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TV and Studio Cast Musicals on Record

Author : Richard Chigley Lynch
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This discography's 657 entries list some 6500 songs titles and contain significant recordings in 16 categories including all commercially recorded TV musicals, studio cast albums sung in English and performed in New York City, film scores, and more. All album cover information is provided along with date of first New York production, information on reissues, CD availability, major composer, lyricist, conductor, and singers. Chronologies treat TV, studio casts, and films. A performers' index and a technical index complete the volume.

Broadway Movie TV and Studio Cast Musicals on Record

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A detailed listing of musical show songs recorded over the past ten years--a continuation of the compiler's three previous, extremely useful books.

Film Music in the Sound Era

Author : Jonathan Rhodes Lee
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Film Music in the Sound Era: A Research and Information Guide offers a comprehensive bibliography of scholarship on music in sound film (1927–2017). Thematically organized sections cover historical studies, studies of musicians and filmmakers, genre studies, theory and aesthetics, and other key aspects of film music studies. Broad coverage of works from around the globe, paired with robust indexes and thorough cross-referencing, make this research guide an invaluable tool for all scholars and students investigating the intersection of music and film. This guide is published in two volumes: Volume 1: Histories, Theories, and Genres covers overviews, historical surveys, theory and criticism, studies of film genres, and case studies of individual films. Volume 2: People, Cultures, and Contexts covers individual people, social and cultural studies, studies of musical genre, pedagogy, and the Industry. A complete index is included in each volume.

Television Musicals

Author : Joan Baxter
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In this reference work 222 musicals developed specifically for television are fully detailed, including musical episodes from nonmusical shows, animated specials that appealed to adults as well as children, and operas and related works commissioned for the small screen. Each entry provides air date, network, running time, cast and credits, and a listing of all the songs. A plot synopsis follows, focusing on the show itself and the story from which it was adapted; information on award nominations and awards won, recordings, videos and published music is then provided. Contemporary reviews of the show complete the entry.

Off Broadway Musicals since 1919

Author : Thomas S. Hischak
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Although the venue Off Broadway has long been the birthplace of innovative and popular musicals, there have been few studies of these influential works. Long-running champs, such as The Fantasticks and Little Shop of Horrors, are discussed in many books about American musicals, but what of the hundreds of other Off-Broadway musicals? In Off-Broadway Musicals since 1919, Thomas Hischak looks at more than 375 musicals, which are described, discussed, and analyzed, with particular attention given to their books, scores, performers, and creators. Presented chronologically and divided into chapters for each decade, beginning with the landmark musical Greenwich Village Follies (1919), the book culminates with the satiric The Toxic Avenger (2009). In this volume, any work of consequence is covered, especially if it was popular or influential, but also dozens of more obscure musicals are included to illustrate the depth and breadth of Off Broadway. Works that introduced an important artistic talent, from performers to songwriters, are looked at, and the selection represents the various trends and themes that made Off Broadway significant. In addition to essential data about each musical, the plot and score are described, the success (or lack of) is chronicled, and an opinionated commentary discusses the work's merits and influences on the musical theatre in general. The first book of its kind, this highly readable volume will please both the theatre scholar and the average musical theatre patron or fan.

A Glenn Gould Catalog

Author : Nancy Canning
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This volume provides a detailed roadmap to Gould's career as pianist, conductor, broadcaster, writer, and producer. Primarily a discography it documents Gould's recordings by composer in the Main Catalog providing detailed information on producer, release date, location, matrix number, album, catalog source, and various notes. The Musical Repertorie and Recording Chronicle sections cross reference this material by composition opus number and by recording date respectively. The CBC Archives section lists Gould's radio and television programs by date, and other chronologies are included for his Sony Catalog Other Commercial Releases, and Unreleased Recordings. A bibliography of Gould's published writings, a bibliographic note on writings about Gould, and an index complete the work.

A Guide to Popular Music Reference Books

Author : Gary Haggerty
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Lists bibliographies, indexes, dictionaries, directories, discographies, and other references devoted to popular music

The Musical

Author : William Everett
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The musical, whether on stage or screen, is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable musical genres, yet one of the most perplexing. What are its defining features? How does it negotiate multiple socio-cultural-economic spaces? Is it a popular tradition? Is it a commercial enterprise? Is it a sophisticated cultural product and signifier? This research guide includes more than 1,400 annotated entries related to the genre as it appears on stage and screen. It includes reference works, monographs, articles, anthologies, and websites related to the musical. Separate sections are devoted to sub-genres (such as operetta and megamusical), non-English language musical genres in the U.S., traditions outside the U.S., individual shows, creators, performers, and performance. The second edition reflects the notable increase in musical theater scholarship since 2000. In addition to printed materials, it includes multimedia and electronic resources.

His Master s Voice

Author : Alan Kelly
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This is a companion volume to the Italian Catalogue, La Voce del Padrone, already published by Greenwood Press. This new volume provides a complete catalogue of French gramophone recordings made by the Gramophone Company Ltd. between 1898 and 1929. Each catalog entry comprises as much as possible of the following information: the original numerical catalogue number; the matrix (serial) number); the date of the recording; the name of the artist(s) involved, the title of the piece, alternative issue numbers, and occasional notes. The introduction provides an overview of the company's recording practices and cataloging systems.

Sarah Vaughan

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A true labor of love and appreciation for Sarah Vaughan's vast contributions to American popular music, this comprehensive discography documents some 750 songs recorded by Vaughan in 221 recording sessions between 1944 and 1989, some of them multiple times. Information on orchestra leaders, arrangers, musicians, matrix numbers, and record company catalog numbers is given, and separate sections organize the material by record company issues and index song titles (with composers), musicians, and orchestras.