemical properties of, and the use and social significance of mollusc-extracted purple dyes and sea silk in textiles in Mediterranean prehistory

Treasures from the Sea

Author : Lynda Nunweek
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Natural and man-made treasures from the sea are the focus of this title in the exciting Connectors series, based on Reciprocal Reading. In small groups, students take turns to lead a group discussion: - They explicitly use comprehension strategies used in Reciprocal reading: predict, clarify, ask questions and summarise. - In addition they use other comprehension strategies: make connections, visualise, form opinions and make inferences.

Hidden Treasures of the Sea

Author : Donald J. Crump
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An introduction to nautical archeology, focusing on social, cultural, and political history as exposed by shipwrecks from ancient times to the present.

Treasures of the Sea

Author : Murray S. Kaufman
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Author : Leonard Hill
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From the extraordinary architectural detail of the chambered nautilus to the varied hues of the senatorial scallop, Shells: Treasures of the Sea features approximately 300 color photographs of shells from all over the globe in all of their striking diversity. However, more than just the fancy of beachcombers and collectors, shells have been appreciated and valued for centuries by many societies. Shells: Treasures of the Sea traces the history of shells in fine art and native crafts, commerce and trade, adornment and worship through detailed and informative text and fascinating photographs. The science of shells has fascinated man since the early seventeenth century, and shells continue to rank high among today's collectibles. Shells: Treasures of the Sea includes information on early shell enthusiasts and the succession of collectors' "favorites" that have been prized and sought by serious collectors over the years. The book also features rare photographs, many published here for the first time, of the curious animals that create these elaborate shell homes. Information on the evolutionary history and classification of shells, as well as current data on collecting practices and conservation completes this splendid volume.

Treasures by the Sea

Author : Sally Streib
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Discover 20 nature stories that teach our need of a Savior, how to easily understand the Gospel, how to choose Jesus as your Savior, the importance of forgiveness, how to receive a new heart, and much more."Look at the wonderful and beautiful things of nature...all speak to us of the Creator's love.'In these stories, you will learn how you can get closer to your Creator, Jesus Christ. Patterned after the best selling Steps to Christ, by E.G. White, Triton's Treasure shows the easy steps any kid can take to get to know Christ as a Friend and Savior."The Triton Trumpet is one of your best creations,? I whispered to God. ?I just have to find a good specimen.' When author Sally Streib whispered this short prayer, she could hardly imagine that one day she would posses one of the largest Triton Trumpet sea shells ever collected.

Treasures of the Sea Birthday and Address Book

Author : Christian R. Lassen
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A slip case containing a hardcover birthday book, address book and elegant pen. A beautiful stationery item that is an ideal gift.

Shells Treasures from the Sea

Author : James A. Cox
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Explores the world of shells and chronicles the relationship between shells and man and looks at the lives of the creatures that inhabit shells

1 2 3 Treasures in the Sea

Author : Carson-Dellosa Publishing Company, Inc.
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With 1, 2, 3, Treasures in the Sea, kids spy vibrant fish and count to 30+ while boosting higher number skills. Perfect for 2 players, the game offers three ways to play with pictures and numeral cards 1?30, and includes a colorful game board and 108 cards.

The Treasure of the Sea A Geronimo Stilton Adventure Thea Stilton Special Edition 5

Author : Thea Stilton
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Thea Stilton and the Thea Sisters are needed to help Aquamarina, the magical land of the ocean! The enchanted Music of the Sea has stopped playing, and no one knows why. If it doesn't return soon, the realm will perish! The mouselets and their friend Will Mystery travel to the underwater world to find the magical music. On their mission, they swim through dangerous waters, encounter strange and fantastical creatures, and even reveal an ancient mystery. It's a mousetastic aquatic adventure!

Treasures by the Sea the Golden Isles DELUXE EDITION

Author : Jim Jensen
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These coastal devotions will hopefully and prayerfully inspire those who read them to re-examine their spiritual eye, strengthen that eye, truly rejoice in it, or simply exercise it for the first time. These devotions mostly come from moments on the beaches of Saint Simons Island. This deluxe edition also includes photographs of the scenes which inspired selected devotions and other scenes from the area. The author's deep desire is for others to find their own treasures, by the sea, or wherever those treasures may be found.

Treasure from the Sea

Author : Jacqueline Adams
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"Around the world, people hunt for a treasure called sea glass. This treasure used to be trash! " --Cover page [4].

Treasures Beneath the Sea

Author : Robert Silverberg
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Tells the stories of treasure hunters and difficult salvage operations from 1687 to 1947 and describes treasures which have never been recovered

The Treasure of the Sea

Author : Thea Stilton
File Size : 69.10 MB
Format : PDF
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The underwater kingdom of Aquamarina is in trouble because the enchanted Music of the Sea has stopped playing--so Thea and the Thea Sisters, together with their friend Will Mystery set out on a dangerous mission to find the Sea Violin which will restore color and life to the Kingdom.

Treasure Lost at Sea

Author : Robert F. Marx
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An exploration of underwater archeological sites and shipwrecks dating from the beginning of recorded history to the present day.


Author : Jerry Poppenheimer
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Gold is not the only treasure in the sea. History can provide us with many hints to the location of gold but often the hints lead us to more unexpected treasures.

Treasure from the Sea

Author : Francesca Riley
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On a holiday with her Nan who lives by the beach, Megan hopes to find a treasure left behind by the sea. But the treasure she finds is not what she expected. Suggested level: junior.

Treasure from the Sea

Author : Lisa Woollett
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The Seashell Collector

Author : Ilya Temkin
File Size : 37.81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Keepsake box, postcards, journal & more

The Official Sea Glass Searcher s Guide How to Find Your Own Treasures from the Tide

Author : Cindy Bilbao
File Size : 88.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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cindy Bilbao's spectacular photographs and helpful guidance will transform your everyday visit to the beach into a passionate treasure hunt. You'll learn where to go, when to go, what to look for and more. Sea glass has a particular magic. These are simply shards of old glass that have been shaped and polished by the sand and the sea. Sea glass can be found in a wide array of colors and can be simply collected or can be made into gorgeous jewlery. With a greatly enhanced ability to find these gems, THE OFFICIAL SEA GLASS SEARCHER'S GUIDE willl open up a new world. And, from the comfort of your armchair you'll be able to envision those discoveries by thumbing through Cindy Bilbao's photos that capture the essence of what is so compelling about sea glass.