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Twenty Salmon Flies

Author : Michael D. Radencich
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Twenty Salmon Flies features in depth and detail the full range of classic salmon fly patterns from the simplest to the most complex. The twenty patterns together build on styles, types, materials, elements, and techniques. Learn to tie these twenty and you'll master the craft and the art of classic salmon fly tying. Each chapter successively presents patterns that are more and more complex. Chapter one introduces very simple Spey and Dee styles, strip wings with a few elements. Move on to simple upright wing flies, working with full feathers and married wing styles. A chapter focuses on flies with multiple body divisions and another is devoted to Traherne's exquisite (and challenging) Victorian classics. Once you've mastered these 20, you'll be able to tie any classic salmon pattern.

Tying the Classic Salmon Fly

Author : Wayne Luallen
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Includes step-by-step, fully illustrated instructions on tying a variety of classic salmon patterns by the best salmon fly tiers in North America.

The Atlantic Salmon Fly

Author : Judith Dunham
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Showcases the creations of twenty-three Atlantic salmon flytyers from the United States, Canada, Europe, and Japan, and includes interviews in which they discuss their inspiration and angling experiences

Classic Salmon Fly Patterns

Author : Michael Radencich
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• The most complete collection of classic salmon fly patterns ever compiled • 1,738 classic patterns from the golden age of tying • Color photos of select flies tied by 86 world-class salmon fly tiers from 17 countries • Patterns from the classic literature published between 1800 and 1941 by authors like Francis Francis, George Kelson, and J. H. Hale

Classic Salmon Fly Materials

Author : Michael D. Radencich
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Working with tinsels, feathers, silks, furs, wool, and threads. Instructions from a master tier on all materials--traditional and modern--and how to use them.

Feather Craft

Author : Kevin W. Erickson
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First ever photographic and illustrated guide to the unusual and beautiful feathers used in salmon fly patterns, some common, others rare. In addition to macro photos of individual feathers and striking portraits of complete capes, Allison McClay’s classic portraits of birds in the field bring life to the text. Through 16 classic and current flies, shown with complete step by step photos, the author teaches techniques for working with the feathers and also shares modern substitutes to more obscure feathers used in traditional salmon fly tying.

The Warwick Woodlands Or Things as They Were There Twenty Years Ago By F F New Edition Revised and Corrected with Illustrations by the Author

Author : Frank Forester
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Pacific Salmon Flies

Author : Cecilia Kleinkauf
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Headed to Alaska or the Northwest to go salmon fishing? Need to tie some flies before you go? Want some new fly ideas? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this book will let you in on some of Cecilia “Pudge” Kleinkauf's original, secret fly patterns plus some traditional, “always in your box” flies for salmon. Pudge has been guiding as well as tying and inventing flies in Alaska for over twenty-five years. The patterns included in this book, the tips and techniques Pudge gives you for fishing them, plus the handy chart for matching fly with species will help you target sockeye, silver, pink, chum and king salmon like never before.

Catalogue of Superior Salmon Trout Rods Artificial Flies and High class Fishing Tackle of All Descriptions

Author : W. J. Cummins
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Irish Trout and Salmon Flies

Author : E.J. Malone
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"...essentially a dictionary of over 800 traditional and modern dressings from an Irish fly-tyer's notebook, filling a major gap in angling literature: there is information on hooks, fly-dressing materials and their preparation, with a guide to vegetable dyeing and the materials used to obtain the subtle colours beloved by the traditional fly tyers. Trout and salmon fly dressings each have their own section, and there are appendixes that provide information on where to fish throughout Ireland, and often on which flies are particularly effective in each area." This paperback edition, published in 1998 by Coch-y-Bonddu Books, Machynlleth, was intended as a less expensive re-issue of the "limited" second edition which was published in 1993 by The Flyfisher's Classic Library. Good colour photographs of flies tied by Frankie McPhilips. The first edition is out-of-print and already scarce and hard to find.

Atlantic Salmon Flies and Fishing

Author : Joseph D. Bates
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Trout and Salmon Flies

Author : Douglas Sutherland
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Spey Flies How to Tie Them

Author : Bob Veverka
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Elegant and graceful, Spey flies originated on the River Spey in northeastern Scotland and are well over 150 years old. Author Bob Veverka gives the history and background on classic Spey, Dee, Don, Eagle, and Steelhead Spey patterns, including step-by-step tying instructions.

Zipping My Fly

Author : Rich Tosches
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Imagine A River Runs Through It seen through the eyes of Dave Barry and you'll get an idea of Rich Tosches' sharp-eyed reflections on the art, hobby, and obsession of fly fishing. Armed with a rod, a pen, and an eccentric sense of humor, Pulitzer Prize-nominated sportswriter Rich Tosches headed for the Grand Teton Mountains, site of the World Fly Fishing Championship, and cast a keen eye on his fellow trollers from all over the globe. This encounter-and many others during a lifetime dedicated to the pursuit of fly fishing -are captured in a side-splitting collection of observations on every angle-and angler-of one of America's favorite pastimes.

Basic Fly Tying

Author : Jon Rounds
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Step-by-step guide to getting started tying flies. Detailed instructions for seven proven patterns. Techniques from expert tiers and anglers.

Fly Fishing Women Explore Alaska

Author : Cecilia "Pudge" Kleinkauf
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Enter this fly fishing world with nationally known fly fisher Cecilia "Pudge" Kleinkauf as she guides adventuresome women going for salmon, trout, and other species at six of Alaska's best fly fishing destinations. Kodia Island - Targeting acrobatic silver (coho) salmon, the fly fishers explore productive coastal rivers on the "Emerald Isle." Talachulitna River - Pursuing the leopard trout, a fish of amazing beauty, women learn to fly fish on Alaska's first catch-and-release river. Tangle Lakes - Mastering the art of placing a dry fly perfectly in the "feeding lane," the fly fishers catch eager Arctic Grayling. Brooks River - Fishing for sockeye salmon, the visitors keep a wary eye on thousand-pound brown bears pursuing the same objective. Aniak River - Catching Alaska's exquisitely colored char, the anglers also savor an exceptional wilderness experience. Float Tubing - Using personal watercraft for lake fishing, the women experience the fun of catching trout from their own "belly boat." Fly Fishing Women is a unique combination of an adventure story, a gift book with more than on hundred color photographs, and a how-to guide with fishing techniques, twenty of Alaska's best flies, and much practical information for planning the fishing trip of a lifetime.

Fly fishing in Salt and Fresh Water

Author : Horace Gordon Hutchinson
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Orvis Ultimate Book of Fly Fishing

Author : Tom Rosenbauer
File Size : 21.58 MB
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THE ORVIS ULTIMATE BOOK OF FLY FISHING is a grand tour of the world of fly-fishing strategies and techniques, from Orvis's world-famous team of experts and advisors. In large format with rich and helpful color photos and drawings, the book covers everything from basic fishing knots and casts to expert techniques you won't see in standard books. Besides trout technique and secrets for rivers and lakes, the book also covers the worlds of fly fishing for bonefish, striped bass, permit, bluefish, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and steelhead. Learn how to nymph for steelhead from Matt Supinski. Find out how to catch the elusive permit from Jack Samson. Take a lesson from John Shewey on swinging a classic wet fly for West Coast steelhead. Learn how to find stripers along Northeast beaches from Lou Tabory. Find out which knots work best for saltwater fly fishing. Tom Rosenbauer will tell you how to read a trout stream and approach the fish, then discover his secrets for catching trout on dry flies and nymphs. Jim Lepage shares his knowledge on catching trout in ponds and lakes, then Bill Tapply will tell you how to catch freshwater bass on flies. Polish your fly casting with world expert Tom Deck. All this and much more in the most comprehensive and attractive book in the Orvis line.

Fly tying for Salmon

Author : Eric Taverner
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The Angler s Souvenir

Author : Paul Fisher
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