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Tuscany in the Age of Empire

Author : Brian Brege
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The Renaissance was also the beginning of the Age of Empires, yet the Grand Duchy of Tuscany failed to secure overseas colonies. How did Tuscany retain its place in European affairs and intellectual life? Brian Brege explores the shrewd diplomatic moves and domestic investments that safeguarded the duchy's wealth and influence amid globalization.

The nEU Med project Vetricella an Early Medieval royal property on Tuscany s Mediterranean

Author : Giovanna Bianchi
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The nEU-Med project is part of the Horizon 2020 programme, in the ERC Advanced project category. It began in October 2015 and the University of Siena is the host institution of the project. The project is focussed upon two Tuscan riverine corridors leading from the Gulf of Follonica in the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Colline Metallifere. It aims to document and analyze the form and timeframe of economic growth in this part of the Mediterranean, which took place between the 7th and the 12thc. Central to this is an understanding of the processes of change in human settlements, in the natural and farming landscapes in relation to the exploitation of resources, and in the implementation of differing political strategies. This volume presents the multi-disciplinary research focussed upon the key site of the project, Vetricella, and its territory. Vetricella is thought to be the site of Valli, a royal property in the Tuscan march. It is the only Early Medieval property to be extensively studied in Italy. Located on Italy’s Tyrrhenian coast, the archaeology and history of this site provide new insights on estate management, metal production and wider Mediterranean relations in the later first millennium. Apart from reports on the archaeology, the finds from excavations and environmental studies, three essays consider the wider European historical and archaeological context of Vetricella. Future monographs will feature studies by members of the project team on aspects of Vetricella, its finds and territory.

The Sommelier Prep Course

Author : M. Gibson
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This book includes broad content on wines from around the world, including Old World and New World wines, as well as beer, other fermented beverages such as mead and sake, and every type of spirit available.

The Age of Chivalry

Author : Hywel Williams
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The five hundred years that separate the mid-tenth century from the mid-15th century constitute a critical and formative period in the history of Europe. This was the age of the system of legal and military obligation known as 'feudalism', and of the birth and consolidation of powerful kingdoms in England, France and Spain; it was an era of urbanization and the expansion of trade, of the building of the great Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals, of courtly romance and the art of the troubadour, and of the founding of celebrated seats of learning in Paris, Oxford and Bologna. But it was also an epoch characterised by brutal military adventure in the launching of armed pilgrimages to liberate Jerusalem from Muslim control, of the brutal dynastic conflict of the Hundred Years' War and of the devastating pandemic of the Black Death. In a sequence of scholarly but accessible articles - accompanied by an array of beautiful and authentic images of the era, plus timelines, maps, boxed features and display quotes - distinguished historian Hywel Williams sheds revelatory light on every aspect of a rich and complex period of European history.

The History of Tuscany

Author : Lorenzo Pignotti
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Tuscany s Noble Treasures

Author : Paula Clifford
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A comprehensive study of female religious life in medieval Tuscany and the development of new categories of religious women.

The Cambridge Ancient History The Egyptian and Hittite Empires to c 1000 B C 2 v

Author : John Bagnell Bury
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Author : Damiano Andreini
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Slowtuscany is an extraordnary journey to Tuscany, discovering well-known and lesser-known works of art, unusual paths, abandoned villages, mysterious stories, historical characters, fascinating legends. The aim of this book is to be an useful tool for travelers, who want to visit this region, grasping its true essence and tasting every flavour, aroma, colour.

The Cambridge Ancient History The Egyptian and Hittite empires to c 1000 B C

Author :
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Europe in the High Middle Ages

Author : John H. Mundy
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A revised and updated new edition of Professor Mundy's lively introduction to Europe 1150-1300. It provides a portrait of the social, economic, political and intellectual life of Latin Christendom in the period. Wherever possible the men and women of the high middle ages are allowed to speak for themselves as Professor Mundy makes wide use of contemporary sources xxx; bringing alive the complexities and concerns of people living in medieval times. Another strength of the book is the attention devoted to groups often marginalised in other histories; looking at the experience of women, for instance, and that of the Jews in a predominantly Christian society.