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Turkish Reflections

Author : Mary lee Settle
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The author recounts her experiences living in Turkey for three years, and shares her observations on Turkish history, people, and culture.

Reflections on Turkey

Author : Mehmet Kalyoncu
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This book is a collection of the essays on Turkey that analyze the international, regional and national political developments in the last several years covering a wide variety of issues from the transformation of Turkish politics to the changing role of Turkey in its region, and from the ups and downs in the Turkish-Israeli relations to the looming threat posed by Iran’s nuclear program to the issue of Islamophobia and the rise of xenophobic political ideologies in Europe and the US. The book in general takes a critical look at the evolving Turkish foreign policy towards its immediate neighbors and the international system. Kalyoncu does intend to take stock of the past five years (2007-2012) in terms of the political and social developments that has made Turkey, Turkish-American-Israeli relations and the Middle East, what they are today.

Military reflections on Turkey Extr and tr from the treatise on the art of war By a military officer

Author : Georg Wilhelm freiherr von Valentini
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Reflections on Europe in Transition

Author : Ursula E. Beitter
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Original Scholarly Monograph

Reflections on Reason Religion and Tolerance

Author : Klass Grinell
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This is an attempt to reflect on Islam as it appears in the context of Fethullah Gulen's teachings, an influential Turkish-Muslim scholar who inspired a movement of education and interfaith dialogue. Grinell's extensive study of Islam and of Gulen allows him to pinpoint a unique expression of values and beliefs that could alter the typical understanding of Islam and Muslims in the West. He draws upon his previous studies of the Gulen Movement and comparatively places Gulen in a wider context of faith and society. What is the concept of knowledge in Islam as understood by Gulen? How is faith and service to people connected? Is Gulen after building a sultanate? Does the Gulen movement have a (hidden) political agenda? How traditional or modern is Gulen? These are some of the questions Grinell attempts to answer from his perspective. As a humanistic researcher on Islam, Grinell believes we definitely have something to learn from Islam.

Religion and Politics in Turkey

Author : Barry Rubin
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Over the last decade the once marginal extreme right of the Turkish ideological spectrum has grown in size as well as in influence and has effectively reshaped party competition in Turkey. Policy mandates and electoral bases of the rising extreme right rely on potentially explosive social cleavages in the country. One such confrontation is between the secularist and pro-Islamist forces, which has always been one of the centrepieces of modern Turkish politics. The rise of pro-Islamist electoral forces from a marginal to an undeniably imposing position in Turkish electoral politics has led many to worry that a deep-rooted schism has come to the forefront of Turkish politics. The frontline of this secularist vs pro-Islamist confrontation is quite widespread ranging from a debate around the ban of turban and headscarves in universities to religious education in the country, from Islamic principles in the economy to Turkish foreign policy towards the Middle Eastern countries. This volume was previously published as a special issue of the journal Turkish Studies.

The Anti Turkish Crusade

Author : George Julian Harney
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Reflections on Europe

Author : Dennis L. Bark
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Reflections on Knowledge and Language in Middle Eastern Societies

Author : Bruno De Nicola
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This book presents a collection of articles that put forward original research and significant insight regarding several key issues related to knowledge and language in Middle Eastern societies. The aspects studied include: the role of knowledge and language in affirming and negating political agendas and self-identities within areas of conflict and tension; ideas regarding the usefulness and interaction of religious and secular knowledge; and the attributes that render knowledge and language, especially that which is believed to be of divine origin, outstanding and worthy of admiration. The selection of studies has been purposefully diverse to include a variety of languages, including Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew and Persian, within multiple traditions, including Hellenism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, while focussing on a range of periods, from the classical to the mediaeval to the modern, and examining a range of issues, such as methods of analysing and interpreting Persian, Turkish and Arabic literature, literary and other attributes of the Bible and the Qur’an, diglossic languages, the Turkish modernisation project, Turkish-Kurdish tensions, Andalusian music, Azerbaijani politics, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. By underlining the substantial commonalities that exist between such seemingly different fields of research, the book highlights the idea—increasingly on the wane in departments of Middle Eastern Studies across many universities—that a shared area of study, viz. the Middle East, naturally and inherently entails a shared cultural, historical, and sociological milieu. It suggests that academics who engage in different branches of research related to this area should—rather than focussing singly on their own field—avail substantially and meaningfully of one another’s scholarship, learn from each other’s methodologies, and collectively build upon a body of knowledge that should never be seen as dissociated.

My Light Reflections

Author : Monita Soni
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To read Dr. Monita Soni's My Light Reflections, is to try and take the measure of light in its myriad illuminations, the shifting rays that color a landscape stretching from Huntsville, Alabama to Mumbai, Jaipur, the Aravalli hills, to a garden, a wilderness, a "reflection pond," a kitchen, an artist's studio, and a pathology lab. Her book is lesson, a lexicon, a legend, story, journey, travelogue, a gift of laugher and exquisite joy. Dr. Soni's reflections are illuminations; they are moonlight and sunlight, science, and art and "a trajectory of life," to borrow the title of her initial poem. To read her poetry is to truly "step out in pure awe." Dr. Soni's kaleidoscope nourishes the creative spirit as the myriad reflections that bring to view family relationships-the love for a father who quotes the Bhagavad Gita, Arabic poetry, Charles Dickens, and Mark Twain, for a son who lives in Jaipur, a daughter who is described as a moon-maiden. The book is savory "parathas" (griddle-flaky flat bread) and mangos. It is stories of sisters, the very "keepers of each other's identity": it is bed tea, and "butterscotch laughter." My Light Reflections traces the soul's journey to that place within where the "thousand petal lotus blooms." Dr. Soni reminds us as loving earthly beings that "our body is precious; it is our vehicle for awakening." A painter, poet, physician and philosopher, her words are prescriptions for how to live both fully and well.

The Russo Turkish War

Author : Henry Montague Hozier
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Fosteriana Consisting of Thoughts Reflections and Criticisms of John Foster

Author : John Foster
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Miscellaneous thoughts reflections observations and extracts

Author : Anne Mary Perceval
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The Media of Diaspora

Author : Karim Haiderali Karim
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The Media of Diaspora examines how diasporic communities have used new communications media to maintain and develop community ties on a local and transnational level. This collection of essays from a wide range of different diasporic contexts is a unique contribution to the field.

Reflections on Europe

Author : Hans-Åke Persson
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When Dutch and subsequently French voters rejected the Draft Treaty for a Constitution for Europe in Spring 2005, many voices called for a pause for reflection. This book is, in part, a result of that moment of reflection. We wanted to contribute to the debate about Europe but crucially, we sought to do so by taking a step back from the problem formation and agenda-setting of Brussels. For the authors of this volume, one key to establishing critical distance has been the reappraisal of the historical perspective. Another has been the problematisation of 'Europe as a space' as opposed to looking for a definition of borders. The authors also seek critical distance through a focus on the tension between Europe as a culture, as a polity and as an economy. These tensions have often been neglected or even ignored and the relationships have been seen as more or less synonymous and harmonious. The aim of this volume, then, is two-fold. It wants, developing a critical distance to the present Europe, to contribute to the vivid academic research and debate on Europe, which too often either develops distance without commenting on the present state of affairs or comments on the present without critical distance.

Stunning Sentences The Effective Writing Series

Author : Bruce Ross-Larson
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Whether you are composing a Web page on the Internet or agonizing over an annual budget report, these books are the key to clarity, accuracy, and economy in any writing task. Offers more than 100 model sentence types in a catalog format, giving writers many interesting and provocative ways to say what they mean. Writers looking for a more striking way to open a sentence will find these options: the announcement, the editorial opening, the opening appositive, the opening absolute, and the conjunction opening, among others. Examples of each sentence type ensure the reader's understanding of the concepts.

Reflections on the Revolution in Europe

Author : Christopher Caldwell
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Why has Europe's half-century of mass immigration failed to produce anything resembling the American melting pot? Deadly terrorist attacks and rioting in Muslim neighbourhoods have now forced Europeans, caught up in a demographic revolution they never expected, to question its success and to confront the limits of their long-held liberal values. By overestimating its need for immigrant labour and underestimating the culture-shaping potential of religion, has Europe trapped itself in a problem to which it has no obvious solution? Christopher Caldwell has been reporting on the politics and culture of Islam in Europe for over a decade. In his provocative and unflinching book Reflections on the Revolution in Europe, he reveals the anger of natives and newcomers alike. He describes asylum policies that have served illegal immigrants better than refugees. He exposes the strange interaction of welfare states and Third World traditions, the anti-Americanism that brings natives and newcomers together, and the arguments over women and sex that drive them apart. And he examines the dangerous tendency of politicians to defuse tensions surrounding Islam by curtailing the rights of all. Based on extensive reporting and offering trenchant analysis, Reflections on the Revolution in Europe is destined to become the classic work on how Muslim immigration permanently reshaped the West.

Ethnicity Class and Nationalism

Author : Anton L. Allahar
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In the interest of locating race and ethnicity as sociological and political categories that are inimical to contemporary conceptions of the nation state, editor Anton L. Allahar explores the geopolitics of the Caribbean through a comparative focus. The result is a study that is unique in scope and also in its level of scholarly reflection. This book is the first of its kind. It is essential reading for anyone interested in advancing their analysis of political, economic, social, and cultural thought in the Caribbean and other former colonial modern nations.

The Dance of the Rose and the Nightingale

Author : Nesta Ramazani
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This is an extraordinary autobiography of a young girl growing up in Iran. The daughter of an English Christian mother and an Iranian Zoroastrian father, Nesta Ramazani sketches her personal life story against the backdrop of a society marked by the fusion of Iranian, Islamic, and Western cultures, and by the efforts of an authoritarian state to force modernization on a traditional society. Within this multicultural tapestry of personal, cultural, and national life, the author portrays how she came to love Persian and Western music, poetry, and dance. But translating this love into practice seemed an insurmountable task until an American woman pioneered the establishment of the first indigenous Iranian ballet company. As a member of this troupe, the author violated convention, performing first in her native land and then traveling abroad to exhibit this beautiful synthesis of Persian/Western forms to foreign audiences. The significance of this work transcends an autobiography penned by an Iranian woman—still a taboo in traditional Iranian society—it is a unique microcosm of today’s universal quest for a dialogue among civilizations. Ramazani’s story will appeal not only to students of Iran, the Middle East, and women’s studies, but also to general readers.

Regimes of Ethnicity and Nationhood in Germany Russia and Turkey

Author : Şener Aktürk
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Akturk discusses how the definition of being German, Soviet, Russian and Turkish radically changed at the turn of the twenty-first century. Germany's ethnic citizenship law, the Soviet Union's inscription of ethnic origins in personal identification documents and Turkey's prohibition on the public use of minority languages, all implemented during the early twentieth century, underpinned the definition of nationhood in these countries. Despite many challenges from political and societal actors, these policies did not change for many decades, until around the turn of the twenty-first century, when Russia removed ethnicity from the internal passport, Germany changed its citizenship law and Turkish public television began broadcasting in minority languages. Using a new typology of 'regimes of ethnicity' and a close study of primary documents and numerous interviews, Sener Akturk argues that the coincidence of three key factors – counterelites, new discourses and hegemonic majorities – explains successful change in state policies toward ethnicity.