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T t Clark Handbook of Public Theology

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T&T Clark Handbook of Public Theology introduces the various philosophical and theological positions and approaches in the emerging discourse of public theology. Distinguishing public theology from political theology, as well as from liberation theology, this book clarifies central terms like 'public sphere', 'the secular', and 'post-secularity' in order to highlight the specific characteristics of public theology. Its particular focus lies on the ways in which much of public theology has established itself as a contextual theology in politically secular societies, aiming to continue the apologetical tradition in this specific context. Depending on what is regarded as the most pressing challenge for the reasonable defence of the Christian hope in liberal democracies, public theologians have focused on (social) ethics, ecclesiology, or Soteriology, with the aim to strengthen the virtues needed for democratic citizenship. Here, attention is being paid to Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox perspectives. The volume further illustrates the characteristics of the discourse by introducing the ways in which public theologians have responded to concrete challenges arising in the spheres of politics, economics, ecology, sports, culture, and religion. To highlight the international scope of the public theological discourse, the volume concludes with a summarizing overview of public theological debates in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

T T Clark Handbook of African American Theology

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This handbook explores the central theme of Christian faith from various disciplinary approaches and different contexts of black experience in the United States. The central unifying theme is freedom; an important concept both in American culture and Christianity. African American theology represents a Christian understanding of God's freedom and the good news of God's call for all humankind to enter life-true human identity and moral responsibility-in genuine and just community. Contributors to the volume argue that African American theology highlights how racism and other intersecting forms of oppression complicate the human predicament; and that their eradication requires an expansion of salvation to include the liberation of persons who lack full participation in society and enjoyment of the good (and goods) made possible by that society. The essays in this handbook employ the tools of biblical criticism, history, cultural and social analysis, religious studies, philosophy, and systematic theology, in order to explore and assess the nature and impact of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, immigration, and cultural and moral pluralism in America-as well as the intersections between African American and African diasporan religious thought and life.

T T Clark Handbook of Edward Schillebeeckx

Author : Stephan van Erp
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Written by leading experts on both the thought of Edward Schillebeeckx and modern theology, this handbook offers the first comprehensive study of the historical, philosophical, political and theological aspects of Schillebeeckx's work. As one of the most influential Catholic theologians of the 20th century, he played a key role in the preparations for the theological revolution of the Second Vatican Council and the debates of the post-Counciliar era. His engagement with critical theory, hermeneutics, and biblical scholarship culminated in his ground breaking Christological trilogy, which marked Schillebeeckx as one of the most significant and innovative thinkers of his time. By building an overview of recent research into Schillebeeckx's writing, the contributors shed new light on his influence and ongoing relevance in contemporary theology. Beginning with the roots of Schillebeeckx's views on metaphysics, spirituality and faith, the essays then move to his work during and after the Second Vatican Council, and then to his engagement with new directions in philosophy and his renewal of classical topics such as creation, theological and soteriological anthropology, and eschatology. Culminating with an analysis of theology and culture, this handbook thoroughly explores the implications of Schillebeeckx's theology for a contemporary readership.

T T Clark Handbook of Political Theology

Author : Rubén Rosario Rodríguez
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The T&T Clark Handbook of Political Theology is a comprehensive reference resource informed by serious theological scholarship in the three Abrahamic traditions. The engaging and original contributions within this collection represent the epitome of contemporary scholarship in theology, religion, philosophy, history, law, and political science, from leading scholars in their area of specialization. Comprised of five sections that illuminate the rise and relevance of political theology, this handbook begins with the birth of contemporary “political theology,” and is followed by discussions of historical resources and past examples of interaction between theology and politics from all three Abrahamic traditions. The third section surveys the leading figures and movements that have had an impact on the discipline of political theology in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries; and the contributors then build on previously discussed historical resources and methods to engage with contemporary issues and challenges, emphasizing interreligious dialogue, even while addressing concerns of relevance to a particular faith tradition. The volume concludes with three essays that look at the future of political theology from the perspective of each Abrahamic religion. Complete with select bibliographies for each topic, this companion features the most current overview of political theology that will reach a broader, global audience of students and scholars

T T Clark Handbook of Christian Theology and Climate Change

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The T&T Clark Handbook of Christian Theology and Climate Change entails a wide-ranging conversation between Christian theology and various other discourses on climate change. Given the far-reaching complicity of "North Atlantic Christianity" in anthropogenic climate change, the question is whether it can still collaborate with and contribute to ongoing mitigation and adaptation efforts. The main essays in this volume are written by leading scholars from within North Atlantic Christianity and addressed primarily to readers in the same context; these essays are critically engaged by respondents situated in other geographic regions, minority communities, non-Christian traditions, or non-theological disciplines. Structured in seven main parts, the handbook explores: 1) the need for collaboration with disciplines outside of Christian theology to address climate change; 2) the need to find common moral ground for such collaboration; 3) the difficulties posed by collaborating with other Christian traditions from within; 4) the questions that emerge from such collaboration for understanding the story of God's work; and 5) God's identity and character; 6) the implications of such collaboration for ecclesial praxis; and 7) concluding reflections examining whether this volume does justice to issues of race, gender, class, other animals, religious diversity, geographical divides and carbon mitigation. This rich ecumenical, cross-cultural conversation provides a comprehensive and in-depth engagement with the theological and moral challenges raised by anthropogenic climate change.

T T Clark Handbook of Theological Anthropology

Author : Mary Ann Hinsdale
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Including classical, modern, and postmodern approaches to theological anthropology, this volume covers the entire spectrum of thought on the doctrines of creation, the human person as imago Dei, sin, and grace. The editors have gathered an exceptionally diverse range of voices, ensuring ecumenical balance (Protestant, Roman Catholic and Orthodox) and the inclusion of previously neglected perspectives (women, African American, Asian, Latinx, and LGBTQ). The contributors revisit authors from the “Great Tradition” (early church, medieval, and modern), and discuss them alongside critical and liberationist approaches (ranging from feminist, decolonial, and intersectional theory to critical race theory and queer performance theory). This is a much-needed overview of a rapidly evolving field.

Reformed Public Theology

Author : Matthew Kaemingk
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The Reformed tradition in the twenty-first century is increasingly diverse, dynamic, and deeply engaged in a wide variety of global and public issues, from the arts and business to immigration and race to poetry and politics. This book brings together the insights of a diverse group of leading Reformed thinkers--including Nicholas Wolterstorff, Makoto Fujimura, Bruce Ashford, John Witvliet, Ruben Rosario Rodriguez, and James K. A. Smith--to offer a contemporary vision of the depth and diversity of the Reformed faith and its global public impact.

T T Clark Handbook of Christian Theology and the Modern Sciences

Author : John P. Slattery
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This handbook surveys the many relationships between scientific studies of the world around us and Christian concepts of the Divine from the ancient Greeks to modern ecotheology. From Augustine to Hildegard of Bingen, Genesis to Frederick Douglass, and physics to sociology, this volume opens the intersections of Christian theology and science to new concepts, voices, and futures. The central goal of the handbook is to bring new perspectives to the foreground of Christian theological engagement with science, and to highlight the many engagements today that are not often identified as 'science-theology' discussions. The handbook thus includes several aspects not found in previous handbooks on the same topic: significant representation from the three major branches of Christianity-Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant; multiple essays on areas of modern science not traditionally part of the “theology and science” dialogue, such as discussions of race, medicine, and sociology; a collection of essays on historical theologians' approaches to nature and science. T&T Clark Handbook to Christian Theology and the Modern Sciences is divided into 3 sections: historical explorations, encompassing a eleven chapters from Aristotle to Frederick Douglass; Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox surveys of theology-science scholarship in the 20th and 21st centuries; and ten explorations in Christian theology today, from Einsteinian physics to decolonial sociology. The 24 chapters than span the volume offer the reader, whether scholar, student, or layperson, an essential resource for any future conversations around science and Christian theology.

T T Clark Handbook of Colin Gunton

Author : Andrew Picard
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The T&T Clark Handbook of Colin Gunton is a theological companion to the study of Gunton's theology, and a resource for thinking about Gunton's importance in modern theology. Each of the essays brings Gunton's depth to a broad range of contemporary theological concerns. The volume unveils cutting-edge Gunton scholarship for a new generation and at the same time enables readers to see the timely significance of Gunton today. Each of the essays not only introduces readers to key themes in the Gunton corpus, but also provides readers with fresh interpretations that are fully conversant with the contemporary theological problems facing the church. Designed as both a guide for students and a reference point for scholars, the companion seeks both to outline the frameworks of key Gunton debates while at all times pushing forward fresh interpretative strategies concerning his thought.

T T Clark Handbook of Christian Ethics

Author : Tobias Winright
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The T&T Clark Handbook of Christian Ethics provides an ecumenical introduction to Christian ethics, its sources, methods, and applications. With contributions by theological ethicists known for their excellence in scholarship and teaching, the essays in this volume offer fresh purchase on, and an agenda for, the discipline of Christian ethics in the 21st century. The essays are organized in three sections, following an introduction that presents the four-font approach and elucidates why it is critically employed through these subsequent sections. The first section explores the sources of Christian ethics, including each of the four fonts: scripture, tradition, experience, and reason. The second section examines fundamental or basic elements of Christian ethics and covers different methods, approaches, and voices in doing Christian ethics, such as natural law, virtue ethics, conscience, responsibility, narrative, worship, and engagement with other religions. The third section addresses current moral issues in politics, medicine, economics, ecology, criminal justice and other related spheres from the perspective of Christian ethics, including war, genetics, neuroethics, end-of-life decisions, marriage, family, work, sexuality, nonhuman animals, migration, aging, policing, incarceration, capital punishment, and more.

T T Clark Handbook of Pneumatology

Author : Daniel Castelo
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This handbook provides an interdisciplinary and diverse reference work to the Holy Spirit. Daniel Castelo and Kenneth M. Loyer gathered together a wide range of voices that are religiously, geographically, and ethnically diverse, bringing theology into conversation with biblical studies, ethics and morality, and global Christian studies. The T&T Clark Handbook of Pneumatology examines the Holy Spirit in a variety of sources, such as the Synoptic Gospels, the Catholic Epistles, the Old Testament, and the Hebrew Scriptures. It also includes chapters on key concepts in the field, such as mediation and sacramentality, ecology, and creation. This broad scope enables readers to appreciate how nuanced the field of Pneumatology is, and how it can be relevant for other Christian discourses.

The Im possibility of Forgiveness

Author : Dion A. Forster
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The findings from this study go beyond biblical-theological scholarship on forgiveness. Dion Forster boldly succeeds in showing that creating conditions for deeper human connection transforms impossibility into possibility and shines a light on the face of "the Other", who can now be forgiven. --Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela, Professor and Research Chair of Historical Trauma and Transformation, Stellenbosch University Dion Forster refuses to accept the conclusion that understandings of forgiveness may be so different and complex across social, racial and cultural groups in South Africa that actual forgiveness may be impossible. Using Matthew 18:15-35 as a meeting ground, he gathers ordinary Methodist Christians for cross cultural, intergroup Bible reading. He draws upon the philosophical integral theory of Ken Wilber, the insights of intergroup contact theory and the methods of critical biblical exegesis to organize, analyse and understand this encounter. What emerges is a hopeful conclusion that differing conceptions of forgiveness - its challenges and possibilities - can be understood, shared and perhaps, actualized across social, racial and cultural barriers." --Bruce C. Birch, Dean and Professor of Biblical Theology, Wesley Theological Seminary Reading Dion Forster on the (im)possibility of forgiveness, I was once again struck by our desperate need to learn more about ourselves and one another, but also about the meaning of forgiveness in our respective communities. This is an excellent example of the potential of Intercultural Bible Reading. Forster not only makes an outstanding academic contribution with implications for New Testament studies, Systematic and Public Theology, but also for flesh and blood communities wrestling with the possibilities and perils of forgiveness. --Juliana Claassens, Professor of Old Testament Studies and Head of Department, Chair of the Gender Unit, Stellenbosch University This book deals with contested and topical matters. Biblical hermeneutics has always been contested - how to read and understand Biblical passages. Things become even more contested when such passages are read inter-culturally; they become even more contested when the words are about contested personal and social issues, like Jesus' words on forgiveness in Matthew 18. Empirical studies like this show how deeply contested such readings truly are in the context of South African churches, with their painful histories of division and conflict. Future academic work will, therefore, benefit from the creative and careful methodological approach developed in this study. However, this book offers much more than academic promise - precisely because of the theme, so topical today and without doubt topical for a long time to come and in many other places in our contemporary world as well. Forster offers resources for reading and conversation for everyone concerned with public life today. This is public theology in action, showing how faith matters - without prescribing answers, but rather by invitation to join an informed discussion. --Dirk J Smit, The Rimmer and Ruth deVries Professor of Reformed Theology and Public Life, Princeton Theological Seminary

Russel Botman

Author : Albert Grundlingh
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This celebratory volume tells the story of the late Russel Hayman Botman who died suddenly early in his second term as Rector and Vice-Chancellor of Stellenbosch University. Botman?s story is told from his earliest childhood years until his last day as rector. The nature of tributes and celebratory volumes is that it can never be exhaustive. It tells a rich story from limited perspectives. It, however, serves as invitation, stimulus and inspiration to others connected to Botman to also tell their stories about his story.ÿ

Handbook of Religion and Society

Author : David Yamane
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The Handbook of Religion and Society is the most comprehensive and up-to-date treatment of a vital force in the world today. It is an indispensable resource for scholars, students, policy makers, and other professionals seeking to understand the role of religion in society. This includes both the social forces that shape religion and the social consequences of religion. This handbook captures the breadth and depth of contemporary work in the field, and shows readers important future directions for scholarship. Among the emerging topics covered in the handbook are biological functioning, organizational innovation, digital religion, spirituality, atheism, and transnationalism. The relationship of religion to other significant social institutions like work and entrepreneurship, science, and sport is also analyzed. Specific attention is paid, where appropriate, to international issues as well as to race, class, sexuality, and gender differences. This handbook includes 27 chapters by a distinguished, diverse, and international collection of experts, organized into 6 major sections: religion and social institutions; religious organization; family, life course, and individual change; difference and inequality; political and legal processes; and globalization and transnationalism.

T T Clark Handbook of Ecclesiology

Author : Kimlyn J. Bender
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Divided into 3 parts, this handbook provides a wide-ranging survey and analysis of the Christian Church. The first section addresses the scriptural foundations of ecclesiology; the second section outlines the historical and confessional aspects of the topic; and the final part discusses a variety of contemporary and topical themes in ecclesiology. Compiled and written by leading scholars in the field, the T&T Clark Handbook of Ecclesiology covers a range of key topics in the context of their development and importance in each stream of historic Christianity and the confessional traditions. The contributors cover traditional matters such as creedal notes, but also tackle questions of ordination, orders of ministry, and sacraments. This handbook is extensive enough to provide a true overview of the field, but the essays are also concise enough to be read as reference selections.

T T Clark Handbook of Analytic Theology

Author : James M. Arcadi
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This handbook provides theological and philosophical resources that demonstrate analytic theology's unique contribution to the task of theology. Analytic theology is a recent movement at the nexus of theology, biblical studies, and philosophy that marshals resources from the analytic philosophical tradition for constructive theological work. Paying attention to the Christian tradition, the development of doctrine, and solid biblical studies, analytic theology prizes clarity, brevity, and logical rigour in its exposition of Christian teaching. Each contribution in this volume offers an overview of specific doctrinal and dogmatic issues within the Christian tradition and provides a constructive conceptual model for making sense of the doctrine. Additionally, an extensive bibliography serves as a valuable resource for researchers wishing to address issues in theology from an analytic perspective.

The Oxford Handbook of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Author : Michael Mawson
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"This handbook provides a comprehensive resource for those wishing to understand the German theologian, pastor, and resistance conspirator Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945) and his writings. It contains sections on Bonhoeffer's life and context, his contributions to all areas of systematic theology and ethics, constructive uses of Bonhoeffer for engaging contemporary issues, and resources for studying Bonhoeffer today. Contributors include leading Bonhoeffer scholars, historians, theologians, and ethicists"--

T T Clark Handbook of Asian American Biblical Hermeneutics

Author : Uriah Y. Kim
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The first reference resource on how Asian Americans are currently reading and interpreting the Bible, this volume also serves a valuable role in both developing and disseminating what can be termed as Asian American biblical hermeneutics. The volume works from the important background that Asian Americans are the fastest growing ethnic/racial minority population in the USA, and that 42% of this group identifies as Christian. This provides a useful starting point from which to examine what may be distinctive about Asian American approaches to the Bible. Part 1 of the Handbook describes six major ethic groups that make up 85% of Asian population (by country of origin: China, Philippines, Indian Subcontinent, Vietnam, Korea, Japan) and outlines the specific concerns each group has when its members read the Bible. Part 2 of the Handbook examines major critical methods in biblical interpretation and suggests adjustments that may be helpful for Asian Americans to make when they are interpreting the Bible. Finally, Part 3 provides 25 interpretations by Asian American biblical scholars on specific texts in the Bible, using what they consider to be Asian American hermeneutics. Taken together the Handbook interprets the Bible both with and for the Asian American communities.

Chinese Public Theology

Author : Alexander Chow
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It has been widely recognized that Christianity is the fastest growing religion in one of the last communist-run countries of the world: the People's Republic of China. Yet it would be a mistake to describe Chinese Christianity as merely a clandestine faith or, as hoped by the Communist Party of China, a privatized religion. Alexander Chow argues that Christians in mainland China have been constructing a more intentional public theology to engage the Chinese state and society, since the end of the Cultural Revolution (1966-76). Chinese Public Theology recalls the events which have led to this transformation and examines the developments of Christianity across three generations of Chinese intellectuals from the state-sanctioned Protestant church, the secular academy, and the growing urban renaissance in Calvinism. Moreover, Chow shows how each of these generations have provided different theological responses to the same sociopolitical moments of the last three decades. This study illustrates how a growing understanding of Chinese public theology has been developed through a subconscious intermingling of Christian and Confucian understandings of public intellectualism. These factors result in a contextually-unique understanding of public theology, but also one which is faced by contextual limitations as well. With this in mind, Chow draws from the Eastern Orthodox doctrine of theosis and the Chinese traditional teaching of the unity of Heaven and humanity (Tian ren heyi) to offer a way forward in the construction of a Chinese public theology.

T T Clark Handbook of Thomas F Torrance

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This Handbook explores Thomas F. Torrance's importance in modern theology, with each contribution bringing Torrance's deep and nuanced insights to a broad range of contemporary theological concerns. The contributors to this volume present cutting-edge Torrance scholarship for a new generation, which will enable readers to see the timely significance of Torrance for today. Comprising both contexts and dogmatics, these essays not only introduce key themes in Torrance's extensive published writings – including his work on Ecumenism, Incarnation, the Trinity, Science and Theology as well as Atonement, Ecclesiology and Eschatology - but also provide fresh interpretations fully conversant with theological problems facing the church in the world today. Designed as both a guide for students and a reference point for scholars, this handbook thoroughly explores the frameworks of key debates related to Torrance's theology, while also suggesting fresh interpretative strategies concerning his thought.