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Turning Season

Author : Melanie Lageschulte
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Autumn's reds and golds make tiny Prosper picture-perfect, but under the surface lies a startling truth: Not everything is what it seems. Melinda throws herself into plans for the rural community's first-ever fall festival, and all the seasonal tasks around her small farm. But her sun-dappled days are disrupted when little Prosper is suddenly thrust into the spotlight. An unexpected windfall gives new life to a long-held hope, and a surprising discovery puts everyone on edge. And as the mayor's race heats up, Melinda discovers small-town politics can be worse than anything that goes bump in the night. As the leaves change color and drift away, Melinda's personal life is also evolving. Her new relationship appears to be a happy one, but will different perspectives and shifting priorities cloud its future? Seventh in a series

The Turning Season

Author : Sharon Shinn
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For Karadel, being a shape-shifter has always been a reality she couldn't escape. Even though she's built a safe life as a rural veterinarian, with a close-knit network of shifter and human friends who would do anything for her, she can't help but wish for a chance at being normal. When she's not dealing with her shifts or caring for her animal patients, she attempts to develop a drug that will help shifters control their changes - a drug that might even allow them to remain human forever. But her comfortable life is threatened by two events: she meets an ordinary man who touches her heart, and her best friend is forced to shift publicly with deadly consequences. Now Karadel must decide whom to trust: her old friends or her new love.

The Fourth Turning

Author : William Strauss
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This astonishing book will change the way you see the world -- and your place in it. With startling originality, The Fourth Turning illuminates the past, explains the present, and reimagines the future. Most remarkably, it offers an utterly persuasive prophecy about a new American era that will begin just after the millennium. William Strauss and Neil Howe base this vision on a provocative new theory of American history. The authors look back five hundred years and uncover a distinct pattern: Modern history moves in cycles, each one lasting about the length of a long human life, each composed of four eras--or "turnings"--that last about twenty years and that always arrive in the same order. First comes a High, a period of confident expansion as a new order takes root after the old has been swept away. Next comes an Awakening, a time of spiritual exploration and rebellion against the now-established order. Then comes an Unraveling, an increasingly troubled era in which individualism triumphs over crumbling institutions. Last comes a Crisis--the Fourth Turning--when society passes through a great and perilous gate in history. Together, the four turnings comprise history's seasonal rhythm of growth, maturation, entropy, and rebirth. Strauss and Howe locate today's America as midway through an Unraveling, roughly a decade away from the next era of Crisis. In a brilliant analysis of the post-World War II period, they show how generational dynamics are the key to understanding the cycles of American history. They draw vivid portraits of all the modern generations: the can-do G.I.s, the mediating Silent, the values-absorbed Boomers, the pragmatic 13ers, and the child Millennials. Placed in the context of history's long rhythms, the persona and role of each generation become clear--as does the inevitability of the coming Crisis. Whatever your stage of life, The Fourth Turning offers bold predictions about how all of us can prepare, individually and collectively, for America's next rendezvous with destiny.

Seasons Turning

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Kira lives in a world where the seasons are much more than a time of year, but realms separated by delicate barriers. One Season, Summer, has his eye on Kira, and his intentions are anything but pure. An act of self-defense does more than save Kira from unknown horrors, but upsets the balance, and causes the barriers between realms to break down. Spring leaves her girlfriend Amber behind, starting a journey she believes will avert further disaster, and accidentally crosses over into our world instead. She latches onto Jared, a relatively ordinary young man, and braves the dire unknown to identify the source of their world's imbalance. Winter requires damage control, while Autumn seeks to point Kira, and her trusty shotgun, in the right direction. Chaos ensues, threatening to plunge all the realms into a destructive tailspin. To everything there is a season. To the Seasons, what happens next is everything.

Turning the Corner on Life

Author : Arnold Silveri
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Turning the Corner on Life is a book covering more than seventy years of my life. Like any other autobiography, its about family, friends, and the personal experiences we shared. It does not include every single thing that ever happened to me in my life. There are, however, numerous nostalgic references to music, movies, radio, television, sports, social /cultural political names, places, and events intermingled within the chronology of my life. Beginning with the happy carefree days I spent playing ball in the street and going to the movies. The times we went to Coney Island and Ebbets Field. The happy and not-so-happy days I spent as a teenager in junior high and hanging out on the corner. The love, loyalty, and compassion my wife, Connie, always displayedfrom our first meeting and throughout our marriageduring some tough, depressing times. And last but not least, the happiness we shared in the birth of our children and grandchildren.


Author : EVA BLISS
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Turning Two

Author : Bud Harrelson
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Only one man, Bud Harrelson, can say he was in uniform for both New York Mets world championships: as the shortstop who anchored the infield of the 1969 "Miracle Mets" and then as the third-base coach for the storied 1986 team. In Turning Two, Harrelson delivers a team memoir as he takes fans through the early seasons, sudden success, lean years, and return to glory. Born on D-day 1944, the Alameda County, California, native made his Major League debut with the Mets in 1965. At 147 pounds he was the team's Everyman---a Gold Glove, All-Star shortstop who won the hearts of fans with his sparkling defensive skills and trademark brand of gritty, scrappy baseball. Harrelson recalls how the gentle yet firm guidance of manager Gil Hodges shaped a stunning success story in ‘69. Bud remembers the game's legends he played with and against, including Hall of Famers Tom Seaver, Nolan Ryan, Roberto Clemente, Bob Gibson (against whom he compiled a .333 career batting average), and his idol, Willie Mays---Harrelson's teammate on the 1973 "Ya Gotta Believe" team. Harrelson writes of his famous fight with Pete Rose in the playoffs that autumn as the Mets upset the Cincinnati Reds to win the National League pennant and squared off against the mighty Oakland A's in a dramatic seven-game World Series. After retiring as a player, Bud returned to Shea Stadium as Davey Johnson's third-base coach in 1985 and waved Ray Knight home for the winning run in the unforgettable Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. Harrelson takes us in the dugout and on the field as he tells thrilling tales from his career and speaks candidly of the state of the game today. Turning Two is the ideal souvenir from the first half-century of the New York Mets---and from the pre-steroid era when players played the game the right way and did the little things to help their teams win. Bud Harrelson in Turning Two On Gil Hodges "Hodges accomplished his goal with compassion and a gentle hand and attained discipline simply by being such an imposing physical specimen. He rarely lost his temper, but on the few occasions that he did, you can bet he got our attention." On Battling at the Plate "I have always said I'll take God to three-and-two and take my chances. I might foul two off before He gave me ball four." On 1969 "Torre hit a smash to me at short and I'm thinking, Don't screw up the throw; don't rush it. I knew I could catch it. I just wanted to be sure to make a good, firm throw right at the chest of Al Weis at second base. I tossed it to Weis and he turned it over to Clendenon at first for the double play and we had won the Mets' first title. We were the first champions of the National League East." On Playing with Willie Mays "I reached up to catch the ball and as I did, I stepped on Willie's foot. Oh, no! ‘Hey, Pee Wee, what are you doing out here?' he squealed. ‘I didn't hear anything,' I said. ‘I don't call for the ball,' he said. ‘Well,' I said, ‘if you don't want to get stepped on again, you better start calling for it.' The next time he was in center field and there was a pop fly, he called for it." On Tom Seaver to M. Donald Grant "Mr. Grant, you know why we're doing so well? See that little guy in the corner over there"---and he was pointing right at me---"that guy whose salary you cut? He's the reason we're winning." On Game 6 "I leaned over to Mitchell and reminded him to be alert and be ready to take off if Stanley threw one in the dirt."

Potomac Turning

Author : Adwit Pundit
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Potomac Turning is the story of four young individuals who discover themselves as they mature from the shared childhood of three of them in San Antonio, Texas, and as the fourth joins during their university days in Washington DC. These two men and two women, who come from different social and racial backgrounds, find their lives to become forever linked until the present day. Two other young individuals mould into the story as it progresses to Calcutta in the last phase. There are overtures even to Latin America. There is sexual discovery and experimentation as well as unrequited love. Descriptions of a Catholic school in Texas are poignant and reminiscent of possibilities. Georgetown in Washington DC, which serves as the backdrop as the students mature to young adults, is described with intimacy and familiarity. The passages about Calcutta, where the story moves rapidly towards finality, are extremely well-written and convey the flavor of that city and its people and the times. This is a highly recommended read for lovers of romance in exotic venues (Laurent Oliver, reviewer, Washington DC).

The Turning

Author : G. Peter Chriske
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Micah Hartman and Damon Hall first meet in the frontier river town of Reed’s Landing, Wisconsin in the 1850’s. Micah, the son of one of the town’s leading lumbermen, embodies the West but seeks more from his life than the perpetual cycle of lumbering. Damon, educated at Harvard’s Divinity School, comes to “the Landing” an idealistic young cleric seeking to do God’s will. Despite what they may have planned for their lives, the Civil War gives them different paths to tread. The old friends are united as members of the Seventh Wisconsin—soon to become part of the famous “Iron Brigade”. Micah, an infantryman, and Damon, the Seventh’s chaplain, are forever changed inside the crucible of combat where they are forced to face war’s death, pain, and suffering. After the war, life continues. The men find wives and dream of children. Young men become older men; older men discover regret. It is only after forty years at each other’s side that the truth comes out. An aged ledger appears that casts a shadow of doubt on the integrity of one of these men, and that shadow could forever darken a lifelong friendship.

Engineering Physics

Author :
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Black Body Radiation Quantum Mechanics Crystal Structure X-ray Diffraction Electronic Conduction in Solids Semiconductors and Semiconducting Materials Magnetic Properties of Materials; Superconductiivity Dielectric Properties of Materials Optical Properties of Materials Bibliography.

Turning of the Tide

Author : Don Yaeger
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New York Times bestselling author Yaeger tells the electrifying story of the game that broke down the last racial division in college football.

Turning the Tide

Author : C. R. Veitch
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This collection of 52 papers and 21 abstracts focuses on sharing available knowledge to combat the threat of invasive alien species. Turning the tide of biological invasion by eradicating invasive species can yield substantial benefits for biodiversity conservation. As more eradications are attempted worldwide, it is increasingly important that lessons are learned from each and every one of these attempts, whether successful or unsuccessful. This publication is intended to share with a wider audience the insights and practical experience gained.

Turning Points Iv 2007 Ed

Author :
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Turning My Back On the Premier League

Author : Lee Price
File Size : 33.43 MB
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Turning My Back on the Premier League is the story of one fan's football journey from the riches of the world's most popular football division, to the forgotten underbelly of the English football league.

Still Turning Left

Author : Scott Reeves
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When 35 of the best stock car racing drivers came together to contest the World Championship in September 2013, few people predicted that James Rygor would come from the back of the grid in his debut World Final to claim the greatest prize in the sport. Yet Rygor snatched glory in the dying moments, a dramatic finish to one of the finest races in the history of oval motorsport. In this short sequel to KEEP TURNING LEFT, Scott Reeves recounts the spectacular World Final and meets the new World Champion. Featuring colour photographs and based on interviews with James Rygor, this is the story of one racing driver's journey to shock success.

Authentic Recipes from Indonesia

Author : Heinz Von Holzen
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Cook delicious and surprisingly easy dishes with this beautifully illustrated Indonesian cookbook. Authentic Recipes from Indonesia includes over 60 easy-to-follow recipes with detailed descriptions of ingredients and cooking methods, enabling the reader to reproduce the flavors of authentic Indonesian food at home. The fabled Spice Islands of Indonesia encompass the most astonishing physical and cultural diversity in Asia. Authentic Recipes from Indonesia introduces a sampling of the most popular Indonesian food from across the archipelago. Included in this unique collection are spicy Padang favorites from West Sumatra, healthy Javanese vegetable creations, succulent satay and poultry dishes from Bali and Lombok, and unusual recipes from Kalimantan and the eastern isles of Flores and Timor. In addition to the range of exciting recipes, this book acquaints readers with Indonesia's varied cultural and culinary traditions. Featured Indonesian recipes include: Avacado Smoohies Balinese Style Chicken or Duck Satay Beef with Coconut Fragrant Chili Sambal Pork Stewed with Potatoes Shrimp in Hot Coconut Sauce And many more… Increasing numbers of travelers are discovering the rich cultural diversity of Indonesia, venturing off the beaten Bali-Java-Sumatra tourist track. Let Authentic Recipes take you on a voyage of culinary discover.

City Magick

Author : Christopher Penczak
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Today’s urban witch needs to know how to communicate with the electric gods of the city, find the high-rise temples of power, and uncover the magical symbols in everyday graffiti. This new edition of City Magick, with a new foreword by Judika Illes, author of Pure Magic, offers a modern look at an earth-based religion that has taken root in the concrete jungle. Christopher Penczak shows how to create and live a magical life in the city. Learn how to:Interpret the symbols of graffiti with a magical eyePerform rituals at nightclubsUse everyday items in your home or office to create magickal incense, oils, talismans, and charmsCreate powerful sigils using street signs, graffiti, and city mapsDiscover metropolitan spirits and totems, including spiders, cockroaches, crows, pigeons, and doves. For the urban witch, this is the ultimate book on making high magic among the skyscrapers and the streets.

The Turning Point

Author : Irene Lape
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In September 1862, General Robert E. Lee invades Maryland with the hope of obtaining diplomatic recognition of European nations for the Confederacy. The whirlwind of events that follows changes not only the destiny of the nation, but the destinies of two young people on a pilgrimage of self-discovery.Fifteen-year-old Meg Hamilton, orphaned after the deaths of her mother and grandfather is desperately unhappy living with an aunt and uncle who despise her. Meg's biological father, whom she has met only once, is a Virginian with Lee's invading army. Meg's miserable home life and complications involving the family of her oldest and dearest friend Daniel motivate her to search for her father, even though he may not acknowledge her existence. When Daniel discovers her plan, he is determined to help her-despite a deep revulsion he feels towards "the enemy". Daniel and Meg learn that her father is with a regiment led by "Stonewall" Jackson, and they begin a journey together to find his military unit. Their travels lead them not only to the father she never knew, but also to a relationship that becomes much more than a childhood friendship.The Turning Point will transport you back to a place and time when momentous historical events reshaped the future of a nation and the lives of those who were caught up in them.

Milestones and Turning Points in Development Thinking

Author : R. Jolly
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The first volume of IDS Companions to Development Studies focuses on pivotal writing emerging from the IDS fellowship during the last 50 years. It includes five topics: perspectives and paradigms, debunking myths, development policy, gender and international perspectives, and policy, as well as names like Seers, Singer, Lipton, Reg Green.

Turning On the Mind

Author : Tamara Chaplin
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In 1951, the eight o’clock nightly news reported on Jean-Paul Sartre for the first time. By the end of the twentieth century, more than 3,500 programs dealing with philosophy and its practitioners—including Bachelard, Badiou, Foucault, Lyotard, and Lévy—had aired on French television. According to Tamara Chaplin, this enduring commitment to bringing the most abstract and least visual of disciplines to the French public challenges our very assumptions about the incompatibility of elite culture and mass media. Indeed, it belies the conviction that television is inevitably anti-intellectual and the quintessential archenemy of the book. Chaplin argues that the history of the televising of philosophy is crucial to understanding the struggle over French national identity in the postwar period. Linking this history to decolonization, modernization, and globalization, Turning On the Mind claims that we can understand neither the markedly public role that philosophy came to play in French society during the late twentieth century nor the renewed interest in ethics and political philosophy in the early twenty-first unless we acknowledge the work of television. Throughout, Chaplin insists that we jettison presumptions about the anti-intellectual nature of the visual field, engages critical questions about the survival of national cultures in a globalizing world, and encourages us to rethink philosophy itself, ultimately asserting that the content of the discipline is indivisible from the new media forms in which it has found expression.