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Trigger Point Self Care Manual

Author : Donna Finando
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A guide to the treatment of pain from common sports injuries and other physical activities • Contains at-home techniques to promote healing and self-awareness of the body’s musculature • Explains how to relieve pain using manual massage in conjunction with small physio balls • Includes an illustrated treatment reference section organized by region of the body The vast majority of physical injuries incurred by active people begin with muscular injuries that are not addressed by the conventional medical approach to orthopedic care. Injuries of this type are generally too minor to warrant splinting, casting, or medication and often do not prevent participation in physical activities. They do, however, produce noticeable discomfort and, over time, frequently lead to more severe injuries. In Trigger Point Self-Care Manual Donna Finando presents methods for the healing and prevention of musculature injuries. She identifies the causes of and remedies for areas of muscular tightness and restriction and details many self-care techniques, including precise self-massage, stretching, and the use of wet heat and/or ice. In the fully illustrated reference section, organized by body part, she identifies the pain associated with trigger points in each muscle of the body and provides instructions for palpating, treating, and stretching the muscle in order to release it.

The Concise Book of Trigger Points Third Edition

Author : Simeon Niel-Asher
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Most muscular aches and pains are caused or affected by untreated “trigger points,” localized tender spots in muscles. Understanding and treating these points can lead to rapid and lasting pain relief. Trigger point therapy is a powerful tool in the management of both acute and chronic pain, including such common problems as headaches, TMJ syndrome, and back pain. The Concise Book of Trigger Points has set the gold standard for providing a clear understanding of the treatment of trigger points. Designed for the student and practitioner of massage/bodywork, physical therapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy, sports therapy, and any other health-related field, it functions both as an entry-level textbook and an authoritative reference for even the most experienced therapist. This updated third edition includes new self-help and practitioner treatment guidelines for each muscle discussed, covering cutting-edge trigger point theory and practice. The opening chapters describe the basics of trigger points and include detailed therapeutic protocols. Chapters seven through twelve are organized by muscle groups, with detailed color illustrations of each major skeletal muscle. In addition, respected osteopath Simeon Niel-Asher discusses the physiological implications of the trigger points in each muscle—and techniques for treatment—and addresses the most common pain complaints, including headache, neck pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain, and TMJ syndrome. This is a must-have manual for students, professional hands-on therapists, and those who wish to gain a greater knowledge of trigger point therapy. “This book wonderfully describes the syndromes of myofascial pain that affect the skeletal muscles. The text is clear, with detailed information about the presentation of syndromes in each body region, and the illustrations show the referred pain patterns clearly. Individuals suffering from myofascial pain will find it useful in understanding and managing their symptoms.” --Dr. Bob Gerwin, MD, FAAN Medical Director and President, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland “Simeon Niel-Asher has improved on an already wonderfully descriptive book on myofacial pain, trigger points, and syndromes. The text is clear, the diagrams excellent and the overall result is an excellent resource.” --Dr. Simon Vulfsons, MD, Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Pain Management Director, the Institute for Pain Medicine, Rambam Health Care Campus, Haifa, Israel “This book is a must-have for manual therapists serious about their craft, as well as for serious self-treaters who want to take their level of understanding and treatment independence to a higher level. The book is extremely well organized, well written, and concise. The illustrations are beautiful and accurate.” --Jonathan Reynolds, Director, TOLA systems.

Trigger Point Therapy for Low Back Pain

Author : Sharon Sauer
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A protege of trigger-point-therapy founders Janet Travell and David Simons presents the first in her series of comprehensive manuals, designed to provide relief from muscle pain using both trigger-point massage and other never-before-published techniques developed by Travell and Simons. Original.

Frozen Shoulder Workbook

Author : Clair Davies
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Author Clair Davies' own case of frozen shoulder led him to undertake an extensive study of trigger points and referred pain that eventually resulted in his runaway best-seller, "The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook". Now, this renowned bodywork expert and educator revisits the subject of frozen shoulder, offering the most detailed and comprehensive manual yet available about this painful and debilitating condition, a useful resource for self-care and for bodywork practitioners looking to expand their treatment repertoire. Frozen shoulder, the syndrome name for several joint and tendon-related symptoms, is experienced as a loss of motion and pain in the shoulder and upper arm. It is most often observed in women between the ages of forty and sixty and individuals with type-two diabetes. Traditional medical treatments for the condition, which rely on painkillers, steroid injections and physical therapy, often do little to moderate symptoms or speed recovery. Trigger point therapy, a gentle massage technique that targets localised areas of tenderness in soft tissue, has been used very successfully to relieve pain, restore range of motion and shorten recovery times.

Acupoint and Trigger Point Therapy for Babies and Children

Author : Donna Finando
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Techniques that allow parents to be active agents in providing relief and healing when illness occurs in their children • Reveals the importance of touch in both childhood development and healing • Details acupoint and trigger point therapy techniques for most common childhood ailments, including asthma • Identifies when to seek professional help vs. situations that can be handled at home Touch is critical to the development of babies and children. It establishes both their sense of self and their connectedness to the rest of the world. Donna Finando shows that touch is also key to restoring health when illness occurs. As a mother and grandmother, she has experienced the frustration and helplessness of watching a sick child suffer. As an acupuncturist and massage practitioner, she has found there are many simple ways parents can provide relief and even healing for many common ailments that afflict children by using touch therapy. Trigger point therapy releases restricted muscles while acupressure allows energy to flow freely, activating the body’s remarkable healing abilities. Colds, sore throats, ear infections, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, and even asthma are some of the common conditions that can be relieved by touch therapy. Finando presents an in-depth explanation of each condition, providing information on causative factors, dietary and behavior recommendations, point techniques that can offer relief, and when to seek medical help. The gentle techniques that form this healing practice also extend to other parent-child interactions, offering a comprehensive model for the care and nurturing of children.

Pain Relief Without Drugs

Author : Jan Sadler
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Shares successful strategies from the author's twenty-five years of coping with her own pain, offering an innovative way to lessen pain's grip on the body and mind by changing one's personal reaction to pain. Original.

Body Mechanics and Self care Manual

Author : Marian Wolfe Dixon
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This book shows bodywork professionals who may be experiencing symptoms of fatigue, stress, or overuse, how to heal themselves and prevent injuries from recurring. It teaches healthy bodyworkers how to stay that way, and to help clients who suffer from repetitive motion injuries. Chapter topics include principles of physics—moving and static objects, weight and pressure; eastern influences on body mechanics; unpatterning; repetitive motion and other common injuries; taking care of yourself—physiologically and psychologically; and adaptations for special populations/conditions. For all licensed massage therapists, neuropaths, chiropractors and chiropractic assistants, acupuncturists, physical therapists and physical therapist assistants, certified nursing assistants, and expressive art therapists.

Trigger Point Therapy for Low Back Pain

Author : Mary Biancalana
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Learn the secrets to lasting pain relief: finding and deactivating trigger points, the underlying cause of most low back pain. Trigger points are sensitive tight spots in taut bands of muscle tissue. Treating trigger points that refer pain to the low back and buttock areas, rather than addressing only the specific sites of your pain, is the best way to comprehensively treat occasional or chronic discomfort and prevent it from coming back. Packed with illustrated treatment techniques, Trigger Point Therapy for Low Back Pain offers effective strategies beginners can practice at home and detailed hands-on protocols health care practitioners can use while working with patients. Find out which of eleven muscles could be causing back pain, then learn specific trigger point treatments and correct underlying perpetuating factors to immediately relieve soreness and tension in these muscles. If you're ready to try a targeted approach to eliminating back pain, this manual will provide you with all the information you need to get started and end low back discomfort once and for all.

Mosby s Trigger Point Flip Chart with Referral Patterns and Stretching

Author : Joseph E. Muscolino
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This flip chart presents the most commonly accepted locations for myfascial trigger points and their corresponding referral zones for the major muscles and muscle groups of the human body.

Your Best Medicine

Author : Marc A. Goldstein, MD
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Integrative medicine—the practice of combining remedies from various therapeutic disciplines to optimize relief and speed healing—is transforming both how health professionals treat disease and how patients manage their own care. Your Best Medicine introduces the reader to this new world of healing options for everyday ailments like dry skin, fatigue, and indigestion as well as more serious conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. All of the treatments and techniques in Your Best Medicine have been handpicked by two practitioners—one a conventionally trained MD, the other a specialist in complementary therapies—based on established therapeutic protocols, research evidence, and clinical experience. Conventional and complementary remedies appear side by side so readers can evaluate at a glance the remedies' relative effectiveness, safety, and ease of use. Every entry in Your Best Medicine also provides important information on risk factors, symptoms, and diagnostic techniques, as well as preventive measures. Armed with this knowledge, readers can make decisions wisely and confidently at every stage of their care.

Bottom Line s Health Breakthroughs 2008

Author : Bottom Line
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Health, Fitness & Dieting.

Outcome based Massage

Author : Carla-Krystin Andrade
File Size : 28.41 MB
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Written for physical therapists, massage therapists and occupational therapists, this text introduces an evidence-based clinical reasoning process for incorporating massage into therapeutic practice. The authors instruct readers in how to identify impairments, select and apply appropriate massage techniques, and integrate massage with other treatments. The book integrates a wide variety of techniques into a single problem-solving format consistent with the APTA's "Guide to Physical Therapist Practice". This Second Edition includes step-by-step examples of massage sequences and features superb photographic illustrations, boxes, charts, figures, and clinical examples. The companion website contains approximately 70 video clips that show how to perform many of the techniques and sequences illustrated in the book.

Ending Male Pelvic Pain a Man s Manual

Author : Isa Herrera
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS, Physiotherapist and men's pelvic health expert, has written the ultimate self-help guide for men suffering from pelvic pain, sexual pain, or recovering from prostatectomy surgery. In this unique book, Ms. Herrera delivers the goods, sharing her trade secrets with you, putting you on the right track towards a pain-free lifestyle. This manual will teach you how to see and treat your pelvic floor muscles in a different way opening the door to health and well-being.Ending Male Pelvic Pain will awaken the healer within you, putting you on the road to a fast recovery. Ms. Herrera does not hold back, instead she empowers you with the knowledge you need to defeat your pain.The large selection of techniques in this book are based on Ms. Herrera's real-life experience in treating men at her NYC based pelvic rehab healing center, Renew Physical Therapy. This multi-keyed book fuses yoga, Pilates, internal massage, visualizations, trigger point therapy, and self-care tools, ensuring that there is something for every man who has suffered long enough with pelvic pain, testicular pain, penile pain, and conditions relating to urinary leaking. In this book Ms. Herrera shows you how she helped countless men get on a path to self healing, ultimately breaking the cycle of pain.With this book Ms. Herrera is declaring a revolution, stating "I have given you the tools you need. Don't hesitate to get started, end your pain and be the hero of your own story".More information at or

Myofascial Release for Women s Health Self Care

Author : Jeannette Zyderveld
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Foreword by Carol Davis, DPT, EdD, MS, FAPTA. Myofascial Release for Women's Health Self Care is a practical guide to women's pelvic and breast self treatment. This guide uses principles and techniques from the John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach®. You can treat your own pelvic region, particularly your pelvic floor, with significant results, using these myofascial releases (MFR) self care principles and techniques. In section 1, we begin with basic information about MFR, the pelvis, the pelvic floor muscle (PFM), and PFM exercises. In section 2, we explore Barnes MFR self-care. We begin with techniques for various parts of the body that most affect the pelvic region and then focus on specific pelvic area release techniques. We start with external pelvic techniques, followed by internal techniques.In the Appendix, you will find the author's story, a monthly journal worksheet, a list of sample self-care sessions, a reading checklist, a technique list, and a list of resources.

Tappan s Handbook of Healing Massage Techniques

Author : Patricia J. Benjamin
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Format : PDF, ePub
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This pioneering book in massage therapy provides basic information on the art and science of effective healing massage techniques in quick-learn, easy-to-understand terms. Whether you're a licensed massage therapy practitioner, health related professional, or just interested in basic massage therapy techniques, this is the book for you! The authors carefully examine the foundations of healing massage, western massage techniques, contemporary massage including myofascial techniques, trigger points, lymphatic drainage massage, foot reflexology, Asian bodywork therapy and applications of massage. New to the fifth edition are Practice Sequences that are step-by-step suggested example applications of the techniques described in the book. Each Practice Sequence is demonstrated in full, vibrant detail on the DVD that accompanies this text. So that readers can track their progress, the DVD, as well as Appendix D, provides Performance Evaluation Forms for every Practice Sequence.

Medical Problems of Performing Artists

Author :
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Health Assessment

Author : Jill Fuller
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Author : Martin Ashley
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Advice for pursuing a career in massage and bodywork. Profiles of massage schools plus directories of associations are included.


Author : Corinna Somma
File Size : 55.26 MB
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"Practitioners and lay readers alike will appreciate the accessibility of this text that makes Asian medical theory intelligible, plausible, and credible to Western minds. Balancing theory with practice, this text addresses everything from proper body mechanics to special populations. It contains hundreds of captioned photographs demonstrating sample Shiatsu sessions, a photographic glossary of over 90 acupressure points, and an introduction to complementary modalities such as moxabustion (herbal heat therapy), magnets, Gua Sha (friction therapy), and Qi Gong (movement and breathing exercises) that can be incorporated into a Shiatsu practice. Complete with line drawings, tables, practice exercises, mnemonic devices, real life examples, review questions, tests, and answers, this text provides indispensable pedagogical and professional support and is an enduring reference work."--BOOK JACKET.

American Book Publishing Record

Author :
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