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Healthy Happy Baby

Author : Pat Thomas
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The greatest gift parents can give their children is good health, but babies and small children are uniquely vulnerable to environmental pollution. In this practical and wide-ranging book, Ecologist editor Pat Thomas gives every parent the information they need to reduce the level of toxins and unnecessary chemicals that their baby is exposed to – from conception through to birth and beyond. The book covers everything today’s well-informed parents are concerned about – from the importance of a healthy diet and cutting down on toxic toiletries in pregnancy to advice on reading the label on baby products and finding and choosing alternatives to plastic toys. In this fascinating, topical and sometime shocking book, Pat Thomas lifts the lid on the advice, guidelines and products all parents are advised to follow or use on their babies and provides practical, easy suggestions and tips and advice on realistic alternatives. She discusses the health risks of exposure to toxins in the womb and after your baby is born and tells us how we can all make changes to our lifestyle and reduce the risk for ourselves and our children.

Dustbin Baby

Author : Jacqueline Wilson
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April knows she was abandoned in a rubbish bin as a newborn baby, fourteen years ago. Now she's happily settled with her foster mother, Marion - but there's a part of April that's desperate to know where she really came from, and who she really is. If only she could remember her real mother - or even find her . . . An engrossing, engaging and highly moving novel from the acclaimed bestseller Jacqueline Wilson.

Santa Baby

Author : Katie Price
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A romantic Christmas book from the bestselling Katie Price, featuring her most popular character, Angel Summer. Angel Summer is Katie's most popular character.We first met her when she was Britain's No 1 glamour model in Katie's first novel, Angel, and then in Angel Uncovered. Now in Katie's seventh novel, Santa Baby, Angel's glamour days are behind her, she's happily married to Cal and hoping to have another baby. But, as ever, drama is just around the corner, when Angel meets her half sister Tiffany for the first time..... As soon as they meet, Angel and Tiffany feel as if they've know each other for years, and before she knows it, Tiffany is working as a stylist on Angel's TV programme and going out with Raul, a Brazilian racing driver who has all the girls after him. If only Angel's sexy bodyguard Sean could be as welcoming. Obviously he has things on his mind, like the kidnap threat hanging over Angel and her daughter Honey. As everyone gathers at Angel and Cal's mansion for Christmas, Sean's defences finally drop. But as he relaxes, Tiffany finds herself in terrible danger....

The Alternative Guide To Baby Names

Author : Cara Frost-Sharratt
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Guarantee your kid stands out from the crowd with this vast selection of hip, edgy and occasionally outrageous baby names. The Alternative Guide to Baby Names goes beyond the pedestrian suggestions of the traditional baby name book, featuring boys' names like Draven, Legion, Skylar and Snake, and quirky girls' names such as Harper, Nori, Eyre and Effie. Taking inspiration from celebrities, fictional characters, the music industry and place names, this book will provide you with hundreds of ideas and hours of fun.

Truuuly Scrumptious Book of Organic Baby Purees

Author : Janice Fisher
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Like all parents, Topsy Fogg and Janice Fisher wanted to give their babies the best possible start in life. And like Jamie Oliver before them, they realised that the best start begins with what they give their children to eat. Topsy and Janice are the founders of the award-winning organic baby food brand, Truuuly Scrumptious, a delicious range of homestyle, top-quality food for babies aged six months through to toddlers. In this beautifully illustrated book, Topsy and Janice share their scrumptious recipes to ensure that parents give their babies all the essential nutrients that are vital for healthy growth and development. They also explain how to wean babies; why going organic is best; and how to source, prepare and cook the best-quality ingredients. From vitamin-packed first stage purées such as butternut squash and broccoli through more substantial meals such as lamb and apricot casserole to finger foods such as carrot, courgette and cheese muffins, these recipes are so tasty parents will be making extra portions for themselves too!

Schwann Long Playing Record Catalog

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Heidi Klum by Rankin

Author :
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Photographer Rankin presents a publication of nude photography featuring supermodel Heidi Klum. Compelling, erotic and personal, Heidi Klum by Rankin, offers a chance to see behind the scenes and under the clothes of model, designer, and personality, Heidi Klum. Originally conceived as a purely personal project, this publication brings together iconic images and never before seen shots to create the most revealing portrait of international superstar Heidi Klum to date. With photographs taken over a period of ten years, this second solo book project between Rankin and Heidi, explores femininity, sexuality, confidence and strength through the intimacy and humour that has characterised their working relationship. With an unparalleled rapport between photographer and subject, Rankin s images allow Heidi to strip bare and uncover the fun and the vulnerability that makes her image so recognisable. Shot on location and within the studio, these nudes follow on from Rankin s recent release #NSFW (teNeues, 2016) to cement his formidable reputation as one of the world s leading photographers. A visually arresting contemporary take on boudoir photography, this hardback coffee table book is due for release Valentines Day, 2017."

Uncle Bubba s Savannah Seafood

Author : Earl Hiers
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People travel from far and wide to taste the fresh and delicious seafood served at Uncle Bubba's Oyster House in Savannah, but now you can stay home and let chef and owner Earl “Bubba” Hiers treat you to his famous Southern hospitality. His first-ever cookbook tells you how to prepare both the dishes that made his restaurant famous and the home cooking that he and his older sister, Food Network star Paula Deen, grew up eating in their Granny Paul's kitchen. Learn how to make finger-lickin' Dixieland favorites like Low Country Boil, Lip-Smackin'-Good Chicken Casserole, Salmon and Grits, and Oyster Stew. Right off the restaurants menu are dishes like BBQ Shrimp, Gumbo, and Shrimp and Grits. And because good cooking seems to run in Bubba's family, recipes like Raised Biscuits, Kathy's Dig Deep salad, and Cheesy Squash Casserole come straight from the recipe boxes in the authentic Southern kitchens of Bubba's grannies, aunts, and friends. Desserts are Bubba's favorite, and there's no shortage. Try Aunt Glennis's version of the classic Dixie staple, Red Velvet Cake, or the Lemon Cheese Cake, which true Southerners know is not a cheesecake at all. There's also Chocolate Almond Pie, Butterscotch Pound Cake, Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie, and three recipes for truly scrumptious desserts that are Paula's gift to her baby brother. Plus, along with the recipes, you'll get family stories and photographs that bring Bubba and Paula's Georgia childhood to life. Like his restaurant, Bubba's recipes are casual—perfect for summer cookouts and picnics where paper napkins and plastic forks are just fine, and the card playing and story swapping begins when the Chargrilled Oysters are put on the table, and doesn't end until long after the last bite of Georgia Peach Cake is cleaned from the plate. Soon, just like Bubba, you'll be spending long afternoons around the grill, bragging on your barbecue and waiting for the Beer Rolls to come out of the oven.

The Doctor the Runaway Heiress

Author : Marion Lennox
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Swapping her designer dresses for a nurse's uniform! Renowned doctor Riley Chase may have rescued heiress Pippa Fotheringham from the sea, but he's definitely no knight in shining armor! A lone wolf, he's trained his heart to let no one in. On the run from a life under the spotlight, and a nearly catastrophic trip down the aisle, nurse Pippa jetted off on her honeymoon—alone. But her (working) holiday turns out to be far more exciting than candlelit dinners for one, especially when very real, very unexpected sparks start to fly between her and the man who vowed he'd never love again.…

Pure bred Dogs American Kennel Gazette

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Pulling Myself Together

Author : Denise Welch
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One of our most popular actresses, Denise Welch got her television break in the BBC's Spender opposite Jimmy Nail and followed it by achieving success in ITVs worldwide hit drama Soldier Soldier. She really became a household name when she took on the role of Rovers Return landlady Natalie Barnes in Coronation Street. She tarred in the award-winning drama Waterloo Road and is a regular on the hugely popular Loose Women, where her warmth and honesty have won the nation's hearts. But even as her career was taking off, Denise was hiding a secret – that she was suffering from a crippling post natal depression so severe that she was at times suicidal. As she concealed her heartbreak on the set of Coronation Street, she turned to alcohol and drugs to cope. She even had an affair that threatened her marriage. Now she reveals for the first time the full details of her battle with depression and alcoholism, how she fought back and, helped by the love of her husband Tim Healy, turned her life around. Powerful and moving, Pulling Myself Together is ultimately an uplifting book that will appeal to her many fans old and new.

Holiday Cupcakes Cookies

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Holiday Cupcakes & Cookies is packed with plenty of recipes for delicious home-made delights to make and enjoy with the family or give as thoughtful gifts. Whatever the weather outside, whip up your very own snowstorm with the Snowman cupcakes. Treat yourself and your loved ones to the Figgy Pudding cupcakes, and have fun decorating the Red-nose Reindeer cupcakes with clever pretzel antlers! Cookies look beautiful presented in a stylish box, so why not bake a batch of Christmas Trees, Jolly Penguins or Polka-dot Parcels for a truly scrumptious gift? Gingerbread & Brownies also make delicious and indulgent treats—perfect to enjoy with a warming cup of coffee. The Mint Chocolate Chip Brownies will satisfy even the sweetest tooth. There is nothing more festive than freshly-baked gingerbread, filling the house with the warming, spiced smells of the holiday season. Baking some Gingerbread Whoopie Pies is guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit and the pretty Snowflakes are the perfect decoration for the tree. Whip up a batch of cupcakes and cookies for the festive season and fill your home with the irresistible smell of spices, sweets, and treats. You’ll find the perfect recipe in this delightful book to make the holidays extra special.

Till Cheating Do Us Part

Author : Chidi Asika-Enahoro
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Till Cheating Do Us Part utilized a wealth of pragmatic information from a variety of relationships and marital unions to fabricate a manual of tested and tried tips to prevent or mend relationships and marriage pitfalls. Till Cheating Do Us Part is a must read for all couples but especially for those in serious relationships such as newly weds, those about to make life changing commitments to one another and those long married couples who are mired in marital controversies such as infidelity and or other challenging scandals. Till Cheating Do Us Part is a relationship guide book that succinctly delves into the human psyche to uncover and realistically present well arranged basic concepts of what is needed to build and maintain a fun loving and stress free relationship.

Gracie S Promise

Author : Tommy Lowery
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Gracie Chapman had been bad. Her mommy had locked her up again. She was cold and all alone. She didnt know that a killer was in her house. Trapped for three days in the hole, Gracie was finally discovered by homicide detective Logan Anderson of the Breckinridge Police Department. And it was up to Logan and his partner Charlie Watkins to track down the psychopath who was responsible for murdering Gracies family. Darla Wilkerson loved her job as a pediatric nurse. When she first met six year old Gracie, she had no idea what a drastic change this precious little red-haired girl would make in her life. She hadnt known the true power of love until she met Gracie.and the handsome detective that had taken a personal interest in Gracie. The killer knows that he left one behind and hell stop at nothing to find Gracie. Logan and Charlie will stop at nothing to put an end to his reign of terror. All leads to a heart-stopping chase that none of them will ever forget.

Last Dance

Author : Sereena Nightshade
File Size : 37.24 MB
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Last Dance L Last Dance is a short rated PG picture book on high-quality paper. This material featuring a veritable feast of select works and rare all color photos of or by Sereena Nightshade. The poetry and essays in Last Dance are those featured in The Visage, House of Sorrows, Sweetie-Baby and Black Market. Works in Last Dance include: Someone Once Said, Storms Know, Fairest Treasures, What Midnight Sees, Crescendo, Dont Fear, Habitable, Crackerjacks, Cooking, Cast Away, Scatterling, Pains Flower, Drowning, Fanslai, Black Market, Sheets of Rubble, The Mite, Remote Fantasies, Blizzard, Ay Carajo, Shimmering, The Death of Fairies, Starving, Outrageous, Blame, Beady Little Thing, Hells Films, Le Menu, Farewells, 2013. Readers confused by the content herein are referred to the previous four books (i.e. The Visage, House of Sorrows, Sweetie-Baby and Black Market). Commentary on the short books in general: Please be advised that the color photos in these awesome Advantage Package books, break down Nightshades previously presented works while displaying new "materials" most commonly in RD #1 form, offering readers a rare glance into Nightshades private world as this writer is a true recluse. A recluse though she may be Nightshade easily moves through different environments unabashed, easily approachable, garnering friendships and interviewing various individuals along the way. These vibrant color photo books are guaranteed to delight fans with bold revealing pictures of Nightshade, her environment both past and current as well as some of Nightshades informal artwork. Color books by Nightshade include: Last Dance, Nightshade Rains, The Killing Fields, Dysfunctional Meanderings, Grace and False Prophets, The Dimming, Low Lying Fruit, Tick Tock, Backlash, Riddle as well as additional books waiting behind the "Stage left side of life." Upcoming Riddle features some of Nightshades current and likely last travel photos in this "Offering of many inadvertent and purposeful journeys intertwined in the carpets woven of mismatched threads, multilayered, multi-colored, singular tones, transparent and Pecksniffian where little is what one believes it to be or everything is a riddle no matter ones wish for a variance sweet..," including Nightshades November 2013 journey. However, be it Riddle or the many others, all of Nightshades color picture books sincerely enchanting for fans everywhere. Names of individuals in all of this authors books are fictitious names. Real names are not revealed. Sereena Nightshade Trivia: 1) Favorite musician: Sixto Rodriguez. A) Album sample, Cold Fact.

Nightmares of Terror

Author : Ken R. Abell
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Nightmares of Terror, continuing the saga that began in Days of Purgatory, is set in and around Dodge City in 1882. Several characters are having their sleep disturbed by dreams that are flares from the past or harbingers of the future. Deacon Coburn, flint-eyed and tenderhearted, aids others and comes to terms with hardscrabble troubles by applying gritty faith. An outlaw is on the rampage; his life has been violent and he's realizing that hell is a real place. A former prostitute is seeking a new life, while a teenager stretches her wings. One strong man is having a crisis of faith; another is in a mess of troubles not of his making. Two women are expecting and due at roughly the same time. A Texas cattleman arrives in the Queen of the Cowtowns to conclude a business deal, which unbeknownst to him, forces a onetime slave to come face to face with a seedy episode from bygone days. All these threads are woven together in a compelling narrative in which the supernatural is commonplace and real. An overarching theme is voiced by Eliza Weitzel: "Faith is all about having confidence that whatever will be will be, and by God's grace we have the hope that he sustains and supports us no matter what."

One Pot Meals Cookbook

Author : Gooseberry Patch
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One-Pot Meals is brimming with recipes to make dinner a snap...with just one dish to clean up! Serve country chicken pot pie or old-fashioned applesauce cake and expect rave reviews.

Time Out New York

Author : Editors of Time Out
File Size : 63.87 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Now in its 20th edition, Time Out New York provides the inside track on the Big Apple in an exhaustive guide with illuminating features and hundreds of independent unbiased venue reviews covering everything from iconic skyscrapers to buzzing neighborhoods. The guide offers an exhaustive overview of everything the city has to offer in terms of tourist attractions, eating and drinking, shopping, clubs and the sights — everything from pizza and bagels to shopping green. Comprehensive coverage of the city's incomparable arts and culture scene makes this an invaluable sourcebook for tourists and natives alike. An extensive month-by-month calendar of events is included. Escapes and excursions within relatively easy reach for day or overnight trips are also included.

Handmade for Christmas

Author : Future Publishing
File Size : 76.35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Provides creative ideas and step-by-step instructions for handcrafted Christmas gifts and decorations, including greeting cards, table settings, bunting, wreaths, and Christmas tree ornaments.

The Painter and Decorator

Author :
File Size : 84.90 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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